1 ‘DADDU’ a film by samar khan Scene 1A - PROLOGUE EXT. INT.

Palace – Jaipur / Day We open to a grand palace that has seen better days. The camera travels through the corridors and the rooms, The staff of the palace is running helter-skelter, as DJs offload speakers etc. A young Caucasian woman is giving instructions to people. A man in his fifties, the head of the palace staff, ‘Bhuvan’ tells her that the wiring cannot be hanging form the façade, Bhuvan: Do sau saal puraani building hai. It is a heritage building madam. We will get into trouble if you put speakers. The woman, arrogant, says, Woman: Why don’t you talk to your Kunwar himself? He is the one who let me do this. Insulted, Bhuvan walks away. He mutters to himself, Bhuvan: Roz nayi girlfriend aa jaati hai. Aur harr kissi ko lagta hai ki bass ab voh maalkin hai!” We travel to the Kunwar’s private quarters with Bhuvan, the rooms are strewn around with bottles, half-eaten food, clothes, dvds. The Beatles hum through the speakers. Silhouetted by the window, a tall man in his mid-sixties stands in his boxers and vest, scratching his back. He’s looking out, his back to us. This is Vishwambhar Chauhan. Bhuvan says, Bhuvan: Aapki yeh girlfriend ko boliye zara tameez se baat kiya karey. Vish takes a swig of his beer, turns, smiles and says, Vish: Bhuvan uncle, Aap hamesha itne uttejit kyon rahte ho? Bichaari mera

2 birthday party plan kar rahi hai. Bhuvan: Aapki party nahin, apni party! Kaise kaise logon ko bulaaya hai aapko idea hai.. Already kuch saatth hazaar ka bill aa gaya hai! Vish: Mere paise hai na? Kharch karne do usse.. Shaadi toh main uss-se karoonga nahin toh mera birthday manaake hi khush ho legi. Bhuvan: Voh aapse shaadi bhi nahin karna chahti. Bass istemaal karke chali jaayegi. Kitni aayin kitni gayin.. Vish: Bhuvan mere dost harr koi istemaal hi karta hai. Koi kissike liye kuch nahin karta. She is beautiful Bhuvan. She is just exquisite. Usse main kaise manaa karoon? You know, kal raat.. Bhuvan: Nahin nahin! Mujhe nahin sunnaa! Agar aapne shaadi kii hoti toh aaj aapke apne gharwaale.. pota poti aapke liye party rakhte.” Vish: Please Bhuvan! Ghissi pitee baatein matt kiya karo. Bahut kamm logon ko naseeb hoti hai yeh rockstar ki zindagi. Yeh aazadi.. Bhuvan: Aur phir bhi.. iss ladki mein hi sahi, aap bass kissi ka saath dhoondh rahein hain. Kaash aapne itni ladkiyon mein se kissi ek ka bhi haath thaam liya hota.” Just then the DJ does a shrill and loud sound check. They both get startled. Bhuvan: Ek zamaane mein aapne unhe istemaal kiya… Aaj yeh aapko istemaal kar rahi hain. Vish just smiles and teases him, Vish: Tum ho na meri biwi ki tarah mere peeche padne ke liye. Bhuvan:

3 Bas Sir! Yeh..Yeh aapke liye ek chitthi aayi hai. Bhuvan hands him a letter, smiles and leaves. Vishwambhar sits back on his armchair, pumps up the volume and starts reading the letter. We stay on him for a moment, as his expression changes. Party music takes over on the soundtrack. CUT TO Scene 1B EXT. INT. Palace – Jaipur / Night A magnificent party in progress, almost all of Jaipur has turned up to wish Vishwambhar on his birthday. It’s a rave kind of party. Lots of young people mill about getting drunk. Bhuvan and the house staff are serving them. Vish feels like a stranger in his own house. His ‘girlfriend’ comes and drags him to the dance floor. We see that he is preoccupied with some thought. He doesn’t want to dance. But she forces him to. On the dance floor, some other woman also dances with him. He is a little ill at ease. The other woman is pulled away by a guy. Vish is left alone. As he tries to walk away, she tries to stop him. The guy she is dancing with says, Guy: Let him go. He must be tired, right? But suddenly Vish just turns around and slaps him and then, starts clobbering him. Everyone stops in shock! Nobody has any clue what has got into him! The boy’s friends run up to save him when Bhuvan walks up and separates Vish from the guy. He holds him against the wall and says, Bhuvan: Kya? Kya ho kya gaya hai aapko? Kya hua kya hai aapko? Vish looks at Bhuvan, panting, Bhuvan: Oh God, I shouldn’t have.. CUT TO Scene 1C

who you are talking to. Bhuvan: Let it be. But I have never seen you like this. Look for her… And find out who she is. You can only do bad. sir. And you know that. You will only mess this up. now? Vish: You are saying this? You who wanted me to marry every woman I danced with? You? Bhuvan: Yes sir… You have made many mistakes in your life. Bhuvan! Bhuvan looks at him. sir.. let down.4 INT. Vish: Why? Bhuvan: This is not you. as he says. Bhuvan almost looks a tad disappointed. And you know what… You have lost your time of being able to care for anyone beyond yourself.She is not just any other woman. as the remains of the revelry lie strewn around. But I don’t want you to make another mistake. It’s my mistake. And that’s why you want to seek her out. I shouldn’t have given you the letter. Vish sits on a chair like a lonely old man. I have never stopped you. Sir. Never. sir. If you both never knew about this all these years. (pause) You have broken the hearts of too many people… You have trampled over too many dreams. hesitant. Vish: I think you forget sometimes. Vish: Bring me the letter again. Bhuvan: Wohi toh. That’s what you are! . You think I can’t handle this? I have handled all sorts of women. He calls out to Bhuvan and asks for the letter. / Palace – Jaipur / Night The party is over. then why dig these graves. So much interest in a woman… I have never seen that.

looking for the phone on a bed in a room that’s rather threadbare yet beautifully done up. almost stumbling over someone in a sleeping bag. The same pair of . PBS 1 (OPENING TITLES BEGIN) (Through the following montage.5 Vish: Maybe! But Bhuvan… How can I NOT go? After knowing all this.TITLE SEQUENCE. crumpled. Bhuvan? How can I not go? Bhuvan looks unsure. Bhuvan? Why don’t you want me to go? Bhuvan: “Why do you WANT TO go?” Vish: I don’t know… Kaash yeh khatt aaya hi nahin hota… Parr ab toh aa gaya hai na? Ab kaise na jaoon.. I need to see her once. I promise you. Vishwambhar: Get me the letter Bhuvan. Hands pick up stray clothes and paraphernalia.. The hands take out a dress. Hands grope around. a song plays on the soundtrack. I will have nothing to do with her.) Scene 2A INT. Bhuvan. I promise I won’t mess up her life. A cupboard. Anoushka’s House – London / Morning An alarm goes off. Feet step out of the quilt onto the wooden floor. As Bhuvan moves to get him the letter. Vishwambhar: I am just going to see her once Bhuvan. we follow the feet as they make their way through the room and outside. We hear disapproving noises.. CUT TO Black Screen – PRESENTER TITLE CUT TO Scene 2 .

Anoushka looks disappointed and humiliated as she walks away. Anoushka mouths a ‘sorry’ and gets up hurriedly. mouthing lines as she waits for the underground. She hands over her photographs and a resume to the assistant and waits a while before she’s called in. clutching a few sheets of paper in her hand. recites the monologue but seems unnerved and forgets lines. while bathing. CUT TO Scene 2D EXT. We realize how her house is falling apart for now she has to hold the shower with one hand. The music resumes. Music kicks in. CUT TO Scene 2C INT. The people taking the audition ask her to leave by just pressing on the buzzer to call in the next candidate. a pretty twenty-something year old who at the moment is looking rather exasperated. The music stops. dropping her sheets all over. CUT TO Scene 2B EXT. She asks for another go and tries really hard but can’t seem to nail it at all. With juice flying all around the place.6 hands enter the kitchen to start the iron and instead the juicer comes on. She begins her act with an uncertain smile. She shuts her eyes under the jet stream of water. With much difficulty she takes a shower. She pushes a punk with a purple Mohawk aside in the jostle to get in and in her hurry to get a seat lands bang in the lap of an old lady who glares at her. She looks at the sheets periodically. London Roads & Underground / Day Anoushka steps out into a gloomy London day. We reveal Anoushka. Shabby Theater / Day Anoushka enters a theater where auditions are being held. London Roads / Day . She stumbles again and looks apologetic.

In the chase. Anoushka looks defiant as her boss yells at her. runs after the mugger. Anoushka starts running after him even as Dev catches up. CUT TO Scene 2F EXT. the stranger who was following Anoushka. She comes to a breathless halt outside a very large bookstore and walks in. Once again. the blue-gloved stranger follows them. A man comes to the door after Anoushka but doesn’t go in. They walk away together.. We stay with Anoushka as she manages to nab the thief. stealing frequent looks at Anoushka. This is Dev. JUMP CUT The same man observes her from across the glass window. She stops short. Dev yells behind her Dev: “Your bag! Anoushka… He has left your bag here! Come back. The thug lets the bag drop to the road and.7 Anoushka alight from a bus and half runs-half walks. taking off her overcoat as she does so. looking towards her feet. scared. Across the road. All we can make of the person is navy gloves and a fawn hat and the fact that he stands there and watches through the door as Anoushka takes her place behind a counter.” Anoushka continues her chase but loses the man this time. Dev seems to be doing most of the talking. taking time to get it just perfect even as the customer finally walks off in exasperation. London Roads / Evening Anoushka meets a young man at a crossing. starts running again. carefully skipping over every single one of the cracks bordering the tiles that pave the sidewalk. The man who is following starts to help but stops himself. out-of-breath. Anoushka yells. He and Anoushka share an easy sense of familiarity as Anoushka hands him her bag. Dev: Here! Your bag! Why in the world were you still running after him?? . Dev also follows her. Anoushka tries to gift-wrap a book with great precision. Just then a man walks up and snatches her purse and starts running. 26. loses them. We see him in stray shots but never his face. Dev gets to where she is.

She rolls her eyes. Dev: “Toh phir?” Anoushka: Bas! It’s just wrong! Both of them burst out laughing. He grins at her. Dev: Manners? (Pauses to smile) Achcha dekh lo… sab kuch theek toh hai na?” She smiles. he prompts. Dev slips his hand into Anoushka’s but she slowly eases hers away from his. They walk away. Dev: Credit cards? Anoushka: Empty Dev: Debit? Anoushka: Empty.8 Anoushka: (gasping) “How can anyone just walk up and snatch your bag? What kind of manners are these?” Dev finds this cute as he repeats. CUT TO . Dev: Money? Anoushka: Nada. Last beats of the song play out. as if he expected this and places his arm over her shoulder in a casual buddybuddy sort of way.

It’s almost as if Anoushka is the angry matron they are all scared of. She unlocks the door. Anoushka: You know… Save the sorry for when you REALLY mean it! And then act upon it. Anoushka’s House / Night Anoushka and Dev walk up a small lawn towards Anoushka’s ground floor apartment. Rashid was too tired to cook so we ordered Pizza. Anoushka just looks at Rashid and says. a petite Russian girl hurriedly remove empty coke cans. Rashid: Pepperoni. very pregnant Nigerian girl. Anoushka stops short even as her flat-mates.. Kia: Hey sweetie. a rather good-looking Pakistani boy and Tanya. plates etc.9 FILM TITLE APPEARS CUT TO Scene 3A INT. All I ask is that you keep the house clean but no! Every day. Dev follows her in. a large. She mumbles. every single fucking day I walk back into a pigsty! She storms into her room. miserable. . Rashid. CUT TO Scene 3B INT. The apartment now looks like it has been hit by a tornado. Dev: Hain? Anoushka pulls her head out the pillow and repeats. Kia. Anoushka’s Room / Night Anoushka sits on her bed. buries face in pillow. Dev holds on to the box of Pizza.

Anoushka: Then we’ll turn the store-room into a nursery for Kia’s baby. Dev: Done! Anoushka: And Rashid will have this most fabulous kitchen – like Monica’s – in FRIENDS.. Anoushka smiles. but it’s all I have really and it’s all I want that feels like family. She talks about how this house was the same house where she grew up with her grandmother after her parents passed away. and then you can fix those ugly brown curtains too. Rashid and Tan moving in here and helping me with the rent I’d be on the streets. Dev: Yeah.. I can never give it up and one day when I’m a broadway star (she grins) I’ll have enough money to by this place off that old hag.. Anoushka: And if it weren’t for Kia. Anoushka suddenly seems to perk up and go on. if fact it’s a dump.. Anoushka: I mean. with pretty yellow walls and a little crib. Dev smiles. Mrs... Smith.I know it may not be the nicest house. I shouldn’t yell at them but I just can’t help it! Dev nods sympathetically.10 Anoushka: Nani never used to yell at me when I messed the house up. and then he won’t ever feel like not cooking! Dev: Butter Chicken! . Anoushka: Shut up! I like those.

Anoushka eases up in his arms. easel et all and then we’ll put up all her paintings and Nani’s photos in those pretty oak-wood frames from Paul Smith’s in the living ro..11 Anoushka: Oh And Oh. Anoushka: Oh tell her to fuck off! Kia: (sarcastically) Yeah lets! Should I start hunting down new places? Anoushka: I’ve lived here for eighteen years. Dev: So yeah. After a moment of silence Dev goes and stands next to Anoushka... by the window. Smith came again. A knock on the door interrupts Anoushka’s spiel. I’ll sue her if she tries to throw me out! Both Dev and Kia keep looking at Anoushka. Anoushka: What? Kia: Nothing. Dev reaches out and pulls Anoushka to him. said we’ll have to get out if we can’t give her the hiked rent. Kia lets herself out. we were saying. suddenly pissed off. Dev: Tanya has her easel.. Anoushka.. Kia’s head pops in. . Kia: Mrs. we’ll make the attic into a studio for Tan.Rashid has his kitchen...

Now come on… finish what you started. in the future.12 Dev: Kia has her baby and baby has it’s crib. we see that he really loves . In his eyes.. Dev kisses Anoushka’s eyelids.. Anoushka: A Sari! Oh please! Do go corny on me again! Dev: Why? A brown sari fashioned out of antique curtains. Dev: And when she walks the red carpet. Dev Ray Chaudhuri… You will go back to your father’s saree shop in Kolkata after you are done here!” Dev: What if I don’t? He starts kissing her but she withdraws gently. Anoushka withdraws and looks at him queerly. Anoushka smiles. Anoushka: “Why won’t you? You will leave when you have to.. And neither should you. she wears a gorgeous sari designed by Dev. Anoushka: “Mr. Anoushka giggles. Dev: And Anu is a superstar... So No… I don’t see you in this house.” She goes back to kissing him. made by me on Nani’s heritage sewing machine in my little workshop in the garage. Dev: Whaaaaat? Everyone has something… And I don’t get MY workshop in the garage? Anoushka laughs him off.

