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LCD INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD SL-LEO65MD SERIES — User Manual — TERIMA KASIH Content charter: Nobca a ‘Charter2: Pons and Buttons, 4 Ccharterd: Rema Control 6 Charters: Communication Protocols Basie Operation, 7 charters: Product Install ton and Testing. 7 Charter 6: Menu Functions 10 CChartr?: Put-up Menu, “ ‘Charter: Andros Interac. “ (Charter: Bultn OPS rExtomal Computer Interactive Function. 17 CCharter10: Troubleshooting, 8 Charter1: Notice snore wg may mae te ory oe fad eae ane Compa atu aspen by cre nsec an pang er an a Sey arene Printh pve cre beg tod rar ernie mca haa con rc de tt ate ene 'cvrttn an hs aapaton 7 gon aly Tras rot rata pot wt cy est ro ens ar lc i ret onl rund rtm iis deat, party Seno amo pe ome sows eon hema bl pg hie deve tome power oe and ak uted ectiin unrhe “nop crt amas seon, “fattonng cs eens rage -naplscemnt pare \inenetacoet sos eae mak eal te cert a sete by hang rey che hte cag a a gi nil har A cp ‘ese 6 we om andere cers anna vai te Snesouen nage qty my Dc pn an vad a a ‘topeare cone or toen ete aration eae eae Charter?: Ports and Buttons Charter3: Remote Control a ec (Qesorss a} z Chartera: Communication Protocols Basic Operation 2) The mage and au tng tars wan he evento CCharterS: Product Installation and Testing 5.1 Connect Device with external PC 4. Mii Cogan Rein of Eta PC $y omega io AO 0 ia rd eames type LSD ese he USS prompt o a AType B Type "0 ° U 1) comet oes ptt 5.2 Connect Device to builtin OPS Charter 6: Menu Functions Charter7: Pull-up Menu ‘agi ih:A dvs ire ‘paar kon on Charter8: Android Interface Charter9: Builtin OPS /External Computer Interactive Pu Bn 08, ih a cota epron of wi ein eh Seiya ona ea cpa Charterl0: Troubleshooting Not Bole set pr rica eh fone ms canton fe