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Ng, Keith Tuesday, July 30, 2019 4:22 PM Jacks-Palomino, Charlene Badia, Hector; Mora, Jorge; Vega, Sandra; Clavijo, Diego; Suarez, Jimmy RE: CRSP request for Melreese Golf Course Remediation Services (AW-284/FILE 9442) Attachments: Project Request Form.xlsx; Melreese Golf Course.paf; Melreese_Estimate xlsx Good Afternoon — As requested, attached is the PRF with back up documentation for your review and consideration. Thanks! Regards, fg» y % Keith A. Ng, CFM Project Manager City of Miami, Capital improvements and Transportation Program ‘444 SW 2nd Avenue, 8th Floor Miami, Florida 33130 (308) 416-1298 ‘The City of tami is public entity subject o Chapter 119 ofthe Ford Statutes concerning public records. Email messages are covered under such laws and thus subject fo disclosure. AllE-mall sent and recelved are a public record From: Jacks-Palomino, Charlene Sent: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 7:58 AM To: Ng, Keith Ce: Badia, Hector ; Mora, Jorge ; Vega, Sandra ; Clavijo, Diego ; Suarez, Jimmy Subject: RE: CRSP request for Melreese Golf Course Remediation Services (AW-284/FILE 9442) keith, Please complete the PRF form and submit to me. Thanks Charlene From: Ng, Keith Sent: Friday, July 26, 2019 11:41 AM To: Clavijo, Diego ; Cc: Badia, Hector ; Mora, Jorge ; Vega, Sandra Subject: CRSP request for Melreese Golf Course Remediation Services (AW-284/FILE 9442) Importance: High Suarez, Jimmy ; Jacks-Palomino, Charlene Good Morning: Itis the recommendation that PMO assist us through the CRSP process in generating a B-number and allocating funds for this project. On July 25, 2019, the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources — Division of Environmental Resources Management (DERM) conducted soil sampling activities at the Melreese Golf Course. Sampling was conducted on June 13, 2019. Results from that event revealed surficial debris layer did not have sufficient depth cover and currently poses a physical and health hazard. For this reason, DERM has identified four areas with this condition and are requiring the City to address this concern. The following actions are to be taken: 1. Conduct additional sampling to delineate the horizontal plume of the contaminant: 2. Conduct Limited Soil Removal via excavation and disposal of contaminated soils, backfill with clean soll and resod to match with adjacent areas. 3. Prepare a report and submit to DERM summarizing activities and observations. The Preliminary Project Budget is approximately $65,435.35 that includes contingencies and management activities. The project area is under the management of DREAM and managed by a a Golf Management company. Regards, Keith A. Ng, CFM Project Manager City of Miami, Capital improvem 444 SW 2nd Avenue, 8th Floor ‘The Cty of Miami isa puble entity subject to Chapter 119 ofthe Flerda Status concerning public records, -Exmall messages ara covored under such laws and thus subject fo dleclosure. ‘AilE-mal sent and received are publ record, Lo Exhibit B Ss % Project Request Form (PRF) . Office of Capital Improvements nso om stb ed decuent a neds buen bth 0. Pe ou tne cameo Request Date: TofS JPRF Number: Cc Client Department: DREAM Project Name: [Melroese Golf course Soll Remediation [New Project {notin GP) I Esting Project (in Capital Plan prowe Prejea Be General Project information: __[faclity Namo appleable) REA Locaton/Aderss 444 SW 2nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 22220 Commission Districts) GD D & DB Biywse cient oeparsmen uszon: Telephone: 305-816-1458 ‘What s the preferred completion date, if applicable? trol cater cena ia napection af areas Yo nti potenal eposure of sural end esol conduct so clacion ad Project Description (Scope of Work; lina