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[This question paper contains 8 printed pages.] Sr.No. of Question Paper : 539 G Your Roll No.. Unique Paper Code 2 241106 Name of the Paper : Business Law (CH.1.4) Name of the Course: B.Com. (Hons.) Semester if Duration : 3 Hours Maximum Marks : 75 Instructions for Candidates 1. Write your Roll No. on the top immediately on receipt of this question paper. 2. Attempt all questions. 3. All questions carry equal marks. 4. Answers may be written either in English or Hindi; but the same medium should be used throughout the paper. Bri & fay fas Lo wea S fed A see fey ay Ralite ert we aT seme feria © wait wer safe 3 wit wt S se aT s 1 4. RUWET-4a GH Tee slate or ABA Fare een TF Gifare, St wt sae aT TERT Gar & ar afee 1. (a) ‘A Contract is usually described as a legal binding agreement’. Examine this statement and explain in brief the essentials of valid contract, ” PTO. 539 2 (b) @ ‘A’ agrees to give Rs. $000/- as donation to ‘B’ the principal of the college for the purpose of purchase of water cooler to be used by students, How would the contract affected if : (a) ‘A’refuses to give the promised amount as no effort was made by ) @ Who can be designated partner ? State the liabilities of designated partner. Gi) ‘The court can wind up the LLP on just and equitable grounds’. Comment on this statement. (444) OR (a) Define a Limited liability Partnership as per LLP act 2008. How does LLP differ from Limited Liability Company ? ” (©) @ What is the meaning of Declaration of solvency ? State the significance in the context of voluntary winding up LLP. Gi) Write a note on contents of Incorporation Document of LLP. (4+4) (a) Sfta after ante (LLP) sfahar 2008 at yer fates a fadaAT SAT 1 (@) (i) ‘wndter’ ar fd Rar oT weet 2? Ake emer SB ae an sete aifere PTO. 539 6 (ii) =uften site enfeaer sendy’ oe FITeMeRE LLP St BANE IL THAT BT HTT wm feet fafear 1 waa () LLP sR 2008 & sega a cafes smftert aA aftr Aare | LLP fret ware ier ate wien B Arar wat 7 (a) (i) Renfree Ft stor F amy aa wana & 2 LLP ees waa H Hak F was FETs aT Teta aifey | (i) LLP & Paver dah cera At faereg x Revit fete (a) Explain the concept of Electronic Governance with reference to information Technology act 2000 and state the main provision of the IT Act which facilitate e-governance. q (b) — @ ‘Confidentially, Integrity, Authentication and non-repudiation are the four function, of digital signature’. Explain the statement. (i) Explain the following terms as per IT Act 2000: Computer Network, Key Pair, Subscriber and originator. (4+4) OR (a) Discuss the main objectives of Information Technology Act 2000 and state the cases to which IT Act does not apply. ” (>) @ Distinguish between Digital Signature and Electronic signature. (i) Explain the following terms as per IT Act 2000 : Computer resources, Secure system, Cyber terrorism, Private key and Public ke (444) 539 7 () er ahaa ata 2000 F wel Yeager eM at ere A ae aire ote f= aertee A gr ae S fe IT ar oA apeT areeeNsH aT Te aire 1 (@) (i) teeta, ocise, wantin sit gaEK a HET, a Rica vee FS aK at 2 ae St ener shies (i) IT sfaRar & sqae Refateer ve A aren wife: erat Acaal, at Ia, soit se Tera wera (a) qeru shette stam 2000 & ape Ste aA ART wife ate Ga PAY sede sie fer ee IT after ary eT ata (@) (i) Rite ween sk eaagie semen F sae wary 1 (ii) IT afar 2000 & aan Reafatea val st rer sAfare : PRT GaN, Bean a, SE ART, wade BY atte aera a Write notes on the following (any two) : (a) Legal rules regarding valid offer (b) Agreements in restraint of trade (©) Agency by ratification (447%) OR Distinguish between the following : (a) ‘Void agreement’ and ‘Voidable agreement’ (b) ‘Contract of Indemnity’ and ‘Contract of gurantee” PTO. 539 8 Peafafers # & fers at we feo fafa: (a) de wearer 8 Haft Fires Frat (@) aman at Ries HA aa TE (a) afte arr wa Reafatra sive warey : (&) eR’ ak are wee () aay ater ste mea afer (1600)