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Worksheet 1.

There is / There are

1. Write affirmative sentences using there is or there are.
1. there are five shops.
2. there are a lot of restaurants.
3. there is a building.
4. there are some parks.
5. there is a library.
6. there is a bus station.
7. there is a sports centre.

2. Write the sentences in exercise 1 into the negative form.

1. There is a big classroom
2. There ins’ t a big classroom
3. Is there a big classroom?
3. Write the sentences in exercise 1 into the interrogative form. Add short answers
about your city.
1. ________________________________________in your city? _________________ 2.
________________________________________in your city? _________________ 3.
________________________________________in your city? _________________ 4.
________________________________________in your city? _________________ 5.
________________________________________in your city? _________________ 6.
________________________________________in your city? _________________
7. ________________________________________in your city? _________________

4. Choose the correct words.

1. There’s are a TV.
2. There are four chairs in the living room.
3. Are there any windows in the kitchen?
4. Is there a teacher in the classroom?
5. There aren’t any pencils on the table.
6. There isn’t a milk in the fridge.
7. Is there a bookcase?

5. Complete the questions and short answers using the correct form of there is or there
1. there is a tree in this park? No, ________________
2. there is an internet café in your city? Yes, _______________
3. there are any hospitals near hear? No, ________________
4. there are any buildings next to your school? Yes, _________________
5. there is a shop in this street? No, ___________________
6. there is any cinema in your town? Yes, _______________
7. there are any students in the school? No, _______________