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Communication Aids and Strategies Using Tools Of Technology

A. Preparing Multimedia Presentation

Characteristics of Multimedia Presentations
a. Multimedia presentations are visually oriented ( displayed on a monitor or projected on
b. They allow users to use different modalities
 Text
 Graphics
 Photographs
 Audio
 Animation
 Video
B. Special features of Computer-based presentations
 Custom navigation ( linking between slides, to other media and to the internet
 Can be made into hard copy print outs or transperies
 Can be uploaded to the web
C. Steps in Making Effective Multimedia Presentation
 Know the purpose of the presentation
 Know your audience
 Gather information
 Use variety of resources such as
- Textbooks
- Digital resources
a. Photographs
b. Scanned images, student work
 Do not forget to cite sources
- Write the authors name, title of the book and the date of publication
- Include the website or web page address of the source
- In general, non-profit educational use of online materials for a lecture qualities as “ fair-
use” but it is better to ask the authors’s permission to use the materials.
- Always have full bibliographic references for all citations
 Organize the information
- List the main points
- Have only one main idea per slide
- Place important information near the top
 Check technical issues
a. Contrast
- Dark text on light background
- White text on dark background
b. Use only one design and color scheme throughout the slide presentation
c. Avoid clutter
d. Avoid patterned or textured backgrounds
e. Use large font size ( minimum 18 pts)
f. Use fonts that are easy to read. Don’t use fancy fonts
g. Don’t use more than two types of fonts
h. Avoid too much text. Don’t use the presentation as your notes
i. Use no more than 3 to 4 bullets per slide
 Be creative
- Use transitions and animations to add interests
- But don’t overdo it