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Project: Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Complex | Engineer: SMR-ISD Consulting Structural Engineers
Photo by Pablo Mason, courtesy of Harper Construction Company


RISA offers a comprehensive suite of design software that work together to simplify even the most complex projects.
As a result, engineers can work efficiently on a variety of structures in a mix of materials including steel, concrete, wood,
masonry and aluminum. With RISA, designing complex structures has never been easier.

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Welcome to STRUCTURE® magazine’s

11th Annual TRADE SHOW IN PRINT, the definitive
Associations 5
resource for practicing structural engineers.
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STRUCTURE is the practicing engineer’s essential source for information
on materials, methods, design and analysis techniques and tools, research,
building construction, and innovation. The
Concrete 11
provides an additional level of information, a categorical listing of
unique resources including contact information for each company.


National Council of Structural Engineers Associations

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Executive Editor Alfred Spada Associate Publisher Nikki Alger Wind/Seismic 19
Publisher Christine M. Sloat, P.E. Creative Director Tara Smith

Advertorial content is the opinion of the advertiser. Publication of any article, image or
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advertisement in STRUCTURE magazine does not constitute endorsement by NCSEA, CASE, SEI,
the Publisher, or the STRUCTURE Editorial Board. Authors, contributors, and advertisers retain the
sole responsibility for their submissions.
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STRUCTURE (Volume 25, Number 13). ISSN 1536-4283. Publications Agreement No. 40675118.
Owned by the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations and published in cooperation with CASE and SEI.

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Western Representative Denis O’Malley Eastern Representative Joe Murphy
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American Concrete Institute Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute National Council of Structural
Phone: 248-848-3800 Phone: 847-517-1200 Engineers Associations

Web: Web: Phone: 312-649-4600




Description: A leading authority and resource Description: CRSI is a national trade association that Web: National Council of Structural Engineers Associations

worldwide for the development and distribution stands as the authoritative resource for information Description: NCSEA was formed to constantly
of consensus-based standards, technical resources, related to steel reinforced concrete construction. improve the level of standard of practice of the
educational and training programs, certification structural engineering profession throughout the
programs, and proven expertise for individuals Council of American U.S., and to provide an identifiable resource for those
and organizations involved in concrete design, Structural Engineers needing communication with the profession.
construction, and materials.
Phone: 202-682-4377
American Institute of Steel Construction Description: CASE, a coalition of ACEC, is a Phone: 864-654-6824
Phone: 312-670-2400 national association of structural engineering firms Web:
Web: providing a forum for action to improve the quality Description: Save yourself time, effort, and
Description: Serving the structural steel design of structural engineering through enhancement of paperwork by consolidating your credentials for
community and construction industry in the U.S., business practices, decreased professional liability multiple jurisdictions online in an NCEES Record,
AISC is the leader in structural-steel-related technical exposure, and increased profitability. a centralized means of storing and transmitting
and market-building activities. materials used in the comity licensure process.
International Association of Plumbing
American Shotcrete Association and Mechanical Officials Portland Cement Association
Phone: 248-848-3780 Phone: 909-472-4100 Phone: 847-966-6200
Web: Web: Web:
Description: A non-profit organization of contractors, Description: The IAPMO Group provides code Description: The Portland Cement Association
suppliers, manufacturers, designers, engineers, owners, development assistance, industry-leading education, represents cement companies in the U.S. and Canada.
and others with a common interest in promoting the and a manufacturer-preferred quality assurance It conducts market development, engineering,
use of shotcrete. ASA provides training, qualification, program. IAPMO develops the Uniform Plumbing research, education, and public affairs programs.
certification, education, networks, and leadership to Code ® and Uniform Mechanical Code ®.
increase the acceptance, quality, and safe practices of Post-Tensioning Institute
the shotcrete process. International Code Council Phone: 248-848-3180
Phone: 800-786-4452 Web:
American Wood Council Web: Description: PTI is nonprofit organization for the
Phone: 202-463-2766 Description: A member-focused association dedicated advancement of post-tensioned, prestressed concrete
Web: to developing model codes, standards, and related design and construction.
Description: An extensive offering of ANSI resources used to construct safe structures. ICC’s
standards including the 2015 National Design International Codes® are a comprehensive, coordinated Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute
Specification® for Wood Construction, 2015 Special set of building safety codes that benefit public safety Phone: 312-786-0300
Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic, and 2015 and support the industry’s need for one set of codes Web:
Wood Frame Construction Manual. Partnered without regional limitations. Description: PCI is an organization dedicated
with National Council of Structural Engineers to fostering greater understanding and use of
Associations (NCSEA) Diamond Review Program precast and prestressed concrete.
to provide continuing education credits. The Masonry Society (TMS)
Phone: 303-939-9700 Steel Deck Institute
Brick Industry Assocation Web: Phone: 847-458-4647
Phone: 702-620-0010 Description: A non-profit, professional organization Web:
Web: of volunteer members dedicated to the advancement Description: The SDI/ANSI Standards for Steel Roof
Description: BIA represents the manufacturers and of masonry knowledge. Through our members, all Deck, Composite Floor Deck, and Non-Composite
distributors of brick. BIA provides technical support aspects of masonry are discussed. The results are Steel Floor Deck are now available for FREE
and design assistance on the use of brick in buildings disseminated to provide guidance to the masonry and download. These standards are suitable for reference use
and pavements. technical community on various aspects of masonry in project specifications by the design community.
design, construction, evaluation, and repair.
Canadian Wood Council The Steel Joist Institute
Phone: 613-747-5544 National Concrete Masonry Association Phone: 843-407-4091
Web: Phone: 703-713-1900 Web:
Description: CWC is the national association Web: Description: A not-for-profit organization that sets
representing manufacturers of Canadian wood products Description: NCMA is the national trade association standards for the steel joist industry and helps building
used in construction. Through its member Associations, representing the concrete masonry industry... technical code bodies to develop code regulations.
the Council represents those manufacturers. research, marketing, government relations, and
communications activities. Structural Engineering Institute
Phone: 800-548-2723 STRUCTURAL

Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute Web:


Phone: 866-465-4732 Description: SEI is an organization of structural

Web: Listings are provided as a courtesy, engineers, within ASCE, serving the structural engineering
Description: The mission of the CFSEI is to enable STRUCTURE magazine is not community. SEI provides networking opportunities,
and encourage the efficient design of safe and cost responsible for errors. and stimulates coordination and understanding between
effective cold-formed steel (CFS) framed structures. academia and practicing engineers.



ER-591 MH61032
ACI 355.4 / AC308 ANSI / NSF 61 DOT Approved

The first and only Code Compliant

anchoring adhesive approved for
bulk dispensing systems!

Visit for the full line of

IBC/IRC Code Compliant anchoring systems
for every jobsite and weather condition.
Download the new

Anchor Bolts | Concrete Anchors | Façade Anchors
General Hardware & Ties | Geotechnical Anchors
Masonry Anchors | Post-Tensioning | Reinforcing
Anchors | Utility Anchors


Phone: 845-230-7533 Phone: 800-707-0816 Phone: 604-273-7737
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: AC200+ Adhesive Anchoring System and Product: VAConnect Product: S-FOUNDATION
Post-Installed Rebar System in Concrete
Description: The AC200+ is a two-component, high
Description: Design base plates by AISC Design
Guide #1 and anchorage calculations for ACI 318.
5 Description: Design, analyze, and detail foundations
with S-FOUNDATION 2018, the most customizable
strength adhesive anchoring and post-installed rebar Both of these, independently, are difficult by hand! and automated foundation management solution
system. The AC200+ is approved for bonding threaded rod With VAConnect, get your jobs done quickly and available. Seamlessly transfer model data from
and reinforcing bar hardware into drilled holes in cracked accurately. Works alone or with IES VisualAnalysis. S-FRAME Analysis or 3rd party analysis software.
and uncracked concrete base materials. Evaluated and Manages your underlying model as you model,
recognized for sustained loads, freeze-thaw performance, LNA Solutions, Inc. analyze and optimize the foundation.
and seismic connections. ICC-ES ESR-4027.
Phone: 888-724-2323
Email: Simpson Strong-Tie®
Dlubal Software, Inc. Web: Phone: 800-925-5099
Phone: 267-702-2815 Product: Type C BoxBolt Expansion Anchor Email:
Email: Description: Build with Confidence! Type C Web:
Web: BoxBolt Expansion Anchor now ICC-ES Approved Product: SET-3G™ High-Strength Anchoring Adhesive
Product: RFEM for Seismic Design Categories A-F! The perfect Description: SET-3G is the latest innovation in
Description: Stress analysis of complex connection solution for steel applications where access is epoxy adhesives. The high-strength anchoring
layouts utilizing surface and solid elements, automatic limited to one side. Eliminates drilling or welding adhesive can be installed in extreme concrete
finite-element meshing, mesh refinements, and surface and installs easily with basic hand tools. Hot-Dip temperatures from 40°F to 100°F, as well as in dry
intersection capabilities. Perform required strength Galvanized for a corrosion-resistant finish. or water-filled holes in concrete. SET-3G provides
and serviceability limit state designs of reinforced the high bond strength values needed for a variety of
concrete to ACI-318 and other international standards. MacLean Power Systems adhesive anchoring applications.
Represent soil-structure interaction with multiple soil
Phone: 731-330-4025
layers for foundation stresses and settlements.
Email: Product: 304|316 Stainless-Steel Titen HD®
Web: Heavy-Duty Screw Anchor
ENERCALC, Inc. Product: Helical Piles and Driven Anchors Description: The Titen HD screw anchor is now
Phone: 800-424-2252 ENERCALC Description: MPS manufactures the highest quality available in Type 304 and 316 stainless steel. Type
Email: helical piles, helical tiebacks, and soil nails along with 316 is the optimal choice for applications in corrosive
Web: driven anchors. Duckbill and Manta Ray anchors have environments such as near chemicals or salt water.
Product: Structural Engineering Library/RetainPro/ set the industry standard for driven anchors, while Type 304 is a cost-effective solution for less extreme
Enercalc SE Cloud engineers and contractors alike demand MacLean applications, including in wet, moist, or damp
Description: Design of anchors and anchor bolts helical piles and anchors in their specifications. environments.
requires a thorough development of applied loads,
involving the analysis of full structures or connected Meadow Burke Trimble
components. Structural Engineering Library (SEL)
Phone: 240-267-0401 Phone: 678-737-7382
and ENERCALC SE Cloud can assist in determining
Web: Email:
loads and analyzing your solution using your chosen
Product: Super Lynk Web:
codes/standards via its Loads and Forces modules.
Description: A fast, strong, and discrete way to Product: Tekla Structures
permanently connect concrete panels to footings. Description: An Open BIM modeling software that
Gripple Inc. Requires only a single bolt to make the connection can model all types of anchors required to create
Phone: 630-406-0600 and can easily be concealed within the normal a 100% constructible 3D model. Anchors can be
Email: grout line process. The engineered, patent-pending created inside the software or imported directly from
Web: connection system meets ACI 318-14 (b). vendors that provide 3D CAD files of their products.
Product: Spider Cast-in-Place Concrete Insert
Description: A cast-in-place concrete insert solution RISA Inc Uniform Evaluation Services
providing a suspension point for mechanical and
Phone: 949-951-5815 Phone: 909-937-9675
electrical services. Ready-to-use kit includes Spider
Email: Email:
insert, cable hanger with swivel toggle end fixing that
Web: Web:
inserts into the Spider from below, and Gripple fastener
Product: RISAConnection Product: Evaluation Report
for securing the cable hanger to suspend services.
Description: For the baseplate and anchor design Description: Uniform ES is accredited by the
of your RISA-3D and RISAFloor model. Column American National Standards Institute. A Uniform ES
Headed Reinforcement Corporation (HRC)
reactions, including bi-axial moments, for each load report ensures continuous compliance to documents
Phone: 714-852-1333 combination are used to achieve a design that is more such as sections 104.11 and 1703 of the International
Email: accurate than using enveloped reactions. With RISA- Building Code. Our integrity is built on 80 years of
Web: 3D and RISAFloor integration RISAConnection is the experience with the qualifications and competence of
Product: HRC 670 HeadLock™ new standard for baseplate and anchor design. our technical staff.
Description: A field installed head that allows you to
anchor rebar when the standard hook has been installed
Not listed?
All 2018/2019 Resource Guide forms, including the 2019 TRADE SHOW
at the wrong elevation. Cut off hook to correct
IN PRINT, are now available on our website.
elevation, press on HeadLock, and snap off single bolt.


