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Pontificia universidad Javeriana

Laura Ximena Lamprea Barragán

Inglés Virtual 4

● My profession and English

I think the connection is very important between my profession, Bacteriology and the
English language is very important because all the research readings are in English.

Also, I really like the investigation part of the profession. This is a topic that I
consider my favorite because it is my passion and I enjoy it alot as well as the other
information I find in English while investigating topics. Investigation is my passion
and I enjoy it very much. Therefore, English plays an important role for my
profession. In addition, most of the reagents that I use in the laboratory are for
research processes in the Micrology lab.

In my profession i think that the English language is essential.

The English language is very important for many careers, this I will not doubt
because of its daily use in the world today. However we must keep in mind that we
must not predispose ourselves if we still do not know the language very well,
becuase if we can learn and manage it, we should be able to work professionally
regardless of language abilities.