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The University of Hong Kong Museum Society Art and Architecture in Seoul, Korea with Corrin Chan and

Kathy Park 16 to 22 October, 2010

Overview of Trip Art & Architecture in Seoul We will visit contemporary architectural designs in Seoul proper. many retrofitted with modern functions and aesthetics. a city Buddhist temple which has a modern organic Zen room built by a Zen monk. with residential districts surrounding the main palaces which are at the heart of the city's original structured fortress. guided by contemporary Korean architect Choi Wook. the first part of the trip will take us on a walking tour through areas north of the Han River. The last decade has brought about a giant leap in the contemporary art scene in Korea. now long gone. South of the river is a newly developed part of the city with sprawling real estate developments in apartment housing and commercial buildings that have created a boom in Seoul's real estate market since the 80's. including some of the works of Choi Wook and other contemporary architects. which has the most extensive traditional Korean furniture collection exhibited in a traditional structure built over 15 years. the first art and boutique center in the world established by the Paris-based House of Hermes. where contemporary Korean artists and designers are showcased along with Hermes' signature collections. The old city of Seoul rests on the We will north. We will also visit Kilsangsa temple. We will visit the unique Hermes House. Horim Art Museum exhibits a range of artists both contemporary and otherwise in a new. not only with its crop of new contemporary native artists but also as its market emerged onto the world stage of art sales and auctions in . with much of its timber and materials collected from redundant houses. Contemporary architecture and interiors continue to be invented as districts such as Dosan Park and Apkujungdong evolve under commercial demands. visit the areas surrounding Kyongbok Palace such as Samcheongdong and Insadong where the old city's residential districts still retain their original shape and forms in alleys and traditional houses. Focusing on elements that reflect both the essence of Korea's past as well as modern influences and transformation. We will also visit the newly established Korean Furniture Museum. modern structure.

reflecting its glorious cultural heritage of its time and its influence on modern Korean design and crafts. First established in the 7th century. reviving the beauty of its natural surroundings and experimenting with unlimited creativity in structural designs. Hyundai Gallery. We will visit the Leeum Museum which has an extensive collection of traditional Korean art masterpieces as well as modern Korean and international art collection in a structure designed in 3 parts by Rem Koolhaas. where innovative and forward-thinking architects. On the second day. Heyri Art Village & Paju Book City A decade ago. Magoksa recently built its modern Buddhist Cultural Center where temple stay and Buddhist education programs are held. artists and city planners merged to create an ideal community of creative residents to inhabit an area near the 38th parallel. As one of the head temples of the Chogye Order of Korean Buddhism. a library and residential structures creatively designed and invented. will reveal some of the finest Baekje artifacts. we will take an overnight trip to the ancient and peaceful Buddhist temple. and Buddhist influences on overall Korean aesthetics. We will also visit Paju Book City. . an ambitiously planned and established city of cutting edge contemporary architecture housing some of the major publishing houses in Korea. studios. to bring substance and symbolism to an area long neglected. We will take a walk along the natural surroundings and also be introduced to Korean Zen. Magoksa Temple and Gongju City As a respite from the excitement of the modern city of Seoul. and has survived intact over centuries. Jean Nouvel and Mario Botta. this ancient temple is situated in Taehwasan Mountain. the art and architecture community in Korea created a special place called Heyri Art Village outside of Seoul. the ancient capital of Baekje. We will spend a day walking through Heyri's artist community equipped with galleries. a visit to Gongju City. Magoksa in Chungchungnamdo Province. Gana Arts and Kukje Gallery. We will also have a walking tour of some of the most prominent contemporary art galleries in Seoul such as Seomi and Tuus. Korea's art market is thriving on the sales of native artists as well as the famed pieces of contemporary world-renown artists.volume and scope.

She is the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council Grant and 'Walter Gropius' medal. Exhibition of HK Young Architects' Works .Our Resource Persons: Corrin Chan is a Registered Architect in Hong Kong. Corrin has been responsible for organizing many architectural forums. Elle Decor. Her interest in Korean Zen Practice has led her to regular trips to Korea in the past few years where she has witnessed the growth and changes of Korea and its architecture. designed the housewares collection for Dosa Inc (http://dosainc. Corrin worked in New York and Hawaii before returning to HK in 1992. Her recent 2009 design partnership with London-based jewelry designer cum anthropologist and Survival International Ambassador Pippa Small was a collaboration in bringing Buddhist motifs and Korean Shilla dynasty inspiration to modern hand-made jewelry to benefit the charity organization Lotus Outreach. .Curator of the books. She has worked for Comme des as well as freelanced as a stylist and art director in London for World of Interiors. Corrin studied architecture at the University of Hong Kong.'Designing Hong Kong' Community Charette .'Exposure'. a practice that she founded in 1998.'Monument for Hong Kong 1997' International Ideas Competition .Co-author of the Book The ' ' City ) Corrin was the Chairlady of the '100-year Hong Kong Architecture'.HKIA ' 2021' Book on Emerging HK Young Architects . Kathy Park is a design consultant and a practicing Zen Buddhist meditator. qualifying with an M Arch. Browns of London and the Cross. She is a director of Axis of Spin Architecture. exhibitions and competitions including . 'Stories of Space' ( . graduating with a B Arch. One of her vested interest is in developing traditional Korean crafts and bringing both tradition and modernity together with a root in spiritual awareness. Committee and Vice-Chair of the Hong Kong Architecture Center. She continued her explorations at Columbia University in New York.