With the TBS Thermal
Brick Support from
» A groundbreaking brick veneer support system that
reduces thermal bridging in relief angles, to improve
the energy efficiency of your building!

» Saves man-hours and provides additional energy savings by

allowing for the installation of continuous insulation behind
the support angle.

» The system design permits a wide range of

adjustments in multiple directions to accommodate
construction tolerances.

» Each job is designed and engineered in house to meet

your specific project needs!

» Available in Hot-Dip Galvanized or Stainless Steel

(Type 304 & 316) finishes.


H O H M A N N & B A R N A R D, I N C.
Solutions for Masonr y

since // 800.645.0616
Dayton Superior is the right choice for your complex
jobs. Our job is to make your life simpler - from
product selection to product availability.
We are your SINGLE SOURCE for safe, cost effective
and time-saving concrete construction solutions.

Through every phase of construction, YOUR project

needs become OUR priority.

Dayton Superior, Symons and Tilt-Werks are your

trusted names in the industry.


high-performance, low VOC concrete bonding agent, beds for ceramic tile, for bonding Portland Cement plaster and
Weld-Crete® bonds new concrete, stucco, tile setting stucco mixes, and to bond to such surfaces as brick, block, tile,
beds, and terrazzo to any structurally-sound surface, marble, metal, glass block, soundly adhered paint (non-soluble
be it on the interior or exterior. Weld-Crete’s open time in water), and silicone.
lets you bond to concrete shear Our original chemical, concrete bonding agent incorporates
walls when needing a time lapse polyvinyl acetate homopolymer in a patented formulation and has

between the application of the been specified in major construction projects around the globe.
bonding agent, the placement of If you have not yet specified Weld-Crete, we encourage you to reach
reinforcement steel, placement out to us directly to learn more. We will answer any questions you
of formwork, or the placement may have so that you feel completely confident spec’ing our product.
of concrete. To our current engineers and architects who consistently specify
Conveniently, Weld-Crete Weld-Crete, we thank you for your loyalty and look forward to
can be “painted on” in a seeing Weld-Crete specified in your projects for years to come.
single application for a wide For over sixty years we have set the standard for bonding agents and
range of time-lapses. You take great pride in the reliability, consistency, and overall product
can save time on the job by quality that Weld-Crete offers. This, along with our unparalleled
painting on Weld-Crete in a customer service and support, and our desire for every customer
single application, prior to concrete placement. Use Weld- to be completely satisfied, is why Larsen Products Corp. has been
Crete’s broad open time (1 hour to 10 days after applied) an industry-trusted source by architects and engineers worldwide
to your advantage in bonding to concrete shear walls; when since 1952.
you need a time lapse between application of bonding agent; For more information 1-800-633-6668
placement of reinforcing steel; placement of formwork and place- please visit our website or
ment of concrete. Weld-Crete is also used for bonding setting contact us directly.

Weld-Crete®—The pale Simply brush, roll or spray Weld-Crete®

blue bonding agent with on to concrete or any structurally
sound surface. Then come back hours,
over 60 years of superior
days or a week later and finish with
performance in the field. new concrete, stucco, tile, terrazzo,
other cement mixes or portland cement
plaster. Plus Weld-Crete’s® low VOC
content significantly reduces airborne
pollutants that affect health and the

Originators of leading chemical bonding

agents… worldwide since 1952

ADAPT Corporation Cortec Corporation
Additives | Lightweight Concrete | Post-Tensioning
Precast Concrete | Reinforcement Products | Add-ons

Fibercon International Inc

Phone: 650-218-0008 Phone: 651-429-1100 Phone: 724-538-5006
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: ADAPT Dramix® Steel Fiber Design Product: MCI-2005 NS Product: Steel Reinforcing fibers
Description: Bekaert Dramix Steel Fibers can now Description: A water-based, organic, corrosion Description: Fibercon steel fibers have extended slab
be specified and included in ADAPT-Builder models inhibiting admixture for protection of metallic joints out to 100 feet plus. Fewer joints means less
for the analysis and design of non-structural floors on reinforcement in concrete structures. When maintenance issues in the future It is all about fiber
ground, floors on piles, structural floors on ground, incorporated into concrete, MCI-2005 NS forms count; therefore, we can drastically reduce micro-
elevated floors, and foundation systems including a protective, monomolecular layer that inhibits cracking before it becomes a major crack in composite
mats. Apply 3D/4D/5D fiber types to your concrete corrosion on embedded metals. steel decks, tunneling and precast segments, and
mix to realize improved structural performance. warehouse flooring.
Dayton Superior
American Concrete Institute Phone: 937-866-0711
Phone: 248-848-3700 Email: Headed Reinforcement
Email: Web: Corporation (HRC)
Web: Product: Bar Lock® Couplers Phone: 714-852-1333
Product: ACI Collection of Concrete Codes, Description: Provides a simple, quick, cost effective Email:
Specifications, and Practices method for splicing smooth or deformed rebar in Web:
Description: Over 300 of the most used codes, high strength tension, compression, and seismic Product: HRC 670 HeadLock
specifications, and practices on concrete technology. applications. Versatile, the Bar Lock Coupler System Description: Field installed anchorage when standard
Documents constantly updated to provide the most is an ideal choice for new construction as well as hooks or heads cannot be prefabricated. Great for
current and frequently demanded information. Contains repair and rehab projects. correcting elevations on rebar. Full capacity developed
all ACI codes, specifications, and practices to answer by pushing the HeadLock onto the end of the bar.
questions about code requirements, specifications, Dlubal Software, Inc. The Torque bolt ensures that the bar is fully gripped
tolerances, concrete proportions, construction methods, Phone: 267-702-2815 and wedged for a tight, ultimate connection.
evaluation of test results, and more. Email:
BASF Corporation Product: RFEM Hohmann & Barnard, Inc.
Phone: 800-526-1072 Description: Strength and serviceability limit Phone: 800-645-0616
Email: state designs of reinforced beams, columns, slabs, Email:
Web: and walls according to ACI 318, CSA A23.3, and Web: A MiTek - BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY COMPANY

Product: MasterProtect® C350 other international standards. Capabilities include Product: TBS - Thermal Brick Support
Description: Part of BASF’s Master Builders non-linear analysis of reinforced concrete elements Description: A fully adjustable bracket system that
Solutions product family, MasterProtect C350 is a in the cracked state for a realistic view of moves the shelf angle away from the wall. This allows
hydrophobic coating that is expertly engineered by deformations, stresses, and crack widths for the for more continuous insulation while reducing
BASF chemists to enhance and protect your building’s serviceability limit state. thermal transfer through the cavity for a more
appearance, performance, and structural integrity. efficient masonry building.
Bentley Systems, Inc. Phone: 800-424-2252 ENERCALC
Phone: 800-BENTLEY Email: IES, Inc.
Email: Web: Phone: 800-707-0816
Web: Product: Structural Engineering Library/Retain Pro/ Email:
Product: RAM Concrete ENERCALC SE Cloud Web:
Description: Efficiently obtain reinforcement Description: SEL quickly completes calculations for Product: VisualFoundation
quantities for your gravity and lateral frames. Quickly the design of footings, columns, beams, pedestals, Description: The easy software solution for mat
compare alternative design schemes with accurate shear walls, and other concrete structures. New foundations, combined footings, and pile caps. Model
material takeoffs. Increase productivity and provide 3D sketches let you avoid expensive, complicated complex geometry with grade beams and wall and
superior service to your clients, from conceptual software. RetainPro provides detailed concrete earth tank loads, quickly. Checks stability, punching shear,
design through construction, by producing detailed retention design/calculation tools. Clear, concise and helps you design the reinforced concrete slab. Get
drawings and accurate cost estimates even in the most reports are ideal for client/agency reviews. a free trial and pricing at our website.
preliminary stages of your projects.
Euclid Chemical Co.
Concrete Masonry Association Phone: 800-321-7628
of California and Nevada Email: Larsen Products Corp.
Phone: 916-722-1700 Web: Phone: 800-633-6668
Email: Product: Concrete Admixtures, Fibers, Repair, Email:
Web: and Decorative Products Web:
Product: 2015 Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures Description: A full line of products that go in or Product: Weld-Crete™
Description: Based on the 2013 edition of on concrete to provide complete solutions for every Description: Bonds new concrete, stucco, tile
TMS 402/602-13 developed by MSJC and the concrete project. With a focus on customer need, setting beds, and terrazzo to any structural surface,
2015 IBC. Calculations for design loads referenced support services include research and development, interior or exterior. Open time lets you bond
to ASCE 7-10. In addition to several practical petrographic analysis, continuing education to concrete shear walls when needing a time
design examples and aids, the new edition includes seminars, training programs, and consultation lapse between application of the bonding agent,
complete design of the major concrete masonry services for contractors, architects, engineers, placement of reinforcement steel, placement of
elements of three typical masonry buildings. and owners. formwork, or the placement of concrete.
continued on page 15
MAPEI provides a world of
Concrete Restoration Systems
• Concrete Repair Mortars
• Corrosion Protection
• Construction Grouts
• Waterproofing
• Sealants and Joint Fillers
• Coatings and Sealers
• Epoxy Adhesives
• Decorative Toppings
• Cure and Seals
• Densifiers
• Structural Strengthening Products

MAPEI offers a full spectrum of products for concrete restoration,

waterproofing and structural strengthening. Globally, MAPEI’s
system solutions have been utilized for bridges, highways, parking
garages, stadiums, building and other structures.

Visit for details on all MAPEI products.

