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MOC = Match of Cards

A Flight 1st: Susie Wagner (MOC) 2nd: Beatrice Asafor (MOC)

3rd: Gretchen Stoneman (MOC)
4th: Mary Lou Harris (MOC)
5th: Dee Pumphrey (MOC)
B Flight 1st: Donna Wiggs 2nd: Shirley Morocm (MOC)
3rd: Yvonne Alford (MOC)
4th: Mary Anne Epley
5th: Ruth Ann Neely
C Flight 1st: Dixie Flaim 2nd: Marge Krempasky
3rd: Gloria Biagas
4th: Barbara Reimann (MOC)
5th: Robby Smith (MOC)
D Flight 1st: Pat Britt-Johnson 2nd: Pat Williams
3rd: Diane Hoover (MOC)
4th: Katie Fontaine (MOC)
5th: Bonzie Gilbert (MOC)

and “Picnic on the Patio” Our Tournament Team

hard at work.
Thank you!

50/50 - $19/each
Yvonne Alford
Susie Wagner