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UNIVERSIDAD DE EL SALVADOR. UNIVERSIDAD EN LINEA - EDUCACION A DISTANCIA ESCUELA DE MERCADEO INTERNACIONAL. laborado por: Licda. Naldy Evelin Arteaga Oliva! WORKBOOK UNIT 1-INTRODUCTIONS. READ EACH INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY 1-WRITE THE WORD OR NUMBER NUMBER WORD 100 one hundred 81 AGLAW ond Si fifty-five 31 thar ty -One 2y twenty-seven 63 Sixty Three uy thirty-four 46 focky sy XG Seventy-six 57 Lil yy Seve 2-CHOOSE 5 WORDS FROM THE BOX TO COMPLETE THE SENTENCES. Brazil Lebanon Chinese Costa Rican British Poland The United states 1. A:T'm from Great Britain B: So, youare Bastisl, 2, A: Are you from China? B: Yes, Lam.l'm_Clat nese 3, A: He's Lebanese B: So, he is from_Le anon 4, A:Are those students from__Poear\ B: No, they are not. They're not Brazilian, ‘They are from Costa Rica. A: Oh, sothey are Cost Oican " Licenciada en Idioma Inglés, docente de la Escuela de Mercadeo Internacional de la Facultad de Ciencias Econ6micas, Universidad de El Salvador, 3-CHANGE THE SUBJECT OF THE SENTENCES WITH PERSONAL PRONOUNS (HE, SHE, IT OR THEY.) EXAMPLE: Jane and Martin are friend 1. Blephants are huge. 2. My father is an astronaut, 3.My catisgrey. ke %S Aco 4. My family andPate from La Paz’ "TKG{ owce 5. Jose Luis is very tall, Ke ee oN) re frien 4-SIMPLE PRESENT VERB “TO BE” WRITE AM, IS OR ARE Hit LGX%une Peter and this, We...S&..ubrother and sister. I SSE... Diana. She my sister. ten, We .. near Santa Tecla, What from San Salvador. San Salvador .. your name? Where 8.5 S-USEIS,AM, ARE. cu” 1. You and 1_2¢% sister and brother. 2.A:_[\c& _ they from Colombia? B: No, they ac’ 3.Hiscousin__\S _a good teacher, 4, Miguel a bus driver. He is a taxi driver. 5.A: Ice __ these boys English? B: No,_[\ce_ French. 6.A: Kee you hungry? B: Yes, let's eat. 7. My car isn't white, It_\S__a red car. 6-COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE CONTRACTED NEGATIVE FORMS OF ‘THE VERB TO BE. Example: She isn’t from France. 1. Diana and Peter_Qceo' married. 2.My brother_isn'+ here at the moment. 3.We_axes+ in Australia. 4. Yeny's last name__is o'*" __ Rodriguez. 5.She_isw'*_a secretary. 7-PUT THE WORDS = THE CORRECT — ORDER. 1. not / am / student /a/1/. awn net a Shudeet 2.1 /twenty-five/ old./ Am/ years = een hwerty Cine Vers ol id 3,We/Venezuela/ From/are_\We ox 3. The dance teacher never teaches new routines. True /False > 4 Edgar practices his sport at the school swimming pool. ‘True /als 5, Students at a sports college study sports all the time. True /False 7-WRITE SENTENCES WITH AN ADVERB OF FREQUENCY. 1. Mom and Dad / listen to music / after work (often) Mom and J often Usten bo music aller Wore bmn / go to danee classes / on Mongay and Thursday (usualy) UsvaLlt 2 MEE CESSES On yonded acd thoesdey 3.1 ie the treadmill / in the gym (alway) f alwortS ose pe peadwitl fa the Skm- 4, Sandra / stay overnight ata friend’s house / on Sunday (never) ndin Wt Gh aytenight ar a Catad's loose on Sunday Erika and Ursula / go swimming / after school (sometimes) TK and Ursula Sometimes GO Swimming ater school 8-COMPLETE WITH AT, IN, ON. 1.We have art_A+ Friday. 2. School starts_OXC_nine o’clock. 