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It is identify their self-confidence, creating their boost, morale and encourage

A. Planning classroom
B. Organizing the classroom
C. Creating interest
D. Achieving quality
Answer: C
2. It is identify the behavior, emotion, social or other challenges that may limit their
learning abilities
A. Achieving quality
B. Developing interest
C. Planning classroom
D. Creating interest
Answer: A
3. It is identify their talent and skills that nurturing to be develop.
A. Organizing the classroom
B. Developing talents
C. Planning classroom
D. None of the above
4. The teacher can easily plan their day to day classroom activities.
A. Supportive
B. Regular teaching method
C. Planning classroom
D. Organizing the classroom
Answer: C
5. The best way for a teacher to organize the classroom that first to identify the
characteristic of each learners.
A. Teaching strategy method
B. Regular teaching method
C. Organing the classroom
D. Classroom organize
Answer: C
6. It is a paramount that the teachers identify and _____ needs when teaching.
A. Considerate for each learners
B. Meet individual learners
C. Motivated learners
D. Supportive learners
Answer: B
7. It is empowered and ____ because optimum conditions are created.
A. Motivate
B. Support
C. Developed
D. Organize
Answer: C
8. Regular teaching into an ______ that is supportive and considerate for each learners.
A. Affective education
B. Cognitive education
C. Motivated education
D. Devoted education
Answer: A
9. TIRADE is to ABUSIVE as EULOGY is to.
A. Laudatory
B. Flowery
C. Belittling
D. Necrology
Answer: A
10. FORE is to AFT as BOW is to.
A. Paddle
B. Deck
C. Stern
D. Boat
Answer: C