English Essay Assignment Haris Aryo Bestowo

Salvatore Scibona Anne Pacholka Introduction to College English November 2, 2010 THE KID In the past decades, the U.S. Army has sent many of its young and brave soldiers around the world; one of their purposes is to assist countries who want to become a new member of NATO (North American Treaty Organization). The story written by Scibona ³The Kid´ tells about a young, brave, and talented U.S. soldier who is faced by uncertainty, anxiety, and confusion. This shows that even a strong, tough, masculine soldier from one of the biggest and powerful country in the world can be as weak, depressed, and clueless as a normal person. Scibona¶s story ³the kid´ contains a classic war story with the touch of contemporary time. A classic war story where soldiers are assigned to a foreign country and they meet local women then got married. However, Scibona reversed the condition where usually the women who want to get married, but in this case it was the men or soldiers who want to get married. The place setting is at Latvia, when the country is about to join NATO. Elroy¶s journey in Latvia is more like walk in the park, he gets to stay in a three-star hotel, apparently a compliment from the Latvian government, and soon he expects some more things to happen. He got himself involved in a relationship with local Latvian girl ± Evija. This is where the writer reversed the usual case of who wants to get married. Elroy thinks that in Latvia, it is much easier to get girls than in his home country, the U.S. and he makes an assumption that ³the Latvian girls want to get married

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English Essay Assignment Haris Aryo Bestowo

like everybody´ (39). Another interesting thing is that Elroy is actually ³the marrying kind´; this is rather unique because Elroy is such a tough, strong soldier but he is actually the one who wants to get married. The writer associates the main character with contemporary values where it does not have to be the woman who is looking for relationship; in the old times, men who are masculine, tough, and strong does not have the expectation to involve in some relationships. Moreover, because of the sex discrimination on the old days, relationship is more considered to be a women¶s business than men¶s. The conflict starts when Elroy found out that Evija do not want to get married just yet, but they already have a child. The climax is later when he left his child in the airport and then Evija sent him an email regarding their child. Elroy is faced by a situation in which he cannot control; he used to think that everything must go on his way particularly in the military. He is afraid of the challenge which deals on his social sides, the challenge which is different than his daily military, war, and battlefield business. There are certain reasons on why Elroy is afraid, confused, and clueless. Scibona revealed Elroy¶s child experience when he was surrounded by many problems such as broken home. This makes Elroy¶s character to be individualist, self-supported, independent, yet become ³stouter, more savage´ (40). From the very young, Elroy has done ³his own laundry and cooked his own meals´ (39). Sergeant Slocum was known as Elroy¶s stepfather, meaning Elroy¶s parents had divorced twice; this absolutely could affect one¶s emotional state of mind. Elroy¶s own action on leaving his son Janis is very likely the result of his own sick minds. He is very familiar with the matter of tactical military warfare but he himself could not stand facing the problems which he has now with his child. At the airport, one of the evidence that Elroy deliberately left the child is that; he thought all of the expenses, money, and effort he has to give if he wants to keep his child before he left Janis at the restrooms. After that, in London he throws his little bag

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English Essay Assignment Haris Aryo Bestowo

containing Janis¶s coloring book into a dumpster, as if it was something that give him curse. He thinks that Janis should be taken care of by his mom ± Evija. On the other hand, to worsen the situation, Evija does not whole-heartedly regard the existence of Janis, because the first thing she expects from Elroy is money and she does not want to get in deeper relationship with Elroy either. Scibona has superbly conveying Elroy¶s action when everything is not under his control. Elroy is portrayed as someone who is tough, masculine, like to be in control, and such. This figure is perfectly suitable for contemporary time, where society defines to be a man is to be strong, tough, and in control. Scibona puts these men stereotypes and applies them in different situation where problems cannot necessarily be solved with physical strength. The writer has proved that one¶s physical strength does not help him to overcome daily problems; it is mostly the emotional strength that helps one going through obstacles in life. Finally, this story is very inspiring to all of the readers. The moral value of the story has successfully delivered by the writer. It is to admonish the society that, only physical strength is not enough to tackle various problems in life; however, it is the emotional strength that plays the most part. Moreover, Scibona reminds all of the readers that not everything can go according to one¶s desire and one cannot force others to do what he/she wants.

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