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Curriculum Vitae

Phone: +91-9031500223/7909001856
Opp. Dr. Ravi Ranjan’s Residence, Haider Ali Road, Shiv Shakti Nagar, Kokar, Ranchi,
Jharkhand - 834001

Seeking for opportunities in Ranchi wherein I can apply my knowledge and skills towards the
growth of my company along with personal development.


Jan 2019 – present Technical Writer /Associate Editor

GD Research Center Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad

• Technical content writing for popular industry website, blogs, and

market intelligence web portals.
• Excellent writing technical blogs, whitepapers, marketing

• Sourcing noteworthy industry projects in market sectors like

Energy, Healthcare, Pharmacy, etc.

• Producing professional business standard project reports through

secondary research work performed using web services and

Dec 2016 – Jan Asst. Technical Managing Editor

2019 Omics International, Hyderabad

• Proof reading, formatting articles, ensure smooth functioning of

scientific journals
• Coordinating in Website Content Management, Graphics,
Maintenance, SEO.
• Coordination Preparing the website by coordinating with the web
development team.
• Generation and management of potential clients database
• Writing in-house scripts in PERL, Python for Data Mining, Content
Scraping from XML, XLS, CSV files


Python R Programming Technical Writing Content Writing

Core Java HTML System Admin Copyediting
Digital Marketing Website Maintenance MS Office C

Name of Institution
Year , Affiliation % Marks

B.Tech- Karunya University UGC 8.28
Bioinformatics Coimbatore Tamil Nadu Distinction

2012 Higher Surendranath Centenary School, CBSE

Secondary Ranchi, Jharkhand 74.4

2010 Secondary St. Xavier’s School Ranchi, ICSE 88.6



• 2nd Prize: ‘Applications of Cloud Computing in Bioinformatics’ at the National
Conference – Karunya University (2013)
• Served as Deputy Head boy at school- SNC, Ranchi. (2011-12)
• Secured All-India Rank 249 in National Cyber Olympiad. (2009)
• Actively participated and won at various extra-curricular activities throughout
schooling, 10+ Merit Certificates (1999 - 2010)


• Major Project: Disease gene identification for Beta-Thalassemia disorder using Python
and R programming approach @ Karunya University- (2016)
• Minor Project: Computational Diagnosis of Thyroid Disorder using Data Mining
Approach -JFrames @ Indian Council of Medical Research, RIMS, Ranchi (2014)
• University Project: MindKraft-(Tech. Symposium) BinDas Health Toolkit – Java -
Swing based GUI-App for general health diagnosis. (2014)
• Designed the maiden edition of Department Newsletter-`BinDas’ Dept. of Bioinformatics,
Karunya University (2013)

Journal Publications
[1]. Artificial Intelligence in Biological Data (2017) Indrajeet Chakraborty, Amarendranath
Choudhury, Tuhin Subhra Banerjee. International Journal of Information Technology
[2]. Efficacy of Morin as a Potential Therapeutic Phytocomponent: Insights into the
Mechanism of Action (2017) Amarendranath Choudhury, Indrajeet Chakraborty, Tuhin
Subhra Banerjee, Dhilleswara Rao Vana, Dattatreya Adapa International Journal of
Contemporary Medical Research
[3]. Effect and Disease Indicative Role of Inflammation in Neurodegenerative Pathology:
A Mechanistic Crosstalk of Promise and Dilemma (2018) Amarendranath Choudhury,
Indrajeet Chakraborty, Tuhin Subhra Banerjee, Dhilleswara Rao Vana, Arun Kumar
Ramachandravarapu Neuropsychiatry
[4]. Neurochemicals, Behaviours and Psychiatric Perspectives of Neurological Diseases
(2018) Amarendranath Choudhury, Tripti Sahu, Praveena Lakshmi Ramanujam, Indrajeet
Chakraborty, Amit Banerjee, et al. Neuropsychiatry
[5]. Understanding the Role of Resveratrol in Major Neurological and Lifestyle Diseases:
An Insight into Molecular Mechanisms and Druggability (2018) Amarendranath
Choudhury, Rudrarup Bhattacharjee, Dattatreya Adapa, Indrajeet Chakraborty,
Dhilleswara Rao Vana Pharmaceutical Processing
[6]. An update on pathological implications of enzymatic dysregulation in Alzheimer’s
disease (2018) Amarendranath Choudhury, Indrajeet Chakraborty, Rudrarup
Bhattacharjee, Tuhin Subhra Banerjee, et al. Biomedical Research


• TOEFL-iBT 2016 scored (104/120)

• B2 Level in Cambridge ESOL 2013
• Novell Certified Linux Administrator Training
Depart of Computer Science & Engineering, Karunya University


• Bengali: Native Language

• English: Professional Proficiency
• Hindi: Professional Proficiency
• Tamil: Intermediate Listener, Novice Speaker, No Reading and Writing

• Programming: Python, Java, R, HTML

• Applications: MS-Excel, MS-Word, Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, PyCharm
• Platforms: Window, Linux


Extra-curricular Activities: Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Debates, Master of ceremonies,

for cultural and departmental activities, Active member of the Python and R community
Hobbies: Photography, Trekking, Reading
Cultural: Organizing Committee Member MindKraft-2014, NEOSEQ, and many more. Student
Leader: Nature Club-Karunya University (2013, 2014)


Dr. Afroz Alam, Ph. D, HOD Dr. Amarendranath Choudhury, Ph. D

Department of Bioinformatics, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Hyderabad, India
Karunya University, Tamil Nadu, India Phone: +91-7003017920
Phone: +91-9500724409 Email:


I do hereby declare that all the aforementioned information are true to the best of my knowledge and
I am willing to provide the necessary proofs for the same upon request.

Date: 30th of July, 2019 SIGNATURE