Anoushka: (Muttering) Smile. Anoushka is absorbed. Anoushka: Do we know each other? He tries to say something but can’t..uh. From her POV we see an old man. Customer is God. rather well turned out and stylish. Serve. Smile. This unnerves Anoushka. Anoushka: How do you know my name? Old Man: I. as if to tap her shoulder. We back a little to see someone standing there. Gruff Male Voice: Anoushka? Startled. Show. CUT TO Scene 4A INT. A hand advances.I. Anoushka begins to get nervous... She pulls her face into an amicable smile. looking at her. Anoushka: Yes? The old man keeps staring at her. Anoushka whips around.I asked at the... a book catches her eye and she pulls it out. She gives him a once over. He looks like he comes from money. then hesitates and withdraws.ah. Smile. Bookshop / Day Anoushka walks in affirming to herself.. She shows customers around and leaves them to browse in peace.13 this girl and that he meant it when he said he’d stay back. She walks by the ‘Interiors’ section. Her voice comes out louder than expected. Serve. We know him as Vishwambhar Rathod but Anoushka seems to have no idea who he is. . Customer is God.. He clutches a small bouquet of tuberoses. we realize how pretty she actually is. Show.

he pushes the bouquet of flowers into her hand.... turns and strides out of the bookshop. on the other hand barely listens to what she has to say as he gapes at her. you.. unable to take his eyes off her.. almost breaking into a . And what books? The old man says the first thing that comes to his mind. Anoushka: Of course. Anoushka: You really want to buy something? Old Man: I. (Looks around) Books? Anoushka wavers between walking away and sticking by her day’s ‘Customer is God’ mantra. She leads him through the rows of books on India. Anoushka: I am not Indian. I mean. I. Books on India.. She finally puts on a smile. Anoushka: Oh really? You asked my name? And why? Old Man: Because.. I am British. Old Man: Oh! Anoushka: And what would it be that you need help with? Old Man: Uh. without warning. Then. surprising the old man by the sudden change in her demeanour. Anoushka gets more edgy by the moment till she finally snaps. He.. Old Man: India.14 He points vaguely in a random direction. Because I wanted an Indian person to help me. ah.

Hospital / Evening The doctor is standing over Vishwambhar. possessed! Suddenly he stops. Anoushka stares after him. his embarrassment would cease to be. holding on to his chest. Vishwambhar: Bhuvan! CUT TO: Scene 5B INT. He’s never felt this kind of ‘cat got the tongue’ feeling in his sixty-five years! He walks hurriedly on the pavement. Bookshop & London Street / Day Vish walks out of the shop.15 run. he freezes and falls to the floor. Hotel / Afternoon Vishwambar rushes by the Lobby. the expression on her face changing from surprise to anger. his face is red. something he has never felt before. He writhes on the floor in a sudden pain. up the stairs and into his room in a daze. . as if the faster he runs away from the situation. Epic Music plays on the soundtrack CUT TO Scene 5A INT. who now seems to have recovered. Panting. He yells out a name. Anoushka: Weirdo! CUT TO Scene 4B EXT. panting. as if making an escape from there. he starts throwing things into his suitcase. the veins on his fore head throbbing as he packs like a maniac.

CUT TO Scene 6 EXT. Hospital Staff: So your travel insurance company says they will clear the bill. Doctor: You’re absolutely fine now. Vishwambhar nods. The doctor smiles. thanks. She makes a face at him. she is still looking at him. A rather officious hotel bellboy stands by him. Congratulations.16 Doctor: You need to take it easy. looking right at Vishwambhar. Vishwambhar is wheeled out into the recovery room of the hospital. I’m letting you go. Hospital Staff: Are you on some business visit here? Or leisure? Or are you visiting family?” Vishwambhar looks up at him. She runs off without a second look at him. he’s looking at the little girl. A little girl stands with her face pressed against the wall. keep down the excitement (the guy winks) We can’t have you shooting up your blood pressure like this Vishwambhar grunts. playful little silly world. a sudden surge in blood pressure such as this can lead to a stroke Sir. He is in no mood to indulge her but she begins to imitate him until she draws him into her world. he’s silent. Doctor: Take a holiday. He sits up as suddenly the little girl is called away by her parents. He looks away and watches as families meet. Beyond a glass wall is general hospital chaos. Vish is oblivious to his surroundings till. Café & Anoushka’s House / Evening . trying to get his attention. I’m not giving you any medication but I’ll definitely prescribe a holiday with the family. Vishwambhar: Yeah. But you must take care.

Smith loses it again. it’s been four. Smith. you are not! You can’t Anoushka’s voice is a little panicked. Smith: You can’t just go on like this! Anoushka: Over my dead body you will get someone into this house! Mrs. the Land Lady and Anoushka. Smith: . Anoushka: (incredulous) Yeah! Four Cats! How much does a cat eat? You are just mean. Mrs. Anoushka: I’ll pay you the extra rent! The Land Lady’s voice becomes gentler. Anoushka: No. Mrs. Smith: You asked me for two months.17 Vish is at a café across the road from Anoushka’s house. the woman at the counter is jabbering about the area. Smith: I’m letting out Radha’s room from next week. I have four mouths to feed! Vish is following the exchange ardently. She looks up with great interest as a middle-aged Caucasian woman walks up to Anoushka’s House and rings the bell impatiently. A slandering match starts between Mrs. voices rise. Vish watches. Woman: Here comes my daily dose of entertainment! Vishwambhar watches as Kia opens the door and calls Anoushka. you know! Mrs. Mrs.

We can see that he’s in his element. stunned.18 Shut the fuck up you little witch! I swear I’m gonna throw you out. Mrs. He flirts unabashedly with Mrs. are you? Vish: (with a flourish) At your service my Lady. Pub / Night Vishwambhar makes his way through a crowd in a small pub. Smith. I am! Vish puts money on the counter and walks out of there. Smith (wide-eyed) Ohhh. Mrs. Vish: It’s a long story. . blinks back a tear.. Daisy.. CUT TO Scene 7 INT. Smith: I am letting that room out. She smiles back. Smith eggs him on. leaning in and talking to an amicable whitehaired woman. smiles at her. he’s sitting with the two ladies and chatting away nineteen to a dozen. and shares a look with her friend. Mrs. buys them drinks and somehow leads the conversation to where he wants to lead it. Mrs. Smith giggles. Smith. The only reason you’re still here is because Radha was such a beautiful person! All those years! But you. smooth and easy.. At the gate. Vish asks for a malt and drawing Mrs.. You are a prince. Mrs. and soon. You are absolutely nothing like her! Nothing! She turns and begins to walk away and Anoushka. Smith turns around. He pauses as he nears the bar and walks up to stand next to a bar stool on which sits Mrs. Daisy: So what are you doing here in London? Vish sighs. Smith’s attention to himself.

I have a room to let out.. you know. Daisy: But he’s Maharaja! He ain’t gonna stay in that dump! Vish: You know a place.. Smith: Well actually. Smith: But it’s got these kids staying there.. Smith who by now is completely smitten with him.. The women hang on to his every word as he regales them with stories of how he lived with Greek fishermen and carpet sellers in Turkey and peasants in Italy before following his quest to London... Mrs. Smith looks at Daisy. Vish: Say. He suddenly seems to come out of his reverie and looks at Mrs. Daisy whispers to her. a room or something.. Vish: I really like London.19 Mrs. I think I’m going to be here for a while. Vish: No! No! Nothing fancy! I want to live like a real person does. you know of a place around here I can rent for a few months.? Mrs. Vish jumps at this. but I’m sure you’re looking for something more fancy. Mrs. .. Mrs... Smith: Actually. Smith: Oh tell us! Do! Vish tells them a bull-crap tale of how he woke up one morning and realized he had it all but still felt empty and so decided to set out on a journey of self discovery..

. Daisy gives her a look as if to say.. Smith enters the house with Vish and announces that he will be staying there from now on. She opens the door to a room we have yet never seen. thrown off. Kia whispers to him... and gives Mrs. Kia: He’s OLD dude. Vish: Oh come on now! I’ll pay double! And I’ll pay in advance! Let me buy you girls another drink. Smith another winning smile. Smith giggles. Smith: But..20 Vish: (grins) Are you trying to tell me I’m an old man? Mrs. showing him around. He extends his hand forward with a big smile. Smith: But.. Mrs. it’s my lucky night! He whips out a cheque book. She introduces him as Vijay Sharma.. I have some fifteen applications for the place. and I’m interviewing these guys tomorrow. Mrs. Smith: (calling out to Kia) Why hasn’t Anoushka cleared up her grandma’s things from here? Kia: . How can he stay with us? Both of them stand back stonily as Mrs... CUT TO Scene 8 INT. ‘What’s your problem? Give him the room!!!’ Mrs. Smith leads him through the house. Rashid takes it skeptically. Anoushka’s House / Afternoon Mrs.

What are you doing here? When Mrs.21 Ask her! We enter the room with Vish. And now her granddaughter Anoushka lives here. Smith: (she whispers) . Poor dear died of Cancer six months ago. Smith: That’s Radha.. she stayed here many many years. awestruck. He can’t take his eyes off it. he’s just on a quest to find himself. Smith: (airily) Oh shut up Anoushka.. Anoushka: Please No! Anyone but him. Smith into the next room. Kia makes a face and points Anoushka towards the room.... Still remember her then. Mrs. See her there. the baby. he was at the bookstore yesterday and he’s a complete nutcase.. Anoushka swears and drops the bags to the floor before running into the room.. (does appropriate action). Anoushka: Ohmygod! It’s. Just then Anoushka walks into the house loaded with the groceries for the week.. The quaint room has Anoushka’s grandma’s things kept around like she is going to walk in any moment. he’s really strange! I know him. yes. I know the man. Vish walks up to the bed stand and picks up a framed photograph of baby Anoushka with her parents and grandmother. Anoushka: Find Whaa.. It’s. lost her parents in an accident and came to live with Radha. was no bigger than this. Smith tells Anoushka that he’ll be staying in the room from now on.. Anoushka: Give that to me! She snatches the photograph from Vish before looking up at him.. Anoushka drags Mrs. Mrs.. He can’t possibly live here! Mrs.. He stands at the door.

He is staying here.. Really Mrs. Vish: I.. in advance.. Anoushka: No. Anoushka: Bitch! CUT TO Scene 8A INT. Smith: And he’s paid me double the rent.. Anoushka: Yeah Right he is.. Mrs. going through things. Smith! Mrs. Smith: He’s staying here! Anoushka: Please. .. He has emptied out his suitcase and made a mess. Anoushka’s House / Night Vish is in the bedroom. you can let the things stay here. Smith: (with a tome of finality) I have spent the money he gave me. Anoushka whips around.... Smith.. Mrs.22 And he told me not to tell anyone but he’s a Maharaja. at a loss. if you want. Anoushka: It took you all of half an hour to mess up the room... I don’t mind. Anoushka comes in. Mrs. living with those cats has made you loopy. didn’t it? She begins to collect her grandmother’s things as Vish stands there. She walks off.

Kia: Oh for Gods sake Anoushka! Shut up and stop throwing a fit! I AM the one who’s hormonal and bloated and fucking FAT! I’m the one who can’t get through to my husband! I’m the one who’s a month away from having a baby and that asshole still hasn’t got his visa.’ I’m the one who should be throwing a tantrum not you. I will ask Dev to sort them out. she walks out of the room. For that matter.23 Anoushka: But I do mind Mister! Vish: I’m sorry.. Anoushka: I keep telling you not to wait for that good for nothing bastard. Anoushka: Never again. Keep your cynicism to yourself.... Actually. She turns around and pulls some things out of the wardrobe. Never ever ask me anything about my family. never ask me anything. Anoushka: Babe I am telling you this cos I really care for you. you were very close to your grandmother? And your parents? Anoushka looks at him and stops doing what she is. okay. I .He has just knocked . Vish: I. He’s not going to come! That’s what men are like! Kia: That’s the last thing I need Anoushka... Kia looks slightly put off as she redials a number. Anoushka sits down next to Kia. Goes out and dumps them somewhere and comes back in.. Anoushka: Try not to touch them. NEVER talk to me! Get it? Saying this. She slams the books down with the other things on Kia’s futon.

Vish: And you are Anoushka’s boyfriend? .. Vish: Tea? Just then Kia wobbles out. He holds her. making tea. hands him a bag. Vish sees her through the window of his room. Dev walks in and seeing her. Dev gives him a tentative look.24 you up and left you to be! He ain’t showing up! Kia just walks away. The front door opens Rashid runs in. As soon as he realizes that Dev has seen him. CUT TO Scene 9 INT. The television is blaring out an India-South Africa Cricket game. grabs a book and runs out again even as Vish collects his bearings and manages to say. Vish quickly draws the curtains. Anoushka’s House / Day Vish stretching in bed. which he holds as she ties her shoes. looking lost. Anoushka walks out into the cold balcony. Vish hears the whole conversation. but she removes his hand. Kia: Morning! Vish walks into the kitchen and gets startled on seeing Dev there. Dev: So you are the new guy? Vish replies without a beat. Dev notices this. goes to the balcony. He gets up and ventures out of his room. groggily Vish: Bhuvan! This repeats itself a few times over till Vishwambhar Chauhan realizes he’s not in his palace. takes the bag and walks out.

25 Dev: That’s really none of your business! Vish: Oh. Dev... I mean. Fashion. Dev: Require run rate seven runs. He pauses... I don’t stay here but. Dev suddenly glares at Vishwambhar like a helpless kid glares at the school bully. oh yes. not knowing what to say. albeit taken aback is slightly amused by Vish as he places a cup of tea in front of him. so you want to be her boyfriend. Dev: Excuse Me? Vish positions himself in the most comfortable chair at the little table and picks up the days newspaper. Dev curses. Vish: Toh tum bhi idhar rehete ho? Dev answers distractedly... I visit and now I have to go. He says this as a statement not a question. Dev: I. History of Textiles.. Vish: Before you start your interview.. .nahi. India loses a wicket. Vish: Kya karte ho? Dev: College. Dev: I don’t stay here.. I. as well.. can you make me some tea.

I actually have . Anoushka: I am sorry sir. as if she is chiding an imbecile. Dev: Main class ke liye late ho jaaonga. You mean. the bathroom manners. Please pardon us for our faulty services… Listen. Rant over. She proceeds to give him a guided tour of the whole house. Dev behind her. Dev stands there smiling.26 Vishwambhar suddenly almost looks like he doesn’t want him to leave. Vishwambhar: Jaa rahe ho? Match abhi khatam nahi hua.. He pauses. Vishwambhar looks around curiously. Vish: “Hey… the maid didn’t come today!” Dev stands behind her with a sheepish grin. ek aur cup chai peete hain. Anoushka’s House / Evening Vishwambhar is like the child in ‘Home Alone’.. doing his own thing. the kitchen. she goes off to her room. Vish walks out and sees Anoushka’s angry face and says. dude… this is not a fucking hotel… This is a fucking house and you have to do your own stuff here. CUT TO Scene 10 INT. Into this mess enters Anoushka. He’s made a complete mess of the house and turned everything upside down. Room service and housekeeping are on a national holiday today. Vish: I really thought there was a maid. We realize he has never been on his own. Dev: Bye. The washing machine. coming in. trying to figure out the house. the detergent. Dev realizes Vish is actually harmless.

lost. Dev: Biryani! She loves Biryani. Music Kicks In Vish: . Biriyani mein kya dalta hai? The woman sees the sack in his trolley and smiles at him. I won’t. She scribbles something and hands him a piece of paper. Woman: Ek minute. He gets out of Vish’s clutches and runs in to Anoushka’s room. He gets a trolley and hauls out a sack of the only thing he knows goes into biriyani – rice. yeh. Vish: How can I make it up to her? You have to tell me! Or else. Dev is taken aback. Vish looks up she walks away. It has a telephone number “Hyderabadi Spice” on it. “Dev. CUT TO Scene 11 INT. Vish pins Dev against the wall. He pulls out his phone. He then looks around. Finally.. Vish: Hello? Hello Bhuvan? Haan suno. Department store / Day Vishwambhar walks into a supermarket as if he owns it. an idea strikes him. I won’t let you go! Seriously. he goes up to her. Anoushka keeps calling Dev. Vish whispers. yeh Biriyani mein kya dalta hai? A pause. caught in a situation. Vish sighs and then.. making a ‘call them’ gesture.. No need to entertain him!” Suddenly. Vishwambhar: Excuse Me. Seeing an Indian lady.27 to do all this? Anoushka yells out.

finding it. stuffing things into his trolley. Anoushka: Oh shit! Dev: Kya? Anoushka points to the pavement. the biriyani looks nothing like it’s supposed to. I was thinking I’ll do Mrs. Biriyani. pushing the overloaded trolley to the counter. London Street & Anoushka’s House / Night Anoushka and Dev are walking home. it’ll be tough to do so many characters. all the while on the phone with Bhuvan. and we see his handiwork. Anoushka: It’s Cinderella. Kitchen – Anoushka’s House / Evening The montage continues as. her foot is on a crack. Anoushka: I stepped on the crack... Smith’s voice for the evil stepmother. looking for something.. It’s a burnt mass of something that doesn’t remotely look like rice or meat! Vish is thoughtful as he reached into his pocket and pulls out the piece of paper the woman at the supermarket gave him. paying the bill. Dev: . he stands back. CUT TO Scene 12 EXT. she’s telling him about a book reading she is to conduct at the bookstore tomorrow.28 Haan Haan. Finally.. In a series of jumps cuts we see him at different racks. Apart from the fact that the kitchen is a right royal mess. again in quick cuts we see him actually cook the biriyani.. CUT TO Scene 11A INT. She stops short and looks down in dismay.

