Who are we?

The New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle was established in 2005. It was an outgrowth of The Community Group, an association formed to enhance and advance African American participation in Montgomery County civic development. The Community Group, the founding organization, stresses the importance of economic investment in African American organizations and individuals as a crucial step toward assuring full civic participation. Being inspired and guided by Athan Lindsey and Darryl Lester of HindSights Consulting and founders of NGAAP Giving Circle, to value and commit their time, talents and treasures, The NMC Giving Circle was formed. The NMC Giving Circle is now a member of the Community Investment Network which is made up of nine giving circles. These giving circles, in addition to NMC located in Montgomery County Virginia are located in various areas across the region: New Orleans, LA, Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, Birmingham, AL, Raleigh, NC (2), Charlotte, NC, Warrenton, NC and Pittsburgh, PA..

Membership Opportunities
Voting Members

Persons who contribute $100 annually and regularly attends NMC committee meetings and sponsored events at a minimum of 70%. Persons who contribute $1 or more annually Members or nonvoting individuals that donate $500.00 or more

New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle (NMC)

Non-Voting Members Sponsor

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I would like to be a voting member of the NMC contributing $100 annually and regularly attend NMC committee meetings and sponsored events at a minimum of 70%.

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Please mail this form and contribution to:
New Mountain Climbers c/o The Community Foundation of the NRV P.O. Box 6009 Christiansburg, VA 24068

Collective Investment in the African American community
Montgomery County, Virginia

For more information, contact John Nowlin, 540-382-0606 or e-mail: john.nowlin@verizon.net or Penny J. Franklin, 540-382-2310

Giving Circle
A giving circle is a collaborative network of individuals who demonstrate their commitment and interests in their community through their willingness to share their time, talent and treasures. The essence of giving circles rests with the value of the collective, highlighting the potential for greater impact as a result of pooling resources. The New Mountain Climbers’ seeks to inspire within the African American community the will to look within itself to solve problems and create opportunities as opposed to solely relying on outside sources. •

NMC Goals

"The New Mountain Climbers giving circle is a true inspiration to the Community Foundation. This African American community group has demonstrated that true development is really transformation. They have gone from being foundation grantees to becoming grant makers with a seat at the table of community philanthropy. Incredible! No other grantee of ours can tell this story." New River Valley Foundation “Contributed significantly to our administrative operations

The goals of New Mountain Climbers Giving Circle are to: • expand philanthropy and organized collective giving in the African American community through education, giving and leadership; make investments in predominantly in African-American led non profit and/or community organizations involved in social change goals and activities, including but not limited to youth-focused efforts; • raise awareness of economic, social and cultural disparities within local communities and to generate goals, policies and programs to eliminate them; • sponsor educational forums to increase African American philanthropic efforts and enhance leadership in communitywide civic, social and economic affairs; and • create a permanent endowment fund to further the mission and goals of NMC.

and enhanced our aspirations by receiving these funds from the descendants of the historic Christiansburg Institute African American Community.” Christiansburg Institute “Supported the Christiansburg Community Center tutorial program offering one–on-one homework assistance to children from kindergarten to twelfth grade.” The Christiansburg Community Center