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the new paradigm in PMTS

2nd Student Contest – 2019


Competition Rules

1. Organizer

Astailor Shine Ltd., appear and actioning under the “DataS” brand, owner of the timeSSD®

2. Duration (updated)

Start date : July 8, 2019

Registration starts : July 8, 2019
Registration ends : August 23, 2019
Last date for work submission : August 24, 2019, 23:59 UTC
Closing of the access to the contest account : August 24, 2019, 23:59 UTC
Competition close : August 24, 2019
Publishing the competition results, until : September 28, 2019

3. Scope

The competition has the scope to introduce the aspiring new engineers to the timeSSD® as
the unique cost-effective PMTS (Predetermined Motion Time System) software tool,
dedicated for the garment industry.
Is accessible by everybody, affordable by all companies, provided as SaaS (Software as a
Service) from Microsoft Azure Cloud, with no user limits, no maintenance costs, only on “pay
per use” based pricing.
The software speaks 12 languages and has included Industry 4.0 – Social manufacturing
features allowing the users from different accounts to share their methods and operation
timeSSD® is useful in labor costing, layout definitions, price discussions, efficiency tracking
by the provided standard execution times, operator trainings for the optimized methods, cost
saving, manufacturing optimization.
This competition is to recognize the individual efforts made with timeSSD® by the engineers
of tomorrow.

The competition is dedicated ONLY for students.

DataS, trademark of Astailor Shine srl

Sediu: str. Curtea 24, nr. 3A ; Birouri: str. Cernat nr. 27, Etaj I, Targu Secuiesc, RO – 525400
Capital social : 1.010 RON ; J14/156/2013 ; CUI : RO32056590
Tel/Fax : +40 367 804 070; E-mail: ; MWNTSJ81EN0
4. Communication

4.1. The communication language of the competition is : English, only.

4.2. Websites used for communication and access

timeSSD® software access :

Info and news regarding the competition :
timeSSD® demo – how to use :
About the competition from 2018 :

4.3. Contact the organizers, competition related support requests, software use related
support requests for the participants

Please be informed about this ONLY contact. No e-mails sent to other addresses will be

5. Competition content

5.1. This competition is an individual competition. No group work is accepted.

5.2. Each participant should make the analysis of one operation selected by himself.
5.3. For the motion analysis is used the timeSSD®.
5.4. The reference of the analysis is the video of the operation.
5.5. Separate time study should be conducted with stopwatch for that operation.
5.6. The video file and the developed method will be sent to the organizers.
5.7. Rules to be followed for the submission of the Assignments
5.7.1. The participant have to select any one sewing operation. Then conduct time
study of the same operation for at least 20 cycles using stopwatch. (The cycles
should be without any abnormality /failures/ machine breakdowns etc.)
5.7.2. Now capture video. It should be captured from correct angle so that both hand
movements (from pick up to dispose off points) are visible. Video should have
minimum two complete cycles of the operation.
5.7.3. Analyse the motions with timeSSD®, select the correct motion codes (hand
movement and other motions) from the software, select the correct speed of sewing
machine, give the ‘Stitch per cm’ information in the asked field on the software
interface etc. etc.
Pay attention to each motion. If you observe any method optimization possibility
then please apply it when you develop the method in the software.
The software will automatically calculate both the TST (Time Standard, Normal time,
Basic time of the operation) and SAM (Standard Allowed Minutes) value for the
operation. You can compare the software calculated cycle time with time study.

Before going into the assignments we suggest to watch the below video for a demo
and getting familiar with the software environment of timeSSD® and understand
the software better for assignments : MWNTSJ81EN0 Page 2 of 7

5.7.4. Make a data table in MS Excel, like below

timeSSD TST Time (

Stopwatch avg.
standard time without any
Operation Sewing Operation Observed time (without
Product Transport allowance i.e. the
Code Description multiplied by rating and
normal/basic time based
no allowance added)
upon the PMTS study)


825_Op1 0.254 0.213

5.7.5. Submit your work

After completion of the Assignments you have to share your files with us for the
evaluation process. Generate the PDF file
From timeSSD® generate the PDF file of your method/work analysis. Name your files Video file
The video should be named in this way: ”(Your Unique
ID)_Video_Operation name”.
Example: 825_Video_Join Side Seam PDF file
For the operation of Video file “(Your Unique ID)_Video_ Operation name”
the PDF file must be named as “(Your Unique ID)_Method_Operation
Example: 825_Method_ Join Side Seam. Excel table
Name the Excel table with a name : “(Your Unique ID)_Data_Operation
Example: 825_Data_ Join Side Seam” Save all three files in one folder
Save the video file, the PDF and the Excel table in one common folder named
“(Your Unique ID)_Folder_Operation name”
Example: 825_Folder_ Join Side Seam. Share the Folder with us
Share your folder with us by a WeTransfer link to address mentioning in the subject / message
“(Your Unique ID)_Final-Submission”.

