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Unit 4 Solutions

1 (1) cells
(2) multicellular
(3) tissue
(4) organs
(5) systems
(6) Linnaeus’

2 a. cell wall
b. chloroplast
c. cell membrane
d. nucleus
e. vacuole
f. cytoplasm
Parts unique to plant cells: cell wall and chloroplasts

3 a. M e. P
b. P f. P
c. M g. M
d. P

4 b; d; h; i; k; l

5 a. F; Plants cannot move from place to place.

b. F; Flowering plants produce seeds.
c. T
d. F; Flowering plants are divided into gymnosperms and angiosperms. /
Non-flowering plants are divided into ferns and mosses.
e. T
f. F; Vertebrates include fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

6 Monera: bacteria
Protist: algae; amoeba
Fungus: mushroom; mould
Plant: oak tree; fern
Animal: salamander; eagle

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