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A1 Baked Mussel Au Gratin 20.00
Australian Mussel topped w Parmesan cheese
tomato basil & bread crumbs ....baked to perfection

A2 Saute King Prawn 20.00
Fresh King Prawn With Herbs Butter,
Chopped Garlic & White Wine

A3 Funghi Trifolati 12.00
Fresh Button Mushroom
Sauté with Garlic and Olive Oil

A4 Bruschetta (4 pcs) 10.00
Toasted French Loaf topped with
Mushroom or Tomato Basil

*Rates are subject to 10% service charge

00 A9 French Fries 5.00 A8 Spring Roll (6's) 6.00 A6 Buffalo Wings (4's) 8. RM A5 Calamari Ring 8. *Rates are subject to 10% service charge .00 .00 A7 Garlic Bread (4's) 6.

00 Mix Leaves Salad Tossed with Vinaigrette or Balsamic Dressing *Rates are subject to 10% service charge .00 Fresh white prawn in Thousand Island Sauce served with green salad S4 Eighteen Green Garden Salad 12.00 Sauté Smoked Salmon in Japanese Sesame Sauce served with Mix Leaves Salad in Vinaigrette Dressing S3 Prawn Salad 16. Hard Boiled Egg and Croûtons S2 Smoked Salmon Salad 16. SALAD RM S1 Classic Caesar Salad 15.00 Crispy Romaine Lettuce Tossed with Homemade Caesar Dressing topped with Turkey Ham.

00 Fresh Prawns. Squids and Clams Cooked in Homemade Spicy Tomato Soup Z2 Creme Aux Champignous 10.00 *Rates are subject to 10% service charge .00 Please check with our server Z4 Minestrone Soup 10.00 Homemade Cream of Wild Mushrooms Z3 Soup of The Day 6. SOUP/ZUPPA RM Z1 Seafood Tomato Soup 14.

00 Grilled Boneless Chicken Thigh topped w Mozzarella Cheese & Basil Tomato Sauce baked to perfection.00 Topped w Green Pea Sauce served w roasted vegetables SD5 Chef 's Special Italy Chicken 25..00 Grilled to perfection served with balsamic sauce bedded on green vegetables SD4 Baked Salmon 32. served with parsley potatoes & saute vegetables SD6 Scallops Special 28..00 *Rates are subject to 10% service charge ..00 Australian Lamb Shank Sealed & Stewed in Classic Lamb Juice served w Mashed Potatoes & Veggies SD2 Herb Crusted Lamb Shoulder 29.00 Served with Rosemary sauce on Green Veggies SD3 Rib eye Steak Con Balsamico 28.. SIGNATURE DISH RM SD1 Traditional Lamb Shank 30..

MAIN COURSE Fish & Meat RM M1 Pan Fried Dory with Tomato Capers served with Oriental Sauce served w pasta 20. egg. coleslaw & fries M5 Eighteen Special Nasi Lemak 15.00 M2 Roasted BBQ Chicken 20.00 served with Mashed Potato and veggies M3 Home Made Beef Burger 18.90 served with cheese. egg .90 served with cheese. egg & cucumber *Rates are subject to 10% service charge .coleslaw & fries M4 Home Made Chicken Burger 18.Curry Chicken Kapitan Sambal Salted Fish Assam Prawn Anchovies.00 served :.

00 Pasta with Crispy Beef Bacon in Cream Sauce.Spaghetti. Penne.00 Imported Smoked Salmon with Garlic and Cream Cheese Sauce *Rates are subject to 10% service charge .00 stir fried seafood in rich and spicy Tom yam paste M7 Carbonara 22. Parmesan Cheese and Egg M8 Con Salmon 20. or Fettuccine) RM M6 Seafood Tomyam Pasta 22. Linguine. PASTA (Choice Of Pasta :.

. cheese. M12 Arrabiata 18. cream & vegetables baked to perfection.cream & beef bolognaise baked to perfection.00 Layers of pasta. PASTA RM M10 Beef Lasagna 20.. M11 Vegetarian Lasagna 18..00 Layers of pasta .00 Pasta in spicy basil tomato sauce topped with black olive *Rates are subject to 10% service charge . cheese.

Red Cut Chili and Olive Oil M14 ii) Turkey Ham Olio 18. Garlic. Red Cut Chili and Olive Oil *Rates are subject to 10% service charge . PASTA RM Aglio-Olio M13 i) Prawn 22.00 Pasta Sauté with Fresh Button Mushroom. Garlic.00 Pasta Sauté with White Prawn.00 Pasta Sauté with Sliced Turkey Ham. Red Cut Chili and Olive Oil M15 iii) Mushroom Olio 18. Garlic.

mushroom. mushroom.00 Olive.00 Prawn.00 Chicken . & tomato *Rates are subject to 10% service charge . onion. PIZZA Thin Crust size: 10” RM M16 Tropical Hawaiian 22.00 Tomato. mussel.tomato M20 Margarita 22. capsicum & black olive M17 Al Marinara 24. anchovies.pineapple. squid.00 Beef Pepperoni .black olive & capsicum M18 Greek Special 24.oregano & basil M21 Con Salmon 22.00 Smoked salmon.& anchovies M19 Rivera Veggies Delight 20. cheese.

80 Poached pear with red wine served in red wine sauce and ice-cream D2 Banana Fritters 7.50 *Rates are subject to 10% service charge . sponge fingers and chocolate topping D4 Orange Crepes 8.50 served with ice-cream D3 Home Made Tiramisu 11.50 served with ice-cream and orange sauce D5 Waffle (served with ice-cream) 7.80 Mascapone cheese. DESSERT RM D1 Poached Pear 9.