Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Maynila (University of City of Manila) Intramuros, Manila

Paragraph Development

In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements in English Proficiency 1

Submitted By: Emmanuelle H. Arana BSN 1 -2

Submitted To: Dr. May P. Samson

Water Computer. Love. Stuff toys.Table of Contents Short Biography Definition Mother. Makahiya plant . Game. Friend. Broom. Hard candy. Money Technology. Bag. Shoes. Tree. Picture Narrative Friendship Forever Descriptive A Paradise of Your Own (Crystal Blue Resort) Analysis Hairball Problems Exemplification Process Making Chocolate Chip Cookies Cause and Effect Increasing Population in Urban Areas Classification Division Music Analogy Chocolate. Wardrobe. Food. Home.

Arana. I have 3 siblings but unfortunately my supposed to be younger sister died in my mother¶s womb. going out with my friends and hanging out with my family during our spare hours. a cute baby girl named Emmanuelle H. and become sociable. Arana and my mother is Emerita H. The names of my remaining siblings are Ezekiel H. My father is Benjamin L. I¶m being comfortable with it. I joined the Red Cross Youth organization to help other people and to have experience for my course. I love eating. Arana was born in Manila on November 23. Arana. My ambition is to be a successful nurse in abroad to have enough money for the house that I was planning to build.Biography Early in the morning. I finished in my elementary degree Manila Christian Day School and got a place of fifth honourable mention while I finished my high school degree in Ramon Magsaysay High School and currently studying in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila as a nursing student. . I¶m a little bit shy when I¶m not familiar to the surroundings but when I¶m used to it. 1993 but grew up in San Juan city. In a few years I will receive my diploma and pass the board exam for nursing. Arana and Elleonor H. baking.

I attend my class regularly and even help my classmates to answer our book.50 because I know that I participated well in class and submitted all the requirements for English Proficiency 1.0 grade in English but I¶m expecting to have a grade of 1.Grade I would love to receive a 1. . But of course it is up to my professor whether she will give a high or low grade.

and once I have started.  GAME.a game is an activity that one engages in for amusement or entertainment. A home would never be completed without the family members from father to the youngest ones. so if she¶s gone. I must say that I¶m addicted to computer games.a friend is someone you can rely on.a mother is the one who takes care of her children. It can be relaxing too after a day of work.  FRIEND. A friend treasures your relationship and corrects your mistake without a second thought. maybe it will be hard for me to move on with my life.Definition  MOTHER. I can¶t call our house a home because my father is always in abroad.a home is where the family stays together through good times and bad times. She will do anything to make her children very happy and comfortable. . I¶ll never stop until my mother says so. I can¶t live without my mother. My favourite computer games are plants vs. when I have my own family. even though she is suffering from pain.  HOME. that¶s why I¶m looking forward to have a real home someday. For us to grow we need to trust each other and make through to struggles of life. whenever you need him/her. because I always depend on her. My friends love me and accept me for who I am. zombies and build-a-lot 4.

 LOVE. because it helps us to do our work easy than usual. Money is also the root of all evil. systems or methods of organization. in my case it is I who is only fighting for it. It is experienced by everybody in anyplace and in anytime. Love can be mutual or not. You can use it anytime and anywhere to buy all the things you want. This is very important to because it makes life more a standing closet used for storing clothes. with its hanging is a special paper where in it has corresponding is a strong feeling of affection and sexual attraction for someone. crafts. sliding shelves and drawers. But we must be very careful in using this technology. because it can be misuse by other people who doesn¶t know the right usage of it. evolved slowly. It also make our lives comfortable.  WARDROBE. It is hard for someone to leave there love ones but if it is for good. From these cupboards and lockers the modern wardrobe. It can turn human into monster. you have to accept that life is so unfair you cannot have all the things you want in the world. bad people will not kidnap. techniques. There are disadvantages that we might face when we misuse it one of these is addiction. maybe my partner is bored and doesn¶t want me anymore. MONEY. the usage and knowledge of tools. so I decided to leave him and move on. The earliest wardrobe was a chest. steal or hurt others if there is no money involvement. . and it was not until some degree of luxury was attained in regal palaces and the castles of powerful nobles that separate accommodation was provided for the apparel of the great.