Remark : all participants have to develop the method in timeSSD®, following the
above rules. The code of the developed method should include as prefix the
participant’s unique ID provided by the organizers during the registration.
The participants are not limited with the number of methods developed but in case
of more than one method the participant should send to the organizers the
document for only one method. The evaluated method will be that for which the
organizers get the video file and other, above listed and required, documents.
5.8. The evaluation of the individual work products will be made by two group of independent
and experienced timeSSD® practitioners and apparel manufacturing consultants based
on established professional criteria which includes:
• Correctness of the analysis
• Accuracy of the defined method
• Optimization observed / applied MWNTSJ81EN0 Page 3 of 7

• Complexity of the operation analyzed
• Effort necessary for the analysis
• Method documented
• Conformity with the contest rules
• Style of communication
• Overall impression

6. Competition rewards

6.1. The top 10 placed participants will be rewarded with timeSSD® Certificates
6.2. The top three participants will be rewarded as follows:
i. First place : 500 USD or equivalent
ii. Second place : 300 USD or equivalent
iii. Third place : 200 USD or equivalent

7. timeSSD® Software use

7.1. Terms of Use
• When you register you should accept the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”
published on the timeSSD® site :
• Please be informed that with asking for registering and with the acceptance of the
TOU and PP you accept these rules too.
• We strictly respect the copyrights and apply zero tolerance. To participate in the
competition, we are asking you to provide videos for the operations analyzed.
Please pay high attention to hold the rights for that videos (e.g. ask for acceptance
from your company to make video and inform them where will be sent).
7.2. Copyright
The copyright for all work provided to us in any form and on any support is hold by us,
the competition organizer company.
7.3. Other rights
The data provided to us will not be made public with reference to your names, but we
will make statistics and we will publish general results without to mention any student,
user or company name.
The video sent to us will not be published but few of them we could use during our user
training activity.
7.4. Using the student / user name and contact data
We will not publish your names and contact data, we will not provide to others your data.
We will publish the names, faculty and location of the students placed on the first 10
places. In case of you don’t want to have published your data even in this case please
mention this request in your registration e-mail.
During the competition we will use your e-mail address for communication with you.
After the competition we could send to your e-mail address news related the timeSSD®
software and other info what we consider that could be relevant for your professional
activity. You have the right, after the competition, to require with a simple e-mail no more
communications from our side, we will respect your decision.
7.5. User support MWNTSJ81EN0 Page 4 of 7

timeSSD® has a user guide published, accessible from the software. The user guide
has a delay related to the running version but covers all the features what you need
during this competition.
Please consult the user guide before asking for support.
The only communication what we use, follow and accept during the competition is on
the e-mail address.
In case of support request, we ask you to be patient, we will answer all requests.
For the common questions we may use the “Status” menu point inside the system.

Important : the support team provides only timeSSD® software support. Nobody from
the Organizer’s whole team has the right to provide method development support for
any participant.
During the competition no answer or guidance in case of professional domain related
questions / requests.

8. Software version of the competition

The competition uses the public, commercial version of timeSSD®.

The competition runs under the “2nd Contest, 2019 “ account (Business) name.
All students / users use the same database, all your method development data will be stored
in a common database.
You can but as part of the rules of this contest you have no rights to copy or use a method
or workflow developed by another user.
For easy differentiation we will provide you a 3 digit unique ID at the moment of the
registration. You must use that ID during all of your work.
After the close of the competition you will have no possibility to access your data stored
during the contest.

9. Registration
9.1. You can register in the competition’s dedicated account, “2nd Contest, 2019“ , only by
an invitation get from the account administrator, invitation generated by the system.
9.2. Intention for registering in the competition
Your intention for participating should be sent to address in
the following structure :
a. Subject : Registration_Name, Institute
b. Body* of the e-mail (in table format):

E-mail Given & Institute City Country Course Semester Session

address Name

*Excel table available in the same folder with this PDF

Remark : Session = Course Starting Year-Course Ending Year

Mandatory :
i. All formats and fields
ii. Copy the body structure and provide your data in the corresponding cell
iii. E-mail address : only your institute provided e-mail address is accepted (no
personal e-mail address accepted) MWNTSJ81EN0 Page 5 of 7

Example :
Subject line :
Registration_Harry-Kane, ABC Technical University
E-mail body :

E-mail Given & Institute City Country Course Semester Session

address Name
ABC July –
Harry Technical New Apparel December Kane University Delhi India Manufacturing 2019 2015-2020

9.3. Answer to your intention e-mail

After we are registering you in our database you will get in the answer e-mail from a 3 digit number as your ID during the competition.
A parallel e-mail will be sent from the system side, from the e-mail
address, which includes the invitation link into the 2nd Contest, 2019 Business
(timeSSD® account).
Using the included link, you will register in the system with your e-mail address (this is
your user name) and you will chose your access password.

Example of the ID number : 825

9.4. Use of your unique ID number
The 3 digits ID use is mandatory as a prefix (followed by underline “_”) in case of all of
your data generated in the system.
Because all students work in the same database we can identify (in the easiest way) the
methods developed by you by having your ID as prefix.

Example of operation code : 825_TSC001

Mandatory :
- use your unique ID as prefix in case of the all records generated by you. Usually the
codes identify the record and the ID is expected to be at the beginning of the code
- user your unique ID in all communications with us
Forbidden : to use other ID than what was assigned to you.
E-mails and records / codes in the system without unique ID will be ignored and deleted.

10. General

The organizer reserves the rights to :

• Accept or Reject any participation intention
• Block the access rights or even Delete the user(s) if more than one participant is
suspected work in group
• Block any user in case of observance of abusive use of the system
• Not take into consideration methods and operation lists without unique ID in their
• Delete without reading all e-mails, excepting the first “intention for registering”, which
not include the participant’s unique ID
• Ignore all communication which isn’t sent to the allocated e-mail address MWNTSJ81EN0 Page 6 of 7

• To require a Skype video conference with a participant if it considers necessary for
clarifications, in case of top 10 eligible participants
• To decide the professional criteria based on which the final evaluations will be made
• To decide, based on the established criteria, the order of the top 10 participants
• To decide which participants will be invited to attend the free webinars which will start
in the autumn this year
on sole discretion with no obligations for explanations. MWNTSJ81EN0 Page 7 of 7