Dev wants to stay but follows her reluctantly only to have the door banged shut in his face.. Vish pauses with the bottle in his hand. Tanya: It’s soooooo good! Vijay made it! He’s so much fun. Dev: Can I join you guys? . Dev behind her. She shoves a plate of fantastic looking biriyani under Anoushka’s nose. He even knows how to roll joints! Anoushka seems miffed. He smiles and goes back into the kitchen. Anoushka turns towards him and does a strange little ritual. Dev looks on with a bemused expression. The table is strewn with plates and beer cans. Tanya: Come! Come! Eat this. Kia sees them. As she finishes and they begin to walk again. waves out a hello. CUT TO Scene 12A INT. She stomps off. I have work to do. Dev: I can think of a better punishment.. Anoushka’s House / Late Evening Shouts and cheers from the kitchen greet Anoushka and Dev as they enter the house. crosses her arms in front of herself twice and touches her ears.29 Punishment. Rashid finishes his beer and whoops! Tanya seems rather drunk as she tries to pull Anoushka into the room. a live U2 concert is playing on the TV. Anoushka: Oh no. Anoushka pauses at the door to the kitchen. she turns around on the spot. He tries reaching for her hand. she withdraws. you guys carry on having fun. Vish and Rashid are having a beer guzzling competition! Kia and Tanya are cheering them on.

Kia and Rashid have collapsed with laughter. Rashid: You know what. Dev. Rashid and Tanya are sitting around in a circle. she tells him she loves Jimmy and grew up watching Disco Dancer almost every week. Kia. Dev chooses truth. Sounds can be heard in the background. she chooses the ‘dare’ and begins a hilarious performance of ‘Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. Vish spins the bottle and this time it comes to a stop with the mouth pointing to Dev.. Rashid excitedly tells Dev.. Aaja Aaja Aaja. Kia: No! Not again! Tanya: Have you met Shah Rukh Khan? CUT TO Scene 12B INT. Anoushka’s House – Balcony & Terrace / Night Anoushka walks up and down the tiny balcony rehearsing lines from Cinderella. playing truth or dare. – EXT. They are all rather high. Vish hands him a beer.30 Vish: Only if you promise to get as drunk as we are. Vish ponders. Vish. The bottle spins and stops in front of Tanya.’ from Disco Dancer. Vijay was telling us he’s met Brian Lara! Tell him the story Vijay!! Kia makes a face.. Vish: Hmmn! Do you love Anoushka? Dev: Hey! Come on. Vish is most amused as she sits down panting. We gradually move away from her and travel up to the terrace. Rashid: Of course he does! Kia: .

will stay here. Vish: What is she practicing for? Dev: She’s doing a book reading tomorrow to make extra money for her trip to Manchester. and. Kia: She’s goin there for an audition. Tanya hugs him... Anoushka and I are not seeing each other. Vish: Why? Dev: I’ll finish my course in a month and go to India and Anu. tell us... Kia coughs. Dev: And we’ll never see each other. we are just ‘good friends’. Vish asks. Dev just shrugs.. Dev: Wasn’t I supposed to answer the question? Vish: So... She’s . Tanya: Ohhh Dev don’t go! We’ll miss you! There is a small silence and Anoushka’s voice floats up as she rehearses.. Dev: She has to read out the story of Cinderella.. so she’s nervous. Dev: Well.31 Yeh! But he’s too chicken to ask her out! They rib Dev who throws his hands up..

her dad. Kia: And she saw her grandma suffer. her mum. she’s just. I mean she was awfully close to her grandma. Vish: Pinku? Dev: . show it.. Dev: Yeah. and Nani died. All the.. she can’t.. you know.Pinku so she’s scared of getting too close to anyone.... Kia: Yeah she was.32 mostly nervous only... there’s no deal.. her Nani.. Nani spent all her life pining for this guy.. she’s scared of getting too close to anyone. she’s just scared I guess.. He says it almost fondly. is just a façade.. Tanya: She died of cancer six moths ago.. Rashid: But she was suffering so much so it was better she. she’s actually a very lovely person but she just doesn’t . Tanya: So romantic.... Dev: Yeah.. not just the cancer. Kia: But he never turned up! Dev: And I think Anoushka always hoped he’d come one day but he didn’t.. Kia: There is no deal. She keeps a distance.... Vish: What’s the deal with her? Why is she so. she’s lost all the people she loved... you know.

. Just then Anoushka walks in and they see her and burst out laughing again. you guys seem to be having a lot of fun up here. rolling on the floor. Well. She walks out of there. We stay on Vish looking at her. Anoushka turns to Dev. 12. I have a lecture. okay. I’m sorry baby. I’ll see you all at the reading tomorrow. Anoushka: I suggest you don’t come either! Find something else to do! Or someone else to hang out with. Tanya: I’m sorry too. I’m off to bed so good night. Vish: Pinku? They suddenly find this very funny and burst out laughing.. Anoushka: Oh.33 Her dog.. Kia makes a noise. Bookstore / Day Anoushka is dressed up bright and pretty as she sits amidst starts to . Rashid: They put me on the Day shift this week. who smiles at her.30. CUT TO Scene 13 INT. Anoushka: What? Kia: Doc’s appointment..

Dev and Vish walk in and take their seats. Anoushka: Go on. and he tells a story. they follow him as if he is the pied piper himself. Reference Song: “Mere paas aao mere doston” CUT TO . Anoushka starts to stumble over sentences and make a mess of the whole thing. Anoushka turns to him and says. can we? Vish shuts his eyes. clapping. Vish clears his throat.34 read out the story of Cinderella. Vish: I don’t know any. Dev smiles encouragingly at her. Vish eggs her on. Finally when Vish eggs her on a third time. Anoushka: We can’t disappoint them. Anoushka invites Vish to come up in front and claps as Dev pushes him to go. Eyes still shut is humming. Anoushka smiles at the kids and opens her mouth to address them when a gentle hum makes her turn around. Anoushka waves at the children.. Anoushka: Why don’t you come up and tell us a story? It’s Vish’s turn to look stumped. Anoushka takes her seat. Vish: Story. Vish is apprehensive as he approaches Anoushka. smiling at him. He has them enthralled. Dev looks like he’s wishing he never came. He tells the story of a Prince who had everything in the world but wasn’t happy… essentially. Anoushka is taken aback. Anoushka looks irritated but continues with an effort.. the kids turn their attention to him as he calls out to them to listen to his story in sing-song verse.. the story of his own life! He takes them through the store in a dance. the kids follow suit. They listen. Vish. she stands there. he begins a song..

She doesn’t say anything. Vish: But she’s the one who told me to tell a story! Dev: Yes! Tell a story! Not upstage her! Vish looks crestfallen. Maybe you should just quit trying to make it up to her. But she turns around and walks over to her bed and continues to do what she was – stuffing some clothes into an overnight bag. Dev: Yes.. Anoushka walks away in a huff. and Vish waves a goodbye to the kids and comes happily towards Anoushka. Vish: Uh. and he’s rather taken aback to see Anoushka looking really pissed off. please do meet the manager before you leave. In his head. A man comes to Vish. Anoushka: No. . almost as if she is amazed at his audacity. CUT TO Scene 14 INT. Dev shrugs. Anoushka pulls the door open and stops short on seeing Vish there. Man: Sir.. Anoushka’s Room / Evening A fist knocks on a door.. Can I come in. Vish: I’ll get it right someday! I will. we have a small compensation for the book reading you just conducted. he’s done something wonderful.. at least you won’t make things worse.35 The song ends. you just fucked up again..

and stumped. He stands there awkward. (pause) Please keep an eye on your new friend! I don’t want him screwing anything else up! Vish is about leave the room when something catches his eye. and I wish you’d understand that. We stay on Vish.. He picks up the pictures and stares at them for a moment. taken aback. Her bag is done. they are old photographs from when she was younger. he takes a closer look at it. Anoushka picks the bag and walks up to the door. A small model of a house stands on the table.36 Vish makes as if to enter. speaking to Kia. you are just something I have to live with. like this ugly pink toilet. I have to live with it because I don’t have the money to change it. Anoushka marches out into the kitchen. Anoushka is silent. I am sorry. Today’s the last day. She looks stunning in them. Anoushka: Stay there. He touches it and then he notices some photographs kept next to it Photographs of Anoushka’s grandmother. She gathers herself to all of her 5 ft 4 inch frame and looks Vish in the eye. Will be back tomorrow Please remember to pay the power bill. Like. it’s a beautifully done up little house with wallpaper cut out of magazines. . Vish: I came to say. What you do or say doesn’t matter. she take one last look around the room. Vish repeats. Vish: Sorry.. You are of absolutely no consequence to my life. Anoushka: It doesn’t matter. Anoushka: I am taking the train to Manchester tonight.. We hear Anoushka’s voice in the kitchen. and miniature furniture...

Vish: (thoughtfully) I have an idea..37 He starts as.. Dev: What are you doing here? Vish spins around. Vish: I have a plan!!! Kia: Okay! Okay! Calm down! Vish: No! Okay! I’ve never done this before and I need you guys! Please! This is it! Rashid: This is it? Vish: This is our chance to make Anoushka happy! . I came in here to say sorry and. JUMP CUT Kia. Vish: Oh. it’s her dream for the house. Rashid and Tanya are also in the room. have you seen this? I. it’s all she wants.. Vish: For this house? Dev: Yes... Dev looks at the model. Dev: Oh this. Vish touches the model.

she looks disconcerted.. come on now! CUT TO Scene 15 INT. Audition Hall / Day As Anoushka waits for her turn. Anoushka goes up to the counter.apne haaton se kuch karne ka mazaa hee kuch aur hai. She looks around a couple of times at the rather dingy hall. Woman looks up.. but. choc-a-bloc with children and their parents and few young women scattered around. . Anoushka: I mean... not the Manchester Playhouse Theater company. I came here for the Manchester Playhouse Theater Company Audition. I think there has been some mistake...38 Tanya: But what is the plan?! Vish smiles. The woman: Then you’ve come to the wrong place darling! This is the Manchester Playhouse Easter Theater Festival.. Anoushka: Excuse me? Are you sure my name is down for the audition? Woman: Haven’t yeh already checked it on the list? Anoushka: Yes. Vish: Bhuvan kehta hai. chalo yeh bhi try kar lete hain! Kia: Care to translate? Vish: You’ll know..

she throws it away and gets on the train when it comes.39 She waves her hand around the room. Anoushka looks crestfallen as she walks out. CUT TO Scene 15C INT. CUT TO Scene 15D EXT. looking out of the window as day turns to night. Anoushka: Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! She is almost in tears as she walks away and we follow her on her journey back home through a montage. A band of raggedy musicians play street-jazz by a street corner. you should come for that! Anoushka: Are you sure? I was told. CUT TO A Montage as Anoushka makes her way back to London.. Train / Day-Night Anoushka on the train. She kicks the door. London Streets / Night Anoushka walking on the streets of London. she stands and listens to them for a while feeling most melancholic. Train Station / Day Anoushka. Scene 15B INT. CUT TO . Woman: We’re auditioning kids for the Easter Play up by the city centre. Buys herself some coffee but it’s horrid. waiting at the rail station.

Dev: He did this. Kia nods. she can see her grandmother’s pictures hung on the wall.40 Scene 16 INT. Anoushka looks at Dev. Anoushka: Oh My God. Anoushka gasps! The house looks completely transformed. Rashid and Kia. And just as suddenly. Tanya. Apartment / Night Anoushka comes into the apartment to find it in darkness. Anoushka: I knew it! I knew you guys won’t have paid the bill! She turns on her phone and through the slivers of light falling around the room. Anoushka: Kia? What’s going on. It’s Kia. everyone is smiling as she comes running back! Her eyes shine with happiness and she does a little jig and plants a kiss on Dev’s cheek.. the lights come on.. drops her bag and runs around the house entranced and shocked. How? She turns to Dev. you guys! I don’t know what to say. standing at a little distance. She flips on a switch but the darkness prevails. Anoushka looks at Kia for conformation. She turns around to the others. a red couch sits in the living room. it looks like it has manifested itself from the model into real life. She groans.. smiling. Anoushka: Ohhhhh Myyyyy Goddddd! It’s magical to see her this way. Anoushka stands . Nani’s pictures are up on the wall with Tanya’s Paintings. The walls are freshly painted. Anoushka: You?! Dev shakes his head and points towards Vish. She is confused and then her light falls on a familiar face.

okay.. don’t ask me to say it. There is a pause. Anoushka: Hmmn.. hands akimbo.. Vish: I have a better idea. Vish: Sorry but I couldn’t change the pink toilet. Slowly she walks up to Vish and stands in front of him.. Party Music on the soundtrack CUT TO Scene 17 – PBS 2 INT. Anoushka looks at the wall and narrows her eyes. Dev: She’s trying to say thank you! Anoushka smiles too. Thumping Music. Anoushka: Why did you do this? Vish: To make you like me. At the bar.Deep Purple would have been a better choice… though this isn’t that bad. then he says.. Vish: Thank you aise nahin chalega… Anoushka: Phir kaise..41 there looking rather surprised. Night Club / Night Loud Beats. The other’s smile. Dev: .

Vish pats him on the back before flopping on the bed. fun.42 Uhh Whiskey and Coke. Tequila? Want to puke? Vish slurs. mad fun through which Vish proceeds to get awfully drunk. Dev: What Mr. He turns to them with a sneer. Dev goes up to him. Vish: THIS is called drinking He downs shots in a row. Anoushka’s House / Night As Dev leads a sloshed Vish into his bedroom. Anoushka: Vodka and Tonic. CUT TO: Scene 18 INT. Kia: Can’t drink fucking baby! Vish: Tequila Shots. . He sits up suddenly as Dev is leaving the room and calls out to him. Tanya: Beer! Rashid: Tonic Water Please. completely popular Hindi film song. so much so that he has to be carried home.A wild.. Vish: Don’t you fucking leave her. okay. And then proceeds to sing a song .