 FOOD-is any substance or materials eaten or drunk to provide nutritional support for the body or for pleasure. fats.also called an image. It can also bring memories back.  PICTURE. proteins. paintings or photographs. Pictures can also be drawings. stimulate growth. vitamins. and maintain life. a picture can look the same as an object or a person. . I love eating food that¶s why I¶m quite fat. or minerals. such as carbohydrates. It usually consists of plant or animal origin. and is ingested and assimilated by an organism to produce energy. Sometimes people say pictures are worth a thousand words. is a group of colored points on a flat surface that looks the same as something else. that contains essential nutrients. It¶s like a souvenir in every place you have been. Pictures are very helpful. For example.

Amen" Months later when Stef had recuperated considerably. And one day Elle died in despair. "You are a very brave man Elle and God will make it up to you in one way or another"."You know I won't do that." How do you feel today Elle?" Sam tried to put up a brave face and smiled back saying. Elle called back at him almost pleading "Promise me you won't tell Stef anything". he beamed at him and asked. Dr Valde gave it to him with an expressionless face and said" This is for you Stef. When Stef was called on his burial. . Elle had asked me to give it to you when he was gone". I am very grateful for all that you have done for me. Elle was lonely and disheartened.please give me the strength to be able to go through this." and walked away. Dr. "Absolutely wonderful Doctor. Valde was standing at his bedside looking at his health chart and medications with a thoughtful expression on his face. since she didn't have anybody else other than Stef to count on.. "Thank you ³whispered Elle. Things went from bad to worse. met with a car accident on their way to Davao City. He smiled and looked up in prayer " I hope I live up to your ideas. "Dr Valde was moved at Elle¶s deed. he found a letter waiting for him. Stef woke up blind and Elle was still unconscious. he stopped hanging around with Elle. While he was moving on to the next patient. Elle and Stef .Narrative Friendship Forever Two inseparable friends. When he saw Elle awake. The following morning... All that he could say was. He felt discouraged and embarrassed to spend time with a disabled person like Elle. Trust me..

than the fact that will see the world through my eyes.. But now I wish I didn't stick it. All that was left for Stef while he stood there was tears of regret and memories of Elle for the rest of his life... Valde said " I had promised Elle to keep her sacrifice she made a secret from you. When he had finished reading Dr. You will always be my best friend.... .. I have kept my promise in the end to lend you my eyes if anything had happened to them.Elle".In the letter he had said: ³Dear Stef. because I don't think it was worthy it´. Now there is nothing more that I can ask from God.

Continental. Snorkelling and Jet skiing are some of the activities which you and your group can engage on. which fronts the Anilao Sea. Anilao. They also offers alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and beverages. The area has a sound system and you can request any song you would like to hear. so even you¶re tired from snorkelling or diving you can still order food and serve it in your room. Batangas. and beverages daily.warm sun. Satisfy your taste in our delightful delicacies in an open air atmosphere. snacks. business conferences as well as holiday breaks. . They also have Jacuzzi to relax your body from a tiresome day. known for its beautiful bays and wonderful scenery. Their service is available in all rooms and public areas. and clear. serves delicious breakfast. food. This is the place if you're looking for fun. group outings. There are many variants in their menu that you can select on maybe Seafood. is a place where you can enjoy the tranquility of a true paradise. blue water. Night and day you can visit their bar where you and your group can engage in musical activities such as dancing and singing. as well as great-tasting snacks and side dishes. An open-air dining. You can seat in a wonderful spot of the resort where you can have a magnificent view of the bay as you relax and unwind yourself. lunch. Philippines. Oriental or Filipino Cuisine. The area is a beautifully landscaped crescent beach. Mabini. relaxed atmosphere desired of an Island resort. and drinks while you're in our resort.Descriptive A Paradise of Your Own Crystal Blue Resort is the perfect location for family affairs. Crystal Blue is located at Bagalangit. using their karaoke machine and sound system. Offering the peaceful. Anilao. The bar has ceiling fans and fully air conditioned. and ceiling fans to make you more comfortable. where couples and families enjoy open space .

