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Data Journalism Workshop

A data journalism workshop was organised by the Indian Institute of Mass

Communication, Delhi for the students of English Journalism on September 6,
2019. Data Journalism refers to the crunching of data and numbers in
journalism to give better context and insight about a news story.

The workshop was conducted by Shadab Nazmi, Data Journalist at BBC. He

covers complete South Asia and is operating from Delhi. He shared many
beguiling facts and anecdotes from his career. He stated that data is everywhere,
the way one interprets matter.

Shadab further added, it is imperative to verify the data, and a journalist should
be extremely careful while using any data or figure as one number can
diametrically change the meaning of the news. Unlike other forms of
journalism, there is no scope of mistake, as wrong statistics can create havoc
among the people.

He shared how data makes the story more engaging, and data journalism is
much more than graphs and pie charts. Apart from giving the theoretical
knowledge, he imparted the tricks to find precise data or report in a specific
format to save time and effort.