The next class of the Citizens Police

Academy will begin on Wednesday, June
6th and run for 8 consecutive Wednesday
evenings. The course is
sponsored by the Cincinnati
Police Department and is an
effort to increase awareness,
understanding and foster a
better relationship between the police
department and citizens. Covered topics
include laws of arrest, search & seizure,
criminal investigations, domestic violence,
community orientated policing, and other
subjects related to public safety. There is no
charge to participate; however, registration
is required. The deadline to apply is May
25th. For more information or to enroll,
please contact Monica Ervin at 513-357-
7554 or
As part of an ongoing effort to improve
the quality of life in city neighborhoods,
Councilman Chris
Monzel recently called
for action regarding
dangling wires from
utility poles across the
city. By most accounts
these wires have been cable-tv, however in
some cases they were telephone. Thanks to
a quick response from Time-Warner Cable
these wirey messes have been getting
cleaned up. The photos to the right and
left represent before
& after examples of
their efforts. However,
there are still places in
the city with dangling
wires that TW needs
to know about. If you know of any dangling
cable wires that need removal please call
Pleasant Ridge got it start in the form of a
small fort built to protect settlers from Indian
attacks in the late 1700’s. It was one of
a series of forts built within the Symmes
Purchase area. The area would later
become known as Cross Roads due to the
intersection of several major roadways. It
was incorporated as a village in 1891 and
eventually annexed by the City of Cincinnati
in 1911. The Town Hall, built in 1884, has
housed the Columbia Township government
offices, the Pleasant Ridge City Hall, a jail
and a library and a Masonic Lodge - which
bought the building upon annexation. Many
consider the corner of
Ridge and Montgomery
Roads as the heart of the
community. To this day
it continues to be a very
eclectic & diverse community with a variety
of housing styles and businesses. For more
information, visit
Cincinnati City Councilman Chris Monzel
Monzel Report
May 2007
Volume 3, No. 5
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Share Your Concerns with
Councilman Monzel
ph: 513-352-3640 fax: 513-352-4649
801 Plum St., Room 346-B
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Citizens Police Academy
Class Begins in June
a community profile...
Monzel Spins
Wheel of Justice
City Demolishes Nuisance
Properties in Price Hill
Councilman Chris Monzel was on-hand
recently as a former nuisance property,
located on Sturm Ave. in Price Hill, was
demolished by the
City’s Buildings
& Inspections
Department. The
property had a history
of quality of life
problems including
abandonment, litter
and eventually major
fire damage. The
property is located
Monzel watches a nuisance
house being demolished
within a targeted “focus area” designated for
clean up by the Building Department. For
more information contact the department at
In mid-April a job fair took place at the
Duke Energy Center that featured over 50
companies and
drew well over
1,000 people.
The event,
formally called
the Mayor’s
Youth Jobs and
Oppor t uni t i es
Job Fair Showcases
Career Opportunities
Fair, was an
effort to connect
local employers
Monzel speaks with an Ohio State
Trooper about careers for young
people in law enforcement
with area youth seeking employment
opportunities. The event also included
seminars on interviewing, resume
preparation, and proper attire.
Cable Company Cleans Up
Dangling Wires;
Responds to Monzel’s Call for Action
In mid-April Councilman Chris Monzel
had the honor of spinning the “Wheel
of Justice” on Channel 12’s (WKRC)
weekly Crimestoppers segment.
Each Wednesday the wheel is spun
to identify a criminal that becomes
the focus of a special reward fund.
Monzel’s wheel spin landed on a man
who is wanted on charges of raping an
underage handicapped girl and has
since fled the authorities. Since its
inception, Crimestoppers has helped
solve thousands of crimes - including
several hundred violent crimes. For
more information, please call 513-352-
3040 or visit