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Teacher Vrs. CHARLINE A, RADISTAO) GradeLevel [7 GRADESEVEN Leaming Area | Seience DAILY LESSON LO Teaching Datesand | Aagust 7631, 2018 Quarter ‘Sevond, Time 1:00.2:00 PM) 2:00.30 PM ‘Monday | Tuesday | — Wednesday | Thursday | Friday T OBJECTIVES ‘Dsjacves must borat avr he wook and connadads Fe curcvum slardaris.Tomool fe cbeciven recessansroosaues rust fotoned andi noode. axaora losers, exercises and reoda acivites thay be dono far devopng ca tat knowetge [Sha competanaos, Tee ae saaaebed using format aessatra sstagos,ValungGejeebve supeerttnslssring of Ste one conpelencios and enacie chien efed sanicace and joy rloracing be son. Weck chjocivessallbo ceived om the cuneulanguses ‘a Content Standards | he terres The Lares The Laas Re atmeonee cencnstate 20 ‘emorarate an denoncrate a0 Disopealecerzaicn Ungastorangor: | uncertananger: | undarsandng of {teepers ec funcions | the pats ond factions | the prs ard factions ofthe corpo ote compeure of the compound by Parformance "Theos Seu be | the earears Shoadbe | The eames Fou bs | Tha eines SHOOTS ‘Standards atte: sale: abe: bie ‘erly approprice | Empey sppropeate | employ apaoprata_—_| erloy appropriate feriquesusrothe | technquesusinathe | tecnguesuseg the | teins usr Be ‘compound mcrescase | compoure mcoscose | compound mrescope | compound macecope {aster dota above | tooather data about | to ater cma abeut |_| to oathe cata about very smal ong smal obec ‘smal eb ‘ra coer ‘= Learning Tderty ovis ofthe [focus specimens using | fees spacers ung ceseba the ferent ‘Competencies! raecacepe he te lente ot Opestves Fairer; | emoard nice | onpeuninicosepe; | side ercarsin sms snre2 sara ‘ebeepher; S7urnie3 CONTENT ‘CLO WhaTTOSSGOW STADSH WFORSTSTO a SOS MEH Wwacho’ as UGE A OCG, es SOA CANES [ached ina neck to. ‘Microscopy: Parts and ] Proper Handling and Tee oT Sa Functions UseorThe Oraanzaten Microscope LEARNING (is fimalo‘ls too used in ferent cava. Varied sources of malls asi carer's rivet he lesson andinha earina. RESOURCES —_| Ensuetittnre tere of conceia ara manpusive manta av was paper based matory Hande-on eng proces ence sevlopront "References ren Tage Ve TRee CPE BO [Education 2009). | Alonso, LC Alfonso L. 6. “The Pyramid of Lite Science and (as: (1975 {Leveis of Biological Tecate | The ‘Themicroscope: | Organisation) Part I Manila | Part1.Menila’ | Biology Deryatifed: eatoagery | Amar ‘Aemar: ASalt Teaching Instructional Pooents Putting | Phoenbe Publishing | Guide. Retrieved Materials House House January 16, Developmen: 2012 40m Corporation. Anap fw edheat T. Teacher's Guide | osule Ppa TFT | Module Ppp Ti) | MomileDpmT Moxule Ppp 17 ages 2, LeamereMalerale —|NoSie IPS O16 | MakieD ROIs —| MaRS pR OT [Mowe pe TS 3 Textbook 4 Additonal Mater fromLearning Resource (LR) portal B- Other Learning Resources T._ PROCEDURES. “A. Reviewing provious — | Ackths las what | Ackthsclaxe whatare | Recap onthe Russ to] Resale smalist lesson or presenting | insrunent hey we | thelighystem and | observe when ‘entiabeunit where the new lesson inken they need io se | mechanical system of | handing or using the | we ean detect minutecbjetsmore | Gremicroscone. What | microscope caistnce of ie clay How as these | would happen fone instrument sirart) | partis damage? fons anther? iB Establishing @ ‘Why the microscope | How imporantistbe | Applisafon one | Lie fofowsa purpose forthe FRenosiered «| Inicrscape inthe | concepts eamed in lesson power tol? field oFbnkegy? | Microscopy Flow init siniicamt imourlives . Prosenting Common yperot ‘Sow pitas instances | microscope epiring the eves of of the new lesson ‘nganization in an ‘Diseussion of new art and Functions of | Things cbvenve Ta Preparing ghes eer Taek oT ROPE concepts and Compound ight | Handling ai Using | and Organization (Calls, practicing new skills | miescope the icroscone Focusing the eter“ | Tasies Orga Orpen a System, Oras) ‘Discussion of naw concepts and practicing new skills, Pn Developing mastery | Draw Labelané | Makes poster “Answering ofthe | Answarig of the (Leads to Formative | deny the partsand | showcasing proper | Activiy: How te Use | Activity | What Assesement 3) functions of a| microszope sage | the Mieroscope Makes up a5 compound ligt Oxganiom Microscope Finding Practical [Recent ‘The beset of Being | Any damage ictod concepts and skills in daily living Diotschologies wich lows usta live 2 more comfortable Hie ble to observe tines fe sao with he mide eye cells affects tn taeue level Making gonoralizations and abstractions about the lesson Evaluating learning. Sammie Tex | Summative Tow Fomaiive Tes Summative Te j~ Adaltional Activitios for application of remediation REMARKS, REFLECTION ‘ppedena can ook het loca cuestons TIT ANG HESGRE YEU a 7 WahaT_THRE ROG YIT HRT ORS TS WS WHAT TERT UTE a ctusrts oar? Idartty wha: lp You! nstvesona super/sars ean prove foro. s0 When You moet ham, No ates who samed (Pa nthe evaluation ‘No. oF earners who requite adil aetivities for remediation ‘abo scored below 80% Did remedit Fessons oa? No, of amare ‘nb have eaughe up with the lesson Xo. of kermer who continue to require mediation ‘Whici of my eating stratazios wore well? ‘Why aid these work? ‘Whar tfcutes cig T censouster which my Deepal or cupervicce an lp me save? ‘What inmovation or localiza material id be discover whieh I wih to sare wich her teacher’? GRADESEVEN DAILY LESSON LOG Grade Level [7 Teacher Mix CHARTINEA, RADISTAO, Leaming Area_[ Seine Teaching Dates and Time September +5, 2078 ‘uarier Second 1:00-2:00 PAL! 2:00-3:00 PM. Monday, [_—Tuseday_——| —‘wednesday_—[_—Thareday [ny 1 OBUECTIVES fumesum gue ‘Eien st Dare over week ard correc ToT cca sandals TOT trustbe lowes nde needed, eedtena [ndcompetencies. Those are astessed usha formate assessment srareges, Vang oeezie fomperences and wnste chien tv tndsipieanosana,cy erocng toteson. We cee eroce a al chs nay be dere fr deer cata edgy aang ct caer ae iy oes salt carves Hom ‘Content Standards he cers evs Te dffvret eves of [Bee dieent evel of | the dfeence betneen Sacra [sialoms [logSouiiie [emebe tas : Porarmanes og em Stands mee alee meee eer Se amxavete | ety epaootce —[Eeioazmopine | ease amegie eres, [eeyeues, fama, |e, Sete eee |e emer. | Se ae Spout [Spawn [Syataaser | Sears eee cee woes [pee ace = Teng 22a oe ee Ros Competences) | reer ce cee a se Sectomenten |e omannon | cpt omiaton | ttcorigto ‘Objecti fromcell from cell from cal ce Sites | Sttes Sieh uke Sess it CONTENT Fs RSH aT TDS sR aT TOBE WITH CG Ps GTS eee aes ects — taal Soa) Ril an PTC Sees Spear Sune Lear SOY osama ae ts Vass la aaa SISOS RAT Ut aT TING | Eessuniewtnno! vies nsNanyaiueouts seuels an Sat nabi ranoenean renee coe 1 Raternces | Sie" — aaa rncanl — Ae TAC —] es eenpeny, [immune [ormmurets —|anasn eopaby SSRN, [SEES SEEMS, | Ha999 Exe Punishing Punishing Publishing ee ‘manual New seseyiPreiee Tae 7. Teachers Guide Made Dpps oT | Maule spp 07] Moda pp? | Modale Typ. FS pages 2 Learner's Material | Module pp. 1-9 | Module S page | Module 1pp&7 Module J pp. -® [3 Textbook pages “4 Additional Materials from Leaming Resource (LR) portal ~, Other Learning Racoureas WW. PROCEDURES “Taese Sap SHOR Eee TS The Wak. Spent wo Spay Ta Ses ae wal Avaya be GUE bydamonszaton ct earangby th student nhien you can Pfr fom oats assessment ahve Sustan aarnng eyesonatcaly Br prveing stents at mutple ways lean non tangs precic that leaming, question fh laarang press, and dra poses iy hrs ten a esprnees npminisnonnge, elt sar @ Raviewing previous — | Recillatcollisihe [Txieclasaameiie | Show purer? | ReealVorganians ma lessonor presenting | bic wnt oflifeand | different nzan stem | different examples of ibe plaice animals the newlesson ‘nn ells ace Ahatcomposesthe | population ‘scamposed of cells Ervupedtogetherand | human crznismn porforms the same finction iis then calleeuesues b Establishing Tisimparancte | Anorgaatam ‘Noorgaaian ives | Tetstedaatstnow tat purpose forthe Know thatcurcrgans | composed offer | independently. Several there are things hat lesson arecompored of cells | organ systems. Any | diferent populations | plants ae capable of pevforming one damaged tothe ower | mak= up a communty. | doing while animals finction lovoloforganization | Andie communtios | eannot. This atfetsthetetalityof | mtersctionwzbietic | bocmuse of carain ‘he organism ewrsmakes pan | hiologieal structures ecogstem inthe rexpectve calle ‘ Presenting Tressiiaionoltie [Show pisuresofan | Name the deen | Flasha pita of examples/instances | !iuman Toro mode! | organism and group of | populations that | Plants and Animals fof the naw losson frsanisms ofsame | makes up your and le the sudonts ind living inthe | commmankyandshe | st aferences in same place abiotic factrs you | thet Function and need inorder to exptbilities d. Discussion of naw | Taclof Organization |Tavalsat Tevehot Planes Anima concepts and COrgansand Organ | Orgmization Drganization Cells practicing newsklls | Sysiem) (Organism and {Community " Populaon) Ecosystem, ane Biosphere) @. Discussion of new concepts and practicing new skills a T Developing mastery | NanetheOwansthat | Sidi Slowapisuieotan | Pafona Aeivip T (Leads to Formative | composes he ‘cumples of compat and lerthe | Comparing lant nd ‘Aseosement 3) Digestive Population in your | sudortsnamothe | Animal cll Respiatonyand | icnity Aisferens communities (Circulatory Systems nl aioe fctors that G. Finding Practical | Twakegoat arco! | Wow ganiemeina | A changeiwone —— Aniwals dire or applications of cour organs, ve need | population share | population may couse | indireely depend on concepts and skills in | take sood care of our | resources, fhangesin tier | plans for fod, de daily living calls Dopulations. Living J the chloroplast th Draanisms need the | prasoo in pla cals Abate factors inorder | ich is responsible lo suivive br phososytiess fh Making generalizationsand abstractions about the loseon [Evaluating earning | SummaiiveTe [Summative Te | Fonmative Test | Summative Tes Additional