Vish takes the umbrella from her and throws it into the air. He just walks out of the front door into the pouring rain. Vish is greeted with claps and whoops as he enters! He blinks a couple of times.43 Dev looks a little taken aback. The others burst out laughing. Anoushka’s House / Day Vish wakes up groggy and disoriented to the sound of thunder. Tanya: It’ll help with the hangover. he looks at with distaste. soon everyone is in the lawn. CUT TO: Scene 20 INT. Vish flops back on the bed muttering to himself. He tumbles out of bed into the living room where everyone is watching DDLJ on TV. laughing. Kitchen – Anoushka’s House / Night . Tanya gets him a glass of something. it becomes a magical moment. Vish doesn’t say anything. Anoushka falls into Dev’s arms. CUT TO Scene 19 INT. he takes her hand and leads her in a silly little dance. but almost pleased to have met Vish’s approval. He turns around and looks at Vish. Everyone except Anoushka who’s telling Tanya that it’s a whole load of crap. Kia: You think he’s still drunk?! They all go up to the door and watch in amusement. it’s rare to see her this way. Anoushka: He’s lost the plot! She gets an umbrella and goes out after him. She seems a different person. Dev smiles and is walking out of the room suddenly he seems to realize something and stops short. a strange expression on his face.

now you speak. We follow him in as he enters and looks around. He repeats the line. muttering that it’s a rather silly dramatic dialogue. rehearsing. Vish: You are playing Athena? Anoushka nods. He looks in the pockets and in the inner breast pocket of the overcoat. He quickly pulls a letter out and begins to read. He reads out a line.. Dev pushes the door open. Vish: Main tumhe cue de raha hoon. JUMP CUT Vish and Anoushka are in the living room. Anoushka is still surprised. He says. Vish turns away and walks to the table. It’s from Radha and it now plays out in her voice over a montage of Radha’s . Vish’s voice trails in from the living room. he finds an envelope. He stops. He turns to leave when something catches his eye.. sits down. she is slightly disconcerted. Vish and Anoushka continue their rehearsal. As he’s coming out again.. CUT TO Outside. She stares at him blankly. this time Anoushka responds. He picks a few sheets and begins to read the lines. He walks into Anoushka’s room to keep his bag. he sees the door to ‘Nani’s room’ ajar. CUT TO Dev looks around the room but he doesn’t know what he is looking for. There is a black overcoat that Vish always wears hanging at the door. as if to a small child. Suddenly Dev knows what to do. when Vish walks in.44 Anoushka is in the kitchen. practicing the lines when Dev walks in and sees them there. is the one Vish received in the very first scene. He says the line a third time. Anoushka follows him. holding her hand out to take the sheets back. The letter. pauses and looks towards the living room as he contemplates whether he should go in.

. Tumhaare bare mein khabrein aati rahti hai India se… Bahut baar mann kiya tumse ek baar aake miloon. Aur jitni ranjishein thii tumse… unnke liye. Aur ab. ek badla lena chahti thii tumse… to hiss khabar ko maine raaz hi rakha. badi mushkil se maine khud ko tootne se roka… Aur phir. Robert naam k eek ladke pyaar bhi hua usse… aur shaadi kii don one. Gehri ek khaai se unnki bodies mili. London waapas aake mujhe pata chala main pregnant hoon. iss khatt mein picchley chaalis saalon ki ranjish daalna chahti hoon… Parr daal nahin paa rahi. Haath se hi likh rahi hoon… Lifafe parr mere handwriting se hi tum pehchaan gaye hoge … Kuch cheezein kabhi nahin badalti Vish… bass umr kabhi kabhi humein dhokha de jaati hai. agar mere paas kahne ko voh nahin hota. teen mahiney baad. Kabhi usse tumhari kami mehsoos nahin honeye dii maine. May mahiney mein hamari beti Meghna paida hui.. . Vahi zindagi se roothna… vahi khuli hassi. Vahi zidd. mujhe koi gila nahin thaa… Naa hai! Mujhe laga ki yeh ek ishaara hai… Tumhare saath agar yeh umr guzaar nahin paayi… toh hamare iss bachche ke saath apni zindagi guzaar doongi.45 photographs.. Parr badi mushkil se khud ko roka maine. vahi kupp sa gussa. Aur uss mein mujhe tum nazar aate ho. Vish. Asal mein… Shayad yeh khatt bhejti hi nahin main tumhe. Nahin. Aaj Anoushka baaees saal ki hai. Maine usse koi last name nahin diya. over clips of Vish and Anoushka rehearsing.. Khoobsoorat… chirpy little Meghana. Tumhaare ussi patey parr yeh khatt bhej rahi hoon… jahaan hum aakhri baar miley theye. Teen mahiney ki Anoushka ko maine apni beti jaisa paala hai. Vahi alhadpan. Unnis sau painsath ke Polo ki uss aakhri season mein tumne jab mujhe saaf kah diya ki tum apne aap ko kissi rishte mein baandhna nahin chahte… maine bade style se ‘I understand’ toh kah diya thaa… Parr. over Kia and Rashid cooking in the kitchen. Ikkis saal ki umar mein ma bani ek choti si bachchi ka… Anoushka… Aur Anoushka jab teen mahiney ki thii… Robert aur Meghana ek lambi si drive pe gayein… aur kabhi nahin laute. over a patch of tuberoses in the garden. Vish. Dekhte dekhte bees saal ki hui. jo main kahne jaa rahi hoon. Tum mein hamesha voh baat thii… Hazaar galtiyaan karogey… parr tumhe dekhke kissika gussa bass yun pighal jaayega. (something along these lines) Vish. Dev Reads.

Dev looks up unseeingly. Vish: I. Tum maano ya na maano… Tumhari hi poti hai voh. As Anoushka waits for her turn. ho sakey toh door se nazar rakhna. Vish. Dekho na… kahte hain bass kuch din bache hain… Bass mujhe Anoushka ki fikar hai. When he finishes the apology she gapes at him. where his character seems to be apologizing to Anoushka’s character. Parr usske paas matt aana… Tumhaare baare mein… maan lo… khush fehmiyaan nahin hai usse koi… Meri hi chand galtiyon ka nateeja hai yeh.46 Maine tumhe yeh sab aaj tak kyon nahin bataya? Aur ab kyon bata rahi hoon? Shayad nahin bataati. Radha. Behadd masoom hai… Khulke jeena chahti hai… parr jaise hamari kuch galtiyon ne usske parr baandh rakhein ho. As the letter ends. Hang on! Are you an actor or something? Vish snaps out of the moment. sivaaye tumhare.. Anoushka responds. yeh mera farz thaa tumse kahna… so kah diya… Alvida.. he doesn’t smile as he says. Anoushka: One sec. Vish says some lines again. Mere jaane ke baad. yeh khatt mere lawyers ko milega… will ke anusaar tumhe yeh post kiya jaayega… ek hi cheez maang rahi hoon tumse… Bass Anoushka parr. usski zindagi mein aisa koi bhi nahin hai jisse voh apna kah sakey. He lets himself out of the . Mujhe laga. she slowly sits up as Vish seems to have been taken over by his lines. CUT TO Vish reads. Parr kya karoon? Doctors bhi zaalim hamari pyaar ki tarah nikamme nikle. Shayad yeh khatt main tumhe kabhi nahin bhejti… Parr aaj. agar yeh doctors ne time pe cancer ka ilaaj nikaal liya hota toh. CUT TO Dev places the letter back in the overcoat. I guess you just have to feel the emotion.

Vish leans back. I’m sorry. Vish is taken aback to say the least. she hates so much??? What do you want from her? Why have you come now? Vish looks towards the grounds. I was snooping but I knew it was you and I just had to. enjoying the sun. Dev: Here’s one for me. Vish: I know exactly what we could do with right now! He excuses himself to go get some beers. Anoushka loves the whole game. Vish: I had no idea about her. Dev follows. Anoushka and Dev are at a Polo match. He hands him the beers. Dev: I found the letter. Dev confronts Vish about his real identity. Polo Grounds – London / Day Vish. even as she behaves like one of the boys and hurls abuses.. shutting the door behind him. Dev: Lemme help you! As they buy the beer. till this letter came to me… I know… I am to ..47 room. One for Anu and one for the Kunwar Saab himself. Dev shakes his head and looks at Vish. Vish sighs.. CUT TO Scene 21 EXT. Dev says. Dev: YOU are the man.

I know she is. ‘don’t go’. She has her grandmother’s eyes… Those eyes… which can’t hide love… but her heart has closed all doors… because of how her grandmother was hurt. Let me have that one chance to undo my mistakes. And I am the only person who can sort it out. I can make it happen. Dev is silent. But alas. Vish: This… Her phobia for commitment etc… is all because of me.It was me.. love… everything… stems from me. Don’t tell her.. I know she can change. looking out into the grounds. Vish: I had to come. Vish: So is she… in love with you. Please let me. I wish.48 blame… but I wish Radha had told me once. It’s in her eyes. . I can see it... Those were carefree days of youth… You moved on easily. Dev looks skeptical Vish: Please. Both men lean against the railing. Dev: So what now? Don’t fuck her up even more. I want to remove this bitterness she carries within. she hadn’t listened to me and told me we had a daughter. But you? I know you love her… that you won’t hurt her. who asked her to never bring these sort of things up. Her grandmother let go… and I hurt her. Unable to respond. Please let me. I feel. Dev remains silent and then walks away. Her misunderstanding of life. I know she is all over the place… But I think I can undo the mistake that was caused because of me. Can you believe I never met my daughter? Vish is silent for a couple of moments. Dev: Yes… I know… I am the one in love with her. Vish: I know… I know… Even Bhuvan said..

rather like an odd trio. While she is ahead. I owe you one. Vish and Anoushka through the city of London. a London we have never seen before – Anoushka’s London! Anoushka looks more interested in explaining things to Vish. The three of them sit together. Anoushka’s team wins. Anoushka: Tum naye ho na London mein? Vish: Nahin… I mean… pahle bhi aaya hoon…dekha hua hai. you are saying Thank You? Anoushka: Shut up! She thinks for a moment and says. She turns to Vish and says. Anoushka: I’m so glad we came here. Vish: .. I am coming here after so long. Anoushka: Voh toh tumne Bollywood ka London dekha hai… Parr Anu ke London mein toh pahli baar aaye ho. Anoushka: Where the hell were you guys? She asks Vish to sit next to her.49 They walk up to her and she says. rather than Dev who looks sulky. My grandmother loved Polo.MONTAGE In a series of cuts we see Dev. A song begins on the soundtrack CUT TO Scene 22 – PBS . Dev still looks slightly reluctant. We used to come here so often. na? Chalo… aaj meri treat… Tumhe Anoushka apne shahar ka guided tour degi Dev and Vish’s eyes meet over Anoushka’s head. Vish: You mean.

Vish: Ek kaam karo… usse drop karne matt jaana audition pe. Tum toh voh bhi nahin kar rahe ho. Vish: And what are you doing about it? Before Dev can reply. he’s still miffed about the whole day.50 Tum vahaan khade khade dedh saal ke bachche ki tarah shaklein hi banaate raho. jisski ice cream kissine chheen lii hai! Bhai main koshish toh kar raha hoon. Anoushka’s House / Night As they reach home. zara memsahib ko patta kamm do… zara unhe ignore karo… zara unhe mehsoos karne do aapki kami… phir deho. but she drags Vish in too. like a photograph. Dev is rather miffed by Vishwambhar. Dev: Main koshish nahin kar raha hoon? Haath tak toh pakadne nahin deti mujhe. She goes into her room. Vish: Miyaan aapki koshish dikh rahi hai. Dev tries to push himself into moments where Anoushka and he can be like a couple. kal! . Dev looks on exasperated. Anoushka comes and drags Vish away. Anoushka and Vish pose as Micky and Minne Mouse. tired and weary after the long day out Anoushka says she has to rehearse the lines for the next day’s audition one last time. Vish continues. The SONG resumes. She shares her ice-cream with Vishwambhar. It’s as if Anoushka is almost unaware of Dev’s presence. Vish tells Dev. kya rang laati hai! Dev doesn’t like this. CUT TO Scene 23 INT. At a dingy theme park.

Vish is with Anoushka. Anoushka: Bastard! I always knew he won’t come.51 Now Dev is baffled. brownie points kamaana chahte ho? Vaah ji vaah… bade smart ho! Vish: Miyan trust me. Dev: What? Khaa jaayegi mujhe! Kachcha! Nahin nahin… bichari ka bada audition hai kal! Vish: Aur tum mummy ho usski… badi bachchi hai… sambhal jaayegi! Dev now suddenly does a double take. We’ll have to take her into hospital next Sunday. Hohohoho… Tum mere na aane ka faayda uthaake. As Kia goes off to bed. Anoushka: Is she okay? Rashid: Took her to the doc. Dev looks unconvinced. Anoushka comes in looking worried. she’s due on the 10th. Dev looks at Vish as if this is his fault. She’s just upset her husband doesn’t have the visa yet. Dev: Ohhhh…. Just then Kia and Rashid walk in. Audition Hall / Day Dev hides inside a phone booth. Anoushka: Where the fuck is Dev? He was supposed to be here half an hour ago! . CUT TO Scene 24 EXT. ek baar! Bass venue pe late pahunch jaana. and Rashid concerned. Aapke tareekon se kuch toh nahin hua… ab hamara tareeka aazmaake dekho. Kia looks rather ill.

52 It’s almost my turn to go in! Vish: He must have got caught up with something. He gives her a pep-talk, Vish: GO GET THEM TIGER! Anoushka: (amused) Grrrr! As she goes in, Dev walks up. Vish: Did you see her asking for you?! Dev still doesn’t think this is going to work. Dev: She’s going to kill me! CUT TO Scene 24B INT. Audition Hall / Day Inside, Anoushka stands up on stage. She says the same lines that she practiced with Vish. She overcomes her initial nervousness and lets the lines take her over, actually doing a passable job. For once she does not stutter or stammer. Anoushka: Can I do it once more? The guy in the front row looks back and the other nod at him. He smiles at her, Judge: There is no need for you to go again. Anoushka is crestfallen. The man continues, Judge:

53 Come back for round 2 Anoushka looks up, scarcely believing what she hears. Anoushka: Serious? CUT TO Scene 24 C EXT. Audition Hall / Day Anoushka comes bounding out of the hall and jumps in the air with a whoop! Anoushka: I got it! I got a call back! She runs up to Vish and Dev and on seeing the latter, melts, Anoushka: Tum subah kyon nahin aaye? He tries to make up an excuse. She says, Anoushka: Doesn’t matter. Ab toh aa gaye ho, na! Bass… kuch kuch perfect perfect si lagne lagi hai life achanak! She slips her hand into Dev’s and holds it tight. Dev steals a glance at Vish, disbelief writ large on his face. Vish smiles. The song from the previous scene kicks in again. Dev and Anoushka walk hand in hand, as a host of pigeons fly around them. Vish stops and looks at them, lovingly. CUT TO

Scene 25 INT. Anoushka’s House / Night A cricket game on TV. Vish and Dev are watching attentively, they exclaim simultaneously as India loses a wicket. The match goes into a break.