Kathy's main passion is as a Zen meditator.Currently she lives in Hong Kong at Su Bong Zen Monastery. one's true self. with her husband Andrzej Stec JDPSN. . to constantly experience the inner workings of waking up to She spends at least 3 months a year in meditation retreats and develops projects for the Zen community. a Zen teacher.

of nouvelle Zen Korean cuisine before ending the day with a walk back to the hotel via the Chongyechon street.D) We will go to Insadong area.2 River We begin our day with a walking tour of the area to view some of the modern architecture Seoul has to offer. giving us a background knowledge of Korean art. (L.North and South of the Han Our second day will be a visit to the Dosan Park area with some of the more interesting buildings and art galleries.D) . (B.L. 17 October. 2010 Seoul . After lunch of traditional Korean dumplings.Itinerary Day 1 . we will move to Leeum Museum to enjoy the works of 3 different architects and view the collection of the museum. for dinner 16.

we will see more of this area before heading back to Seoul. 19 October.L. Please note that there are no private facilities and that the cuisine is totally vegetarian.22 October Heyri Art Village and Paju Today and for the next few days. we will be travelling to nearby areas to see what Korean architects have done in what used to be far away isolated areas .Day 3 4 18.D) Day 5 .7 Book City 20 .creating an art village in Heyri and a book city in Paju. (B. Chungchungnamdo Province We have a change of pace from the hectic city of Seoul to the quiet serenity of Mogoksa Temple. Apologies to meat lovers but please be assured that the experience will be worth missing carnivorous cuisine for just a short while!! We will have an evening lecture on the Influence of Zen Buddhism on Korean Aesthetics with Kathy Park. We stay here for the night and learn about Korean Buddhism and experience a quiet temple stay. (B. The next day. D) . Corrin will give us a talk about these 2 projects and we shall travel and enjoy the ambience of both places.

Korea with Corrin Chan and Kathy Park 16 to 22 October. employees or members shall not be liable to the participants for (1) any injury. . delay to persons or property directly or indirectly attributable to or arising out of this tour. Package does NOT include flights. meals as specified. Name (as per passport) ____________________________________ (Prof/Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms) Address: _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Tel (O) ___________________ (H) ____________________ (M) __________________ Email: _____________________ Members meet at 9 am on Day 1 of the trip at the Lobby of Westin Choson Hotel in Seoul.000 is non-refundable. ( ) I wish to share a twin or double room with _____________________. After payment of the balance. local English speaking guide.000 per person. or (2) any refund due to the cancellation of the tour or portion of the tour unless such refund is received by the Society and (3) unforeseen circumstances may result in some changes to the itinerary. refund or cancellation will be at the discretion of the Korean land operator. Please make your own flight arrangements from Hong Kong to Seoul. Sef Lam Tel: 525 5063 Via Vai Travel Ltd Fax: 2526 9819 13/F. Please check box below: ( ) I wish to have a single room.000 for single supplement. and an additional HKD8. basic gratuity to driver and guide. Hong Kong ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I wish to participate in the trip to Korea. The package price covers the land portion only as specified in the itinerary. If there are fewer participants. damages. Package includes: 5 nights in Westin Choson or similar and 1 night temple stay at Magoksa Temple. Flights are not included.The University of Hong Kong Museum Society Trip Registration Form Art and Architecture in Seoul. daily breakfasts. basic entry to sights. Flat B. the price will increase. This package price is based on 16 participants. Liability disclaimer: The Hong Kong University Museum Society and their officers. death. the price will be adjusted. Please send this form with your cheque and a copy of the identification pages of your travel document. Cancellation policy: Your deposit of $6. twin share basis. directors. Shing Lee Commercial Building Email: seflam@gmail. accident. The balance is due on or before 1 October. Please complete this form and mail it with your cheque made payable to HKU Museum Society to 8 Wing Kut Street. Central. If there is a significant fluctuation of the Korean won. please let us know. 2010 Bookings for trips will only be accepted on a first come basis. Should you need information or help with flights and/or hotels. loss. Registration: Complete and send this form with a non-refundable deposit of $6.000 on or before 30 July. I understand the following details about the trip: Total cost: HKD25.