CONCRETE Additives | Lightweight Concrete | Post-Tensioning
Precast Concrete | Reinforcement Products | Add-ons

RISA Simpson Strong-Tie® The Masonry Society

Phone: 949-951-5815 Phone: 800-925-5099 Phone: 303-939-9700
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: RISAFloor ES Product: Stainless-Steel Titen HD® Heavy-Duty Product: Masonry Codes and Standards
Description: RISA offers everything you need for Screw Anchor and Publications
concrete design. For concrete floors, including beams Description: Now available in Type 304 and Description: A non-profit, professional organization of
and two way slabs, nothing beats RISAFloor ES for Type 316 stainless steel, with serrated carbon-steel volunteer Members, dedicated to the advancement of
ease of use and versatility. The design of columns threads at the tip. Type 316 is optimal for corrosive masonry knowledge. Through our Members, all aspects
and shear walls with RISA-3D offers total flexibility. environments, and Type 304 is a cost-effective solution of masonry are discussed. The results are disseminated
Integration between RISA-3D and RISAFloor ES for less extreme applications where the environment to provide guidance to the masonry and technical
provides a complete building design. may be wet or damp. community on various aspects of masonry design,
construction, evaluation, and repair.
Product: Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious
SDS/2 Matrix (FRCM)
Phone: 402-441-4000 Description: FRCM combines a high-performance Trimble
Email: sprayable mortar with a carbon-fiber grid to create a Phone: 770-426-5105
Web: thin structural layer that doesn’t add significant weight Email:
Product: SDS/2 Concrete or volume to an existing structure. FRCM can be Web:
Description: Provides the necessary tools to used to repair and strengthen concrete and masonry Product: Tekla Structures
automate detailing and fabricating rebar for concrete structures for seismic retrofit or load upgrades. Description: Move from design-oriented to
footings, walls, columns, and beams. Rebar detailers Contact us for design support. construction-oriented engineering and enable
can automatically generate detailed bending and structural engineers’ improved additional services.
placing schedules, as well as placement drawings, With an open and collaborative environment, you can
from 3D model information, saving time over easily work with other disciplines and reduce RFIs for
traditional 2D workflows.
Strand7 Pty Ltd complete control from concept to completion.
Phone: 252-504-2282
Email: Product: Tedds
S-FRAME Software Web: Description: A powerful software that will speed
Phone: 604-273-7737 Product: Strand7 up your daily structural and civil calculations, Tedds
Email: Description: Comprises preprocessing (with CAD automates your repetitive structural calculations.
Web: import, automeshing), solvers (linear, nonlinear, Perform 2D Frame analysis, utilize a large library of
Product: S-CONCRETE dynamic and thermal), and post processing. automated calculations to U.S. codes, or write your
Description: The most efficient concrete design and For analysis of concrete structures, provides own calculations while creating high quality and
detailing solution available for columns, beams, and functionality to consider short-term and long- transparent documentation.
walls with ACI 318-14 code support. Easily modify term creep effects, including the effects of heat
design parameters to quickly generate the optimum of hydration. An integrated RC module checks
design. Optimize a single section or simultaneously reinforcement design on plate/shell structures.
evaluate thousands of concrete section designs.
Uniform Evaluation Services
Automatically generate comprehensive and transparent Phone: 909-937-9675
engineering design reports. Email:
StructurePoint Product: Evaluation Report
Strongwell Phone: 847-966-4357 Description: Accredited by the American National
Phone: 276-645-8000 Email: Standards Institute (ANSI). A Uniform ES report
Email: Web: ensures continuous compliance to documents such as
Web: Product: Concrete Design Software Suite sections 104.11 and 1703 of the International Building
Product: GRIDFORM™ Stay-in-Place Description: StructurePoint, formerly the PCA Code (IBC). Our integrity is built on 92 years of
FRP Concrete Form Engineering Software Group, offers concrete analysis experience with the qualifications and competence of
Description: A prefabricated fiber reinforced polymer and design software programs updated to ACI our technical staff.
(FRP) double-layer grating, concrete-reinforcing system 318-14 and CSA A23.3-14 for concrete buildings,
with integral stay-in-place (SIP) form generally used bridges, special structures, and tanks. This suite is
for vehicular bridge decks. Eliminate costly and time- dedicated for design of columns, walls, beams, slabs,
United States Gypsum
consuming efforts with rebar and provide a superior end mat foundations, slabs-on-grade, and circular and
product that will outlast traditionally reinforced concrete. rectangular tanks. Phone: 312-436-4260
Product: USG Structural Panels

The TRADE SHOW IN PRINT is available online! Description: High-strength, reinforced concrete
panels for use in noncombustible construction.
Lighter than precast or poured concrete, USG
Structural Panels install like wood sheathing and are
mold-, moisture- and termite-resistant, providing a
faster, easier and more efficient way to build.


Geotechnical Engineer: Chung & Vander Doelen Engineering Ltd
Structural Engineer: Stephenson Engineering Ltd
General Contractor: Reid & DeLeye Contractors Ltd

Geopier Installer: GeoSolv Design/Build Inc.


Geopier rigid inclusions

were installed in soft,
compressible soils to
support a 12-story condo
with 2-levels of below
grade parking.

Geopier rigid inclusion systems enable

you to:

• Improve variable fill soils in place

• Replace deep foundations
• Control settlement
• Increase soil bearing capacities


800-371-7470 •
FOUNDATIONS Specialty Contractors

Dlubal Software, Inc. RISA Technologies StructurePoint

Phone: 267-702-2815 Phone: 949-951-5815 Phone: 847-966-4357
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: RFEM Product: RISAFoundation Product: spMats
Description: Accurately represent soil-structure Description: The ultimate tool for analysis and design Description: Widely used for analysis, design, and
interaction with the add-on module RF-SOILIN. of a variety of different foundation types. Featuring an investigation of concrete mat foundations, footings,
Includes an extendable library of soil properties and open modeling environment, finite element analysis, and slabs on grade. spMats is equipped with the
consideration of groundwater level, excavation effects, and full integration with superstructure analysis American (ACI 318-14) and Canadian (CSA A23.3-
and bedrock. Elastic foundation coefficients, stresses, and programs. You won’t find a better choice for retaining 14) concrete codes. spMats is utilized by engineers
settlements are determined utilizing a non-linear iterative wall, spread footing, combined footing, mat slab, or worldwide to optimize complicated foundation design,
method. Additional slab foundation design according to pile cap design. and improve analysis of soil structure interaction.
ACI 318-14 using RF-CONCRETE Surfaces.

Geopier Foundation Company SCIA, a Nemetschek Company United States Gypsum

Phone: 800-371-7470 Phone: 443-393-3616 Phone: 312-436-4260
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: Rammed Aggregate Pier® and Rigid Product: SCIA Engineer Product: USG Structual Panel Concrete
Inclusion Systems Description: Links structural modeling, analysis, Foundation Wall
Description: Specializing in Rammed Aggregate design, reporting, and interoperability in ONE Description: A panel designed to be fastened to
Pier, Rigid Inclusions, and slope reinforcement program. Design beams, columns, slabs, and shear load-bearing cold-formed steel studs to create a
systems, Geopier provides alternatives for massive walls according to ACI 318 including required nonrotting, noncombustible high-strength foundation
over-excavation and replacement of deep foundations, seismic provisions. Learn how you can start wall. It is ideal for use in residential construction,
including driven piles, drilled shafts, or augered boosting your productivity with SCIA for applications such as full-height basements, storm
cast-in-place piles. Thousands of structures around Engineer today! shelters, crawl spaces, and cellars.
the world are currently supported by Geopier
technologies. Start saving time and money. Listings are provided as a courtesy. STRUCTURE magazine is not responsible for errors.

Construction Tie Products, Inc. (CTP) ENERCALC, Inc.
Moisture Management

Simpson Strong-Tie®
Phone: 219-878-1427 Phone: 800-424-2252 ENERCALC Phone: 800-925-5099
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: CTP Grip-Tie; CTP Stitch-Tie; Product: Structural Engineering Library Product: Anchoring, Fastening, and Restoration
CTP Stone-Grip Tie; and Description: Whether it’s masonry slender walls, Systems for Concrete and Masonry
CTP Facade-Tie Brackets masonry beams and lintels, or masonry cantilevered Description: Comprehensive catalog for our line
Description: Restoration anchors for masonry re- retaining wall stems, ENERCALC’s SEL has the of mechanical anchors, anchoring adhesives, direct
anchoring applications for brick, stone, cast stone, solution. The masonry design modules feature flexible fastening solutions for concrete, steel, CMU, and
stucco, terra cotta, precast panel veneers to masonry, geometry definition, thorough load combinations, metal decking, and products that repair, protect, and
concrete, hollow CMU, grouted CMU, tile, steel, and clear concise output. Instant recalculation strengthen structures. A quick-reference Product
metal stud, wood stud, tile, and brick back ups. allows “what-if ” solutions. Check out ENERCALC’s Selection Guide on pages 4-6. Product-specific design
masonry design capabilities today! tables available at the webesite.

Concrete Masonry Association Larsen Products Corp.

of CA & NV Phone: 800-633-6668
Phone: 916-722-1700
Web: Not listed?
Web: Product: Plaster-Weld®
All 2018/2019 Resource Guide
Product: CMD15 Design Tool Description: A high quality-bonding agent that bonds
Description: Structural design of reinforced concrete and new plaster to any clean, structurally sound, interior forms, including the 2019 TRADE SHOW
clay hollow unit masonry elements for design of masonry surface. Patented formulation incorporating polyvinyl IN PRINT, are now available

elements in accordance with provisions of Ch. 21 2010 acetate homopolymer. Prepares the surface to allow on our website.
through 2016 CBC or 2009 through 2015 IBC, and plastering directly to concrete over electric radiant
2008 through 2013 Building Code Requirements for heat cable and to bond cement mortar beds to smooth
Masonry Structures (TMS 402/ACI 530/ASCE 5). concrete for installation of rigid foam insulation.


National Producer of Masonry Ties and Anchors Since 1978
Leader in Masonry Anchor Solutions

Fortify or re-anchor stone and masonry veneers to resist live loads and
seismic applications with our proven new construction and restoration anchors.
CTP Stone Anchors CTP MAD-2000 CTP-16
All Available in Stainless Steel Maintain Veneer Alignment at Expansion Joints Veneer Anchor

• Allows In-Plane Veneer Movement

CTP Split Tail-Strap Anchor
• Resists Out-of-Plane Forces

CTP Z-Strap Anchor here with
Wall Tie
• Various Sizes
CTP Eye-Bolt New Construction • Code Compliant
Anchors • Thermally Efficient
• Optimum Spacing
CTP J-Bolt
• 4” Insulation Use
• AWB Supportive

CTP Stone-Grip CTP Stitch-Tie

Retro-Fit Anchors to Stabilize, Restrain and Support Stone Panels
Helical Anchor Used For:

Restoration Crack Repair •

Seismic Strengthening •
• Corrosion Resistant Anchors Retrofit Anchors for •
• Concealed Hardware
Wall Stabilization

CTP Grip-Tie CTP Façade-Tie Bracket

Mechanical Repair Anchors Anchor Existing Veneers from the Interior

Re-Anchor Existing Veneers to: • Fire and Water Damage

• Metal/Wood Stud • Termite Repairs
• Brick • No Scaffold shown with CTP Grip-Tie

• Concrete • No Patching
• Tile • Corrosion Resistant
• Concealed Hardware shown with CTP Stitch-Tie


Contact our
CTP Technical Services Team
with your masonry anchoring
application needs for a cost
effective and performance
targeted solution today!
CTP is an American company incorporated in the 10422 W 400 N
American Made Products State of Indiana with multiple sale representatives and Michigan City, Indiana
• suppliers located across the United States.
Technical Support and Field Testing CTP is committed to supplying the highest quality
46360-9470 • USA
• masonry tie and construction systems that Phone: (219) 878-1427
Family Owned Business satisfy all stringent national codes and Contact: Steve Getz, BSCE

Stocked Warehouse in Northern Indiana standards for today’s building structures.