Dev: You know.. this last week, it’s been.. it’s been so nice. Anoushka and I.. it’s never been like this. The doorbell interrupts their conversation. Dev looks at his watch, Dev: At two in the morning? He gets the door, standing there is a tall, well built man of African origin. Dev takes a step back, Dev: Yes. Man: I.. am. Is Kia there? Dev: Oh fuck! You’re her husband! Oh my God! The guy nods and puts out a hand. Dev has run in to call Kia so Vish takes the hand and shakes it. Man: Tunde.. Vish: Vijay.. A scream is heard from inside and Kia comes waddling out into the kitchen hurling abuses, she goes up to Tunde and beats against his chest and hugs him and hits him all at the same time. The commotion brings the whole house into the kitchen and suddenly Kia lets out a scream! Kia: Oh My GOD! I think my water broke! Fuck! There is panic. Rashid calls the ambulance, but Kia is already flat out on the floor. Tunde holds her, and Anoushka tells her to breath deeply. Vish tells Kia to get hot towels and boil water. Dev doesn’t know what to do. Kia yells in pain, the baby is coming, the ambulance won’t be able to get here. Kia yells at Tunde that it’s all his fault, he holds her and calms her down, telling her to relax,

just calm down. he delivers the baby. – INT. you’ll know what you have to do. Daddu: If you love her. Kia. Daddu meets Dev eyes. Tunde and Vish take over. Vish has no idea what he is doing but something seems to be telling him what to do. it’s okay. Dev and Daddu stand by the door.55 Tunde: I’m here. Daddu hands her over. Dev: I know.. Dev holds Anoushka’s hand and pulls her into the garden. He tells everyone to stand back and with Tunde’s help. Anoushka smiles and hugs him. The others walk back into the house. . Anoushka: Oh My God! Over Anoushka’s shoulder.. it’ll be fine. She comes running to him and hugs him. Kia smiles at her. Tunde: Baby. Kia and the baby leave for the hospital.. Dev withdraws and cups her face in his hand. Kia: I told yeh he’d come. Anoushka goes to hug Kia. holds her hands out for the child. CUT TO Scene 25B EXT. Tunde. it’s a little girl. Vish holds the baby in his hands and looks at it in wonder.. As the cries fill the room. Anoushka’s House / Night Kia is wheeled into the ambulance. there is not a dry eye. There is a moment between them. They kiss.. Dev looks at him. she’s glaring at me just like you do. Daddu’s eyes meet Anoushka’s and hold.

Dev. Dev: No Anu… We can’t keep pretending that I am not going back. Anoushka comes out of the bathroom. I am! But that doesn’t mean… Anoushka: No Dev. Dev: Anu. Anoushka: Let’s not talk about it. where she goes into the bathroom and begins to wash her hands and face. Dev? Dev: No I mean… I want to know… whether I want to go back there… Or I want to be back here with you? Anoushka: What’s there to know? You always wanted to go back to India and take over your dad’s saree shop! . wiping her hands on a towel. Anoushka: Shut up. Dev follows her into her room. Dev: Anu… I mean it… I want you to meet my parents. Over the running water. Anoushka: For what. I don’t want to talk about it. I was thinking… What if you come with me. to meet my parents? Anoushka: No Dev… Dev: What’s wrong? I am just going to India. She looks at Dev as if telling him to stop kidding. Not dying or something.56 Dev: I am going back to India now. Anoushka draws back and walks into the house.

reading a book. He leaves. but I always made my stand clear on this. This was just sex. Now he looks Anoushka in the eye. And that is life! Anoushka starts shaking. I am fine here alone.. I can’t take this responsibility of your plans changing. she at him.57 Dev: No… but you know… Plans change. So go back. So don’t blame about this. Dev: And I’ll never come back. Anoushka: Dev I don’t want to break your heart but there is nothing between us. this is what it is. And you love me! Anoushka: (Her voice rising) That’s very presumptuous of you. She sits down on the bed. Anoushka: No Dev… Dev Please. We follow him into the kitchen where Vish is still up. ‘Look ma… Look Baba… Look I got back Desi girl!’ No. Please go back. I mean… Who the fuck? What the fuck gave you idea that I love you? Dev just stands there. Why do you want me to meet your parents? Dev: Because I love you.. He pauses and it’s almost as if it’s difficult for him to say this. If you are not mature enough to understand that just because we have slept together. we don’t necessarily become a couple. I am sorry. You were always gonna go back. Dev looks at Anoushka. That’s not how it works. I’ll leave if that’s what you want me to do. Your course is over. He looks up . I never said that. Don’t try to change my world. She’s silent. Anoushka lowers her voice. sweetie. unnerved. then that’s really your problem… Because from day one… I have told you. baby. Don’t behave like an idiot! At least keep your dignity!!! Anoushka is almost panting as she finishes her monologue. What do you want to take me back with you for? I am not some souvenir from London. I made it clear from the very first day. Dev: I’ll leave Anoushka. We have nothing here. There never was.

She narrows her eyes as she cuts the call. putting ridiculous ideas into his head! Vish: But what happened? Anoushka: I thought you were my friend! CUT TO Scene 26 – MONTAGE Through the next day. Having got passes to a book launch that evening. Anoushka tries to call Dev during Lunch. he watches her go from the window. Anoushka is slightly taken aback but not worried. I think you should leave too. Dev: I’m done wasting time here. as she tells her colleague. Saying so he walks out. didn’t you? He would have never done this by himself! I should have known it was you. Anoushka: You put him up to this. Kya. He has never seen Dev like this. being a complete chick! It’s only later in the day that she begins to get slightly worried. she calls up his hostel and is told by the operator that ‘he can’t come to the phone right now but will call back’. she’s glaring at him. Vish looks at Anoushka who followed Dev into the room.. CUT TO Bookstore. . Vish on the other hand looks rather somber unlike his usual gregarious self. he doesn’t answer.58 with a smile and realizes something is horribly wrong. She goes about her day as usual.. Anoushka assumes her fight with Dev is just another one of ‘those’. Vish: Dev. Anoushka: Dev’s throwing a tantrum. is quiet at the breakfast table. As Anoushka leaves.

they are all rather quiet. we see her call him again. why so glum? Is everything okay? Is it Kia? Tanya: Dev was here. Anoushka: Umm. I’m gonna.we can all go together. panting. Anoushka: Oh he was? Where the fuck is he? I’m so pissed with him. Anoushka: Hey guys! I got us free passes to this fancy book launch tonight at the Savoy! They don’t react like she expects them to. that gives us enough time to get all doffed up. Anoushka’s House / Evening Anoushka enters the house to find Vish. he’s left London. Anoushka: Well. As she gets on the bus.. Anoushka looks at her.. . I’ll tell him to pick us up in an hour.. Rashid: Anu. Tanya and Rashid in the living room. There is still no answer. he’s not returned my calls all day.. CUT TO Scene 27 INT..59 CUT TO Anoushka waits for Dev at the corner till she almost misses her bus and has to sprint to it.. Rashid: He’s left.

Anoushka does the punishment by herself. Anoushka realizes this is all what Dev was about. A mellow love-song begins on the sound track CUT TO Scene 29 – PBS 3 . she looks like she doesn’t know what to do.. At one point Vish asks her Dev would have approved of this shade of green. We follow her in. She’s stepped on a crack. flops down on the bed in an almost despair like situation and stops short on seeing a photograph of Dev and herself on the wall. In sudden rage. Vish: Someone has to fill in for him. she pulls it off and dumps it into the dustbin. stops short. looks at Vish. right? Anoushka: Oh fine! I’ll help you. CUT TO The next morning Anoushka walks into a room to ask Vish why he is creating a ruckus. Vish points at the mess around him and tells Anoushka that he is only making the crib Dev promised Kia he would make for the baby. Anoushka: Oh. Anoushka begins to answer. She walks off towards her room.Montage Early autumn days set in and we see Anoushka in this song. as she realizes Dev’s absence and misses him. Anoushka: What are you doing? . After a moment she picks it out of there and looks at it. She is walking to work one morning when she suddenly stops short. She looks at Vish who‘s been quiet throughout this whole thing.60 Anoushka takes a minute to understand the impact of what Rashid just said.

. all the spotlights are on Anoushka and in a rather ethereal manner. She begins to feel one with the character as she speaks those lines. Anoushka stands there.61 She walks off from there.. – INT. goes up in front of an audience to perform her audition. she steps on a crack. Anoushka: Oh my God! I. She does the ‘punishment ritual’ all by herself. Audition Hall / Day Anoushka. CUT TO Scene 30 EXT. each half-sob coming from deep within her. Anoushka looks a little dazed. The bell rings. a strange magic seems to take her over. each pause. It’s a scene where a woman is pining for her lover. she is stunning. each pained intake of breath.. CUT TO Anoushka goes to Dev’s residence hall. she looks around almost as if expecting him to turn up out of the blue. rather disheveled. but manages to read the first line. she watches from afar as someone else moves into his room. she blinks. The judges confer amongst themselves before telling Anoushka she has the part even before she gets off the stage. not a single day can I stay away from you. CUT TO Anoushka walking by the corner where she used to wait for Dev. It’s what she’s always wanted. Anoushka walks distracted. The song resumes. stunned. her time starts. a stage as exalted as the West End. as if she has no clue what just happened. Anoushka: I can’t do this. She glances at the sheet. A loud applause. Anoushka stutters. I can’t wait anymore. to perform on stage. Thank You! . this is her call-back audition – the second round.

She bends holding her knees. breathless. Daddu: New exercise program? Anoushka pants as she slowly looks up at him.. Daddu: Where? Who? Anoushka: I want to go to India. I. Anoushka turns and runs out of there. Vish feigns surprise. Anoushka: I’m going to get him. . Anoushka: But. Apartment / Evening. Daddu: Me? Anoushka: Yeah. I have to go.. Daddu: Really? Anoushka: Start packing.. CUT TO Scene 31 INT.62 The judges look pleased. I’m sorry I can’t do it. Vish is in the kitchen with a mug of coffee and a book when Anoushka barges in. And just as suddenly. You are coming with me whether you like it or not! She smiles at him and he winks back at her.

Vish is amused by the way Anoushka almost has a culture shock. I mean.63 INTERVAL Scene 32 Ext. Anoushka: Why are you covering up your form? Caught. Funny little moments happen. into the airport. Dum Dum Airport / Day We follow a flight over the Kolkatta skyline as it lands. Anoushka: So. Nani broke ties with India long ago. he gets up as the plane comes to a halt. what is India like? Vish now smiles. – Int. That’s something you find out. Anoushka and Vish make their way through the flight. Anoushka: Well well well Never thought I’d ever come here. Still seated Anoushka muses. Vish: I am scared you will cheat! He laughs to cover his anxiety up. Anoushka notices this. As the plane taxis.. Anoushka: Let’s find out then! She pulls their bags out of the luggage hold and hands him his.. Vish is silent. Vish and Anoushka fill in the disembarkation form. He surreptitiously hides his from her while he writes his name. As she sees a group of gulf travelers whisked away into another . he grins. Vish: That’s not something you’re told.

he hears some call out. And as he stops exasperated. There are crowds. he’ll take them to the taxi. They come to the immigration counter. “Vijay!” He turns to see Anoushka standing next to a cab with the suitcases neatly piled up on top of it. Vish: I have never done this myself. Vish: Bags kahan gaye? Anoushka: Oh the porter took them. Anoushka smiles cheekily. a little chase though the yellow-black cabs and the crowds. She tries following them. Vish gives her an incredulous look: Vish: Porter? At the airport! There are no porters at the airport. but Vish pulls her away. looking for the luggage. He even loses her. Anoushka also follows.. She goes to the Foreigner’s line. the dandy Maharaja that he is. too many porters with too many suitcases. He is scared how he will handle all this. Calcutta airport does have porters! Anoushka runs after Vish. They step out into Kolkata. thinking that’s the way to go. Anoushka: I will handle it! All you need to do is listen to me! Vish goes to get a phone card. When the immigration officer reads out his name. only thugs! Tum bhi na. She smiles and he breaks out in a sheepish smile. When he comes back. As it turns out. Anoushka: Now tip him.64 corner. He says. standing two booths away. mister cynic! I don’t have the Indian currency yet. . He starts dashing through the crowd. can’t hear the real name. she doesn’t have the luggage. He goes to the Citizens line. he starts talking loudly to drown his voice so Anoushka.

Anoushka stares out of the window looking at the city. Laptop propped up in front of her. She keeps annoying him with the toy. Anoushka is awestruck by the grandeur and not sure they can afford this.65 He obliges. SONG KICKS IN CUT TO Scene 33 – PBS . the roads. Vish and Anoushka cab it through Kolkata. She smiles. Anoushka is doing a search for Dev on . He tells her it’s a useless toy.Montage Ext. all you gotta do is listen to me. CUT TO The song ends with them entering the room at a plush room at the ITC Sonar Bangla. He gives in finally. She doesn’t have money and asks Vish to buy it for her. Anoushka: Wow! And just as suddenly. Anoushka: I told you. the crowded streets. we are back in the First world! CUT TO Scene 34 INT. Hotel / Night Anoushka and Vish are dining at the hotel’s restaurant.. CUT TO A kid comes and wants to sell her a toy. She still insists. Kolkata / Day In a series of shots. CUT TO At a traffic signal some eunuchs put their hands in and rub her cheeks.

66 Facebook as Vish orders for them. Anoushka: Phone numbers, Facebook Account, Sab badal diya hai ussne. Usse ho kya gaya hai! Suddenly she looks up and says, Anoushka: Voh alive toh hai na? She notices Vish is distracted. Anoushka repeats, Anoushka: I’m saying, Dev alive toh hai na? He’s just disappeared. She asks him again and he laughs her fear off, but it’s a distracted laugh. We see that Vish is trying to hide from someone, a woman (like an Usha Utthup) at another table by covering himself with the large menu card. Vish: I think we should go now. She doesn’t hear what he has to say. Just then, the woman from the other table leaves. He puts the menu card down and heaves a sigh of relief. Anoushka looks up as she shuts her laptop with a note of finality, Anoushka: Well it’s very simple, we’ll just find him at his father’s saree shop! Vish: What?! What’s it called? Do you even know the name? You do realize how many saree shops are there in all of Kolkata? Just then, the woman he was trying to avoid shows up from behind him and exclaims, Woman: Vish?! He gets startled and gets up,

67 Vish: (stutters) Ya! Ya… Ushaaa!! How I’ve wished.. we could meet.. I was..Hello!” She looks taken aback, Usha: Really? We haven’t seen each other in what… three decades now?” He starts to talk absolute nonsense, lest she give out his identity out. Anoushka observes their interaction keenly. The woman watches him blabber and realizes something is amiss. He keeps going on “So… Uh… Okay…” Anoushka asks, Anoushka: You guys are old friends? The woman senses how uncomfortable Vish is and says, Woman (Usha): No… we just met once… long ago! (Turns to Vish) Well… Have a great evening. Nice seeing you. Vish heaves a sigh of relief, as she leaves, he got saved by a hair’s breadth. Anoushka says, Anoushka: Why were you being so weird with her?” He skirts the question as the food arrives, Vish: Hmmm.. you must try the Malai curry, it’s divine.. So come… let’s start tomorrow morning… looking for your boy at every saree shop in Kolkata CUT TO Scene 35 MONTAGE The song from earlier scene picks up again. Anoushka and Vish look at various saree shops in the various crowded

68 markets of Kolkata Finally, standing in the middle of a maze of shops Anoushka says,

Anoushka: That’s a Mitra saree shop… That’s a Gupta Saree bhandar… I know! His last name is Ray Chaudhuri. So, simple! We will look for the Ray Chaudhuri saree shop!” Vish, exhausted by now, agrees Vish: Yeah! Okay! He walks up and asks someone, Vish: Yeh Ray Chaudhuri ki saree ki dukaan kaunsi hai! Man on Road: Yahaan toh bade saare Ray Chaudhuri hai… Kaunsi waali dukaan chahiye aapko?” Vish looks confounded. Suddenly, Anoushka squeals, Anoushka: I think I found it. She points to a banner, Vish reads, ‘POLTU FAMOUS SAREES’. Vish: Poltu Famous Sarees???? Anoushka: That’s what they call him at home! Poltu. This has to be it! Suddenly her excitement deserts her and she breaks into a cold sweat. Vish: (Continuing in nervous banter) Great! Wow! This is it!” Columbus ko mil gaya America! Anoushka: Can you shut up for once? Please?

