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Initial briefing on dissertations: Individual projects

All MSc Programmes offered at SoE- Campus and Online

Peter Hicks1 Amer Syed 2 Nina Nikora 3 Alfonso Martinez-Filipe 4

Mehmet Kartal 5 Henry Tan 6 Antonios Karadimos 7 Roozbeh Rafati 8
Prashant Jadhawar 9

1 Co-ordinator of MSc Projects-

2 Co-ordinator for EG5908-

3 Co-ordinator for EG5909-

4 Co-ordinator for EG5912- a.martinez-

5 Co-ordinator for EG59M9/EG5917-

6 Co-ordinator for EG5906/10-

7 Co-ordinator for EG59F9/G9/E9-

8 Co-ordinator for EG5911/EG5913-

9 Co-ordinator for EG59R9/T9-

23 January 2019

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Outline of presentation

1 Dissertation: Individual project

2 Project types
Campus-based projects developed by staff
Campus-based projects developed by students
Projects with industry involvement sourced by students
Projects with industry involvement sourced by staff

3 Project allocation algorithm

Student ranking
Algorithmic project allocation
Algorithm details

4 MyAberdeen project selection

Format of the project booklet
Rules for project selection
MyAberdeen project selection assignment

5 Documentation and deadlines

6 Further information

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Your individual project is a major piece of scholarly research and/or design work. A
considerable importance and weighting is attached to it.

I 60 credit points (one-third of total credits for MSc)

I From 20 May to 12 August 2019 (Campus) and 20 May to 4 November 2019

I Campus students
80% for written report on dissertation and;
20% for oral presentation.
I Online learning students
100% for written report on dissertation.

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Dissertation: Objectives of individual project

I To build expertise in a specific subject area of your degree programme

I To enable creative and innovative development of engineering technology and

continuous improvement of systems

I To develop and enhance your project management and communication (report

writing) skills

I To acquire necessary skills for independent research

I To acquire or enhance valuable experience for career in industry

I To provide a strong building block for those wishing to pursue a PhD degree on
completion of their MSc.

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I Project can be based on one or more of the following:

Critical review of particular concepts or solution methods
Design and/or development of new technology
Assessment of existing technology for new applications
Computer simulation for design improvements
Analytical or theoretical analysis
Experimental investigation

I You will be expected to critically examine the academic and industrial contexts
of your project, identify problems and think originally when proposing potential

I You must clearly demonstrate in your dissertation the originality of the work and
your own contribution to knowledge and understanding.

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Project types

Project allocation for campus students will be completed algorithmically. The

allocation mechanism depends on the type of project involved. The types of projects
I Campus-based projects developed by staff

I Campus-based projects developed by students

I Projects with industry involvement sourced by students

I Projects with industry involvement sourced by staff

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Campus-based projects developed by staff

I On 18 March a booklet of projects will be released via MyAberdeen;

I From this booklet you will be asked to rank your 6 favourite projects;

I Preferences should be submitted before midday on Friday 29 March using the

“project selection assignment” on MyAberdeen;

I The information you provide will be used to match you to a project;

I All students are required to select projects from the project booklet, regardless
of whether or not you suggest an alternative project.

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Campus-based projects developed by students

I For this you need

A project specification;
An academic willing to supervise your proposed project.

I What should you do

Complete the project specification form with the academic supervisor’s contact details
and signature, and submit it through MyAberdeen before midday on Friday 29 March;
You should also select your preferred projects from the project booklet in case your
project is not allocated or is deemed unsuitable.

I If your proposed academic supervisor has a full allocation of students when we try
to allocate your project, then your project will not go ahead. In this case you be
allocated a project based on your other preferences.

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Projects with industry involvement sourced by students

I For this you need:

A project specification;
An industrial supervisor/company willing to support your projects (either full time, part
time or by hosting visits).

I What you should do:

Complete the project specification form with the industrial supervisor’s contact details
and signature, and submit it through MyAberdeen before midday on Friday 29 March;
You should also select your preferred projects from the project booklet in case your
industry project falls through or is deemed unsuitable.

I Projects like this will go ahead, providing the company remains willing and the
project coordinator decides your project is suitable.

I Online learning students working in the industry, an industrial project based on

the mutual interests of the student and their employer is strongly recommended
and is to be undertaken through discussion with the student’s employer.

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Projects with industry involvement sourced by staff

I The University will additionally source a number of projects with industrial

content (full time/part time/company visits).