Representatives Located Throughout Engineered Anchoring Solutions Provider
the United States Proudly Made In the USA!
WIND/SEISMIC Codes | Software
Engineered Products

American Wood Council Dynamic Isolation Systems MAPEI

Phone: 202-463-2766 Phone: 775-359-3333 Phone: 954-246-8888
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: Special Design Provisions for Wind Product: DIS Non-Structural Isolation Systems Product: MAPEI FRP Composite Systems
and Seismic Description: Include isolated floors, platforms, Description: MAPEI’s MapeWrap™, Carboplate™,
Description: Approved by ANSI as an American and 3D isolation systems. DIS has designed custom and Maperod™ strengthening systems for concrete and
National Standard; provides criteria for solutions to protect computer servers, sensitive masonry structures are available in several geometries:
proportioning, designing, and detailing engineered equipment, artwork, and modular data centers. laminates or carbon fiber plates pre-impregnated in
wood systems, members, and connections in lateral When isolating the whole building is not possible epoxy resin; uni-directional and multi-directional fabrics
force resisting systems. Engineered design of wood or practical, use Non-Structural Isolation to prevent (bi-axial and quadri-axial); and carbon fiber bars pre-
structures to resist wind or seismic forces either by damage from seismic activity. impregnated with epoxy resin. Lightweight, non-invasive,
allowable stress design (ASD) or load and resistance with high tensile strength, and corrosion-resistance.
factor design (LRFD). Product: Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB)
Description: Base isolation with LRBs reduces
accelerations from an earthquake by isolating the Meca Enterprises, Inc
Applied Science International, LLC structure from the ground motions. Isolated buildings Phone: 918-258-2913
Phone: 919-845-1025 and their contents will be undamaged and functional Email:
Email: after an earthquake. Web:
Web: Product: MecaWind
Product: SteelSmart System – Wind/Seismic Description: A cost effective program used by Engineers
Load Generator ENERCALC, Inc. and Designers to perform wind calculations per ASCE
Description: Dimensions and load specification for Phone: 800-424-2252 ENERCALC 7-10 and ASCE 7-16. The program is simple to use and
a building used to calculate the lateral wind and Email: offers a professional looking output with all necessary
seismic forces according to ASCE 7 Minimum Design Web: wind calculations. The user has a great deal of control to
Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. IBC 2012 Product: Structural Engineering Library (SEL)/RetainPro customize output.
and ASCE 7-10 design codes for development of Description: Many projects require the calculation
lateral forces and snow loads now included in the of wind and seismic loads. ENERCALC’s SEL has
Load Generator. dedicated modules for the development of these loads RISA Inc.
using ASCE 7 and IBC methods. These modules Phone: 949-951-5815
simplify the process of developing loads and allow you Email:
CAST CONNEX to spend more time solving engineering problems and Web:
Phone: 416-806-3521 optimizing your designs. Product: RISA-3D
Email: Description: Overwhelmed with the latest seismic
Web: design procedures? RISA-3D has you covered with
Product: High Strength Connectors™ Kawakin Core-Tech seismic detailing features including full AISC-341/358
Description: Simplifies and improves brace Phone: +81 48 259 1117 code checks. Whether you’re using RISA-3D’s automated
member connections in seismic-resistant Email: seismic load generator, or the built-in dynamic response
concentrically braced frames. Web: spectra and time history analysis/design capabilities, you’ll
Product: KYD Oil Damper get designs and reports that will meet all your needs.
Product: Scorpion™ Yielding Connectors Description: A cylindrical oil damper with an
Description: Modular, replaceable, standardized extensive track record in Japan. A KYD Oil Damper
hysteretic fuses that provide enhanced ductility and reduces story drifts and prevents structural damage Simpson Strong-Tie®
improved performance in the retrofit of seismically during seismic and wind vibrations. Its accumulator, Phone: 800-925-5099
deficient structures or for use in the Seismic Force special rubber sealings, and low working pressure Email:
Resisting System of new structures. prevent oil from leaking and provide stable Web:
performance despite changes in temperature. Product: Bessemer Soft-Story Retrofit Case Study Video
Description: Take a closer look at how a California
building owner retrofitted her soft-story building with
Dlubal Software, Inc. LNA Solutions, Inc. our Strong Frame® special moment frame to protect
Phone: 267-702-2815 Phone: 888-724-2323 the lives of her tenants and to build a more resilient
Email: Email: community. Simpson Strong-Tie offers several soft-
Web: Web: story retrofit product solutions.
Product: RFEM Product: Type C BoxBolt Expansion Anchor
Description: Integrated automatic wind and for Bridge Construction Product: High Wind-Resistant Construction
snow load generators per ASCE 7-16 for general Description: Build Bridges with Confidence! Type C Application Guide
building-type structures. Calculate a Response BoxBolt Expansion Anchor now ICC-ES Approved for Description: This guide discusses the critical
Spectra Analysis (RSA) for all structure types Seismic Design Categories A-F! The perfect solution for elements of high wind-resistant construction and
according to ASCE 7 or user-defined from bridge construction where potential seismic activity is a helps you locate the connectors and fasteners you
accelerogram input data. Structure design and concern. Hot-Dip Galvanized for a corrosion-resistant need for designing in high-wind areas. It also includes
optimization available with the latest design finish, the LNA BoxBolt offers high tensile and shear information on the effects of wind, corrosion and
standards (AISC, ACI, ADM, NDS, etc). values for strength and dependability! uplift to help ensure safe, strong structures.



A smarter way to create a BIM

model for buildings and structures

Integrate 3D
into existing 2D

Generate high
quality construction

Detail concrete
reinforcement from
one solution

Phone: 610.429.8900
SOFTWARE BIM | Bridges | Building Components | CAD | Concrete
Foundations/Retaining Walls | General Packages/Suites
Light Gauge Steel | Masonry | Steel | Wood

ADAPT Corporation APA – The Engineered Wood Association Bluebeam, Inc.

Phone: 650-306-2400 Phone: 253-620-7400 Phone: 866-496-2140
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: ADAPT-PTRC Product: APA Force Transfer Around Openings Product: Bluebeam Revu
Description: Software for the design, analysis, and (FTAO) Calculator Description: Bluebeam develops innovative, cloud-
investigation of reinforced (nonprestressed) and Description: This free tool assists structural based editing, markup, and collaboration solutions
post-tensioned concrete beams, frames, slabs, and engineers in the design of force transfer around that set the standard for workflow efficiency for
floor systems. The industry standard and choice openings (FTAO) shear walls. Provides required +1 million design and construction professionals
of consulting engineers that want an easy-to-use, hold-down forces, tension strap forces, and wall worldwide, delivering enhanced PDF-based takeoff
efficient, and reliable production tool. Now with sheathing capacity. Automatically completes the and workflow automation tools that span the entire
rebar scheduling feature. design check in the final step. Provides shear wall project lifecycle and give you the competitive edge.
deflection calculations for 3- and 4-term deflection
Product: Edge Tributary Load Takedown equation options.
Description: Edge offers fast and reliable gravity CADRE ANALYTIC
load takedown of concrete structures. Easily model Phone: 425-392-4309
buildings from scratch or import from Revit. No Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) Email:
need for FEM solution or complicated analytical Phone: 919-645-4090 Web:
modeling; just simple and fast results. Integrates Email: Product: CADRE PRO 6.9
with comprehensive column design module. Web: Description: Finite element structural analysis.
Product: SteelSmart Framer Loading conditions include discrete, pressure,
Product: ADAPT-Builder Wall Designer Description: Provides designers with a powerful new hydrostatic, seismic, and dynamic response. Features for
Description: Includes option of integrated wall tool to better design, estimate, and communicate presenting, displaying, plotting, and tabulating extreme
design. Check shear walls for code compliance or light steel framing on projects using Autodesk® Revit™ loads and stresses across the structure and across
automatically design based on a variety of loads. Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. multiple load cases simultaneously. Basic code checking
Design output presented graphically or in concise for steel, wood, and aluminum. Free fully functioning
XLS tables. Combine with Builder’s column, slab, Product: SteelSmart System evaluation version available.
and foundation design for an efficient overall design Description: Provides structural engineers with a
workflow for your concrete projects. structural design software tool engineered for optimal
design and detailing of light steel framing studs, joists, ClarkDietrich Building Systems
shear walls, and connectors. Phone: 513-857-4406
Allplan, Inc. Email:
Phone: 610-429-8900 Web:
Email: Autodesk®, Inc. Product: ClarkDietrich iTools
Web: Phone: 415-580-3872 Description: Gives contractors, structural engineers,
Product: Allplan Engineering Email: and architects access to a broad range of data
Description: The ultimate BIM solution for Web: including cost-saving calculators, design tools,
structural engineers looking to digitalize their Product: Advance Steel ClipExpress Navigation, LEED request forms, and
workflows. Allplan enables engineers to seamlessly Description: Easy-to-use and comprehensive product literature directly from their mobile devices.
integrate 3D and BIM into existing 2D workflows, software for structural steel detailing built on the
generate construction documents and detail concrete AutoCAD® platform. Intelligent 3D modeling
reinforcement from one solution. tools help you accelerate more accurate design Computations & Graphics, Inc.
and detailing. Help speed time-to-fabrication Phone: 303-668-1091
by automatically generating shop drawings and Email:
American Wood Council deliverables. Interoperability with Autodesk® Revit® Web:
Phone: 202-463-2766 software supports a more connected BIM workflow. Product: cColumn
Email: Description: A powerful Windows program
Web: designed specifically for structural engineers to
Product: Connections Calculator Bentley Systems perform axial-flexural analysis and design of concrete
Description: Provides users with a web-based approach Phone: 800-BENTLEY columns, as well as beams and shear walls, according
to calculating capacities for single bolts, nails, lag Email: to ACI 318-14/11/08/05/02 and ACI 318-99.
screws, and wood screws per the 2005 NDS®. Both Web:
lateral (single and double shear) and withdrawal Product: Bentley’s Structural Analysis Applications Product: Real3D
capacities can be determined. Wood-to-wood, wood-to- Description: Model, analyze, and design any structure, Description: A powerful structural design/finite element
concrete, and wood-to-steel connections are possible. from a retaining wall or a single foundation to an entire analysis software designed for structural engineers of
stadium or plant. Consider multiple design alternatives all skill levels. The software is reliable, easy to use, and
Listings are provided as a courtesy, STRUCTURE quickly and produce high quality designs using various affordable. It is designed with accuracy and simplicity
materials. Design structures anywhere in the world in mind, allowing engineers to get the job done without
magazine is not responsible for errors.
using over 90 international codes. being overwhelmed by useless features.

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LEARN analysis and design of concrete building systems → Resources → Design Examples

Continuous Reinforced Concrete Beams and One-Way Slab Systems

Detailed Analysis and Design Examples:

• One-Way Wide Module (Skip Joist) System

• Continuous Beam Design with Moment Redistribution
• Continuous Beam Analysis and Design

Reinforced Concrete Wall Systems

Detailed Analysis and Design Examples:

• Shear Wall
• Precast Bearing Wall Panel
• Solid Tilt-Up Wall Panel
• Tilt-Up Wall Panel with Opening

Beams, One-Way, and Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slab Systems

Detailed Analysis and Design Examples:

• Two-Way Flat Plate

• Two-Way Slab with Drop Panels
• Two-Way Slab with Beams in Between
• Two-Way Waffle Slab

Short, Slender, Regular, and Irregular Reinforced Concrete Columns

Detailed Analysis and Design Examples:

• Interaction Diagram for Regular Column Section

• Interaction Diagram for Irregular Column Section
(Dumbbell Shear Wall)
• Slenderness Effects for Columns in Sway Frames

Reinforced Concrete Foundation Systems

Detailed Analysis and Design Examples:

• Spread Foundation
• Shear Wall Foundation
• Combined Foundation
• Foundation on Piles (Pile Cap)

Complimentary Continuing Education with PDH Available




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The CONNECT Edition.

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Integrity Software, Inc.
Phone: 800-524-3244 Phone: 800-424-2252 Phone: 512-372-8991
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: DEWALT Design Assist (DDA) Product: Structural Engineering Library/Retain Pro/ Product: SofTrack
Description: A world-class connection design ENERCALC SE Cloud Description: Save money on monthly, quarterly, and
software for concrete anchoring. It offers new Description: NEW for 2018: 3D component sketches annual Bentley® license fees! Automatic control to
innovative features, applications, and products. make your reports stand out. New functionality and prevent over-usage of Bentley licenses. Ensure licensed
DDA has a streamlined, interactive, and flexible performance improvements to ENERCALC SE cloud- applications are used within your license limits. Includes
user-interface. Users can quickly model, optimize, based application platform. ENERCALC SE Cloud support for all Bentley licensing policies. Automatically
and compare multiple solutions and then design, combines Structural Engineering Library, RetainPro block usage of products you do not own. Ask about
document, and specify in just minutes. (earth retention structure design), and 3D Finite Element enhanced Autodesk and ArcMAP reporting.
analysis and design application: ENERCALC 3D.