Vijay? Why are my feet frozen? Vish: Now that’s something even I don’t know. right? I mean. CUT TO Scene 36 INT.. He says. Why am I feeling this way. Everyone says it all the time… Just say it. She holds his hand to get some support and his hands are shaking. then just say it. she continues. What to do? Should I carry you there? Haan? Like a Hindi movie… Carry you in my arms and. Anoushka: No! Actually.. I am going.69 He shuts up. remember that! Okay? Two syllables… nothing great. Anoushka: Vijay. And that’s a good thing. This suspense is killing me! I am here. Just go. Poltu Famous Saree Shop / Day . I am fine! GO!!! Vish waits outside while she goes in. I can handle this.. Anoushka: Your hands are shaking? Or are mine shaking? Vish: I don’t know… I have never felt this nervousness before. right? I mean. I can do this right? It can’t be tougher than the Barbican audition right? No? Yes? Maybe? Huh? Say something!” Vish: I don’t know! Even I am nervous! Anoushka: Great Thanks! You are all I need! (pause) If. It’s okay. if you think I can do it. Vish: And if it comes to saying ‘Sorry’... Its just five alphabets.You stay here! I will go on my own.. he is inside.I am going for love. It’s just Dev.

70 Anoushka makes her way through the saree shop. Dev’s Father: What do you want? Why have you come here? Anoushka: Excuse me? Dev’s Father: I am his father. She asks someone for Dev. The man looks confused and shouts out to someone else… Man: Babu… chotobabu’r shombondhe jiggaash kortese kinaa dekhoon! ((She is asking for the young master) The elderly man. Dev Ray Chaudhuri! Dev’s Father: Baat hee ees not hiyaar! Anoushka: Oh! He asks her who she is. she takes it unseeingly. evidently the owner of the shop and Dev’s father walks up and asks her. he looks at her and asks. Onushka! Anoushka: Oh! Hello. Dev’s Father: Yes! May I help you?” She asks him. Anoushka: Hello… I am looking for Dev.. An assistant comes with tea. . His expression changes. People talking loudly in Bangla. Dev’s father looks at her thoughtfully before speaking. All kinds of sarees being displayed and thrown around. Dev’s Father offers her a glass. she says she is friend of his from London and then she tells him her name.

You don’t deserve him! She is shaken. I was surprised to see that he has changed so much. Poor woman. Dev’s Father gets up and leaves. And then. It is.. sensitive ekdom. No need for anything more.. Dev’s Father: When he went to London. Only silence all the taaim. Sorry but you have said enough. Anoushka: Where is he? Dev’s Father: He is not in Kolkata! And it shouldn’t matter to you where he is. he had never loved any woman. Obviously any mother would. If I give you his wherabouts. CUT TO Anoushka steps out of the shop walking like a zombie. he is very sentimental. Anoushka: (slightly panicked) I. I am sorry. Dev’s Father: Naa.But he? Why did you have to do this to him? You know. dreamer. na? Beta.. So many windows he has broken with his football. Crying crying. Dekho… He doesn’t talk to me much... No emotion only. And you! Onushka...71 Dev’s Father: You shouldn’t have come... I would be betraying my own son! I cannot do that.. Poet. Anoushka stares at the half-glass of tea in her hand. my son was such a different man.. And what you did? Now see.I have come to say sorry to him. And then. And he was madly in love with you. She is taken aback. His mother toh started crying only.. . What you have done to him already. Two years later... na? Who’s son was the naughtiest boy in the colony. Arrey love ki re.. He continues. enough. All about him.. I am toh businessman mentality. And she told me. Please tell me where he is. is enough. giving. he had never spoken to any woman till he met you. I can’t risk this. always has been. artist. Full of life.... And now not going out. Please go back. All day at home. loving.. he doesn’t want to keep any contact with you and we don’t want you to keep any contact with him. Vish springs up. But he spoke to his mother.

curiously suspicious. She starts kicking a tin drum in anger. Vijay! I am! Vish: Vish: What? What are you talking about? Anoushka is silent. Vish has had enough. Vish: You want to cry? Well! Kolkata has a solution for that too! She looks at him. She is almost possessed. Bibekanondo Park / Evening Evening visitors and crowds all around them as Anoushka and Vish stand at a Puchka. but Anoushka motions to the guy to keep it coming. Anoushka: I want to cry Vish! Please Vish… Mujhe rona kyon nahin aata? Vish!!! Vish looks at her and says and he’s about to ask her again when he stops himself and says. Vish: . from the chillies but she doesn’t want to stop. Anoushka is gobbling down one ‘phuchka’/ ‘gol gappa’ after another. Vish: Anoushka! Tell me what happened. Her eyes are flooded with tears. CUT TO Scene 37 EXT. Anoushka: I am a bitch.Wala.72 Vish: WHERE IS HE???? She just looks at him and says. punishing herself for it.

You make me want to be young again and yet you are the only one makes me feel wonderful about being my age… and all this… me taking care of you! You are a bundle of contradictions… And that’s what makes you special! He goes on talking about how she is special. Finally!!!! He stops short of making a blooper.. CUT TO Scene 37 B EXT. Vish: You. She looks at him. she has made up her mind about it and she says she will book the tickets back to London tomorrow? . Anoushka: I don’t deserve happiness! I am just a bitch! My grandmother got her heart broken here. As she speaks. me. so we could value these moments of happiness more.I am here with you. vaise bhi uss couch par to neend nahin aati hai. And now me! The women of my family are just cursed!” That’s when Vish flares up and says. By the Ganges / Kolkata Sitting on a bench.. everyone. her voice has a ‘just cried her heart out’ quality. Anoushka puts her banana-leaf bowl out for one more. by the Ganga. HE (God) wanted us all to be happy… and then he gave us sorrows and pains.... Even though he makes an impassioned speech... Look at me. Vish: Who the fuck said that to you? Huh? Don’t judge yourself by what happened to your grandmother! You deserve every little happiness there is. And how she was made to be happy.73 Stop now. Anoushka guzzles down a bottle of water. I mean. She tells Vish that she was stupid to have come all the way here. as if it were a bottle of beer. he finishes the sentence in a strange way. main tumhe beech raat mein hospital nahin le jaane wala.

CUT TO Scene 39 INT. as he talks about his ‘Kingdom’. Cool. Vish looks immensely worried. women and even Mr. Rashid and Tania that I want to send with you. Voh bhi Poltu famous sarees ki saree! Women: Achcha? Vish: . colorful and in his element. Poltu Famous Saree Shop / Day Gregarious. I will just book my tickets then. Does this mean the end of their adventure? CUT TO Scene 38 INT. Will see you in a bit and then will take you to the airport!” He leaves it on the coffee table. You don’t have to feel obliged to come with me. “I’m just stepping out to get some gifts for Kia. salesmen. Girls. Anoushka continues. Hotel Suite / Morning Vish jots something down on a piece of paper. loud.. Raychaudhuri hear his story about his kingdom and how he is planning his granddaughter’s wedding in the most grand of styles. Anoushka: I guess… you wanna stay. Vish: Toh ussne kaha… bass Dadaji main toh shaadi ka joda pahanke hi usse manaane jaoongi.74 Anoushka: Are you gonna come as well? Should I confirm your ticket too? He is taken aback by her sudden decision and just remains silent for a moment. Vish has the entire saree shop rapt in attention.

. Vish: Achcha? Ek hi lerka? Chota sa hoga? Kaunsi class mein hai? Raychaudhuri: Na na. ladkiyaan apne mann meet ko jab manaane jaati hai. Aabhi toh mera business mein hi haath bataane laaga hai...75 Haan. Paagol lerka hai. Vish: Achcha? Toh milwaaiye na… yaahin kaahin hai? Raychaudhuri: Nahin! London mein paadhai kaarke aaya hye na. bohut baara hye. ki bolega aapko. toh ladka kabhi manaa hi nahin kar sakta!” Mr. agar shaadi ke jode mein bhagke gayi. O toh Benarosh mein hye! Vish: BENARAS??? Raychaudhuri: Hain! Tai toh o shob korne chala gaya. Ekhon dekhun.. aap chooshe koro shaari! . Vish: Beti ki shaadi kya hota hai. sheedha bag baandha aur haamaare wokshop ko chola gaya. Ray Chaudhuri takes special interest in him as he realizes that he is actually a potentially BIG client. work shop mein baithke kaarigor ke saath kaam karega. Oh sorry! Maine toh khud hi tayye kar liya aapki beti hogi.. haam aapko bore kar raha hai. aapko toh pata hi hoga na. Vish uses this opportunity to ask about Dev.. Raychaudhuri: Nahin nahin… mera ek hi lerka hai. Papa shaaree ko Paris ke ramp pe lekarke jaayega.... Aane ke baad se sirf kaam kaam kaam. Vish: Yahin hai workshop? Raychaudhuri: O ma… na na… ihaan nahin. Export karega! Ki ki shob bolta hye. aaj ka generation. Abhi dekho na. Hamare riyasat mein.. bohut baara baara baat karta hai.

Anoushka: Please! Gloomy aur Gray London se toh better hi hai! Vish smiles to himself. SHARP CUT: Scene 40 EXT. Anoushka looks edgy.. He asks Anoushka.Vaapas jaake mujhe auditions phir se shuru karne hain. Taxi – Kolkata / Day Vish and Anoushka loading their luggage into the taxi. at her admission.. Anoushka: Nahin Main soch rahi thii. Vish keeps talking about how he also decided he wants to go back to London. she says. She is mostly edgy and silent till she says. Vish: You know..76 Vish: Benaras kyon gaya? Raychaudhuri: Hain? Vish: Nahin nahin. yahaan kya rakha hai? Bloody hot and dirty country! He is trying to provoke Anoushka. Vish: Kya hua? Itni chup chup kyon ho? Even though she is thinking about Dev. Vish: Haan… Chalein? Time ho raha hai! Anoushka (looking around): Hmmm! CUT TO .

came to the station! Saying this. I value myself more than him. Anoushka: Wow! This doesn’t look like the airport we landed in. You will never take my decisions! I have made up my mind and that’s that.77 Scene 41 EXT. Anoushka: But you should have told me before! Vish: Well. go. He takes her bag and hands it to her. Anoushka: Hey hey hey! Where the hell do you think you are going? Huh? What do you take me as? Some five year old girl? How can you make these plans without telling me? Vish stops surprised by her reaction. But I am going back. he walks towards the train. I am not going to love someone at the cost of my self-respect. I am not interested. he gets off to unload the luggage. . Now Vish is absolutely hurt and shaken by her words. Vish: (suddenly) SURPRISE!!! She is clueless. I wanted to surprise you! Sayign this. She runs behind him. Anoushka is taken aback. Howrah Station / Day The taxi drives into the Howrah station. get a coolie etc. She says. (pause) I know what I want. – INT. Anoushka: I am not going anywhere. She gets off and says. Anoushka is clueless about what is happening. You want to go. He tells her that he went to the saree shop and found out about Dev and that he wanted to surprise her and hence. I am not in love with him.

.” She hugs him tight and says. She turns to him and says. Anoushka: Okay. I am sorry… But you are only thinking about yourself. He walks away. Let’s go. She says. The train pulls out. Anoushka: Just run! They run. I never wanted to come here to begin with. as he has never spoken to her like this. The announcer announces. having said his mind. People help Vish get in. He huffs and puffs as he gets onto the train. dressed down! They start walking along the station. She runs and gets in. Let’s go back! This time he dresses her down. You dragged me here. Thanks. He asks what he is doing. Vish: Never again do that to me again. Right. If I die of a cardiac arrest. I am sorry Anoushka… Main… I thought you really loved him. I really thought you were genuinely trying. His voice reflects the anger and the hurt that he feels… Vish: You know. She takes his bags. They walk along the train. You are to blame. Anoushka: Let’s go! She starts running to get into the bogey. People wave out. as they walk away. Pyaar mein self respect ki koi jagah nahin hoti… You have to be able to make an ass of yourself in love… Ussi ko pyara kahte hain… Parr tum shayad uss pyaar ke liye taiyyar hi nahin ho.78 Vish: Fine. And SUDDENLY. Come let’s go back. She follows him. Anoushka hears him and is a little taken aback.

Train / Day to Night Inside the train. she looks around. Anoushka: Pata nahin main yeh sab kyon kar rahi hoon? Agar yeh sab pyaar vyaar kuch hua hi nahin toh? Vish: Kaise nahin hoga! Pyaar Vyaar toh hai… Harr taraf hai Anoushka: Oho! Achcha? Kahaan hai? Itni badi bheed mein mujhe sirf ek hi idiot . He just smiles. Anoushka: This is madness. Vish: Kahin toh jaayegi… Phir vahan se aagey ka raasta dekh lenge! She glares. Vish: Kya? Can you pardon me please? Maine bhi yeh sab pahle kabhi nahin kiya hai!!! Anoushka says. they cross a motley bunch of people to get to their seat. taking in things.79 Anoushka: Achcha ji? I will never let you die. Vish: Yeh train kahaan tak jaayegi ji? Someone tells him it goes till Patna. He says. He says. You are my little guardian angel! My rockstar! She keeps hugging him. Anoushka is stunned he doesn’t even know where the train goes. They sit among a group of army men. Anoushka is absolutely new to this whole surrounding. playing Antakshari. Vish sits down and says. CUT TO SCENE 42 INT.

Anoushka and Vish make beds and sleep. the young man – all join in.80 nazar aa rahi hai. of course. a whole universe seems to be thriving. Saare hi yahaan idiots bhare padein hain! He shows her different kinds of love. suddenly the six other brothers from Satte pe Satta make an appearing. Woman: Lo ji… Utth gai aapki poti. An old couple sharing a samosa.” . She doesn’t understand… Another woman explains in English. Day becomes night. Various women. turns to him and says. CUT TO Scene 43 INT. the army jawans. Train / Day Anoushka wakes up in the morning with sounds of coffee waalahs and hawkers selling all kinds of breakfast. a shy smile even as he whispers. offer him all kinds of breakfast. bonding. The other passengers – the kids. One of the old women remarks. A couple of siblings squabbling on the upper berth. in typical popular hindi cinema fashion. The bond between the group of army guys. we see Vish with the ‘Satte pe Satta’ brothers. “aapki chance” Anoushka finds it a little strange and just to humour her. Anoushka gets off the bunk.Pyaar humein kiss mod pe le aaya! In the course of the song. A young man on the phone. groggy but smiling. the man next to Vish who was singing. No no eat till you wakie wakie. Woman 2: Your grandfather love you so much. MAIN! Vish: Khud ko itna importance matt do. the old couple. Vish is. the centrifugal force of this cosmos. Even as he is doing this. The song ends in a crescendo. Vish starts singing. Reference Song . old and young. Under her bunk.

She remains silent for a moment and turns and says.. Uh. Anoushka: Cool! Just then the six brothers from Satte Pe Satta troop in to the vestibule. You talking Daddu to teerath. Ek saatth saal ka Buddha aur ek baees saal ki ladki.. Vish: Uh… Bura sapna dekh liya hoga. She looks at Vish and walks away. Pranaam pranaam. Yeh round toh maine hi jeetna hai ji. Anoushka: We are friends. where Anoushka stands looking out. Vish: . He walks out to the vestibule.God God.. They exchange good byes. their station is approaching. never bring up this grandfather thing ever again! It’s not done. Main usse manaake aata hoon. Vijay! Vish: Try explaining that. Anoushka: Why did you tell them I am your grand daughter? Vish: (Stumped for a moment): Because it’s very difficult to explain what this is. Friends. He asks her why she walked away. Aap tab takk pattey baanto.” Anoushka: I don’t care how you explain to whoever… But please. Vish looks embarrassed by her behaviour and says... Daddu.remember. Okay?” He just smiles and apologizes.81 Anoushka: My who?? Woman 2: Your grandfather. to them. Round round around Temple? You are such a good granddaughter..

