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Seminar 8 Date: 14 March 2019

Traffic Risks in PPE Projects

PPP Contract types-

 BOT- Built Operate Transfer
 DBFOT-Design Built Finance Operate and Transfer
 BOOT-Built Own Operate Transfer.
 OMT-Operate Maintain Transfer.
 TOT-Toll Operate Transfer.
 Annuity
 Hybrid Annuity

Quality issue
 Chatting, sleeping

Tirtle(The Infra Red Traffic lodger)

 Installation are made up of two bean transmitter on one side

Researching new technology

 Poor lame discipline

Video survey
 To act as 3rd eye to minimize manual erros
 Trazer technology
 Automated vehicle count
ADT(Annual Daily Traffic) -
 Traffic counted for Few hour 7 days of week.
 Weekly variation computed
Seasonal Correction Factors-
 Survey was done for Mode wise data, at toll plaza , fuel station
 Seasonal correction factor (to maintain throughout year so high or

Chaudhari Ankit Anil (CE18M126)

Seminar 8 Date: 14 March 2019

Average Revenue
 SCF=
Revenue of April

AADT(Annual Avg. Daily Traffic) = ADT*SCF

 7 days to while year
 3 year trend, average of them

Logical thinking-
 Origin Destination survey to bypass where this place is required or
not required.
 Sand mining banned so that anticipated traffic changes reduces
 Coal belt economic activities regional behavior

Analytical thinking-
Method involved in computing growth rate-
 Historical trend
 Based on traffic data collected
 Elasticity- nsdp population, pet capita income
 Project influences area
 Tonnage based growth we need to assume that truck caring
permissible loading limit
 Community based growth

 Based traffic, tonnage, nsdp, future tonnage, future mode split, per
gdp cycle, network diversion

Risks Involved
 Reduction in growth
 Risk reduction in revenue
 Total no of toll plaza on new roads
 Axle increasing
 Long distance net work shift
 Willingness to pay

Chaudhari Ankit Anil (CE18M126)

Seminar 8 Date: 14 March 2019

 Value addition by engineer

 Network for mode- how much diversion going to happen

Traffic assignment methodology

 All or nothing
 Burrelss simulation

 Traffic management
 Road user awareness on vehicle operating cost
 IRC SP 32
 Industrial interaction

Chaudhari Ankit Anil (CE18M126)