Activities ‘or application of remediation V___ REMARKS Vit REFLECTION] RaSston tha Scag S95 SESESE YOGI 5 RSIS CHOOT BGO EGGS HE WERE, WHT NOTE VESTS NSC {obedone © ha te siudens ean? Inky wate you nsiuctonlsuzersos ca grid fo yous0 when you net Fe Nooflemes wie ema Wate caaton No.of lerars nko require adaonal acti for remediation ‘who sear below 80% ‘Did roma sson ‘work? No, of earners tao have cough up with the lesson ‘No.of learner who cane eit ‘Which of my washing strategies work wel Why i these wock? What diiculies oT encounter whisk my principal oF supersor an lp me solve? ‘Wet inaovaion or localized materials dL uno discover who wis tostare with omer teacher? GRADESEVEN Grade Level [7 Teacher Wi CHAREINE A RADISEAD- ‘Learning Area | Scns DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Bates and | Aust 22-24, 2018 ‘Quarter ‘Second Time 1100.2:00 PM 3:00-3:00 PAL ‘Wand: ‘Wed Thi Friday | ROBJECTIVES | Cbjtnes musi be ner ovr conneclad he cucu standards. Towest tha cbaclves, necessary arooaues ‘istba towed and‘ rwedac dona lessons, eserchen a vracal actives ray bw dona for devatping cvtant knonatoe {nd compatenses,Thecearasaoso0d using rata astasamant categiee Vang esha agar hs rang ot cartons he Competencies and ereble cle sh sifeance end joy intrasing he lesson Week secives salle clas tan re fsresum gues. & Content Standards [te difewrce banem | We eras bacon [te cHfecrascinecn [ agarians tat can ony aamatangparecete | anmatondpanecels | anelandplarecets | bosaon euch re Imzoscoe, mer oF i enact ony ecel i, Porformance Thslawnea aude | Tha eames Sud be | The Lesa Scud be | tre ores Sores Standards abet abe: he toe she {empl aprcprate | amply approprate | ampey arrcpite | smpey appropriate Techniguestsingthe | technques usrgthe | ecigves sig the | techriques ung he ‘onpound mcrescpe | compoune mizescope | compound mizoscope | compound moose togaterdagabout | togeber daacteut | togttre data about | togather dea about sryanal abet smalobecs | veysnstebecs | vey smal ojece ©. Learning ‘frets plank and—| deen lantand Pray why the colle | een etc ad Competencies/Objecti| anil anal fonacared arnt oer algaccorangto | eae ececingto thebasestturaland_| microorganisms; presercser presence or functonduneofat | S2LT-11F6 Reems otcaran | Sdsemeatcanan | oxganns, ‘ganas ranats SAT-Hes 3B. CONTENT ‘Convers whale essonis al abou KpeTainsTo We sbjec war Hal Wear ars each te CB. carertcan bo Pent os Taal Co Faia and Ps Cals] Fane, PS, are sacar LEARNIN ToT RYaISTODe iad cn cays, Varad son7oes TARTS choses We saan an He ATC RESOURCES | Es ia'bemis na conce mnapusine ruta nel aspceonsec vas Maeoniarng ren a. References Poke Pranic Prete Tara Sawer, 8 Hel(taos)Exporegite | Heil t005)e>perrgite | HaltU0s)exptnngite | Reyes (1000, Scencelaborauy | Scenceletoraoy | seencelaburaoy | Scie cn Sa Lfe2. Biology WWorkbvot. Maka Banlenioda Stems, 7. Teacher's Guide Vaile pp $6 | Mosule pp. 1-6 | Mole pp? Module pp 1-13 ages Learner's Materials | Module? pp S8 | Module Zap. -8 | Module Top #7 dale pp pages. TTextbook pages. “4. Raditional Materials trom Learning Resouree (LR) portal ’, Other Learning Resources, WW. PROCEDURES “Thace saps shouldbe dave actos he wank Spread oulth actvles acpcpi'ay o that cuderiswilleamwall Anays becused bycerane4ator clearargby io ctusert win You can Prt Tere assecemert aches. Sustan eam stomatal Byprovsngctaento with mula aya lee non trot precio tha lating, eosin tor lear oeash, ard san fonsuskns about wal Sey earned rebten "oth Ireesperorces ad provoushnowiedge ice te in ote fr aac) sep. Reviewing previous | Recilloncelldi —[ Recalloncellahr | Risapon paw Tes) Rewember the Organ lessonorpresenting | onrorclesuniqueto | orearelies unigicw | on level of Biological | sysem:of plans the newlesson planteclls snimal cals Organization By Establishing a ar purpose forthe Adkstadentsifatl | Ask students How essetialare | organ feston plantcellscontain | animalsareabieto | celle fe? ‘arteritis very Chloroplast? make their ova food. Smart plans snd animals . Presenting “Rak Siens they | Flasrapictore ofan examplesiinstances | Ictiheswdents | Letstalensprepare | have any idea how the | eile mushroom and Ofthenewlesson | prepurconionscale J checkcells specimen J organelles werk | human with gal formicroscopy suey | for microscopy together forthe cllte | infections. Lethe function students site the Aiferenoes and similares between the two pictures _ Discussion ofmew | Planicespartsand | Ana Cells Pans Poeay we dierent] Fung: Chariciiisis, concepts and practicing | junctions ad Funetins fincionsorcertain | Benefitsand Harm a coll ucts Discussion of new concepts and practicing new skills, 2 Developing mastery (Leads to Formative ‘Assessment 3) Perionn Asti 2 Investigating pnt, calle Wakes Venn Diagram oa the Pts cof Part and Animel well Trestea comic sip having the cellar ‘xysnees as the characters. The theme ‘nould be cbout thir fneion ‘Grong Brad Mold Spores Accviey Minilab 201. $30, Biology Dynamics of Lie Finding Practieal applications of