Dev hamara damaad hai. pata nahin kaha chale gaye Bhaiya! Vish: Oh. tees saal se usse dhoond rahe hain. She plays a game of random questions. while he looks around like a dandy prince stuck with the ‘dirty plebians’. He hangs up and comes out. Bhuvan: Aap ho kahaan? Vish: Tum Benaras ke liye niklo abhi!!! Rai Baari mein Poltu hoga.Dev Raichaudhuri. Vish: Who? Brothers: Humara saathva bhai. waiting for the bus.. Aadar satkaar karna usska. hum apni poti ko laa rahein hain vahaan. she probes him about his life. Bus Stand – Patna / Day In a typical Indian ISD-STD Phone Booth. Bhuvan is furious that he hasn’t heard from Vish in so long. . She munches on a bag of chips.... CUT TO Scene 44 EXT. Vish makes a call to Bhuvan. Usske baare mein pata karo! Bhuvan: Kyon? Vish: Bhai. Vish and Anoushka are at the bus station in Patna.82 All the best! Brothers: Yes Thank You! We really hope we find him..

She gets a little curious now and says. Kuch nahin. CUT TO Scene 44 INT. He quips in trepidation. The look holds. CUT TO Scene 44 B EXT. Tum bataana nahin chahte ho. He gets a little nervous.. Anoushka falls for the romance in the film.? He is in a tough spot and stutters and stammers.. Vish: Haan. Anoushka watches the film now. Main chupa raha hoon. Bus / Day In the bus. Bus – Highway / Afternoon .83 Anoushka: You don’t have ANY family? Like no one. DDLJ plays on the TV. Suddenly the bus comes to a halt. Anoushka: Tum chhupaa rahe ho mujhse kuch? He humours her and says.” He tries to get out of the situation and suddenly she looks at him curiously. she who used to scoff at it. even as a kid next to her keeps predicting the dialogues.. Vish: Kya? She pauses a second and then says. toh jaane do! The bus honks and is ready to leave. covering himself with sheets and bags to shut off the light and sounds. Vish has gone off to sleep. Bahut kuch. Anoushka: Nahin.

They have given up and sit at a deserted highway mazaar of a Peer Baba. They crack up and sits down on the road itself. Driver: Ab tyre toh mere se pooch ke burst nahin hui na? Anoushka drags Vish away. WALK! CUT TO She carries his bag and walks on the road. Anoushka says. Vish: Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong! JUMP CUT Scene 44 C EXT. Anoushka: Kaisi country hai!!! Ek bus bhi theek se nahin chalti! Kuch bhi theek se nahin hota.84 Vish fights with the bus driver about not being able to get them another bus. The unhelpful bus driver gets agitated and says. Anoushka: Rashid kahta hai… Sab kuch Allah ki taraf se hamare liye ek sign hai. Vish: Achcha? Toh? Yeh kaisa sign hai? Ki humein uss bus ke theek honeye ka intezaar karna chahiye thaa? . Anoushka: God! You start fighting like a little kid! Now. Highway / Evening Time has passed. The bag’s strap also breaks and the two of them burst out laughing. YOU will listen to me! Do as I say. She tells him they will try and walk to the closest town/village/bus stop and get another bus from there. Ek bus stop bhi nahin hai! Vish just smiles at her spoilt child complaints. The day has turned into dusk.

whenever I am in doubt. She smiles.85 Anoushka: Nahin. anything is possible.. toh Allah tumse pareeksha leta hai… uss raaste mein badi saari kathinaayiyaan daal ke… Agar tum unhe paar kar gayi… toh voh tumhari cheez. What if yeh sab ek sign hai ki… mujhe Dev se milne ki koshish bhi nahin karni chahiye?” Vish says.. When he was in college. You sound like some weirdo when you say these things.. ek chota sa hotel. He tells her about the heady adrenaline of youth.. Vish: Years have passed. in my head. I have a lot to that that place for! Anoushka hears this and says.. Vish: Tum dekhna… Close your eyes. as if. jaise ki. She shuts her eyes and tries it. Vish: Phir vahi baat? Hamare yahaan ek kahaawat hai… Agar tum kissi cheez ko tahey dil se chahte ho.. and I know. Someday. mamuli si ek terrace. saamne ek khai aur uske peeche pahad. pahad ke peeche se jab suraj nikalta tha toh sab kuch sunhera lagne lagta tha. we were the kings of the world. I can do it! Magic and miracles happen My problems are sorted out! Someday I will go back to that place. hamesha ke liye tumhaari ho jaati hai! Vish tells her about the secret HAPPY place that he has. he and his friends had gone on a shikaar holiday and they had discovered this place. Kaisi Hallmark cards waali baatein karte ho. Vish!” He challenges her and says. Vish: Ek chota sa sheher. I go to that small balcony in Fatehgarh. Anoushka: Please. . my youth has passed but still. He tells her to imagine HER HAPPY PLACE. tum bhi.

The bus stops at the Mazaar. Bus / Evening Inside the bus. A large family comes there to pray. CUT TO SCENE 45 INT. She smiles and says.I am running around and she is shouting at me. Anoushka finds this large joint family bonding strange yet cute.86 Anoushka: Naani. Smith walks in and I drop the whole jar of achaar on her! She opens her eyes. The man of the house introduces his daughter to Vish and Anoushka and says. Bass yahaan raaste mein. . Woman: Yeh bachchi ki khaala Tabassum. our backyard. The man extends his hospitality and how! He invites them into the bus. The whole gaggle of the family is introduced to Anoushka by the women. achaar.. if there is space in their bus.. No nothing. Vijayji! Vish: Muft mein hum dono ne apni happy place exchange kar lii! Silence. as she comes out of the reverie. Vish asks them for a lift till where they are going. Man: Bitiya ki shaadi karaane ja rahein hain. Anoushka: Kya hua? Kuch bhi nahin! Koi magic nahin honeye waala mere saath.. No miracle. Mirzapur. And then suddenly. They are all dressed up and Vish asks them where they are headed. Mrs. me. dua maangne rukeye theye. old women make place for Anoushka while the men in the family give Vish the best seat possible.. a bus comes rattling down the highway.

.87 Woman 2: Yeh Tabassum ke Nandoi ke bhateeje Farhaan. She laughs… Anoushka: Itni badi family hai? It’s all a new world for her. pahli baar India aayi hai aur hamari bus toot gayi. but she doesn’t talk. actually (then to avoid confusion). Dadaji nahin. Vish hears this. Kya sochegi India ke baare mein? Man: Shukar hai bus toot gayi. uh. who is the only who looks glum in the whole crowd. Anoushka: Tumhe inn sab ke naam kaise yad rahte hain. Then she is asked… Woman 3: Aapka naam? Anoushka: Anoushka? Woman 4: Aur aapke Dadaji? Anoushka: Actually voh mere. ... Anoushka sits next to the bride.. Anoushka tries making conversation with her. from where he sits. He turns to the men and says. Varna aap aur hum milte kaise? He smiles and exchanges a look with Anoushka. Yeh hain… Anoushka looks fully lost between all these relations. Yeh hain bachchi ke chachajaan aur unnka bada beta Zahid. Already itne log family mein… phir… usske baad shaadi karke apne husband ki family. Unnka naam Vijay hai. Baap re… Tumhe sab yaad rahega na? Won’t you forget?” She shuts up realizing there is no response from the bride. Mere Dadaji.Ji. Anoushka still tries. Vish: Ab dekhiye na Vilayat mein rahti hai hamari poti.

Anoushka: Mera naam Anoushka hai. Voice: Aneesha ji? Anoushka looks around for who is calling her. Anisha nahin… Tum kissi Anisha ko bulaa rahi thii kya? Tum bataao kaun hai… Main bulaakar laati hoon usse. INT Wayside Restaurant / Evening The family has stopped at a wayside Rest-house. Anoushka is a little freaked out and doesn’t really want to be here. Anoushka: (taken aback) Kya hua? The bride is silent. Anoushka: Kissi aur se pyaar hai? Bride: Nahin! Anosuhka: Tumhe shaadi nahin karni? Bride: . Suddenly she hears someone call out. Bride: I can only tell you because you are a stranger. Finally the girl speaks up. The bride tells Anoushka. having just seen DDLJ. Anoushka is in the restroom all by herself as she washes up. Anoushka imagines the worst. The bride is silent.88 CUT TO Scene 46 EXT. She opens a cubicle and sees the bride is sitting staring in her direction.

.I want to meet him. Wayside Rest-house / Night Outside. Anoushka: So you will meet him na? Obviously! The bride says the families won’t let them meet before the marriage so she will only see him after she is his wife. Anoushka runs up and drags him away. Anoushka is shocked! The bride continues. Anoushka says. Just then. Bride: The only person who can arrange a meeting between us is YOU! Anoushka is taken aback with this sudden responsibility. Man: Kya soch rahein hain itna? Rukna toh aapko padega hi shaadi ke liye. seeing the bride’s expectant eyes. CUT TO Scene 46 B EXT. the men of the family tell Vish that he has to stay on for the wedding.89 I don’t know this person I am getting married to. He looks like he is caught in a fix. She knows she has to do it. someone from the family walks up to them and says. Vish hears what Anoushka has to say and then freaks out. Just then. How can I get married and spend the rest of my life with a stranger? Anoushka: Baat toh sahi hai tumhaari! Bride: Please. Anoushka: Paagal ho kya tum? Anoushka: We have to do this! Bada Love Shove ki baatein karte ho… Ab kuch karne pe aayi toh mukar rahe ho? Come on now. if he has come all the way. ..

The matron finally decides. The gifts are given one by one. And along with it all. – INT. Menfolk of the bride’s family emerge from their cars. Suddenly the whole family goes into top gear about getting everything organized. Matron: Aur baby ko parlour le jaana hai… Yahaan yeh baaju waala? Anoushka immediately quips. She insists and makes up things like she needs a facial after the bus ride. Anoushka: Main! Main le jaoongi! The other women insist she is a guest and she should not be made to do any work.“Masha Allah! Vaah Vaah” When it comes to the car. Vish says. is a ribbon wrapped Maruti Zen car. Guest House. Everyone praises the gifts with. The groom is introduced. CUT TO SCENE 48 EXT.90 Anoushka: Ji! Hum rukenge! CUT TO Scene 47 EXT. Vish enters with the men and are greeted by the groom’s family. everyone gasps except Vish. Matron: Chalo… yeh bhi ho gaya! Vish offers to go with the men folk with all the gifts for the groom’s family. Groom’s House / Day Various decorated gifts arrive in taxis. Vish: Yeh test drive karwaaya aapne? . drives into the guesthouse. Mirzapur / Day The bus reaches Mirzapur. The matron distributes responsibilities.

He drives up to the parlour. all the while confused. He looks at the groom and says. Aise hi Vaah vaah kar denge. Vish screeches as he asks him to stop. test drive ke liye! He is fully confused but is overwhelmed by Vish and does as said. Itna lamba dulha hai. agar usske paiyr iss gaadi mein fit nahin huye toh? Everone is confused about why he is stressing about the car. phir baad mein gaali denge! Everyone is silent.91 Random man: Ji. Vish: Gaadi hai… Dulhe miyaan ko dekhna chahiye ki nahin… Gaadi kaisi hai. He says Vish: Vahaan ke raaste best hai. He keeps insisting and makes up random reasons and excuses. gaadi aur ladki hamesha test drive karni chahiye! He gives directions for the parlour. Vish: Chaliye miyaan! Drive pe! Groom: Ji? CUT TO Scene 48B EXT. Patna Roads / Day The groom is driving through the streets.? Vish: Test drive ke bagair??? Arrey. The guys asks why. CUT TO SCENE 49 . Vish: Dekho beta..

He says... Anoushka: No time for questions. He is confused now. Tera pata nahin Tiger. there she is standing in a blackbelt with trophies. The nervous energy is too much to handle. Finally. Chalo! She pulls him by the hand. but he looks worse. She turns to see Vish and smiles. Jannat! Haath mein haath daal ke! SHARP CUT Inside the seedy massage room.. a smile of accomplishment. Bride: Kya? He takes out the photograph and shows a photograph of hers in that pic. But there is a gentle romance in their discomfort. . through the parlour and into the massage room. Vish: Yaar.Galat hai yeh! Ek toh beech highway mein unnse lift lii humne… Upar se shaadi bhi tod ke nikal gayein.92 EXT.. Sorry for being so impolite. – INT. Bride: Why are you marrying me? Kissiki photo dekhke tumne kaise decide kar liya? Groom: Tumhari photo nahin. Tumhaare photo ke peeche jo photo thii. Hum saath jaayenge. She looks rather tense. mujhe toh jannat jaana hai Anoushka: Fikar matt karo. She opens the door and asks the groom to get out. Groom: Aap log kaun hain? Mujhe kidnap kar rahein hain kya? Anoushka says. the bride sits facing the groom. the girl breaks the silence. Beauty Parlour/ AFTERNOON Anoushka jumps up on seeing them.

Groom: Actually na main yellow belt hoon! Bride: Tum yellow belt ho?? Groom: Haan. na? They both burst out laughing. Vish and Anoushka sit in the car. bends closer and says.93 Groom: Yeh! Mujhe pata thaa tum yeh nahin. Tum toh yeh ho. The groom walks out smiling. Then he adds. Groom: Rehaana. lehenge mein. Music picks up.. Vish Usse bolo jaldi karey. beaming. She sees her. Bride: Ji. And going by what I see. I know I am not wrong! SHARP CUT Outside. Bride: Toh? He says. Kung fu champion Rehaana. Just then the bride comes running out.. And my instincts have never failed me. Issi se shaadi karni hai mujhe. comes up. I have always gone by my instincts. She smiles an embarrassed smile and says. CUT TO . Baaki tum sikha dogi. Yeh blackbelt karate waali. Main usse Dilli nahin le gaya hoon test drive pe. looking for Anoushka.

Anoushka sees Rehaana do it. and in it is the most beautiful saree! Anoushka has no idea how to drape it. CUT TO . “Usse kissi aur se pyaar hai!” CUT TO She observes the Kanyadaan (The Islamic equivalent of it). The guests greet each other in traditional hugs. and later at night. when everyone is asleep. she messes it up. CUT TO Anoushka takes Dev’s photograph out from her purse and looks at it. “Handsome hai na?” CUT TO A suitor asks about her. Groom and Bride say ‘Kabool hai’. CUT TO It’s ritualistic that the bride try a taveez around a tree trunk.94 Scene 50 – PBS – Montage On the wedding song are cut moments such as. she quietly goes out and does it all by herself CUT TO Anoushka has nothing to wear at the wedding. helps her drape it. He gives her a box in with POLTU FAMOUS SAREES written on it. CUT TO A young boy at the wedding gives Anoushka a flower. Vish falls on the floor in laughter when he sees her. Vish says. Vish tells her to wait. CUT TO The bride pulls Anoushka and whispers about her groom.

mere past se.95 At the Bidaai. I want this life… Your life. mere laakh na chahne ke bavjood mera best friend bann gaya hai! He smiles. they cross the checkpost into Benaras. “Thank You’. hiding the secret deep within him. Sab kuch… Main. Hah! Anoushka: I have a better idea! Tum.. ghosts se. the Bride hugs her tight and whispers. CUT TO Scene 51 EXT. They are almost at their destination and Anoushka is feeling a certain kind of high. You’ll be the best man. The bride’s mother holds on to Anoushka’s hand and cries. na?” . mere voh… aur ek random man. main aur Dev… teeno bhaag jaate hain! Nahin? Vish: Kiss se bhaagenge? Anoushka: Sab se. Just then. Anoushka: Just adopt me! This is it. She sees the Ganga and the ghats from the taxi. Anoushka: Meri bhi Rehanaa jaisi shaadi hogi. Two people with screwed up love lives sorting others’ lives. We will go and sort out other people’s love lives. (Pause) Oye. tum karna mera kanyadaan. She is amazed. jo pata nahin kaise. Duniya se. Nahin jaate Dev ko lene… Tum aur main… ek eternal road trip. Benaras Roads / Day Vish and Anoushka sit in an ambassador. Vish: Ya. Hai na? Aur kaun? It’s like. She turns to Vish and says. Anoushka also starts crying.