3. They always have breakfast © V\_half past seven. 4, Martina usually goes to the gym _<°\ the morning. 5.Do you often read_~~_ night? 9-WRITE QUESTIONS FOR THESE ANSWERS. 1. Do Moo Live jn the U.S 7 No, I don'tlive in the US. live in Canada, 7 po ete olla ok? Yes, I go to school in Montreal, Kee Sov Cos = Seven coc. set\ ? Yes; my friends are from Montreal. ‘ee Stik You t Nec? Hike tennis and got 5, ws ? Lusually play tennis on Wednesday and Saturday. 6 Do You URC Soccer 2 No, I don't like soccer. 7 Oe S48 a So4s 2 Yes, Ilove dogs! a ue de You 50 Gr Somnus? J often go to the U.S. for my summer NSCREA vacation. 9. oe Get R eacly on 2 _7No, Inever get up early on the weekend! 10. 1S 2c ci oi? Yes, my favorite band is U2 10-GIVE LONG ANSWERS FOR THE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOU. 1. Do you study hard?_\ €S 2. Does your father practice any sport? No We OFS 0 3. What time do you go to bed?_Wew OC C\o EC 4. Do you live in an apartment?_WO | Le rs : 5. How often do you go to the beach?_WO ELITE |, 6. How well do you play soccer? { y= and Plan Soccer 7, How does your father go to work? We, 40 xD Gor’ in Your Caw 8. What time do you take a shower?“ cin 6 9. What do you eat for breakfast? ¢ nak EN 10. How often do you go to the museum? wer Jo. 11-WRITE (C) FOR COUNTABLE NOUNS AND (U) FOR UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS: © children cake vtea baby wv milk / water “~money Ubread ~ pollution V juice voil exercise Y butter’ people ¢ restaurant cheese glue ¢book table instrument ‘orange Gwatch C toast C fish © glass salt v sugar pen © class meat \U sandwich Uham Cegg advice time pen 12-WRITE THE PLURAL FORMS OF THE NOUNS bottle oo rrus cup CRS wife ives leaf ou pencil Kweics desk Jas%S window window S life ise box (so ¥eS watch west owneS bus wo StS wolf Woes house boy $¢S woman Wwevoe secretary Sec ce beer eS table_ku\p\eS chair Quen S potato Po textpeS shoe SwoeS eraser Soe newspaper wow Sf PevS 13-FILL IN THE GAPS WITH SOME OR ANY: Manuel: Let's go for a picnic in the park. Sara: OK. We'll make S=.-< sandwiches. What do we need? Manuel: We don’t have My brother's father is my:_ TAA WOT My father’s son is my:__\ac> Ait < My mother’s mother is my Oy Cos woe YE My uncle’s daughter is my:_CoGo. eens 18-USE THE FOLLOWING WORDS TO COMPLETE THE CONVERSATION __ would be great -Sure,I'dloveto —-I'llbe here at 8:30 Would you like tocome? = Would youlikemeto [have to take - Would you like to =Tean't Ness: Hi, Tom, I'm having a party on Friday, ©U\O {oS CBZ Ye come? Henry: What time is it? Ness: At about 7. Henry: Oh, I'm sorry, _§ cow. | nerve te svény grandmother to an art exhibition. Ness: Well, 2 ov\d ov (ee Xigo fishing on Saturday? Henry: Saturday?_So © . Fishing sounds great! word ‘yoOmake some sandwiches? BE Lcd Wee me XD Ness: Sure, thatwe \b¢_, We'll take my father's car. I'll pick you up at 10. Henry: Mmm isn'tit very late? How about 8.30? Ness: Sure, that's ok. 1°I!_\e luce See you on Saturday! 30 19-ACCEPT AND REFUSE THE INVITATION, 1, Would you like to go to a party on Friday night? _Yes, Ni “ we | 2. Would you like to study English with me later? Yes, Lowe oe {O ———— 3. Would you like to go to.a concert on Saturday? Yes, cant eer SiC.