concepts and skills in daily living ‘Noeall pant cals caine chlorophs, take foc example oot coll. The majorite ‘tf produto ia pts are the eaves, so tis expected that chloroplast is prevalent in leaf cols Cals have various stretures aa perfor Aiferearfantions Tells ineracr with enc ther to produce wll coordinated call Fungiare both ised ‘ad foe, Some sich as ‘mushrooms provide foo. Other Funst reduce aniboties, Yer fim also damage ops uiktings ac ‘animale Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson “Knswaring of Activiey Sheet ‘Summative Test Comic Hp making Answering of Astvty Sheet ‘Additional Aetivities ‘fer application of jomadiation Vv. REMARKS: Vi REFLECTION Ratan Fang ar Seas I we a ach THA AO oUF STR OHS Th meek Wa nr? What a {De done ta hep the stuseres lew? Werly whet Hap yu instctoalsupurnucrs ean eed you's when you mba oof eames who earned 0% inthe evaluation 9. af lerners who requieadsitional setts for remediation who sored below 80% Did ramet sone ‘work? No.of earners Wve have caught up with the lessor No.of sina who contiaue to rire remediation ‘Whick of my aching strnegies wore well? Why aid these work? ‘Waar dificutes die encounter which my Principal or supervisor fan belp me sole? ‘Whar innovation or localized matenls did! usesiscaver which Fish to share with ther teacher? ‘GRADESEVEN ‘Grade Level [7 Teacher Wis: CHARTINE-A-RADISTAO, Leaming area | Science DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Dates and | Seatembe 10-14. 2018 ‘Quarter Secon Time 1: 00:2,00 PM, 2:09-5:00 PML Wonday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | ___ Friday K-OBJECTIVES Djs Ta a TRECHAFT weak SONATA TOT rec candaTOs TO Tea Pr ope, nACATEA NOC ‘nuatbofelowed oni needed, ceitorellessoo, xercnes andromeda acviioa maybe cone fx Seveloning orton woe tnd competencies, These as essessed ing frmatve asseasnenstaeyes,VatingCbacive suppor he lesring ct coven ahs Gonpelences andenaite chien ifrd sifearer nd mlracing tte lesson. Week ctjecivesshale delved fom te fare gues, . Content Standards | ewarisme rat can oA | oganins tata only | aganans Water omy | epeducton tang bar beseentiroognthe | beseentheugh te | be seen tough the | asexual o sexist muzosropa many ot | mteseepe, many ot | muxosrops many oF ihe consist of enly | whichcanst of ay | when cont oF oly one ol nbc ne cl ®. Porformance ‘he vasna sioud be [Ts Learner Hou ba | The Lashes shoud be | Tha eather sou be Standards able abe te able to: she eo.) eceromrate employ eppoptate | ercy aneropste | poy appropiate temuercongtne [technic cngtte | tachngues ung the | teeta aig the cerpound micescore | comecund meroscope | compaund micescope | compound micoscone TDgather daa sont | ooaher cata bout | togather data about | fo gather eka about males ralayects | erysmalebyce | very sal obec © Learing Vent beefcial and Piety beneca and | Wey eneftial and paferertate asexual Competencies/Objecti | rom! hen erm fremsonl a rioargaisns ‘ctoreprisme; ‘eoorerisms repreductn in tore STUT-tIF6 Sane S7UrTIF6 o imate ‘Staats of fring opens: SAT Te? CONTENT ‘own Ts wha he oss eal about peas oe jel wae ale acer ans to Teach Fe CB, We avin can Be Fang: Poti, and [ Fung, Poeas and] Fura) ros and | Frou reprocucton facia Baceia cea Secu reproduction C. LEARNING Le of malSInTo be used in aeraal days: Vales sourcos of Matera TInaIA Quare’s testi asso} and Fhe wg RESOURCES —_| Emitters aril cncenand mange etranes wales pperdons meer Herceen caring poe ‘a References Gaia L Gaver © A [Cae Gunes EE | Cana L Gaber £8 | Campo NAA eyes (1680 eyes 1990) eves 1 Feces, 8. (2000) Jecnnobyy fora bert ied Biclogy Becie eca Systema ave ese Systm Techmobyy fora Berar Bacio cca Systema a aay Sen Frangsce PeersonfBeramin urmings [- Teacher's Guide pages ‘Mele Vp. I-13 Mosle Spp- 1-13 ‘Modle Srp. -13 Weadule Typ. T= Learner's Materials pages Modules pp 1 Moule spp 7 Todales pp Module tp. 7 Textbook pages: ‘Additional Materiats from Learning Resource (LR) portal Other Le PROCEDURES “These saps sou fe fe across the wk. Spa by proving tots en ‘clients about hath ing the tude ae yo a eae aro so al widens wear wel. nays be one cantar tea xrhavesaserarar ctNAiae Guan lasing sytanakeaty muplewaystalearn new tangs pracsea thar laring queston ta ler prosaas and ran 127 larredinoton to thar le sxporencee and presiaialnohledga Indah Ue altod fr oh lesson or presenting the new lesson ‘Rernemiber a ane ate unielllaror ‘multicellular cukaryotic organism. ‘Theres some beneficial fungi and fing that ease harm, Proroznans or anima like protist semble animals inthe way they get food Teva prokaryotes are ‘unicellular organisms thatdon'thavea fucleys ormembrane bound organclls. “They recalled bacteria Das otis racers of an orgacism is tat itis capable of reproducing, Establishing a purpose for the lesson Besides frm fang waters other Ing fongenisms ase rom plans and animals? Therware Prost ‘sich can make their ‘own food ‘Ask staenis hey fheve ony idea on any gond bacieia”| Ask sinents onTow Dpropegeto a tomato Dilan you want