Phir Mr.96 She keeps talking like an excited child. Why don’t you tell me? Main bilkul Hallmark cards jaisi sound kar rahi hoon! Na? Haan? Maybe?” CUT TO SCENE 52 EXT.. Bhuvan walks up and greets them. Usse kidnap kar lenge aur zabardasti shaadi kar loongi main uss se. Vish: Aapne pata karwaaya yeh Rai Chaudhuris ke baare mein? Bhuvan gives him details. Raychaudhuri ko bandi banaake main vaapas London le jaoongi. Anoushka gets excited and says. She is confused. Vish: CHALOOOOO! . Taj Hotel / Day The cab drives into the Taj Hotel.that he has found out about one such Rai Baari in Assi Chowk. Anoushka: But we should be going to where his place is. friend and guardian angel. And he bursts out laughing. right? Why are we checking in? I am sure he has a comfortable place. He says. Vish: I love him so much that I hate him! He turns to Bhuvan. She gapes at him like she doesn’t believe it. (Pause) Main kitni silly sound kar rahi hoon. Anoushka: Ab agar Dev ne zyaada chu chu chaiyn chaiyn kii na toh bass that’s it. Anoushka: That’s it! Let’s go! I can’t wait. then a swim and then some sleep before he can head out. as he watches her. Vish says he needs a shower. Vish introduces Bhuvan to Anoushka as his comrade.

breathing heavily.. Benaras / Day Vish and Anoushka are led by Bhuvan into the lanes of Benaras. for the first time in my life. sarees flying in the wind. don’t . Old Woman: Anoushka! Anoushka is taken aback. She turns around in a daze. Bhuvan goes inside. pushing the delicate wooden door. She’s entranced. Old Woman: Yeh Baba ka kamra hai… Yahin rahte hain. Assi Ghat. She looks around as they walk through the myriad gullys. The woman leads her through the courtyard and into a room. They look up and see a dilapidated yet resplendent old house. I feel like I have come home. Bhuvan tells them that they have come to the Rai Baari. and shows her this old room filled with photographs of Anoushka’s. Anoushka is moved to tears as she stands there. – INT. She looks around this quaint little universe of zardosi and fabric. colours bathing the daylight. An old woman there slowly walks up to Anoushka and peers into her face before she cups it with her frail hands and pronounces. Rai Baari. Anoushka: How do I know all this? Because Dev has told me so much about this place! (pause) You know.97 CUT TO SCENE 53 EXT. Vish and Bhuvan also walk in behind her stop short as they look around are the many photographs of Anoushka. Anoushka follows him in. kaam karte hain… din raat… aur aapki baat karte hain. and tells Vish about the sarees here and the place and people. Anoushka: I. Anoushka sees the sights and sounds of the place and is fully enamored by the place. Vish rests a hand on Anoushka’s shoulder. Vish and Bhuvan exchange a look.

. Bhuvan: Parr abhi toh yahaan se Dilli ki koi flight nahin hai! Jo hai kal early morning hai… saat bajey ki. I will not spoil it by calling him. Anoushka sticks her tongue out at Vish. I want to land up. Vish: So great! Let’s go now… and we will catch him at the airport in Delhi. Unnka number kya hai? Anoushka: Nahin nahin! I have come this far. Old Woman: Ab hi… kuch der pahle nikle. And. Anoushka: Baba kahaan hai? Old Woman: Japan.. Vish says. Vish: Let’s just call him. That’s when the woman says that Dev has taken off for Japan to attend a convention. Anoushka looks perturbed. Anoushka thinks she hasn’t heard right and repeats her question. Vish: That was the station.98 She turns to the woman and asks. Stop him at the airport. where she sees women weaving the sarees. Anoushka: Oh! Old Woman: Kal shaam ki plane hai unnki. That’s it! Like DDLJ. bitiya… Dhoondhne pe toh Kunwar saab ko aap bhi . She walks out into the courtyard. Dilli se. Bhuvan: Fikar matt kariye..

here. Ganga Ghat / Evening As they walk back on the ghats. Vish presses his hand hard and silences him. Anoushka talks about how she knows it’s all going to work out now. She sees some people bathing in the Ganges. Anoushka lifts up her sleeve and shows her a tattoo which is the same pattern. Bhuvan: Aapne bachchi ko abhi tak bataya hi nahin? Vish: Nahin. Mujhe laga shayad aap pahli baar apni bhool ko… kuch galtiyon ko sudharne ja rahein hain. The woman takes out a small chit and shows Dev’s doodle on it. Parr nahin.99 mil gayin… Midway through his sentence. Bhuvan and Vish stand at the top of the steps. Me. Main toh kabhi samjha hi nahin aapko… Phir achanak yeh utth ke London jaana. Bhuvan: Kyon? Vish: Please Bhuvan… Tum nahin samjhogey… Bhuvan: Nahin! Main nahin samjhoonga. Usse sach kya . She sees a pattern on it and smiles. The woman is amazed. with his sign. Anoushka runs towards a saree being woven. Khudgarz hain. Anoushka: I feel like I’m in a film! Like I’m living a film! Can you imagine.. all of this. Khudgarz hi rahenge. Bhuvan is a little taken aback by Vish’s act. She runs down the steps and up to the river. The woman who’s weaving it doesn’t know what this about. Anoushka stares at it. Not having heard what Bhuvan said. Aap bass aasaan raasta chunna jaante hain. CUT TO SCENE 54 Ext. Aap khudgarz theye..

drenched from the waist down. glee writ large on her face. albeit tentative. Vish looks through the lamps and the people for Anoushka.100 bataayenge? Yeh sab bhalaai na naatak kar rahein hain aap… Vish: Bhuvan! Main koshish kar raha hoon… Prayashchitt karne ki koshish kar raha hoon. As Vish turns he sees Anoushka climbing up the steps. He walks up to her. colourful and soul-stirring aarti on the ghats of the Ganga. Vish tells her . CUT TO SCENE 55 EXT. At least usse sach sunn ne ka haq toh hai. Vish: Toh kya karoon? Bhuvan: Kuch toh nahin milaa usse aapse. Anoushka: Tumne mujhe dhoondh liya itni bheed mein? Vish: Poori duniya chhaan ke tumhe dhoondha hai. Aur aap… Ek jhoothi kahaani ki aadh mein usska dil jeetne ki koshish kar rahein hain. She tells him how the Aarti is absolutely mesmerizing. sach mein… toh sach se shuru kiya hota. Voh haqq bhi matt chheeniye uss se. Iss se usse bhi dukh pahunchega. Parr aap mein sach bolne ki taaqat hi nahin hai. He finds her sitting by the ghat looking at the Aarti. Sochiye jab aap usse bataayenge… toh uss pe kya beetegi? Aapko toh apna dost maan baithi hai voh. Bhuvan: Agar aap prayashchit karna chahte. She is excited to see him. Aur aap ko bhi. Yeh toh kuch nahin. Dasaswamedh Ghat / Dusk A loud.

Me. Anoushka wonders what he means.. She was a bag of contradictions… She would call me in the middle of the night from London to tell me that she killed her first cockroach… little inane details about her life… but never did she tell me we had a daughter. I know.101 that the Aarti is done to pay obeisance to one’s ancestors. Vish: It’s said if you set these lamps afloat on the Ganga. You. unable to believe what is being revealed to her. whenever and wherever I am… Maybe not. Vish continues. But I couldn’t help it. I cannot explain the feeling. She turns towards the direction where the lamps float away. Anoushka stands up and buys a few diyas being sold by a little girl. But this. you hate me. Vish follows her into the Ganga as she says a little prayer and sets the diyas afloat. I should have never pretended to be this other person. I have done terrible things.. you deserve to know who I am. I know. I don’t even deserve your hatred. She runs back with the diyas and asks Vish to walk into the river with her. Vish: Radha must be smiling at us right now. And you are lovely. Before Vish can even say anything. Vish: She never believed in rituals. I am not asking you for your pardon. But yes. Maybe no lamps will carry their glow to me. the joke was actually on you. child. when at the end of your life you realize. But I HAD TO see the one person. But she wanted to get married. Vish observes her fondly. Here. Anoushka says she wants to set diyas afloat for her grandmother. I… . That’s when Vish starts speaking. Vish: Anoushka. I don’t think I deserve any more than this anyway. who I could call my own in this wide world of strangers. (pause) No I never came to feel better for myself. the river will carry the glow to your ancestor. Anoushka turns around to face him.

she interrupts him again. You are him! I am sorry. Anoushka packs her things at the hotel... the lanes. Please. Just when. I will talk.. It’s pre-dawn.Montage In a series of shots and sequences we see Anoushka. Don’t.. almost like she is possessed in a fit of rage. Vish keeps staring in her direction. interrupts him. Anoushka walks through the Aarti and the lamps. Why did you have to make me feel so stupid? Why did you have to strip me of even that last strand of faith I had? Why? As he starts to speak. But you are! You. she walks away. You listen. A dramatic upswing as EPIC MUSIC picks up on the soundtrack. Don’t say anything. You. that constant fear. overwhelmed with tears.. She pauses and looks back at the hotel once. Anoushka: No. CUT TO She gets into a cab. old man. Please. .102 Anoushka. what if you were him? What if? And I stopped myself from thinking like that… Everthing pointed to that. Saying this.. And you are damn right. Don’t follow me. You deserve every misery. whoever you are… The joke is on me. Just when I thought.. you. You don’t deserve any happiness.. CUT TO SCENE 56 – PBS . the bylane of Benaras.. praying every moment the thought crossed me. that you weren’t him. at all times… But I was hoping. Anoushka: You know I always had that nagging feeling.

na Anu? Just say it and I will tear up this ticket. taking a deep breath. She kisses him for a moment and then moves back and says. all over her own and someone else’s luggage. he breaks into a smile on seeing her. She just dumps her luggage in the next seat. The gorgeous Benaras Sunrise. CUT TO Anoushka sits in the flight. She just looks up. Delhi / Evening Dev gets off a cab and offloads his luggage and suddenly something catches his attention. He grabs her and kisses her. Finally Anoushka quips. thinks for a millisecond. . She keeps looking down. na? Dev: You still can’t say you love me. He is shocked to see Anoushka sitting on the pavement across. CUT TO Anoushka at the airport. CUT TO SCENE 57 EXT.103 CUT TO Anoushka’s cab drives by the ghats. IGI Airport. and falls flat on her face. CUT TO Anoushka trips on something. even as Dev’s smile becomes even more vibrant. all by herself. grabs his ticket and tears it violently and then calmly hands him the pieces. Someone tries to help her but she just breaks down. absolutely disheveled and distraught. He drags his suitcase and walks up to her calmly. But even though she looks like she is falling apart. which lies empty. Anoushka: I need a haircut. she looks away.

How else do you think he found out? Anoushka. Anoushka: So that’s it. After a moment’s pause she says.104 Anoushka Dev. Anoushka: How do you know? Dev: Because I read the letter she sent him. There are many empty coffee cups in front of Anoushka. I knew all along. I have to tell you something. And now it’s over. right? Anoushka: Dev. Naani never told him they had a child. So… let’s not talk about it.. . What do you mean? Repair this? Repair what? With that man? I mean. Dev: I think I know what this is about. Anoushka is stunned to hear this. Dev: “You’re not serious are you? Anoushka: What do you mean? Dev: You ARE going to repair this. You know what happened to naani! Dev: Anoushka. That’s just how it went. Coffee Shop – Delhi / Evening Anoushka and Dev sit across each other.. Ever again. CUT TO SCENE 58 INT.

Dev: I wish he hadn’t done this false identity thing. he pleaded with me to not tell you. Jaise tumhe mila. Dev: You can’t really love till you learn to forgive Anu.. he just came to undo his mistakes. Anoushka. Dev gives up. Dev realizes she is shaking with sobs.. CUT TO Scene 59 A INT.. She stops in her tracks. He loves you. CUT TO Scene 59 EXT. calling various numbers They try the Taj at Benaras where they were staying but no one seems to know anything about him. Cab. Don’t you see. Anu. he never came to say sorry? He. Dev: Maybe not. Don’t! You know nothing about him. Nahin toh nafrat tumhe khaa jaayega. Dev. He does… Khud se nafrat karta hai voh aadmi… kyonki tum se paar karta hai voh. But itna toh jaanta hoon ki galtiyaan sab se hoti hain. Hotel Room / Night . Anu. Parr shayad apni nafrat ko maafi mein badal sakti ho. He turns around and says. Anoushka: Don’t defend him. Anu. Anoushka is surprised at the angry tone is voice takes. as much as he could. Dil toh tumne bhi mera toda thaa. Kuch khushnaseeb hotey hain jinhe unhe sudharne ka mauka mil jaata hai. and here..105 Dev: Anu. Delhi Roads / Evening Anu and Dev are in a cab. Anoushka! Anoushka stands up and starts walking out. And something in his eyes told me he meant only well. Galti ho gayi unn se… Isse tum nahin badal sakti. for you. here we are.

Anoushka walks into the terrace and it looks nothing like what Vish described it to her as. Anoushka walks into the haveli. Anoushka: Dev. The receptionist smiles and sends a bellboy to escort them to the terrace. Anoushka I was hoping! CUT TO Scene 61 B INT. as she looks for solace in his arms. Sudden passion takes over. She sits there disappointed. . He tells Anoushka that this is really pointless and that there is no way. She gets up. walks around the room and stands at the window looking out at the rising sun. Fathehgarh / Evening. Dev comes to the terrace. Suddenly. I think I know where he could be. as if. Dev looks at her in his sleep. Dev looks really unsure about this. Anoushka asks about the terrace with the view of a gorge and the mountains. CUT TO SCENE 60 INT. Dev: You are mad! You really thought you could find him here? Anoushka shrugs. Dev says he is tired and that they should check in to the hotel now. Dev asks about Vish but the receptionist says no man with this name has checked in here. Anoushka walks up to him and hugs him. they were coming together for the first time ever. she knows. Anoshka’s face falls. She turns and shakes Dev out of sleep. They start kissing.106 Dev is sleeping while Anoushka tosses and turns. which has been turned into a hotel. Haveli-Hotel. curious. Hotel Room / Twilight Dev sits by the window of their room. she can just randomly find him here.

Daddu! Dev also walks up. in Dev’s arms. At the other end. Hotel Room / Twilight Anoushka wakes up early in the morning. Dev jolts up and asks what happened. a man in a shawl stands overlooking the mist. her eyes fall on the window. He just smiles as she holds him tight and whispers. Anoushka runs out of the room. Vish turns and hugs them both. with a pressing hurry. And suddenly a curious glint gathers in her in them. THE END . Anoushka: I love you. She breaks into a jog and starts running towards him.107 CUT TO SCENE 62 INT. Anoushka jumps out of bed. Over his shoulder Anoushka sees the mist part to reveal the vision he had painted of his ‘magical place’. and pulls on a jacket. but by now she has run out of the room. through the complicated corridors of the hotel and onto the terrace. She turns in bed languorously. I love you. We reveal it’s Vish. She runs and hugs him from behind. It’s surreal and ethereal.

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