Digital Canal Corporation Losch Software Ltd

Phone: 563-690-2000 GIZA Steel Phone: 323-592-3299
Email: Phone: 314-656-4615 Email:
Web: Email: Web:
Product: Structural Expert Series Library Web: Product: LECWall
Description: New updates include Design Codes Product: GIZA Description: The industry standard for precast
and new features. Time proven, one project ROI Description: Leading connection design software for concrete sandwich wall design handles multi-story
and toll-free technical assistance help satisfy your steel framed structures. Compliant with AISC 13th columns as well. LECWall can analyze prestressed
clients and put more money in your own pocket. and 14th editions using either ASD or LRFD methods. and/or mild reinforced wall panels with zero to 100
Visit the website for a free trial. With extensive experience in the New York City percent composite action. Flat, hollow-core, and
market, GIZA also works with NYC building code. stemmed configurations are supported. Complete
Save up to 80% of design time using GIZA. handling analysis is also included.
Dlubal Software, Inc.
Phone: 267-702-2815
Email: Hexagon PPM MDX Software
Web: Phone: 281-671-1528 Phone: 573-446-3221
Product: RFEM Email: Email:
Description: Non-linear FEA complete with USA/ Web: Web:
International Standards for steel, concrete, wood, Product: GT STRUDL Product: MDX Software
cross-laminated timber, glass, aluminum, and Description: Supports your modeling, analysis, Description: Used by many top design firms and
membrane/cable structures. Direct interfaces and design requirements for comprehensive steel DOTs to design and rate steel girder bridges for
with Revit™, Tekla, AutoCAD, and many more and concrete designs. Take advantage of powerful compliance with LRFD, LRFR, LFD, and ASD
incorporate seamless and bi-directional data documentation and intuitive design tools for 3D AASHTO Specifications.
exchange. Software created by engineers for visualization. Complementary modeling environments
engineers; RFEM’s interface and modeling offer essential tools for fast and productive system
workflow are highly intuitive and easy to learn. analysis. Boost accuracy by eliminating component Meca Enterprises, Inc.
design and manual drawing. Phone: 918-258-2913
Product: SHAPE-THIN Email:
Description: Calculate section properties of custom Web:
open, closed, built-up, and non-connected thin- Product: MecaStack Software
walled cross-sections consisting of one or more IES, Inc. Description: Design of steel cylindrical stacks. Allows
materials. Optimal integration with RFEM for a full Phone: 800-707-0816 users to quickly model and analyze a self supported
structural analysis. 3D realistic rendering. Complete Email: or guy wired supported steel stack. Provides a 3D
code checks in design modules such as RF-STEEL Web: graphical representation of the stack being analyzed
AISC and RF-ALUMINUM ADM, including local Product: VisualAnalysis and handles many common design codes used to
buckling checks of slender elements. Description: When you need answers, get them design stacks around the world.
from models that are easy to create in IES structural
software. An excellent value for engineers who solve

Not listed? frames, trusses, or just about any kind of civil/

structural problems. IES offers free video-based
MKT Fastening, LLC
Phone: 800-336-1640
All 2018/2019 Resource Guide training and email technical support. Email:
forms, including the 2019 TRADE Product: VisualFoundation Product: MKT Fastening Anchoring Design Software
SHOW IN PRINT, are now available Description: All I get are reactions from you. I try to Description: Software that gives the user the ability
analyze, but there is so much pressure holding me to to input data from a fastening and the software will
on our website. the ground. I may be unstable. I need you to reinforce design a fastening solution based upon that data. Easy me, give me strength to carry your loads. Give me one to use, fill in the blank software takes the guess work
chance to solve our problems together. out of anchoring design.

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to the winners of
the 2018 SDS/2

Mold-Tek Technologies Ltd. KL&A

Young Living Global Headquarters U.S. Olympic Museum

Customers’ Choice Small Tonnage Grand Prize
Virtual Steel Technologies Foy Consulting & Engineering
Northeast Tower Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts & Sciences

Large Tonnage 2nd Place Large Tonnage Grand Prize
In-House Steel Detailing, LLC Cartee-Berry & Associates, LLC
Nugent Sand - Sand Processing Addition Intrepid Potash

Industrial 2nd Place Industrial Grand Prize

How SDS/2 Helps You

“We made the decision back when we started

the company to go with SDS/2
for a lot of reasons. One, a great reputation. I had experience with
them in the past, and I knew that they were the kind of people to
stand behind their software. They work hard to make the best detailing
software in the world. And it continually gets better and better. There’s
nothing SDS/2 can’t do with steel. And we’ve proven that.

See how SDS/2 can increase your bottom line at

1501 Old Cheney Rd., Lincoln, NE 68512 // 800-443-0782 //

-T R
Opti-Mate, Inc. S-FRAME Software
BIM | Bridges | Building Components | CAD | Concrete
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Light Gauge Steel | Masonry | Steel | Wood

Phone: 610-530-9031 Phone: 604-273-7737 Phone: 402-441-4000
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: Bridge Engineering Software Product: S-FRAME Analysis Product: SDS/2 Concrete
Description: Merlin Dash software for analysis, design Description: Faster. Better. More Advanced. Description: The newest solution offered by SDS/2
or rating of bridges with steel and prestressed concrete Model, analyze, and design structures regardless includes connection design to concrete walls,
girders. Descus software for grid analysis and rating of of geometric complexity, material type, loading providing full design calculations. SDS/2 Concrete
bridges with horizontally curved plate or box girders. conditions, nonlinear effects, or seismic loading. automatically recognizes framing situations to
TRAP software for truss bridges and SABRE for sign Integrated concrete, foundation, and steel design determine the type of connection and embed plate
structures. AASHTO specifications are included. maximizes productivity. Our continued investment configuration to be used; the software also includes
in R&D and client support gives you the tools for automated placement of rebar in a 3D model.
latest analysis advantages with dedicated
POSTEN Engineering Systems technical backing.
Phone: 510-275-4750 Simpson Strong-Tie®
Email: Product: S-STEEL Phone: 800-925-5099
Web: Description: Code check and auto design steel Email:
Product: POSTEN X members for both strength and serviceability. Web:
Description: Simply the fastest, most comprehensive, S-STEEL supports many steel design codes and has Product: CFS Designer™ Software
most efficient and easy to use post-tensioned concrete a wide range of optimization criteria and constraints Description: Design CFS beam-column members
software. No guessing and fiddling with drapes and to accommodate your design and performance according to AISI specifications and analyze complex
prestress, POSTEN takes you to the most efficient assessment process from preliminary to final design beam loading and span conditions. Intuitive design
designs automatically. What takes you days with stages to ensure structural safety and economy. tools automate common CFS systems such as wall
other software happens in minutes with POSTEN - openings, shearwalls, floor joists, and up to eight
Capabilities Like No Other. Product: S-CONCRETE stories of load-bearing studs.
Description: The most efficient concrete design and
detailing solution available for columns, beams, and Product: Anchor Designer™ Software
RISA Inc walls with ACI 318-14 code support. Easily modify Description: Quickly and accurately analyze an existing
Phone: 949-951-5815 design parameters to quickly generate the optimum design or suggest anchorage solutions based upon user-
Email: design. Optimize a single section or simultaneously defined design elements in various concrete conditions.
Web: evaluate thousands of concrete section designs. The software has been updated to include the latest
Product: RISAFoundation Automatically generate comprehensive and product launches from Simpson Strong-Tie, providing
Description: Designs retaining walls, two-way mat slabs, transparent engineering design reports. more anchor and adhesive products to choose from.
spread footings, grade beams, and pile caps all within
an open modeling environment. With synchronized Product: S-FOUNDATION Product: Adhesive Cartridge Estimator Web App
load transfer from RISA-3D and RISAFloor models, Description: Design, analyze, and detail Description: This app makes it easy to estimate how
foundation design has never been easier. Punching shear foundations with S-FOUNDATION 2018, the much adhesive you need for your project. Input
checks, rebar design, and international codes make it the most customizable and automated foundation the size and number of adhesive anchors to get the
smart choice for engineers. management solution available. Seamlessly transfer amount of adhesive cartridges needed for the job.
model data from S-FRAME Analysis or 3rd party Choose between six types of adhesive, including our
Product: RISAFloor analysis software. S-FOUNDATION manages your new SET-3G™ high-strength epoxy adhesive.
Description: Designs and optimizes building systems underlying model as you model, analyze,
constructed of steel (composite and non-composite), and optimize the foundation. Product: Strong-Wall® Bracing Selector Web App
concrete, wood, and CFS, as well as combinations of Description: Selecting pre-engineered shearwall
materials. Automatic live load reduction, additive or alternatives for code-prescribed braced wall panels
exclusive floor area loads, vibration calculations, and SCIA Inc. just got easier. New app updates provide more design
more make RISAFloor the first choice for the design Phone: 949-273-8059 flexibility and bracing solutions. Quickly determine
of all types of building systems. Email: the number of Strong-Wall panels needed to meet
Web: wall-bracing-length requirements. Based on job
Product: RISA-3D Product: SCIA Engineer specific requirements, the app provides the narrowest
Description: Designs and optimizes steel, concrete, Description: Links structural modeling, analysis, bracing solutions possible.
masonry, wood, cold-formed steel, and aluminum design, reporting, and interoperability in one
with a fast, intuitive interface. State of the art program. Design and optimize to the most recent
solvers, customizable reporting options, and robust codes. Tackle large projects with advanced non- SkyCiv Engineering
integration with other products such as RISAFloor, linear and dynamic analysis. Plug into BIM with Phone: 800-838-0899
RISAFoundation, and Revit make RISA-3D the premier IFC support and bi-directional links to Revit, Tekla, Email:
choice for general purpose structural analysis and design. and others. Visit the website to learn more. Web:
Product: SkyCiv Structural 3D
Description: Announcing some great new product
The TRADE SHOW IN PRINT is available online! features. The update will automatically push to our
users – no updates necessary! This includes: AISC
360 Connection Design – including HSS; ACI
318 Concrete Design; AISC 360 full calculation
reporting; and more.
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LeMessurier Calls on Tekla Structural
Designer for Complex Projects
Interoperability and Time Saving Tools
Tekla Structural Designer was developed specifically
to maximize collaboration with other project parties,
including technicians, fabricators and architects. Its
unique functionality enables engineers to integrate the
physical design model seamlessly with Tekla Structures
or Autodesk Revit, and to round-trip without compro-
mising vital design data.

“We’re able to import geometry from Revit, design in

Tekla Structural Designer and export that information
for import back into Revit. If an architect makes
geometry updates or changes a slab edge, we’ll send
those changes back into Tekla Structural Designer, re-
run the analysis and design, and push updated design
information back into Revit.”

