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6/10/2019 Welcome | ICT Academy at IITK

Electronics & ICT Academy

Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology

Government of India

Online Certi cation Course On

Learn HTML5, CSS3 & Bootstrap to build responsive website

Dr. / Mr. /
Shashwat Aryan of
DIT University - Admission O ce, East Of Kailash
completed the Online Certi cation Course conducted by E & ICT Academy,
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. 1/2
6/10/2019 Welcome | ICT Academy at IITK

Date of Issue: 10-06-2019

System Identi cation No.: 6046-100462

Prof. B. V. Phani
Prof. Amey Karkare
E & ICT Coordinators 2/2