used subsequently. or woollen cloth.Analysis Hairball Problems The problem of hairballs that have already formed in cat¶s fur can be solved by proper brushing. cotton. you¶ll need two kinds of brushes: a wide-teeth wipe and a metallic one. The former will help you dissolve and. Once brushing is over. make sure to polish your cat¶s fur all over his body with the help of a clean. will remove excess of loose puffy hair and decrease the possibility of reoccurrence the next day. The latter. In order to brush your cat¶s hairballs. partially. remove tightly knotted hairballs without causing any pain or discomfort to your cat. .

for example. maybe not that bad). Aside from the student who ruined his carefully-planned lessons by making animal sounds. . which governs fourteen schools in Manila. the equivalent of a political stump speech (well. It would be impossible for any parent reading these vagaries to picture what goes on in the schools¶ classrooms.´ A third school says that it ³is dedicated to students seeking an atmosphere that offers academic rigor through intensified literary arts instruction. The Parent and Student Middle School Guide from NCR. In the booklet.Exemplification For 5 years. multi-cultural curriculum. Take. Caparas taught public school. the jargon and clichés and euphemisms found in school brochures. science and math investigations´ and ³an exciting inter-disciplinary. nothing bothered him more than the language of educators.´ This is blather. one school brags that it provides all students with ³academic preparation´ while helping them ³to think clearly´ in ³an enriched environment.´ Another NCR middle school claims that its staff ³is comprised of´ (sic) ³highly qualified professionals who specialize in the teaching of young adolescents. my teacher Mr.

Breaking the eggs into a separate bowl guarantees that you don't end up with eggshell in your cookies. scraping the sides of the bowl occasionally. First. Then.Process Making Chocolate Chip Cookies Making chocolate chip cookies is easy. 2 eggs. salt. Lastly. and baking soda in a separate bowl. After that. Bake at 375 degree for eight to ten minutes. After that. Fifth. 3. Next. 2 cups all-purpose flour and 1 12-ounce package (2 cups) semisweet chocolate chips. There you have it. Then. slowly add the flour mixture. Don't over mix. Continue to scrape the sides of the bowl to evenly blend ingredients. add the eggs and vanilla. beating in as much as you can with the mixer and then stirring in any remaining flour with a spoon. add the chocolate chips. Beat until these are combined. as easy as 1. Add the sugar and brown sugar. beat all ingredients until combined. . teaspoonsized balls. Third. Second.1 teaspoon baking soda. gently stirring with a spoon until they're evenly mixed throughout the batter. All you need are 1 cup unsalted room temperature butter. 1½ teaspoons genuine vanilla. combine flour. Fourth. 2. you have to preheat the oven to 375 degrees. ¾ cup granulated sugar. as that can lead to a tougher cookie. 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet. ¾ cup packed brown sugar. Drop the dough in rounded. combine the butter and shortening in a large mixing bowl and beat on medium speed for one minute. 1 teaspoon salt.

Cause and Effect Increasing Population in Urban Areas In recent years cities like Manila. the increasing industrialization of the nineteenth century resulted in the creation of many factory jobs. There are several reasons for this occurrence. there were many schools established to educate the children of the new factory laborers. attracted many people from rural areas. people established places of leisure. The promise of a better education persuaded many families to leave farming communities and move to the cities. entertainment. as the cities grew. These jobs. and culture. Second. . such as sports stadiums. these facilities made city life appear more interesting than life on the farm. and museums. have grown so large that now about 50% of the Earth's population lives in urban areas. which tended to be located in cities. First. For many people. with their promise of a better material life. theaters. and therefore drew them away from rural communities. Finally.

