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While the demand for surgical drapes and gowns remains relatively stable. Reusable drapes and gowns have a relatively higher initial cost but can be used between 50 and 100 times. then. therefore. the dynamics between the disposable and reusable segments is a key influence in the industry. the disposable products tend to prove less expensive than the reusable alternatives. Participants in the disposable surgical drapes and gowns market need to focus on end- user education to benefit from this trend. Still. Providing clear product and cost benefits to all end users from the surgeons and staff to the infection control personnel and the purchase or procurement departments is necessary to accelerate demand. tensile strength and hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties and are. This has given non-woven technology a boost. In the meantime. The choice. This test is marked out of 50 and lasts for one hour and 30 minutes. there has undoubtedly been a general trend in developed countries toward disposable products for the remarkable balance of safety and comfort they offer. highly suitable for surgical drapes and gowns. Another factor in the reusable/disposable dynamics is pricing. Thus. Non-woven fabrics have excellent liquid resistance. has been reduced to single-use products and 'high-tech' reusable products for most healthcare purchasers. product usage tradition. surgical drapes and gowns are now considered to be medical devices that have to comply with the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) specifications. However. the use of traditional cotton and cotton-polyester mixed textiles has been decreasing since these fabrics fail to meet the requirements of the new standards. Answers should be derived from information available in the text only.particularly with respect to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) and hepatitis B - has drawn attention toward providing improved bacterial barriers. cost and environmental concerns. Increasing awareness on the need for better infection control . natural resources. they involve other overhead and logistics costs such as sterilization and laundering. The adoption rates of surgical drapes and gowns vary significantly among member states of the European Union due to different concerns about infection control. Please allocate time according to the marks available and attempt all sections.both traditional and 'high-tech'. Overall. studies show that the microbial penetration resistance of single-use drapes and gowns is much superior to that of reusable drapes and gowns . Good luck! Analytical skills (10 Marks) Read the article below and answer the questions based on your understanding of the contents in the passage. . when total costs are considered. Due to their protecting properties.

Questions: 1. buying culture and proximity of production site to grow through geographic expansion. partnering with custom prepared trays (CPT) companies are likely to provide a steady base against the threat of the growing CPT market. The major focus for companies manufacturing and marketing disposable surgical drapes and gowns should be to achieve long-term contracts with large institutions. perhaps. Viable mergers and acquisitions can also be vital to market share growth. What are the major factors impacting the gowns and drapes market? 3. this would help create a strong brand name. languages. therefore. Low levels of penetration in the European disposable drapes and gowns market have been attracting foreign companies.Maintaining good customer relations and. Domestic participants must.are considered cost effective and why? . List the target group for end-user education in this market? 5. What strategies should regional or domestic participants in this market do to ensure they have an edge over international competition? 4. which could potentially prevent the users reverting to reusable products. In terms of competitive landscape how would you rate this market (Please tick or highlight?  Monopoly market  Dominated by few leading regional companies  Several players competing for it’s share of the market 2. move quickly to take advantage of their expertise in the regional regulations. Along with specialization and core competency. Which among the two groups of products – disposable and re-usable gowns and drapes . The highly fragmented European market also calls for a strong supply chain management to help obtain regional coverage.

the mean age is increased to 22. What is the percentage of Marks he scored in Hindi? Ans: 4) Solve for x and y: 2x2+y2 = 8+5xy and y-x = 2 Ans: 5) How many litres of 30% alcohol solution and how many of 60% alcohol solution must be mixed to produce 18 litres of 50% solution? Ans: . English and Hindi. Umesh obtained 50% in Math. How old is Nikhil on his birthday? Ans: 2) A certain number of boys can finish a piece of work in 10 days. If however there were 10 boys less it will take 10 days more for the work to be finished. The maximum marks of the three papers are in the ratio of 3: 2: 5 and total of 3 papers is 500. The tenth and last person to arrive at Nikhil's party is Nikhil himself. When Vijay (29) arrived. and 73% overall. Aptitude test (10 Marks) 1) The average age of the first seven people to arrive at Nikhil’s birthday is 21. and the mean age increased to 30 years. How many boys were there originally? Ans: 3) A student appeared in 3 papers of Maths. Marry (also 29) arrived next. 68% in English.

Chapter 6 forms the appendix ____ the manual. European and Asian companies. DMV assesses the most important global companies. 3. covering some examples and other guidelines related to company profiles. . 4. English Test (10 Marks) Fill in the most appropriate word to complete the sentence (or leave blank) 1. ensuring a balance between ____ US. The company has seen annual growth of 5% per annum over the ____ 2005-2009. 2. The researcher signs ____ the check list to signify that all the minimum standards for a new profile or an update have been met.

a. A bull market is characterized by ____ prices a. 5. “The three main threats that are currently facing the world economy are…” Answer: . a. He gave us no indication ____ his whereabouts a. A falling loan-deposit ratio ____ adversely affect the profit margin of the group. gazes 7. as of b. conceived c. seller 9. The wine ___ was located in a cool corner of an underground section of the house. a.cellar b. rose c. The writing should be in full sentences and in your best English. so as to c. contrived d. raising Written Skills (10 Marks) Please write a short essay on the following subject. gazing c. While certain tasks can be somewhat ___ nevertheless the genuine exchange of information can occur. as to d. as from 10. concocted b. Investors ____ at the electronic billboard where bright green letters and numbers flow by on a black background. Place a cross next to the word in the list which best fills the gap 6. rising b. gaze b. conceded 8.