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- Resume Actíon Verbs 7HNL - Resume Verbs: ßeíore und Aíter 7HNL
LADLRS ROUGlL\ M\ AGL will probablv remem-
ber this installment in the Schoolhouse Rock` series
oí musical animations about grammar rules.
In the Verb` sequence. a superhero uses action words to
describe amazing íeats. Bv the same token. resume writers
can harness the power oí grammar to con·ev memorablv a
job seeker`s career accomplishments.
1o score vou an inter·iew. the modern resume must be
tuned to sur·i·e challenges írom multiple sources. As we`·e
described elsewhere. it needs to present the right kevwords
in the right context to satisív basic screening requirements
oíten checked bv soítware. not people,.
At the same time. it needs to catch human eves alreadv
strained bv dozens oí other. competing resumes.
As proíessional resume writers told Lisa Vaas. ·erbs can
make it happen on the human side oí the equation.
Get vour thing in action!
Vcrb: That's What's Happcning!
ßv Mutthev Rothenberg, Ldítor-ín-Chíeí,
lLLLS1RA1lCN: Chíp ßuchunun

Use the verbs that will inspire
recruiters and hiring managers to
pick up the phone and schedule
an interview.
By Lisa Vaas
luge 2
Hov Verbs Muke Your Resume Sízzíe
lINK Ol \OUR \ORK lIS1OR\ as a string oí ·erbs.
Anv historv. aíter all. encompasses a series oí actions
with corresponding results.
Resumes can describe those actions in two diííerent wavs:
1hev can limp anemicallv across the document and put hiring
managers to sleep. or thev can jump oíí the page and grab the
recruiter`s attention. inspiring him to reach íor the phone to
schedule an inter·iew.
Ií vou`d preíer the latter scenario. vour resume must sum-
marize what. exactlv. vou`·e accomplished in vour work
historv and present the string oí actions in a wav that
lea·es the reader with the impression oí an energetic.
results-oriented proíessional.
Acti·e ·erbs can inspire recruiters and hiring managers to
íollow through with scheduling an inter·iew. 1hev can make
vour resume pop. letting emplovers know that vou Addressed.
Ad·ertised. Arbitrated. Arranged. Articulated. Authored.
(lari£ed. (ollaborated. (ommunicated. Demonstrated
or Diagnosed.
Resume proíessionals told 1heLadders about instances
where spicing up the ·erbs transíormed a bland resume. 1o
show how ·erb makeo·ers work in real liíe. here are examples
that show how common. weak ·erbs and ·erb constructions
drain resumes oí blood. as well as how proíessional resume
writers iníused new liíe with action ·erbs and acti·e phrases.
Missing verbs
\hen it comes to the most common ·erb crimes she sees
people commit when thev write their own resumes. Marv
Schumacher. a certi£ed proíessional resume writer who works
with 1heLadders. points to ·erbs and ·erb phrases such as
was responsible íor.` pro·ided` and assisted with.` Stronger
oí ·erbs that will impress
e·erv hiring manager e·erv time.
Used in moderation. ·arietv is
the spice oí a successíul resume.
lowe·er. a íew workhorse ac-
tion words can help get vou
started thinking about the impli-
cations oí ·erbs in vour resume.
Proíessional resume writers Ste·e Burdan and Marv
Schumacher oííer the íollowing ·erbs to get vou started:
Steve Burdan's action verbs:
· (ollaborated: It implicitlv gets across that vou
work well with other people. and that`s crucial
in business. where the Lone Ranger approach
doesn`t work.`
· (lari£ed: 1hat means vou`re taking something
unclear and making it clear.`
· Authored´Generated: Both denote the abilitv to
make something out oí nothing.
· Diagnosed: 1hat ob·iouslv means vou`re
good at analvsis. at tinkering with things. at
unpacking things.`
Mary Schumacher's action verbs:
· Lnrich
· lortiív
· lorge
· 1ransíorm
· Gal·anize
Other resources to energize your resume verbs:
lor action ·erbs that are rele·ant to vour particular
work historv. Ouintessential (areers íeatures a helpíul
list oí ·erbs categorized bv skills.
Rcsumc Action Vcrbs
Action verbs to improve your resume performance by certiñed professional resume writers Steve Burdan
and Mary Schumacher.
By Lisa Vaas
luge 3
Hov Verbs Muke Your Resume Sízzíe
Sample 1: Senior-Le·el 1echnologv
Management Proíessional
Resume writer: Andrew Pearl
Section: Skills Summarv:
Beíore: I am a bilingual. seasoned business execu-
ti·e who successfully incorporates I1 into the
strategic mission of an enterprise. As a passion-
ate leader I have engaged enterprise technology to
maximize a strong return on assets. I have hands-
on ñnancial, project management, technical and
operational experience that has resulted in suc-
cessful I1 capital planning and budgeting. disas-
ter reco·erv and I1 securitv procedures and policies.
1he ·erbs deli·er the message that the candidate has had
a long historv oí success and pro£tabilitv. but the passage
uses passi·e language and too manv words. lor example.
this candidate noted that he had engaged enterprise tech-
nologv to maximize a strong return on assets` - a long-