Tekla Structural Design at Work:

The Hub on Causeway
Positioning a large scale mixed-use development next
to an active arena, a below grade parking garage, and
an interstate highway, and bridging it over two active
subway tunnels makes planning, phasing and
For over 55 years, “Tekla Structural Designer has streamlined our engineering paramount. Currently under construction,
LeMessurier has design process,” said Craig Blanchet, P.E., Vice Presi- The Hub on Causeway Project will be the final piece in
provided struc- dent of LeMessurier. “Because some of our engineers the puzzle that is the site of the original Boston Garden.
tural engineering are no longer doubling as software developers, it allows
services to architects, owners, contractors, developers us to focus their talents on leveraging the features of Despite being new to the software, LeMessurier
and artists. Led by the example of legendary structural the software to our advantage. Had we not chosen decided to use Tekla Structural Designer for significant
engineer and founder William LeMessurier, LeMessuri- to adopt Tekla Structural Designer, we would have portions of the project. “Relying on a new program for
er provides the expertise for some of the world’s most needed to bring on new staff to update and maintain such a big project was obviously a risk for us, but with
elegant and sophisticated designs while remaining our in-house software. So Tekla Structural Designer is the potential for time savings and other efficiencies, we
true to the enduring laws of science and engineering. not just saving us time on projects, it is also saving us jumped right in with Tekla Structural Designer. It forced
Known for pushing the envelope of the latest tech- overhead. us to get familiar the software very quickly.”
nologies and even inventing new ones, LeMessurier
engineers solutions responsive to their clients’ visions Efficient, Accurate Loading and Analysis “Tekla Structural Designer allowed us to design the
and reflective of their experience. Tekla Structural Designer automatically generates an bulk of Phase 1 in a single model,” said Barnes. The proj-
underlying and highly sophisticated analytical model ect incorporates both concrete flat slabs and compos-
An early adopter of technology to improve their de- from the physical model, allowing LeMessurier engi- ite concrete and steel floor framing. “Tekla Structural
signs and workflow, LeMessurier put its own talent to neers to focus more on design than on analytical model Designer has the ability to calculate effective widths
work in the eighties to develop a software solution that management. Regardless of a model’s size or com- based on the physical model which is a big time saver,”
did not exist commercially at the time. Their early appli- plexity, Tekla Structural Designer’s analytical engine said Barnes. “On this project, the integration with Revit,
cation adopted the concept of Building Information accurately computes forces and displacements for use along with the composite steel design features enabled
Modeling (BIM) long before it emerged decades later. in design and the assessment of building performance. us to work more efficiently. Adding the ability to do con-
crete design in the same model was a bonus because
While LeMessurier’s proprietary tool had evolved over we had both construction types in the same building.”
three decades into a powerhouse of capability, the
decision to evaluate commercial structural design “Tekla Structural Designer helped this project run more
tools was predicated on the looming effort required to “Tekla Structural Designer offers better efficiently, and in the end it was a positive experience,”
modernize its software to leverage emerging integration of multiple materials than said Blanchet.
platforms, support normalized data structure integra-
tion and keep up with code changes. we have seen in any other product.”

After a lengthy and thorough comparison of commer-

cial tools that would “fill the shoes” and stack up to the
company’s proprietary tool, LeMessurier chose Tekla “Tekla Structural Designer gives us multiple analysis
Structural Designer for its rich capabilities that ad- sets to pull from, which gives us lots of control. Most
dressed all of their workflow needs. According to Derek programs don’t have the capability to do FE and
Barnes, Associate at LeMessurier, ” Tekla Structural grillage chase-down. For the design of beam supported
Designer offered the most features and the best inte- concrete slabs, Tekla Structural Designer allows us to
gration of all the products we tested. They also offered separate the slab stiffness from the beam stiffness, so
us the ability to work closely with their development if we choose to we can design the beams without con-
group to ensure we were getting the most out of the sidering the influence of the slab. In the same model
software.” we can use a separate analysis set to review the floor
system with the beams and slab engaged,” said Barnes.
One Model for Structural Analysis & Design
From Schematic Design through Construction Docu- Barnes also shared similar benefits with concrete “Tekla Structural Designer provided the best fit
ments, Tekla Structural Designer allows LeMessurier column design. “Tekla Structural Designer does for our workflow compared to other commercially
engineers to work from one single model for structural grillage take-downs floor-by-floor, finds the reactions available software.”
analysis and design, improving efficiency, workflow, and applies them to the next floor. This allows us
and ultimately saving time. “Our engineers are working to view column results both for the 3-dimensional
more efficiently because they don’t need to switch effects of the structure as a whole and from the more
between multiple software packages for concrete and
steel design. Tekla Structural Designer offers better
traditional floor-by-floor load take-down point of view.
Doing both has always required significant manual Want to Evaluate
integration of multiple materials than we have seen in
any other product,” said Barnes.
intervention, but Tekla Structural Designer puts it all in
one place.” “We reduce the possibility for human error Tekla Structural Designer?
because with Tekla Structural Designer less user input
LeMessurier engineers use Tekla Structural is required,” said Barnes. “Tekla Structural Designer
Designer to create physical, information-rich models
that contain the intelligence they need to automate the
automatically computes many of the design parame-
ters, such as column unbraced lengths. The assump-
design of significant portions of their structures and tions made by the software are typically correct, but we
efficiently manage project changes. can easily review and override them when necessary.”


SoilStructure Software, Inc. Tilt-Werks® by Dayton Superior®
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Foundations/Retaining Walls | General Packages/Suites
Light Gauge Steel | Masonry | Steel | Wood

Veit Christoph GmbH

Phone: 714-321-1816 Phone: 720-484-9758 Phone: +49 711 518573-30
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: Substructural Engineering Software Product: Tilt-Werks® Product: VCmaster
Description: SoilStructure Software, Inc. makes Description: Go from concept to completion faster Description: Comprehensive, affordable, and user-
substructural engineering software. These include with Tilt-Werks, a standardized software package for friendly software solution for compiling professional
Cantilever Shoring, Drilled Pier and Driven Pile designing tilt-up buildings and producing precise structural design calculations. A unique combination
Professional Software. structural drawings. Its innovative technology, unique of reliable calculation capacity and extensive text
in the tilt-up industry, has been used on over 400 tilt- processing features. Includes more than 60 interactive
up buildings and more than 30 million square feet of design aids to AISC 14th edition and ACI-318.
Strand7 Pty Ltd building construction. Empowers engineers to automate design calculations.
Phone: 252-504-2282 Free 60-day trial version available!
Web: Trimble
Product: Strand7 Phone: 770-426-5105 Victaulic
Description: A general-purpose FEA system Email: Phone: 866-707-0583
comprising integrated pre- and post-processing and Web: Email:
solvers. Used for linear and nonlinear analysis of Product: Tekla Tedds Web:
structures and components (static, dynamic and heat Description: Automates repetitive and error prone Product: Victaulic Tools for Revit 2018®
transfer) by engineering companies of all sizes and structural and civil calculations, allowing engineers Description: Released in conjunction with Autodesk
disciplines. Over the past 20 years, Strand7 has gained to perform 2D frame analysis, access a large range of University, the latest version of Victaulic Tools for Revit
worldwide acceptance as a powerful tool for structural automated structural and civil calculations to U.S. 2018 enhances routing with new editing features that
analysis, particularly nonlinear analysis. codes, and speed up daily structural calculations. make modeling, procurement, and fabrication within
Revit a reality for engineers and contractors. Further
simplifies preconstruction, boosts productivity, and
Structural Engineers, Inc. Product: Tekla Structural Designer makes projects even faster from the start.
Phone: 540-239-6355 Description: Fully automated and packed with
Email: FloorVibe unique features for optimized concrete and steel
Web: v3.0 design, Tekla Structural Designer helps engineering Visicon Inc.
Product: FloorVibe v3.0 businesses win more projects and maximize profits. Phone: 650-306-2400
Description: New release. Provides calculations and From quick comparison of alternative design schemes Email:
advice for the floor vibration prediction procedures through cost-effective change management and Web:
in the new AISC Design Guide 11 2nd Ed. Vibrations seamless BIM collaboration, Tekla Structural Designer Product: Visicon BIM Model Manager
of Steel-Framed Structural Systems Due to Human can transform your business. Description: A versatile tool for your daily interaction
Activity. Floors supporting residences, offices, with BIM models. It facilitates easy data extraction,
sensitive equipment, and rhythmic activities are easily Product: Tekla Structures markups, 3D measurements, coordination of issues,
evaluated, as well as Linear Stairs and Footbridges. Description: Create and transfer constructible models clash detection, quantity takeoffs, and change
throughout the design life cycle, from concept to management. It extracts Revit models in one click of
completion. With Tekla Structures, accurate and a button and opens IFC, ETABS, ADAPT, and other
StructurePoint information-rich models reduce RFIs, leverage models model file formats.
Phone: 847-966-4357 for drawing production, material take offs, and
Email: collaboration with architects, consultants, fabricators
Web: and contractors.
Product: Concrete Design Software Suite WoodWorks Software
Description: StructurePoint, formerly the PCA Phone: 800-844-1275
Engineering Software Group, offers concrete design Trimble, Inc. Email:
software programs updated to ACI 318-14 for Email: Web:
concrete buildings, concrete structures, and concrete Web: Product: Design Office Suite
tanks. Reinforced concrete structural software includes Product: Trimble 4D Control Software Description: Conforms to IBC 2015, ASCE7-10,
programs for design of columns, bridge piers, beams, Description: Handles the challenge of any complex NDS 2015, SDPWS 2015. SHEARWALLS: designs
girders, one and two-way slabs, shearwalls, tilt-up monitoring job – from campaign monitoring to perforated and segmented shearwalls; generates loads;
walls, mats, foundations, tanks, and slabs-on-grade. real-time multi-sensor operations. At the heart of a rigid and flexible diaphragm distribution methods.
monitoring project, 4D Control triggers alarms as SIZER: designs beams, columns, studs, joists up to 6
well as controls measurements, manages data, and stories; automatic load patterning. CONNECTIONS:
Struware, LLC analyses results. Wood to: wood, steel or concrete.
Phone: 904-302-6724
Email: Product: Trimble 4D Go for Buildings
Web: Description: Buildings located in seismically active If you are working with advertisers,
Product: Structural Engineering Software areas will benefit from Trimble 4D Go™ for Buildings,
Description: Struware provides easy to use structural a Web based service that provides data about or vendors listed in STRUCTURE
engineering software. So quick and easy, the software your buildings movements during an earthquake. Guides, please let them know
pays for itself the first time you use it. Programs Combining Trimble’s REF TEK hardware and
that you saw their company in
include a wind, seismic, snow, dead and live loadings Trimble 4D Go for Buildings software, you can rest
program, CMU walls, tilt-up concrete walls, steel floor assured that your building will comply with seismic STRUCTURE magazine!
vibration, and concrete beams. Demos at website. monitoring requirements.





Introducing our CFS (Cold-Formed Steel) Picture Frame - the ONLY pre-manufactured
lateral frame system that can be effectively used in wind and earthquake resistance
of multi-story, multifamily construction.



The new, easily stackable Cold-Formed
Steel Picture Frame makes larger windows
possible in multi-story construction by
distributing compression over more wall
length and simultaneously providing lateral
load resistance and uplift forces over
multiple floors. Go 5 stories high.


The only lateral frame perfect for
applications in wood frame construction
for narrow wall sections with large
openings and conditions.

Z4 Cinch Nut™, a take-up device used
in continuous tie-down systems, keeps
connections tight in the event of wood
shrinkage and deformation.


Resists lateral shear, provides continuous
tie-down for accumulating overturning
uplift, and distributes compression forces.

MiTek. Leading in Lateral.SM

See the only complete lateral line at | 800.754.3030
C O P Y R I G H T © 2018 M I T E K I N D U S T R I E S , I N C . A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D
Pack more into less with Ecospan ®

Get the most out of your space with the Ecospan Composite Floor System.

Thanks to Ecospan’s shallower floor depths, you can have as much usable
space in a shorter building as you would typically have in a taller building –
giving you more design freedom and saving time, money and manpower
in the process.

The Ecospan Composite Floor System


Vulcraft joist, decking and shearflex fastener

Build better


STC 57 Better Partners. Better Products.
IAPMO CERTIFIED Better Outcomes.
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Bentley Systems, Inc. Ecospan Composite Floor System MiTek

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Product: STAAD.Pro Product: Ecospan Composite Floor System Product: Hardy Frame® Panels, Brace Frames,
Description: Ensure on time and on budget Description: Provides open web structural and Special Moment Frames
completion of steel, concrete, timber, aluminum, components with a lighter weight composite design Description: Lead the industry in strength, stiffness,
and cold-formed steel projects, regardless of for elevated floor construction. Uses a unique and ductility to resist lateral loads, protect against
complexity. Confidently design structures anywhere configuration of components with high strength-to- damage, and dissipate energy. The Panel shape permits
in the world using over 80 international codes, weight ratios that allow for longer spans, shallower recessed fixtures and the ability to insulate. Panel
reducing your team’s need to learn multiple floor depths, greater rigidity and enhanced installations include back-to-back for double capacity;
software applications. performance – without sacrificing aesthetics. reinforced anchorage solutions are available.

