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Reception of DE-41

Department of Mechatronics Engineering

Date & Day Time Programme Location

College Main gate

 Reception of
0830–0930 hrs students and parents
 Issuance of tokens
to students College Main gate

Reception of students Auditorium

0830–0930 hrs
and parents
Briefing by respective
21 Sep 2019
0930-1000 hrs  Talawat Auditorium
 HoD’s Address
 National Anthem,
National Slogan
 Hostels, MI room, College Mosque,
College visit by bus / Cadet Battalion (Bn), Cafes and Sports
1000-1100 hrs
coaster grounds
 Visit of departments
1100-1130 hrs Lunch Break Cadet Mess
Department of Computer and Software
1130-1500 hrs Students Registration
Engineering (DC&SE)