winded wav to sav that he impro·ed the bottom line. le
also used the passi·e ·oice when he stated that his expe-
rience has resulted in successíul I1 capital planning and
budgeting`- a construction that separates the candidate
írom the positi·e result.
Aíter: Strategic and results-dri·en executi·e
commanding 20- vears oí progressi·e success with-
in technical en·ironments. lands-on and resourceíul
proíessional providing track record of incorpo-
rating I1 into strategic visions while maximiz-
ing return and improving operations. Di·erse and
customer-íocused manager who demonstrates unique
combination oí technical. business. and £nancial sa··v.
Pearl paired strong action ·erbs. including command-
ing.` maximizing` and impro·ing.` with results-íocused
language about pro£tabilitv and a historv oí success: max-
imized returns.` 20- vears oí commanding success` and
impro·ed operations.` Potential emplovers are alwavs alert
íor these words. which suggest that applicants are sa··v
about the bottom line.
Sample 2: Proíessional Sales Representati·e.
Pharmaceutical Industrv
Resume writer: 1ina larlan
Section: \ork listorv
· Sold A·inza íor chronic pain and Skelaxin íor acute
pain to both primarv care phvsicians and pain special-
ists in North 1exas and Southern Oklahoma.
· Made an immediate impact on prescription
·olume aíter onlv being in the £eld íor three and
a halí months.
Sold` is brieí and to the point. but it probablv doesn`t
account íor all the candidate`s responsibilities. 1he ·erb
construction made an immediate impact` is bogged down
bv a passi·e ·oice.
· Responsible for selling and promoting Skelaxin
and A·inza to pain specialists. surgeons. neurologists.
and primarv care phvsicians in the North 1exas and
Southern Oklahoma territorv.
· Managed annual educational and entertainment
budget a·eraging >¯0.000.
Rcsumc Vcrbs: Bcforc and Aftcr
Certiñed professional resume writers Andrew Pearl and 1ina Harlan use examples to explain how to improve
your resume using the right action verbs.
By Lisa Vaas
A(1IVL VLRBS (AN INSPIRL RL(RUI1LRS AND lIRING MANAGLRS to íollow through with scheduling an inter·iew.
Andrew Pearl and 1ina larlan. certi£ed proíessional resume writers who work with 1heLadders. pro·ided these beíore-
and-aíter examples oí how to impro·e vour resume using the right action ·erbs.
luge 4
Hov Verbs Muke Your Resume Sízzíe
· Increased prescription volume
despite being in the £eld íor less
than íour months.
1he phrase responsible íor selling and
promoting.` while longer than the origi-
nal sold.` expands the responsibilitv
oí the applicant to include promotion.
which creates the impression oí greater
responsibilitv. Increased prescription
·olume` is a slight change that iníuses
the description with action. turning the
applicant into the catalvst íor pumping up
·olume instead oí simplv being someone
who made an impact.`
larlan also paired the ·erb man-
aged` with a dollar-speci£c budget
to strengthen the message.
would be spearheaded.` steered` and
innuenced.` Schumacher said.
But worse vet. manv amateur resume
writers simplv ignore ·erbs. Some people
don`t e·en use ·erbs when thev write re-
sumes.` she said. 1heir bullet points start
oíí with ·erbs |turned into noun phrases|.
saving something like: Project management
and process impro·ement` or Implementa-
tion oí process controls and standardiza-
tion procedures.` `
1hose who write their own resumes also
ha·e a tendencv to o·eruse a períectlv good
word. such as de·elop.` Schumacher said.
People need to reallv mix up their ·erbs.`
No magic list, but a magic ñx
Ste·e Burdan. another certi£ed pro-
íessional resume writer who works with
1heLadders. said his clients oíten ha·e the
idea that there`s a common list oí kevwords
or ·erbs that will work in e·erv resume
situation. but there`s no such magic list.
Verbs must £t into the context oí a speci£c
resume. he said.
But. he said. there is a magic technique
that will work on e·erv resume: Start sen-
tences with a ·erb or an ad·erb to keep the
reader hooked as their eve runs down the
Keep them tight: stack them up.` he said.
Keep the ·erbs, on the leít-hand side. As
the reader`s eves run down the page. there
are the kevwords. the buzzwords. one aí-
ter another - vou hit them like a nail
gun. Gi·e them the ·erbs right at the start.
1hese ·erbs are the hooks at the beginning
oí each sentence.`
And as íar as action ·erbs go. Burdan
preíers íorceíul ·erbs that implv progress.
I probablv wouldn`t start a sentence with
a ·erb like addressed` or articulated.` I
would sav ad·ertised.` authored.` clari£ed.`
demonstrated.` 1hose kind oí ·erbs ha·e
more mo·ement implicit in them.`

kccp thc vcrb(s)
on thc Icft-hand
sidc. As thc
rcadcr's cvcs run
down thc pagc,
thcrc arc thc
kcvwords, thc
buzzwords, onc
aftcr anothcr -
vou hit thcm Iikc
a naiI gun.

- Stcvc Burdan
- Your Luvoíí, Your ßruín: Hov
to Cet Cut oí Your Cvn \uv
- Netvorkíng íor lntroverts
Carccr Advicc from Thcladdcrs



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