reserve is desirable sharmcteriies? Presenting examples/instances of the new lesson ‘aimal ike peste ae like prot, no ‘me too, stems, and leaves Toast on parame ofbacceria in Nitrogen fixation, esylingo? futent, fod and Ask stadents they have sen Katakataka leat Tatene Diseases caused by octane TH anc i Discussion of new concepts and Prose (Protozoans)_ | Provists (Algae) Bacteria Asexual Reproduction practicing new skills (Weseutive * Propagation and Spore Foruation) Discussion of new ‘concepts and practicing new skills a i Developing mastery WE Cantor Parton Aci 1 (Leadsto Formato | Film Showing hencfits and harm | Film Showing Can you grow Plants ‘Assessment 3) caused by species of al fiom Eyes? Finding Practical applications of concepts and skills in ally ving Sone Prosi ase diseases suchas malar and sleeping Sickness, thot result in Red tds whi carer posoning of bins fishes cod mansmle ate enised by algae Taste ou iseases, Other boston fix nitrogen, seoyslentrients and Daetorneease ‘demand for food due 19 inereesing population. Farmers ean propagate nillions of human fhelp make food | plants faster through deaths prods nd ecial reproduction medicines 1 Waking {generalizations and abstractions about the lesson Evaluating Teaming | Sunmaiive Tax | KWL Chat Summative Test | Parvin of Aci ‘Additional Activities for application of remediation REMARKS REFLECTION Yiuicon sek tht ear queto Ging and assess yoursalfasoeachar Tak about your ladon! progress this wank, Wha waa? What ese needs i sorts ea? ently what hap your nse ucsonal supervisors can prow 3 yous Wher yOu re Noofleanes who camel Osa he alan No.of eaters who ree addtional ctivtesfrromediation ‘who scored below 80% Did remedial fessor ‘work? No, of leamers ‘who ave caught up wide ths lesson No.of kesiner who continue vo ceuire femedistion ‘Which of my teaching srategies work wel” Why cid these ook? ‘What difcalies cid counter which any Pricipal or supervisor fen help me salve? ‘What iinovation or localized materials di tee/discover whi Tish toshare with other teachers? GRADE SEVEN Grade Level Teacher NIRS. CHARTINE A RADISTAO, Leaming Area_| Sciencs DAILY LESSON LOG. Teaching Dates end |Septcmsser 17-20, 2018 Quarter eo0nd | Time 1:0.2:00 PM 2:00-3:00 PM Monday | Tuesday | — Wednesday | Thursday [Friday % —OBsECTIVES TE RSIvae me Fa aT HOT e Wen ans TRAN Fe BUEN SATS TO TREY TS NTE SORTA NOES AATOT tuatbefoloned and fneecee,aastonalleosore exeries an emacial aves ey ba Gon for ceveloping cata’ knowlege nccompetences, These ae asaess04 sng mare sececemontsiaeses,V/alung Obecivesupoa: the learn ct coven ad Compeieneies and erablachicren find styvfeanesardcy interac ts ssc Weekly cpio shale der Kom th Sain gus @. Content Standards | reiccucton cong batt |raroducion bang bah [oars hat can only] rapeducon bala bah {seul or seus ‘soul creel beseer trough the | stud or sexed mcescope, any of which cant of ony nec i. Performance Ths Lear thousibe | Te wns ou ba | tne Leste aU he | The Leaves OU DS ‘Standards abe blew! abete! blet" npby appropiate empby apropiete | employ appcprate | empey appropriate Tecwmuceushgihe | tecanquer srg the | ciriquosusingtne | Eachus sig the conpound mceccope | campouns mescape | campoute microscope | compound miceccope ‘ogatiercotaabout | tocather data about | togather daa abeut | to gate data about ory smal ones smaonpes | vey eral ones ssnab chia ‘e, Learning “fetertateasenal —arforensateasousl | deserbe te poceasa? | cst the process OF Competencies/Object | cm seal from sexual ferteation fertastens Se reprocuctoninrams | roproguctoa ntems | S7UT-g-s vung. * e SrumberoFndiduais | Srumber of rvs ‘omlarties of ofspring_| timiartes of cipring ‘operets: to pores ‘Svr-tg-7 S7ur-ttg-7 5. CONTENT Contre what Fa atone labo: para wre tj water Pale washer ame To ash FF CG, We arian be ‘eckedine week or. sox eprocicion | aa reproduction —] Areal epraaocion | aa reproduction Seeairexeducton _|Sexsirecreazon | Sewalrepecucton_| Socal rexosucion ©. LEARNING Ustofmsorals abe used in dflerert days. Vavedsoutces of maserlsausan Cukrans tes! fhe son ard nibe learn RESOURCES Ersuraattheeis nivel cater anWehiuaWve hleralsas wel as paper-ased leas Hands-on earn promos a. References peck RA] Cargbol NA & [Campo NA] Carpbal WA & Feece1.B.(2000). | Reece 1'&.(2000), | Racce,1.8.(2009). | Reece J. (2000), Biolecyfhedtion | otoeyfamredteny | Soterr(@inedten | aloe) ithedben) ‘an Freres ‘San Franca San Fava ‘an Fanaa rsonBerjamin | PeaservBerjamin | PearsoufBenjanin | Pearsen/Bexarvn Curing Garni, ‘Curmings Casnngs. 