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DAY 231
Issue 3

Dear Y11s, yet again we wish to say thank you for your hard work since the last edition of
‘The Final Countdown‘. This week we are going to talk to you about revision for exams.
Most of you will be taking either the English exam or Maths and Science re-sits in No-
vember and it is now extremely important that you are revising regularly.

What exactly do we mean by revision? It is not just reading your exercise or text book.
If learning was as easy as that we would just give you a textbook at the start of Y10 and
say ‗get on with it‘ and we would all be out of a job! Just stop a minute and think about all
the different activities you do in lessons to help you learn. When have you ever had a
lesson where you just read the information? The rule is: never revise without a pen in
your hand. For all your subjects you should be taking notes, doing practice questions,
talking to people about what you have learnt. It is imperative that you actively engage in
your revision. To help you we have provided you with a free gift of a highlighter in this
week‘s edition.

We are also providing you with extra revision sessions after school and for those doing
the English exam there is coursework catch up every night until the exam to make sure
you get the best possible grade. There is also Maths Watch, My Maths and SAM learning
for you to access from home. Good luck!
Quote of the Week
SAM Learning
―He who stops being
1. Type in better, stops being good.‖

2. Log on
Centre ID: sk14HT2
Username: Date of
birth followed by
initials ICT & Business Catch up
Every Tuesday

3. Revise!

Year 11 – Assemblies all next week
All the colleges are coming in during assembly next
week to speak to you about you further education.
Please register with your form tutor and then go
straight to assembly.
November Exams
English Language GCSE—Wednesday 8th November, a.m.
Friday 10th November a.m.
Maths Re-sits — Monday 15th November a.m. and p.m..

Maths Revision
Every Wednesday after school and after half term every
morning from 8:45 until 9:15.

Extra Art and Textiles GCSE class on Mondays.

English Coursework
A huge well done to all of you who have completed your
coursework! Your final deadline for coursework is Friday
22nd October. No work can be accepted after this date
as marks have to be sent to the exam board.
This week‘s role models are Jamie Grayson, Laurence Mussett, Ms
Amina Begum and Farzana Begum For their excellent participation
in their History lessons, well done!

Bentley would like to say a big thank you to all of her Year 11 History class
for their excellent behaviour and interest during the lesson taught by Beth,
the Police Education Officer. She commented on what a lovely, well behaved
and enthusiastic class you were and what a nice school Hyde is. What a great
impression to have left on someone who has never visited our school before.

Mrs Davies would like to praise Robert Lee, Zion Lawrence, Kieran Davies,
Nilima Begum and Megan Walker for their excellent contributions to class
discussions in their recent history lessons.

Miss Fletcher would like to praise Fahmeda Khatun and Kirsty Warren for
continued effort and excellent progress in English.

Mrs Davies would like to praise Liam Hamilton, Matthew Drabble and Tom
Legge for attending all the coursework catch up sessions so far, they have
made a real effort to get back on track.

Mrs Mitchell would like to praise Suyeb Ahmed, Ashfak Ahmed, Akhlaq Ah-
med, Jamie Grayson for continued hard work and effort in ICT, very well

Ms Mallon would like to say well done and keep it up to Paige Azad, Khalida
Begum, Mohibur Choudhury, Matthew Frederick, Aimee Holland, Nargis Khan,
Kirsteen King, Tom Legge, and Lauren Platt for their attitude and effort as
we head towards our November exam.

―Well done to Mrs Radcliffe‘s maths revision group for turning up and eating
the biscuits! It will be worth it!‖
Dr Warhurst would like to praise Samantha MacDonald and Matthew
Gasse in Science for producing super work over an extended period.

Mrs Kendrick would like to praise her Y11 citizenship class for being fab
‗they are pleasant and polite to each other, put loads of effort into any
task they are set and work brilliantly in groups and individually. They are
all really mature and very hard working.‘

Mrs Brett would like to thank Marcus Whittingham and Amirul Islam for
progress made with their Design and Technology coursework. Both have
produced ‗outstanding‘ design sheets and are working very well to produc-
ing a final outcome model.

Miss Parish would like to praise Elektra Politis, Danielle Davies, Sophie
Orrit, Jessica Kay, Tom Radley, Ryan Caveney, Luke Freeman and Kyle
Fryer for really focusing and working hard in the lead up to their English
exam in November

Miss Howie would like to praise Aaron Breeze for helping out Tameside
College on Saturday 2nd Oct. He gave up part of his weekend to help
them out at an Open Day and was praised highly for his musical talents.
Also Shannon Monks for great work in GCSE music and for helping others
in the class and to Aidan McCarron, Andrew Brown, Callum Marks, Danny
Worrall, Aaron Breeze for the wonderful contributions to the musical
entertainment at Open Evening.

Mr Gilday would like to praise Jordan Bagley, Jodie Beaton, Farzana Be-
gum, Zahira Bibi, Michael Carr, Kay-Leigh Davies, Ryan Denton, Kushma
Islam, Josh Nichols, Rebekah Palmer, Ryan Palker, Shuab Miah, Tom
McCabe, and Robert Lee for good work and attitude in science so far.

If you are not mentioned, you have 2 weeks to work hard and
make sure you are nominated in issue 3.
Mr Kendal – ‗For helping me finish my D&T model and being a cool teacher.‘

Mr Thompson – ‗For being amazing.‘

Mr Brogan – ‗Always encouraging me to try my hardest and do well to achieve my grade.‘

Ms Bentley – ‗Always someone you can go to, she helped me get a good exam result grade.‘

Mr. Speakes – ‗Good teaching, helps me get better grades.‘

Mr Parry – ‗Helped me a lot with my work and is a good teacher.‘

Mr Evans - ‗Because I‘m ahead with my work‘

Ms Baxter – ‗For giving me extra help with my coursework.‘

Mrs Howard – ‗she helps me a lot,‘

Ms Fletcher – ‗For being a good form teacher.‘

Mrs Eyre – ‗She is taking time after school to help me get a good Spanish GCSE. She has put lots of
work in her free time for me.

Miss Neil – She has helped me through the last two years to complete all my work and get the highest
grade possible. She is brilliant!‘

Mrs Potter – ‗She makes lessons fun even though it is not her class.‘

Mrs Mallon – ‗Her English teaching has helped me a lot for the exams.‘

Mrs Johnson – ‗For helping me prepare for my coursework and exams.‘

Miss Mace – ‗She always has time to help me with work and non school matters as well. She has helped
me with lots of work.‘

Mr Travers – For helping with maths and after school revision for my re-sit in November.

Mrs Radcliffe – Ever since I started having maths lessons with Mrs Radcliffe I have understood my
maths and she helps you out individually.

Miss Lynch – For helping us with our wet, soggy coursework.

Ms Walsh – For helping me get a good grade on my coursework.