I These may be allocated in a number of different ways:

They may be included in the project booklet and you’re free to include these in your

They may be competitively advertised on MyAberdeen (in these cases you are likely to
be asked to submit a CV and a covering letter);

Project coordinators may contact students directly based on the specific requirements
of the companies involved.

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Project allocation algorithm- student ranking

I Students will be ranked by their results in the first-half session;

I January starting Oil and Gas, and Petroleum students will be ranked by their
continuous assessment results, and their entry grades;

I If two (or more), students have the same overall ranking, then their position in
the ranking will be determined by a random number generator.

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Algorithmic project allocation

We work down the ranking of students without a project and test the highest
remaining project preference of each student...

After reaching the bottom of the ranking, we go back to the highest ranked student
without a project and start again.

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Algorithm details

I If students are not allocated before they run out of project preferences, then a
manual allocation will occur based on the information provided and the remaining

I If you submit your own project specification, then this will be your first preference.
This sixth project preference you submit via MyAberdeen will be ignored;

I This algorithm has been successfully employed for UG project allocation for a few
years and PG project allocation for a couple of years now;

I This algorithm is based on the work of Abraham et al. (2003), and is designed to
maximize the number of students getting one of their preferred projects.

D.J. Abraham, R.W. Irving, and D.F. Manlove (2003), In Algorithms and Computation, volume 2906 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(Editors T. Ibaraki, N. Katoh, and H. Ono). Chapter The student project allocation problem, pages 474-484. Springer, Berlin Heidelberg.
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Format of the project booklet

For each project in the project booklet you will have the following information

If you would like to do this project, then you should enter the project code 21.1 in the
MyAberdeen project selection assignment

*Petroleum/ Oil and Gas only

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Rules of project selection
I Projects in the project booklet will be anonymised and have a supervisor number, but not the
name of the supervisor.

I Project selections will be entered via MyAberdeen and should have the form 21.3, where 21 is
the supervisor number and 3 is a project number, representing the third project offered by
supervisor 21.

I Each project you select must have a different supervisor number. i.e. you can’t pick two projects
proposed by supervisor 21.

I If your first preference project is 21.3, and your second preference project is 21.1, then your
second preference will be ignored as this is a repeated supervisor number.

Decommissioning projects only

I Decomissioning projects may be based in either
Engineering: Project codes: XX.Y
Biological Sciences: Project codes: 1XX.Y
Law: Project codes: 2XX.Y
Economics: Project codes: 3XX.Y
I Please complete the survey for your preferred School by midday 28 January for us to enable
sourcing sufficient number of projects across your preferred Schools.
I The information collected in the survey will be used to inform the gathering of projects- you are
not tied to any preference you made.

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MyAberdeen project selection assignment

I You will be given access to the project selection assignment (see below), when
the project specifications are released;
I You should enter the code for your first choice project as the answer to question
1, and so on...

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I Information is available on MyAberdeen in “Guidelines” document

Also read School of Engineering safety handbook
I Read these documents CAREFULLY

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Campus based Online-learning
Individual project briefing Today
Project specifications of campus based 18 March 18 March
projects released
Deadline for students to submit project pref- 29 March 29 March
erences via MyAberdeen
Notification of project academic supervisor 26 April 26 April
Briefing on conduct of project and writing of Soon after May exams Soon after May exams
Mandatory safety training for students using Week begining 13 May Week begining 13 May
lab facilities at the University
Commencement of project work 9AM 20 May 20 May
Submission of the Final Project Specification 3 June 17 June
form and Research Ethics Review Checklist
Submission of physical copies dissertation to 12 August 4 November
the Engineering PGT Office and electronic
copy on MyAberdeen
Oral Presentations 15-16 August
Individual project results released Around 12 October Around 25 January 20
I If you fail to submit your project preferences by 29 March, then you will fall to the bottom of
the ranking;
I If you don’t have an alternative project, then you don’t have to submit a project specification
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Further information

I MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering & MSc Process Safety

Dr Alfonso Martinez-Filipe (

I MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering & MSc Advanced Structural Engineering

Dr Mehmet Kartal (

I MSc Decomissioning
Dr Prashant Jadhawar (

I MSc Subsea Engineering

Dr Antonios Karadimos (

I MSc Oil and Gas Engineering

Dr Amer Syed (

I MSc Petroleum Engineering

Dr Roozbeh Rafati (

I MSc Renewable Energy Engineering

Dr Nina Nikora (

I MSc Safety and Reliability Engineering

Dr Henry Tan (

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