5. Teacher Guide ‘Mocule pp Td | Module ppt] Module ppoS—] Module 4 pp 45 pages 6 Learners Waterials | Moculed pp 7] Medie pp. 7 | Maule tp. 7-10] Matule a pp 7-00 pages ‘Textbook pages |}: Aéditonal Materials ‘from Learning Resource (LR) portal Other Learning Resources. D. PROCEDURES “These saps A be Toe ARS Te Wa Sra Lyedemonsaon ta eestnd ane wnat Sep ngoy he state whieh 70 sca hee om exes 2 he TS HOPI Sa HUG WHT eamT wa Aways De gu scecamant aie. Sustan ering stench, ite waytalesm nen tvngs pracaee he earng, queson tlaang process. ane raw ey wana ration ina Hs eipererces ae pet a, Reviewing provious lesson or presenting the now lesson Tecall at vageatve propagation an spore foemation typect reproduction can Fappen without mate Resilihat wasn organism reproduce sexually ten iis an exact copy of the parent Taflowenng plas ‘Sexual teprovtion is synonymous with a “unique sructure-the Power esa that hetlower ‘stheeproducive structure in plant Some plants have the rmsleapa he ferale reproductive structures ‘none lows, b. Establishinga Give otbermeanson | Ade stadents what] Polat and Ta students analyze purpose for the bowtoreproduce | willhappenifasca | fowlizetioninsood | deiephysical lesson scully staclost orinjured ts | plantsare twodizent | appearance, lx them and separie evens entify which oftheir traits came from their thar or father ‘. Presenting ‘oxamplosiinstances of the new lesson ‘a iia sping {nto two or aes from the eutsromth of existing ones ‘Show a picture we video of regenerating 2 str allinwion Brags together gametes ot ‘afloner Each pollen Five ube that grows ‘dwn though the peti ‘and reasos the ovule inthe ovary. One othe ‘ule inthe pollen Presents picwire ofa ‘amily beanies wilhtheeae fucleusin the ovale form azysots i Discussion of naw concepts and practicing new ski a Fragments and Fission and Budding | Regenevation Pollnston and Fesilization in lowering Panis “Rnial Sema Reproduction Discussion of new concepts and practicing now skis, 2 Developing mastery | Prfoar Nain]? | Vide Clipe | Ferien Ania 3 Fis Showing om (Leas ioromatve’ | CenOnebecome — |regeneatingsea sar | Smcure ofa Secu Reproduction ‘Ascessmant Two? Gamanh Flower Finding Practical | Organs harsan | Tieiermvagenenton | Svea spmxhion [TRS PTE applications of Sepmoluceasextlly —|omally testo | needsvopucnse | diffrcneswrich Concopts anekitein | reporcelan) wet! |rogowthofmasing [ule ands termicand_|roattromseuin daly ving Mice colonize new |cedamagedbosy | twatvenspecalzed | rayosarion belpto Tstvecuces |poreimniner—(clisorsatces, | etuthe sural oP ‘single individual can | organisms, but whole ‘the species in changing, Seablshanenirs | bocyragenoation etvioneta new population occurs in starfish, and ‘conditions many ls Making generalizations and abstractions about the lesson Answering ofA | Summative Te Shosts ‘Answeting oF AGivily Shoots “Answering oF Activ Shosis “Additional Aetivities {or application of remediation REMARKS REFLECTION Refs on We aang ard assane youro¥ asa achor THA abc your Sudan! progecs Wie week What wovsT Wh Sve Fea fy wha hap you ineacional uperscors con ovis for you so nan you mast ‘oa done to nasp te students lear ean ak them relovan’quostons Ne ef amare who earned 80% in tre evalua No. of learners who rogui additional ative for remeciaton who ‘Scored baiow 60% ‘Did remecial lessons work? No. of laamers lho nave caught up with the lesson No. afleamor who Continue to require remediation Which of my tasching Straleges werk well? Wy did these work? ‘What cificultos ad 1 encounter whieh ry principal cr supervisor ‘can nojp me solve? ‘What innovation oF localized materials di Useialscovar which | wish to share with other teachere? GRADE SEVEN ‘Grade Level [7 Teacher MRS. CHARLINE A, RADISLAG. Learning Area_| Scizice DAILY LESSON LOG Teaching Datos and [Senter 1720, 2018 Quarter Second Time 1:00-2:06 PMY 2:00-5:00 PME Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | __ Friday ‘OBJECTIVES Sas Pst SS WaEMGF HG Weak nd GOOTGCTaD Pa CUPCLY STCSTSS To WT SO BCGS, POCEEERT] POSSE Inustbe folowsc andi neede3, acliona lessons, exercises and remodel actiites may ba done for develops conertncwredge lnc competanses, Theae ere aceeseed usr frmavessoeaamontsategies Vaung opectve ssgzer me lamina corona peters ard eacte cen tofed suriicance arc ey iletaciny ihe lesson. Weekly ebjachessfllba Carved fam fe ‘ye gues @. Content Standards ‘rgancns maracing —] ogarens Pinang ogaiane Tasaarg —[erganians TReaarg ith ecnotherand” | wthreachetneranc | wereach other and | wth eachother and ith terenvonmert | ih tek envicnment | water encronment | wth ar eneronment y Performance Tre LasierssFoube | The Leamars shoud be_] The uesrnas Shou bs | Tre Lasnee shoud be Standards abet: abet: abet abet Gander acotetoratve | onaictaccteeoratve | conduct acataboatne | Cenc calaoraeve Sseion te presewette | satontapresavetne | Scuento presence | scton to preserve the xopystem inte lacatty | eansytem inthe loalty | ecosystem inthe acalty | ecosystem nthe oc , Learning Cferentate Bet from | ferrite Hoc from | desrbe the cftrent[cescibe the dere ‘Competencies pote comporenot | acre component ct” | eciagea restensnips | ecloge rele ps fOnjectives anewnysen aneaysers fue nan found nan Sarhs SarnihS ecosystem; ecosystem S7ur-tth-10, S7LrtIh-10. 