orepare repr fr DERM even and gro ef so emovl methodology ats removal wt proper las soon as possible. Equipment tobe Purchased): _|sposlandrplsed with can boc Tis projects to compl with Chapter 24 Seton 2-4 ofthe Code of Wa-Tade Kcouaw. ee zed contamination with less than 1 feat of ground cover Services requested through OCt: services wil be subject to ees to be charged against the projet s determined by the Director, Please Public Inecivement/Communty Outreach Assistance aq stutes/Testing/Survey/Other Technical Series a Design a Siding Procurement a constrton inspection Qa coastrscton Managernent a shar o Preliminary Cost Estimate: te Bi) Design § _a5,p00.00 Constucion $ 65,0000 Adminisiréon $20,000.00 oral § 13000000 Available Funding Sources: [NOTE: For any grant fonds sted above, provide a separate sheat ientifing the grant budget and any Fund Source FUND H/PATEO # ‘Amount Expiration Dato TOTAL : Preliminary delivery method and ; Peohaiylbiratal 306 Job Order Contracting) Estimated desian ration (days) 4 estimated contruction duration ys: 0 Total Project duration % Project Request Form (PRF) Office of Capital Improvements narctos:hm sob ed dou Cota neo be nderaan yh 0. Pk out non a cempteopnble LUst permitting [oem requirements/agencies having jurisdication lf project has a Life, Heath or Safety [DER dealed# sams locaton with suida dab with ae tan Toot of roundcaver The lackoFcover | Issue that you consider needs [presentsapucc heath and safety se tat requires immediate attention. tl DERM's recommendation to Immediate attention, provide _|conductsol cemaval and replacement with cean fil ar an engineering contral approved by DERM, details: Wf project addresses aleg [Faure we adhere to the Remand tnetramesalpasted by DERM may reault in enforcement aon of Wis ae regulatory or compliance need, provide details: project involves interlocal fpeaeare agreements or grants lst entities Involved and applicable deadlines: | project addresses resiieney, [Not Appleabie ‘environmental protection or risk ‘mitigation, provide detail: projectors opportunityto [fet Apaleable coordinate with other agencies or Integration with other projects oF developments, describe ‘opportunity and specity affected projects: project wil generate revenue or [deny known suspected and/or eral succes actors at ay TAGGLY eUang me ‘cost savings, provide revenue or |eanstrains rss and opportunities. ‘cost information: Not Aopiesble (OFFICE OF CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS - PMO Reviewed 3 Tee and Te (CUENT DEPARTMENT - REVIEW Reviewed oy bate PAHO DISPOSTION: PRIORITIZATION MATRE RESULTS [Preztion wari Score by Glen Deparment JPoins (0C+-PMo Validation of rotation Matix Score fem sosoran ine ints Cily of Miami Office of Capital Improvements Budget Estimate for Melreese Golf Course Remediation $42,250.00 Design $60,578.00 Construct Item Description Unit Quantity Unit Cost Amount Consultant Project Management Limited Soource Removal Oversight Hour ‘55 $250.00 $13,750.00 Report Preparation Hour 40 $250.00 $10,000.00 Follow up meetings with DERM to address Comments Hour 20 $220.00 $4,400.00 Assessment Soil Boring Sampling [at a minimum depth of 15 Each 20 $350.00 $10,500.00 Equipment Mobilization 1 $2,000.00 $2,000.00 Laboratory Analysis Each 4 $400.00. $1,600.00 Construction Project Manager Hour 24 $260.00 $6,240.00 Equipment and Labor - Excavation, Loading, Disposal, Backfiling & Resod Hour ee ae Backfill and Resod Material Hour 20 $260.00, $5,200.00 Subtotal $85,690.00 Contingencies 20.00% 1 $17,138.00 OCI Management OCI Design Project Manager 5% 1 $4,284.50 OCI Construction Manager 5% 1 $4,284.50 OCI Adminstration o% 1 $4,284.50 Permitting 5% 1 $4,284.50 JOC Management Fee 1.98% 1 $1,696.66 $18,834.66 ninistration Estimated Budget $121,662.66