Product: RAM Elements

Description: Analyze and design, including quickly ENERCALC, Inc. New Millennium Building Systems
performing 3D finite elements analysis, of almost any Phone: 800-424-2252 ENERCALC Phone: 260-969-3582
type of structure or structural component. Save time Email: Email:
and money by performing your daily design tasks for Web: Web:
all of your building projects, simple or complex, all Product: Structural Engineering Library/ Product: Steel Joist and Deck Building Systems
within a single easy to learn and use application. ENERCALC SE Cloud Description: New Millennium engineers and
Description: Steel design is a breeze with manufactures a complete range of steel building
ENERCALC’s Structural Engineering Library (SEL). systems. Solutions range from standard steel joists
Bluebeam, Inc. Beams, columns, 2D frames, force distribution in bolt and deck to architecturally unique steel joist and deck
Phone: 866-496-2140 groups…SEL handles it all. The clear user interface’s systems, including Versa-Floor® long-span composite
Email: new 3D sketches make it fast and easy to setup, floor systems for dramatic cost savings. A leader in
Web: confirm, and perform “what-if ” calculations. Member BIM based design for steel joists and decking.
Product: Bluebeam Revu optimization improves your efficiency and saves time!
Description: Tighter budgets. Shorter timelines.
Designing, engineering, bidding, and building are POSTEN Engineering Systems
more challenging than ever. Bluebeam Revu has IES, Inc. Phone: 510-506-8284
evolved to keep you a step ahead. Revu 2018 slides Phone: 800-707-0816 Email:
seamlessly into your existing workflows, helping you Email: Web:
access and share critical project information more Web: Product: TaperSTEEL
efficiently and complete your projects faster. Product: VisualAnalysis Description: The design of Tapered Steel Beams and
Description: Steel frames and trusses are easy Girders may seem daunting unless you have the right
to design using VisualAnalysis. Find out why tools. TaperSTEEL provides the Engineer accuracy
Cast Connex Corporation thousands of engineers have trusted IES tools since and time savings, and the Architect the freedom to be
Phone: 416-806-3521 1994. Download a free-trial in just a few minutes, creative in this truly unique and efficient software.
Email: info and solve your next problem today.
Product: High Integrity Blocks™ Qnect LLC
Description: Heavy, weldable, solid steel sections Lindapter Phone: 512-814-5611
which exhibit up to 65 ksi yield strength in all three Phone: 866-566-2658 Email:
directions of loading and through the full cross- Email: Web:
section of the section. Ideal for use within the center Web: Product: QuickQnect
of multi-axis loaded connections where lamellar Product: Steel Connection Systems Description: An intelligent, cloud-based connection
tearing of hot rolled plate may compromise quality Description: Lindapter has a variety of connections for app gives fabricators, detailers, and engineers fast
and strength of the connection. hollow steel section, steel-to-steel, pipe supports, and and flexible connections and significant cost and
metal flooring. Hollo-Bolt is the original expansion bolt schedule savings. In minutes, users can connect most
for structural steel and has recently become the only steel buildings without capital cost and with minimal
Dlubal Software, Inc. expansion bolt to have full seismic approval from initial training.
Phone: 267-702-2815 ICC-ES for all seismic design categories (A-F).
Web: S-FRAME Software
Product: RFEM MDX Software Phone: 604-273-7737
Description: Non-linear FEA software with LRFD Phone: 573-446-3221 Email:
and ASD design of hot-rolled steel according to AISC, Email: Web:
CSA, and other international standards. Additional Web: Product: S-STEEL
features: serviceability deflection checks, tapered Product: MDX Software Description: Design and optimize steel buildings
and curved beam design, and automatic cross-section Description: Used by many top design firms and with S-STEEL. Code-check and auto design for both
optimization. Stress analysis and design of steel DOTs to design and rate steel girder bridges for strength and serviceability to multiple design codes.
surface and shell elements also available, including compliance with LRFD, LRFR, LFD, and ASD Supports composite beam design, staged construction,
optimization and serviceability checks. AASHTO Specifications. and numerous optimization criteria and constraints.
continued on page 39
Independence Tube and Southland Tube have merged with Nucor Corporation to form its newest division, Nucor Tubular
Products. This may be Nucor’s newest division, but with it comes the heritage and pride of two family owned businesses.
With over 75 years of combined experience and over 2.1 million square feet under roof, Nucor Tubular Products will be your
first choice when it comes to purchasing hollow structural sections (HSS), ASTM A513, ASTM A53 pipe, and ASTM A135/
ASTM A795 fire protection sprinkler pipe.
Nucor Tubular Products are used in a broad array of structural and mechanical applications including non-residential
construction, infrastructure and agricultural and construction equipment and end use markets. Nucor Tubular products sells
its products primarily through service centers.
Nucor Tubular produces steel tubing to ASTM A500, ASTM A252 and ASTM A513 in the following sizes.
ROUNDS . . . . . . . ¾" x .113" wall . . . . . . . . . .through . . . . 16"OD x .688" wall
SQUARES . . . . . . 1½" SQ x .125" wall . . . . . .through . . . . 12" SQ x .625" wall
RECTANGLES . . . 2½" x 1½" x .125" wall . . . .through . . . . 16" x 8" x .625" wall

ROUNDS . . . . . . . 1.315"OD x .065" wall . . . .through . . . . 5"OD x .120" wall
SQUARES . . . . . . ¾" SQ x .065" wall . . . . . . .through . . . . 3½" SQ x .120" wall
RECTANGLES . . . 1½" x 1"x .065" wall . . . . . .through . . . . 5" x 2" x .120" wall

INDEPENDENCE TUBE also manufactures ASTM A53 Type E Grade B pipe in Trinity Alabama in sizes from:
Schedule 40 – 2" NPS through 8" NPS | Schedule 80 – 2" NPS through 4" NPS

ASTM A135 /ASTM A795

Schedule 10 . . . . . . . . . 2" NPS through 8" NPS
Schedule 40 . . . . . . . . . 2" NPS through 8" NPS
UL and C-UL listed and FM approved. All of the schedule 10 has ITC MIC Guard applied and is CPVC compatible.

With a yearly published on–time rolling schedule second to none in the industry, you can manage your inventory more
closely, knowing that material will be ready when promised. Independence Tube also offers Vendor Managed Inventory
(VMI), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and bar coding; all of which have become very important services in the
management of inventory and communications.
• I.D. flash removal • HSLA grades • Charpy V-notch testing • Pickled and oiled • Weld on the short side
• Special tolerances • Flux leakage • A252 Pipe beveling • Band saw cutting • Mitre cutting— is our 24/7 on–line customer secure Portal which will allow you to view inventory, place orders
and inquiries, release loads and view and download open order reports and test reports.
Independence Tube and Southland Tube are active members of the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
and the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI), the Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA), the Pile Driving
Contractors Association (PDCA) and the National Association of Pipe Distributors (NASPD) and its products can be
purchased at steel service centers across North America.

800‐543‐9024 800‐376‐6000

In November 2016 Independence Tube became a Nucor
company, in January 2017 Southland Tube also merged under
Grades include:
the Nucor banner, bringing two great tube producers together. • ASTM A500 • ASTM A513
• ASTM A252 • A53 grade B Type E ERW
Nucor Tubular Products is positioned to bring you all of the
• ASTM A1085 • ASTM A135 and ASTM A795 Sprinkler Pipe
latest updates and innovations in pipe and tube manufacturing.
Independence Tube and Southland Tube offer the same great Sizes include:
products, same great quality, same great 24/7 customer secure
Squares: ½" x 16" gauge through 12" x .625" wall
portal, same great rolling schedule and on time delivery. But
Rectangles: 1 ½" x 1" x 16 gauge through 16" x .625" wall
now more of it. We have 5 locations with over 2,000,000 square
Rounds: .840" OD x .109" wall through 16" OD x .688" wall
feet of manufacturing space under roof.

This is one time that more of the same is better. Nucor Tubular products—your one source for quality tube products.

Reach New
Heights With
At Vulcraft, we’ve got the products and expertise to take
your project to the next level. We’ll work with you from
start to finish to make sure your needs are met and your OR COMPLEXITY, VULCRAFT
expectations exceeded. From sound-reducing solutions
and timesaving economical options to roof and decking
systems that make your buildings stand out, we’ve got PROJECT A SUCCESS.
you covered.

On the LEED for Schools Gold certified and NuHeights


award-winning Niles North HS Aquatics Center

To find out more, please
renovation and addition, we worked directly with the visit us at
structural engineer early in the design process to
develop the profile, size and connections to ensure R

appropriate loads on both the joists and steel structure.

V U LC R A F T / V E R C O G R O U P
Due to the curved, exposed nature of the ceiling,
the aesthetics of the ceiling joists were an integral Better Partners. Better Products.
component in the design. Better Outcomes.
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Simpson Strong-Tie®
Phone: 800-925-5099 The TRADE SHOW IN PRINT is available online!
Product: SHH Steel Header Hangers
Description: Developed to support CFS framing
box headers as well as large-flange lay-in headers

Providing Flexible Solutions for 10 Years

used in curtain-wall construction, the SHH hangers
ease installation by reducing drywall buildup. The
hanger’s screw count has also been minimized with
extensive component assembly testing.

Product: Simpson Strong-Tie® SBR Joist Grip Framing Clamp System

and DBR Spacer Bracers Support your rooftop loads in uplift and
Description: Load rated and assembly tested, SBR download conditions. The distributed
and DBR spacer bracers reduce the installed cost load capacity of 4,000 lbs per complete
of cold-formed steel stud walls. The SBR and DBR system makes the Joist Grip Framing
come with pre-punched slots that eliminate the need Clamp System the ideal support for
for bridging clips and enable a faster layout. rooftop unit installations.

Super Stud Building Products, Inc.

Phone: 800-477-7883
Pipe Header System
Web: Hanger Clamps, rated for 1,000 lbs
Product: EDGE™ EQ Steel Framing System each allow hanging of equipment

ADVERTISEMENT–For Advertiser Information, visit

Description: Features lightweight, high-strength below the roof deck while utilizing the
steel, an innovative design incorporating a closed ability of the Framing Clamps to
triangular lip, and provides the safest installation distribute the load to panel points on
environment in the industry. Provides the highest the top chord of the bar joist.
rating, making it an ideal choice for architects
looking to reduce sound transmission. Combine
these features with industry leading STC ratings.
Suspension Clamp System
Trimble Utilize the Panel Point Bridge to safely
Phone: 770-426-5105 suspend HVAC equipment, conveyors
Email: or other ceiling fixtures without
Web: welding or drilling using the
Product: Tekla Structures Suspension Clamp System.
Description: Models created with Tekla software
carry the accurate, reliable, and detailed information
needed for successful Building Information Modeling
and construction execution. Tekla works with all
materials and the most complex structures – you set Upper Deck Fall Protection System
the limits. Tekla software allows effective information Using corrugations in the standard
flow: Architects, engineers and contractors can share roof deck, the Upper Deck Fall
and coordinate project information. Protection Anchorage System easily
clamps to the top chord of the bar joist
Vulcraft Verco Group or wide flange support.
Phone: 260-337-1800
Product: Steel Joists and Deck
Description: Vulcraft Verco Group is the SAFEST,
highest quality, lowest cost, most productive and
most profitable steel and steel products company in
the world. With our local sales teams, assured steel
supply, just-in-time fleet, and vetted carrier service,
we have the people in place to deliver.



Get inspired
Elevate your design solutions.
Download this free guide.