1. CONTENT RETEST RG TABS ¥ FSCS #9 HAT wae! TORAH BW CSOT CATR ‘Gerponens an [ 1 Components ofan [1 Conenerts ofan [7 Components Fan econystem ecosystem scosystem ecagysten 2 eesoga 2 emageal 2 eeaingeal 2 eeaiges festoray pe felionange restonshins restonshins 2 Symbiece 21 Symbione 21 Symbiote 21 Symbiote relates ‘elatnsips relationstips rektonshins Zanensmmeonie | 22Nensymaone | Z2Nonsymocee | 2-2 Hon syrnere fatness ‘elope reionshins Tstonstins Trans ofeneay | 3 Transfo ofenroy | 3 Transfer ofereray |S. Teste of meray ‘rough tophicleres | augh vegticlevels | tough romic eves | trough topic eva it LEARNING [stofmaiotas tbe used dforent days. Varedscutces ol maloals susan citar’ Wiswst h slesson and Wife warina RESOURCES | Ensroat there's icef concrete and manipulative meieras as walas papa based aera Hanson faring rometes soncspe development a. References apa NAT Roaee, (2000) Bee) (heaton) Cane AE, Reece iB (2000), Bology @thedter). CoAT WAR Roose 48,2000, Biotest edn, Cummings " Cummings, * Cummings. * Cumming: ™ 1. Teather Gulds [Modules pp TT] Meck pp Modes Fr Modes pp pages y PeSrners Moterals | NoleSpp-1 | Nock Spa Made Mae S pp pages Textbook pages "alton MaterTE from Learning Resource (LR) portal B. Other Learning Resources. TW, PROCEDURES TBs ps Saas Sr SSS oor Saad OT STEREO EIGY SOTTO BUTT ANGE BU GUC syauoretabonf nr ye car wneh ou one fo oma snetnen soitan Goan comhgevzemeay by grog ens tps way newts paceman cunsbon fa tenn roca edi Cwnston sosunanywamos raion en ts eipunecer a ave cere kets asia ees ech So. 3, Reviewing proviows | Renanbariat nat Rec iaiie Tatthesident Sake | Ask he wade wa lessonorpresenting | econyven, bath living [envionment J cnerontxtween | woul happen tere the new lesson and neling omponcdettte —|tiving and noniviny | isecarity of resource Components | huneandscrtiving_|ehinss ante intheenvitonment” imoled compateas ‘enwonment b, Exiablhinga How imporantaretie [How doing | et the tris Ten | Onan nea purposeforthe | sbinie ars inthe | rgmivnsmmewse tothe sng coerist wiheah Tesson tavitonment for our | ofabiatccomponetts |"Maghaugnay"ty | ler ad mis alah sual! imonkrtoauvne | Joey Ayal, { theenvtonmentin =, Presenting examplestinstances ofthenew lesson Discussion of new | Biaicand Aone — iitrwtartanpensto Erol Taba concepts and Components inte [organs tier | Reetonstips Retatrstips practicingnew skis | Emironnent cavirameas notable | (Sybi Gyabios a ‘eprovietiam vith | Relaionsips) | Reatrsips) theirhasie sate Discussion of new conceptsand practicing new skis, #2 Developing mastery | PerZorn Acivigy 1s | Pavan Aciviiy > Acivay Which | Role Phying of (Leads to Formative Heusemates? Eas What? Symbioit: ‘Ascossmant 3) Eoomatas lationship J Finding Practical] Liang organnams [tharos "Values Integration | Relationships a applications of cannot survive intencpendenceamong | Respensbilty and | exisein the lowe Concepts and skills in | without ie conlving | thecomponcrtsafthe | Relaushins fours of orzanism daily living components of tie | environment, snvironmens, frgunistasiotract with theirerwiraamest | Making sgonoralizations and abstractions about the lesson Evaluating learning | Nasweriahe “Raswertag ie Taverne tie Tole pling Activity Shosts ‘Activity Sheets ‘Activity Sect ‘Additional Activities {for application of remodiation Vi REMARKS: Vi. REFLECTION Reecton ie aching and assens yoursifas oes Thnik aba you SudeTi progres Ts Week. What works? What eS Nea55 ‘aia dono ts nap tne ctusorts learn? Lent what elp you rtucsonasyperscors ean rode tou so When You ee hrm, You can ook her lava cuestons ‘No of eames who eamed 80% ia the evaluation ‘No. oflearaers wis require adaitiona elites for remediation ‘who score below 80% Did remecial lessons work? No. oF lamers who feve caught up wih the lesson ‘No.of leamar who ee semediation ich of my weoching sstmagies work well” ‘Why did these work? What dicate: dT encounter which my rincipal or supervisor tan halp me solve? ‘What inovation or localized matenials dL se/discover which Twish tosbare with other seacher GRADE SEVEN Grade Lovel [7 Teacher TiRS, CHARLINE A. RADISEAO- ‘Learning Area | Ssience DAILY LESSON LOG. Teaching Dates and | Seprewher 17-20, 2018 Quarter Second Time 1:00-2:00 PM, 2:00-3:00 PM ‘Monday: [Tuesday | _ Wednesday | ‘Thursday | Friday: 1 OBJECTIVES ‘Opjcives rus: be welover ite weok aid connoded tothe cucu standacs To moat ojeines, necessary procures Tnustoe folowas ana aeecea,aserona ertansbearsees an remecia aeises may be dene ot cevelocing cert krewogge Endosrptenses, naa ae ebesced using formate assestmant ot stegien Vslurg esa eupaae ne earnng o carte ane {ampetansea ard arab chide ofnd ngnisance an orange escon. VVosky arjecivoschal be daa om he ures guide. Content Standards ocerane rtasciny — [Savane WiSsGhg | agave PEGG | agen ESET Witveach ierand”|vitheechatie end | wtheachctrer and | wv each other and ‘sunive tosunive ainive ‘psunive Performance The Laas aouie | he srnas Tal be | The Lernas Saul be] The Letras Saal be Standards, ahete blete: ale te Cercictacclabortne [ecnductacaboate | cerdictacolatoratve | conduct a colabortive Sten opieserte | sconco preseve tre | sctnto presente. | Seton preserve the scceysem in theloalty mitre eaty | exten