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TECHNOLOGY We’ve Come A Long Way

1971 Fed Ex introduced 1 Overnight

1973 Lexis dedicated UBIQ
terminal for caselaw search 9 Delivery, Dial
Up Research &
1975 West version, Word
headnotes only, using dialup 7 Processing
1975 Electric Pencil, first
WP software

1978 WordStar software


1979 Wang’s first dedicated

WP unit

1979 Fax machine

1981 IBM’s first PC & Osborne’s first laptop
Metadata, first included in
docs in the 60s, first Records begin being consolidated electronically
referenced in FRCP in the 70s
1984 Apple’s first Mac
Spreadsheet software & Lawyer-specific software
(depo searching, doc assembly, outline creators,
contacts & calendars, DBs for doc indexing)
PCs, Cell Howherald
would you
1985 LANs (local area networks) network
Phones & respond
drives & intraoffice sharing. Also toofthis
the advent the
Pagers 1 firm helpdesk particular question?
1988 Pagers and cellphones
1992 Windows 3.1 & LAN
use proliferated

1992 IBM’s first

smartphone - Simon
MS Office suite of 0
applications developed
Scanning & OCR & paper to
digital conversion &
production commenced
Windows, Ask Jeeves instructed users to ask questions, introduced
1995 Mosaic browser natural language search
released for the World Wide
MS Office
Are you 100%
Web, surfing the Internet & Internet 1996 Palm’s Palm Pilot PDA
sure about this?
1997 SixDegrees, the first social media site
Bulletin boards & listservs Are you 100%
AOL Instant Messenger launched
connected strangers over sure about this?
common topics 1 Term “weblog” coined
Lawyers created online 1998 First blogging platform Open Diary launched
9 Blackberry’s glorified pager & ubiquitous mobile email device
Ecommerce picked up, law firms slow to adapt
9 Screen scraping, workflow automation & AI development
paved way for robotic process automation
Is this a regular Was it a licensed
part of your diet? 0 Term “Internet of Things” coined
horse dealer?

& Blogging
2001 Info governance focus
Social In 1995, less than 1% of
in wake of Enron scandal
people had internet
2002 Social Media site Media,
Friendster Podcasting
2003 Social Media site & ESI

2003 Type Pad &

2 2007 iPhone introduced & mobile computing was born
2008 Android operating system released
WordPress blogging

2004 Facebook
0 Portals & extranets developed
West KM for knowledge management
2004 Term “podcasting”
0 Hackers, viruses & SPAM increased
IoT was born - more objects connected to Internet than
2005 YouTube
2005 TAR computer-assisted
0 people

2009 Blockchain & Bitcoin digital currency

review & predictive coding
2010 IBM Watson, first NLP system, launched &
2006 Twitter fascination with AI ensued
2006 ESI in the FRCP Android & Robotic process automation emerged

Artificial In 2011, 35% of US adults have

Mobile, Intelligence
83% of US adults have Cellphones
& Cloud

2010 iPad Legal Chatbots appeared

2011 Siri smart voice

2 Legal startup market grew & conferences
assistant started featuring or focusing on tech

Cloud computing took off 0 2016 Microsoft, LSC & Pro Bono Net piloted
state legal access portal - A2J became a focus
2012 Microsoft buys
Skype 1 Smart contracts, first proposed in 1994, gained
2012 Duty of tech
2016 Legal hackathons a thing
competence in Ethical rules

2014 Alexa
0 2018 EU strengthened data protection with
GDPR, US followed on state level
2015 Mandatory Tech CLE
2018 LegalTech investment & acquisitions A2J,
Legal analytics tools boomed Hackathons,
developed (Edge, Advance,
Context, ROSS, Premonition, 2018 Legal tech podcasts increased Blockchain
KIRA, LexMachina, RAVN) Alternative Legal Service providers on rise & Data

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