Structural steel shouldn’t demand rigid thinking. Create dramatic
and sweeping curves. Achieve stunning architectural visions while
answering complex engineering challenges. Improve the cost
and performance of your next project. DBIA 2018 Booth 719


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Bekaert Fibercon International Inc. S-FRAME Software

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Web: Web: Web:
Product: Steel Wire Strand, Stay Cables, PC Strand, Product: Steel Reinforcing Fibers Product: S-CONCRETE
PT Tendon Strand Description: FIBERCON steel fiber reinforcement, Description: Efficient concrete design and detailing
Description: Bekaert is a market leader in steel wire when distributed in the concrete paste, becomes an solution for columns, beams and walls with ACI 318-
transformation and coating technologies. We produce integral part of the matrix providing a crack interceptor 14 support. Run as standalone application or as ICD
steel reinforcement solutions for bridges that are Made at each randomly placed fiber. High fiber count allows in S-FRAME which includes continuous beam design.
and Melt in America. Our product portfolio includes FIBERCON fibers to provide reinforcement against NEW Multi-Story Designer quickly processes results
Galvanized or Black Cable Stays, PC Strand for micro-crack growth in all directions and keeps micro- and generates engineering design reports for large
Prestressed Concrete, and Galvanized or Black Strand cracks from becoming macro-cracks. structures analyzed with ETABS®.
for Post-Tension applications.
LUSAS Simpson Strong-Tie®
Cast Connex Corporation Phone: 646-732-7774 Phone: 800-925-5099
Phone: 416-806-3521 Email: Email:
Email: Web: Web:
Web: Product: LUSAS Bridge Product: SET-3G™ High-Strength Anchoring Adhesive
Product: Cast Steel Nodes and Connectors Description: Finite element analysis software for Description: The latest innovation in epoxy adhesives.
Description: The use of cast steel nodes and accurate and cost-effective design of steel and concrete The high-strength anchoring adhesive can be installed
connectors in steel bridge structures can provide bridges and other structures. Use for fundamental in extreme concrete temperatures from 40°F to 100°F,
improved fatigue performance, enhanced structural frequency, seismic, dynamic, nonlinear, buckling, as well as in dry or water-filled holes in concrete. SET-
resilience, and can reduce the total life-cycle cost of fatigue, staged construction, soil-structure and rail 3G provides the high bond strength values needed for
pedestrian, road, and rail bridges. track-structure interaction. Vehicle-load optimization a variety of adhesive anchoring applications.
facilities provide worst-case loading patterns.
Con-Struct Bridges AASHTO and other design codes are supported. Product: FX-70® Structural Piling Repair
Phone: 616-261-8630 and Protection System
Email: MAPEI Corporation Description: Repair damaged concrete, steel, or wood
Web: Phone: 954-246-8793 piles in place with the FX-70 system that utilizes
Product: Con-Struct Prefabricated Bridge System Email: custom fiberglass jackets and high-strength grouting
Description: Offers many benefits and has provided Web: materials. The FX-70 system eliminates the need
a cost effective and extremely durable answer for Product: Planiseal Traffic Coat FS to dewater the repair site or take the structure out
prefabricated bridges throughout the United States. Description: A 100%-solids, two-part advanced epoxy of service, dramatically reducing the overall cost of
With options that can meet all of your bridge building bonding agent and binder engineered to provide a water- restoring damaged structures.
needs, Con-Struct is the preferred prefabricated bridge and skid-resistant broadcast overlay.Excellent for use on
choice when building new or replacing existing bridges. elevated concrete bridges and decks, as well as parking Strongwell
garages and plaza decks, due to its fast-setting properties. Phone: 276-645-8000
Phone: 845-230-7533 New Millennium Building Systems Web:
Email: Phone: 803-251-5165 Product: GRIDFORM™
Web: Email: Description: A prefabricated fiber reinforced polymer
Product: Power-Stud HD5 Expansion Anchors Web: (FRP) double-layer grating, concrete-reinforcing
Description: A fully threaded, torque-controlled, Product: Steel Bridge Deck system with integral stay-in-place (SIP) form for
wedge expansion anchor. The anchor is manufactured Description: New Millennium engineers and vehicular bridge decks. Eliminates expensive and
with a hot-dip galvanized carbon steel body and manufactures stay-in-place steel and concrete form labor-intensive rebar and reduces overall project time,
stainless steel expansion clip. Nut and washer are systems for bridges, featuring Rhino-Dek® – the while providing a superior end product.
included. Suitable base materials include normal- galvanized and polymer laminate solution for
weight concrete, sand-lightweight concrete and spanning over brackish and salt water, suitable for new Tensar Corporation
grouted concrete masonry. Tested in accordance construction and bridge rehabilitation. Phone: 770-555-1212
with ASTM E488. Email:
Nordic Structures Web:
Dynamic Isolation Systems Phone: 514-871-8526 Product: AquaTech
Phone: 775-359-3333 Email: Description: Tensar International Corporation
Email: Web: specialize in solutions for common site development
Web: Product: Nordic Lam problems such as grade changes requiring retaining
Product: Lead Rubber Bearing (LRB) for Base Description: Nordic Structures offers a range of turnkey walls and poor soil conditions affecting the cost of
Isolation of Bridges services covering all the steps of wood bridge design and roadways, parking lots, and building structures.
Description: Allows bridges to survive earthquakes construction. The culture, experience, and expertise of
with no damage while providing cost savings on our team set Nordic Structures apart as a company able Listings are provided as a courtesy.
substructures due to reduced forces. LRBs require no to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
STRUCTURE® magazine is not responsible for errors.
maintenance and are extremely durable. For more information, visit the website.


W riting down and implementing structural calcula-
tions along with drawing engineering plans is second
nature to a structural engineer. Whether it is a design report
VCmaster has proven to be a reliable alternative to cumber-
some spreadsheets. Instead of hiding formulae in different
spreadsheet cells, VCmaster uses formulae in a precise math-
for the building authorities or an academic paper on structural ematical form. This is consistent with the working methods of
engineering, engineers convey information through reports engineers and is easier to apply and maintain than spreadsheets.
and documents on a daily basis. Unfortunately, structural Algorithms can be generated quickly and without program-
engineering reports are not always pro- ming knowledge. Data, such as material
fessional. Often, errors occur due to a and section properties are determined

lack of examination and the lack of a from tables stored in a database and
system that standardizes these structural linked with the document.
engineering reports. The U.S. edition is bundled with numer-
VCmaster offers engineers a unique ous calculation templates developed in
and comprehensive concept for pro- the U.S. by American SEs according to
fessional documents. Fundamentally, AISC, 14th edition, ACI-318, and ASCE-
you can perceive it as a word processor 7. VCmaster allows SEs to perform their
for structural engineers, but with an own design calculations and combine
engineering twist. VCmaster calculates them with fully editable templates from
algorithms automatically, and inte- the extensive template library to create
grates all structural engineering information into one single design calculations that fit the current task.
system. Outputs of all structural analysis or CAD programs The benefits of working with VCmaster are significant time
can be incorporated. The digitally compiled VCmaster saving and safeguarding of valuable know-how. Recalculations
documents can be easily adjusted, combined or reused due to modifications in the inputs
+49 711 518573-30
at will. Every time an input is altered, all calculations are are routine and redundant. Thus,
automatically recalculated and delivered in the report, which providing more time for actual struc-
helps avoid abortive design works and mistakes. tural design and scheming work.
WOOD Connectors | Engineered Lumber | I-Joists

American Wood Council ENERCALC, Inc. Simpson Strong-Tie®

Phone: 202-463-2766 Phone: 800-424-2252 Phone: 800-925-5099
Email: Email: Email:
Web: Web: Web:
Product: National Design Specification® (NDS)® Product: Structural Engineering Library / Product: Simpson Strong-Tie® IUS Hanger
Description: ANSI/AWC NDS-2015 National ENERCALC SE Cloud Application Platform Description: IUS is a code-listed hybrid I-joist hanger
Design Specification (NDS) for Wood Construction Description: Whether working with wood that incorporates the advantages of face mount and
is referenced in the 2015 International Building Code. beams, trusses, columns, ledgers, or shear walls, top mount hangers. Installation is fast with the snap-
It includes design information for glulam, I-joists, ENERCALC’s Structural Engineering Library in Strong-Grip™ seat and easy-to-reach face nails.
structural composite lumber, wood structural panels, handles it easily. New 3D sketches make it easy to Self-jigging locator tabs can be bent out of the way for
and cross laminated timber. visualize / analyze components. Built-in databases a smooth surface on the header top face.
for sawn lumber and engineered wood products
(VersaLam, Glu-Lam etc) put section properties and Product: Simpson Strong-Tie® DG Series
Cast Connex Corporation allowable stresses at your fingertips. Fire Wall Hangers
Description: DG fire wall hangers install on a
Phone: 416-806-3521 two-hour wood stud fire wall during framing
Email: before the drywall is in place. These top-mount hangers
Web: Nordic Structures
connect floor trusses and joists to wood stud walls.
Product: CAST CONNEX Timber End Connectors Phone: 514-871-8526 Available in sizes that accommodate I-joists and trusses.
Description: Clevis-type fittings designed Email: All models are F (flame) and T (temperature) rated.
to connect to the ends of heavy timber or Web:
glue-laminated structural elements, loaded in Product: Nordic Joist and Nordic Lam
predominately tension or compression, for use Description: Nordic Structures develops and
in architecturally exposed applications. markets wood products manufactured out of black Phone: 770-426-5105
spruce from the boreal forest. Our team of building Email:
professionals provides engineering and technical Web:
assistance with product distribution. Trusted for Product: Tekla Structures
DEWALT our expertise, product quality, and commitment to Description: Can be used for wood framing: True
Phone: 845-230-7533 providing service and logistical support at the most BIM model of wood framing, parametric components
Email: advantageous price. allow for easy creation and design change, easily
Web: add or move doors and windows, library of industry
Product: HangerWorks standard wood connections included, clash checking
Description: Automates placement and design of
RedBuilt functionality to eliminate change orders, easily
hangers and seismic bracing for MEP systems. The Phone: 866-859-6757 customizable to suit job requirements.
plugin tool enables users to size hanger assemblies Email:
based on the weights of the MEP system (including Web: Product: Tedds
component contents) and determine hanger locations Product: Red-I™ Engineered I-joists Description: Using Tedds, you can design a range
based on building code requirements and user-defined Description: An integral part of floor, ceiling, of wood elements, including: beams (single span,
project standards. and roof construction for commercial applications. multi-span and cantilever); wood columns; sawn
Comprised of laminated veneer lumber flanges and lumber, engineered wood, glulam and flitch options;
propriety oriented strand board web, Red-I joists shear walls (multiple openings; segmented or
resist warping, twisting, and shrinking. Strong yet perforated); connections (bolted, screwed, nailed,
Dlubal Software, Inc. lightweight; lengths of up to 80 feet and in a range wood/wood and wood/steel); produce detailed and
Phone: 267-702-2815 of sizes and depths. transparent documentation.
Product: RFEM WoodWorks Software
S-FRAME Software
Description: Analyze timber members, Phone: 800-844-1275
connections, and cross-laminated timber (CLT) Phone: 604-273-7737 Email:
panels. Complete with LRFD/ASD member Email: Web:
design according to the NDS-2015 including Web: Product: WoodWorks Design Office Suite
fire resistance, tapered/curved glulam design, and Product: S-TIMBER Description: Conforms to IBC 2015, ASCE 7-10,
automatic cross-section optimization. Additionally, Description: Generate linear and non-linear static NDS 2015, SDPWS 2015; SHEARWALLS:
design steel plate member-to-member connections or vibration analysis results to code; check and designs perforated and segmented shearwalls;
or carry out a stress design of CLT panels, both per design Cross-Laminated Timber, Glulam and Sawn generates loads; rigid and flexible diaphragm
the NDS-2015. lumber with consideration for notches, bearing distribution methods. SIZER: designs beams,
areas, boreholes, material quantities, and costs. Every columns, studs, joists up to 6 stories; automatic load
Listings are provided as a courtesy, STRUCTURE object, property, and operation in S-TIMBER can be patterning. CONNECTIONS: Wood to: wood,
magazine is not responsible for errors. automated and customized. steel or concrete. Canadian version available.

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