inthe oaity_| ecosystem nthe bc ©. Learning oad mecrector [recite nectar | prea mecrec of [prc neecrect of Competencies/Objecti | orcas Ganges in roree in| ranges in| ves fre population on other [ene copustin onother | bin Fars onthe | abit fertrson the Popustoreinthe | popureremine. | eceysom. ‘nyt, cxeyser: exam: S7LPIE-12 STL 12 ‘CONTENT ‘Gowent whale wsvon Tsao Kp Toe subpel aio Fal he each airs Teach Fe CB. he caviar can Be TC Comporents an [1 Conpenens aren] 7 Conponews ofan] 1. Campane ar eccsyse exasysen eccsyse ecosystem 2 eeotgeal Peebgest 2 eeobgeal Tecoegeal restos aionshies eats ‘eats 2a syrbione i spree 22 symbione Da synbie Teitonshie ‘ltionshge ‘elton Felton Z2Wmnsymbioic —|22Nonsymbiose | 22Nv sync | 2.2 Non sy restonsnne fastonenpe Feitonnpe ratonnpe ScTiandercfeneay |S Tansfo'cf eneoy | Tors ofeneray |S. Transfer of eneay Troutophiclows |roghterhiclees | rougntopnicleves | tough wopNe vas LEARNING stot mais io be used a dare ays, Vaid sources of malaals san cilfers Wises whe lesson andTalfeTeari RESOURCES —_| tuiinatvaremct conse ans ranula rsa las fpeaste stay Pansvon ing ons a. References Caretel WA. | Combell NA & | Canetel. NAB] Caretel. NA era 1B. (ans) | Rae 3.2035) ce, 1. (208) Slog tehedton), i (eb edt) medion) en Pranaeco Sen Pranoece San Pranoece Fearonoenjamn | Peerser/Benjanin | FearsorvBerjamn | PearsonSerjmin Curvmnge Etim Etre Ennis 4, Teacher's Guide | leinle $99,911 —] Madiule 399-1113] Module Spp- 11-13 Module $ pp. 11-15 pages Z Learners Watorials [Modules pp. 710 [Modules pp. 1117 [Modules pp 1117 | Module pp. 11-17 “Textbook pages 4. Additional Materials: from Learning Resource (LR) portal B. Other Learning Resources TW. PROCEDURES | These tops chou be cone area he weak Sprase Sarthe Scbvis appropraily otha sans wil aiwall vay Ba god ‘by demonstration ofearingby ie start which yeu can Ma fom termetve ossessmertcctvlina Susiinfearne ayaimatcaly, [yorovding suderts win mule way eam new tings, race he larg, queso fearing press, and draw Shue situa tyinwnns nein sherieeipriess a pvaintnonis naan va ede a. Reviewing previous | Recallatsyuons | Aske vudeasto | Food chains always] Show food chaiw lessonor presenting | rcationhincould | comcareand eoncast | sats with plantsor | wx! let the sens ‘the new lesson tether bers predetion fro Poteynmesizing | Kdensty the topic felstonship| Darasitism Danis leval ofeach organism Establishing a ‘What would Fappea | How is energy pased | Motion of the purpose forthe thereisamoverksn of onthe fondchain | wophic level ofthe | What w do with lesson siches brannisms invelve ine | biodesiedable wase? fa shin . Presenting ‘Showa pitare ofa | Show sudantean | Since pants can make examplesiinstances | lionestinsadeer | evsmple of fnd | their orn food then of the new lesson chain they aretermedas | Flash he f phrases on provers while [he board fimalsasconsames |e Narogen cycle + Carbone Oxypen Cycle Diseussion of new | Predation ana Food Suan and Food Precast Galig oF Natione concepts and Competing web order pert practicing new skills consumers, " tce/secondany Discussion of new concepts and practicing new skills Developing mastery Tatthe nudes Tamer Perey Pertonm Asiny (Loads toFormative | PictureAralysis | illus S food renefer inte What 0 do with Food ‘Assossment 3) cchaine and erik t | Eeosystem, Waste fo frm Fd wen Finding Practical [Tnwidertosaruive we | Thrnigh these seies0 ) The oad web carbo] Watealslwihe vom applications of rmusthaow howto | fsiepsofeatingand | viewed uocenly asa of matrentsnceded by concepts and skills in | deicnd cures fom | beingcaten,enerey | network of chains bu | livingthings ae yelas daily ving possible harm, flows from one tlbossaseries of Berucon angina Wen osheredresour | roi level trophic exirtional) | thecnsironm ceisinshor supply, | another Green plants levels Enagy lows and crgmismscompete, | orether moteralsare cycled in fant tose thatare | phogosyrthesizing the soystea. desl, rmoresuecessial | organisms use light wwe live ma dynamic sunvve, fenergy rom the sun to wa. rnurature catboiydates for their fonn needs ‘Making (generalizations and abstractions about the lesson Evaluating earning [Onl Resiaton Wiakiagor food chaiss | Summative Test | Summative Te send food web ‘Raaitional Activities {or application of remediation REMARKS, REFLECTION | Raect on eaotg and sens youssl ase aacher Tha chou your ident rarase We weak Vator? Whatabe a "W ba dons hap The USERS Eu” GRAY Wal Mlb YEU PIRI COPUWIESS aR TOOTS YEU WD WhaR FOU MRTG, yavcan xk he wean quests No offearers who feamed 20% in Tho fevaliation No.of leamers who requir additonal activites fr femadiaton wna scared below 80% Dis remedial essons ‘work? No. ofleamers who have caught up with the lesson Ro. of learner via contique te requite remaataton ‘Which of my teaching strategies work wel? ‘Why di these work? Vibat ciioulies 6d feccountar which my pencipal or supervisor ‘can help me solve? ‘Wat innovation or localized materials cl Useiciscover which | wish to share with other teachers?