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Master (Sanitary Finttings)


Centre of Excellence in Arts & Design (CEAD), Jamshoro
2. 2. FACTORY HEAD OFFICE • Karachi • Lahore • Faisalabad • Rawalpindi • Multan
3. 3. COMPETITORS  Sonex Sanitary  Faisal Sanitary  Super Asia Sanitary  Adam
Sanitary  Other Industries of China & India EXPORTING COUNTRIES  UAE  Kuwait 
China  England  Afghanistan
4. 4. COMPANY HISTORY  1982  Master Industries is launched, initially producing high
quality sanitary fittings.  2000  Ever-increasing demand necessitates increase in
production which has to be tripled. In the same year, Master installs a most modern plant
and acquires the recipe for in-house production of tiles raw material including frits and colors.
It doesn’t stop there as the Italians, the world leaders in ceramic industry, start importing our
frits and thus the capacity of this plant is also forced to be tripled.  2003  Master Granite
storms the market. These tiles are produced using Italian technologies that are yet to be
practiced in Italy and the finest raw material found in Pakistan.  2016  It’s a year of
revolution as latest Lathe Machines are introduced from China which will increase accuracy
and perfection of Master Faucet. New Master Sanitary Plant with latest and advanced
technology is under construction with following advancements: a) 50 per cent increase in
production and quality b) Automated units and processes
5. 5. PRODUCT CATEGORIES  Sink Mixers  Stop Cocks  Lever  Coral Series  Full
Round  Gold Series  Bathroom Accessories  Heads  Misc. Items CP  Misc. Items
Plastic  Quarter Round  Showers  Silver Series
8. 8. GENERAL INFORMATION:  Price starting from: MASTER: 8500 bathroom set SONEX:
9500 bathroom set  Maximum Price MASTER: 32,000 Rs SONEX: 42,000 Rs  Both have
good quality product & are durable, but the Master is more economical than Sonex.  Bahria
used MASTER products in all its projects.  MASTER Sell Dealer in Hyderabad: Hashmi
sanitary store, Risala Road, Hyderabad.
9. 9. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS  Usage of European imported Chemical for Core
Making  Usage of best grade Yellow Brass for casting the Brass parts having 58% to 62%
Copper and 35% imported Zink with 1% to 4% other Metals as impurities  Parts tested at
100PSI(7 bar) pressure however standard domestic pressure is 20 to 25 PSI  Usage of
imported food grade Grease  Usage of stainless steel wire + EPDM/PEX Tube in our
Chrome finish Toilet shower
10. 10. TECHNICAL FEATURES  Upper shiny protection layer provides a mirror finish to every
faucet  High plating thickness provides tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions 
Salt spray testing to ensure durability and corrosion resistance of our finishes  Thickness of
Nickel layer = 16 to 20 micron  Thickness of chrome layer = 0.3 to 0.5 micron  Using
European imported chemical for chrome  Using Semi Bright Nickel process along with the
Bright nickel process for enhancing the chrome quality of our products  High Quality Nickel
plate is imported from France  Checking the chrome quality and durability on Brass parts by
putting the parts in Oven for 30 minutes at 200°c
11. 11. OTHER PRODUCTS Tiles  Ceramic Tiles  Glazed Tiles (Floor/Wall)  Metallic Tiles 
Mosaic Tiles  Terra-Cotta Tiles  Unglazed Tiles (Floor/Wall)  Porcelain Tiles The rates of
the Tiles start from 2500 square-meters.
12. 12. QUALITY POLICY  We are fully conscious of climate change and our responsibility in
this regard. We know that we have only one planet to live unlike many other companies that
have sadly forgotten this fact. We believe in the sustainable development approach and we
are constantly working on minimizing the share in the global warming. We have plants and
machinery that is designed according to the international standards and emits no harmful
gases or solid waste. We use food grade Lubricants, grease, for manufacturing purposes
that poses no harm to the human health or eco-cycle. We follow all the legal and ethical
standards to give healthy future and lifestyle to our people because they matter the most to
us. “We value the mother Earth!”
14. 14. THANK YOU!