I always have what you need. I can also sweep away all of your problems away and keep it in trashcan. powder. Water is easy to find.Analogy I compare myself to a chocolate. because I always clean our room and I¶m a fan of the quote ³united we stand. I can compare myself to a broom. because I¶m chubby and cuddly like stuff toys. I can be a rocker too. I can also compare myself to stuff toys. . I can compare myself to a bag. because I can fit in any situation like water that has no definite shape and only fit in its container. because I¶m suitable in any situation. alcohol. White chocolate is when I¶m in good mood wherein I¶m happy and kind to the people that surround me. even you are very far. Milk chocolate when it¶s an ordinary day for me where everything is normal and common. you can see me in no time. If you are rocker. comb. I can also be conservative just the way you are. Lastly. I can make you happy when you are sad. if the sticks are only few it can¶t do the work easily. because it¶s handy and you can place your important things there. Dark chocolate is when I¶m in pain or suffering wherein I¶m a little bit bitter. Like bag you can share some important secrets that you have and I¶ll keep it secure and safe from harm. as I am easy to find because I¶m big. keep me or be with me anytime you want. If you are conservative type. In other meaning. talk to me and make fun of me when you have problems. scissors and many more. You can display me. You can also add some nuts and raisins for more indulgence. My classmate says that I¶m a walking National Bookstore or walking Watsons. divided we fall´ just like a broom. because like chocolate I¶m sweet. I just laugh when they are saying that. You can hug me. cry on me. irresistible and have variation. fan. I can also compare myself to water.

In short you have to get along with me before you will see the real me. we will never know what could happen in the future. I¶m friendly. we always want someone to stay by our sides. my coping skills becomes slow and can¶t cope well. because computer is super fast when it is brand new. loving and caring. it slows down because the memory is fully loaded. Shoes can¶t go without its pair. sometimes it¶s small and sometimes it¶s big problems. I have many problems that I¶ve encounter in my life. You just have to use your brain to choose the best action that you can do. but my mother said that whatever problem that I may encounter. trustworthy. be strong and face them until it is gone. I can compare myself to a hard candy with surprise center. I need someone to accompany me when I¶m going somewhere else. I can¶t go by myself. but as the time goes by. because I¶m an outgoing person. because when you look at me outside. I can learn very fast when the lessons are starting but when my head if full of knowledge. . because it¶s sturdy and strong against the strong wind and heavy rain that it encounters. Like computer. like me. only God knows. no man can live without anybody by his/her side. I may need a short rest and have some snack to regain my strength and focus again on the lessons. I can compare myself to a tree. you might notice that I look so hard but when you know me better you will see that you¶re wrong. kind.I can compare myself to a computer. I also believed that. I can compare myself to shoes. because I¶m scared that no one can protect me in times of trouble. because life is full of danger and we can¶t risk our lives just to be alone. because no problem can be unsolvable.

In our house. as you can see. I can compare myself to makahiya plant. I¶m being comfortable with it. because I¶m shy when I¶m not familiar to the surroundings but when I¶m used to it. I mingle with my classmates during vacant and go home after the class. but not grade conscious. . and become more sociable. I can classify myself as the worker because I always do the house hold chores and I¶m also asked by my siblings to cook for them. But in our family I will always be their baby because I¶m the youngest in our family. do the assignments. Classification In our class.Lastly. I¶m very tired when I¶m in our house. I can classify myself as common student that goes to school everyday.

It¶s typically played by instruments such as the guitar and fiddle.Division Music can be divided into many genres. and instrumental etc. usually featuring vocals (often with vocal harmony). choose wisely. electric guitars and a strong back beat. it maybe mellow. other instruments. based on the traditional music of the rural South and the cowboy music of the West. country. pop. whose songs express strong personal emotions. Pop music is a music of general appeal to teenagers. . You can select the genre of your music according to your ear. such as the saxophone. are common in some styles. rock. Lastly instrumental music is mainly focus on instruments. Mellow music is slow and relaxing music. While rock music is a form of popular music. Country music is popular music. There are many more genres that you can select. a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love.

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