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College of Arts and Sciences

Main Campus I, Dumaguete City



Code Number : English 122

Descriptive Title : Technical Writing and Reporting
Credit : 3 units
Course Description :
Technical Writing and Reporting is a course designed for students who do not have plans of making a living from writing, but
who recognize the important role that clear communication plays in their professional lives. This course stresses practical
applications of the concepts learned by the students in their own fields of specialization with the theories, principles, and rules
governing good writing properly observed. Moreover, students receive guidance in planning and writing a technical paper
using the step by step procedure. They are made aware of the standards of accuracy, objectivity, and restraint which are vital
to good technical writing, thus increasing their responsibility for learning how to write.
Hours Per Week : 3 hours
Pre-requisite : English 112


A. Institutional Mission Statement

Negros Oriental State University passionately delivers excellent instruction, fosters cutting-edge research, and encourages socially responsive
community services through relevant and innovative technologies.

B. Mission Statement of the College of Arts and Sciences

The College is committed to the holistic development of the students in the various fields of Arts and Sciences, making them physically, socially,
intellectually, and morally competent human resources equipped with competitive scientific and technological skills responsive to the needs of the society.

C. Mission Statement of the English Department

The English and Literature Department is committed to produce graduates who are functionally competent in oral and written communication skills,
as well as graduates who are aware and conscious of the literary legacy of well-known local and international writers.
At the end of the semester the students can:
1. develop important skills associated with the writing craft, particularly linguistic and communicative competence;
2. display analytical and critical thinking skills;
3. exhibit improvement in writing well-organized reports and in reporting them orally;
4. demonstrate marked improvement in utilizing the techniques involve in technical writing;
5. show objectivity, honesty, intelligent interest, and personal obligation in the reports written.

Objective Content Sub-Task Languages Classroom Evaluation Time References

Focus Activities Frame

Unit I
Nature of
Technical Writing

Define technical Explaining the Technical jargons Lecture-discussion The students are 3 hours Mills and Walter.
writing and basic principles of asked to explain Technical Writing. pp.
differentiate it from technical writing. the 3-8
other forms of writing characteristics of
Identifying the end technical writing.
products of
technical writing.

Vicente et al. pp. 36-45

Mills and Walter.

Technical Writing. pp.
Objective Content Sub-Task Languages Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame
Unit II
Technical Style
Develop appropriacy -using precise -appropriate Through small The students in 2 hours Rose, Maris.(1994).
in tone and word words and phrases technical groupings, the pairs are Technical
choice in written to achieve vocabulary students are told to instructed to read, Communication: The
discourses. appropriacy of tone -noun analyze a given text. analyze and Practical Craft. New
and word choice -adjectives improve the flow of York: McMillan
-verbs thought of a Publishing Company.
chosen text which
contains Villamarzo, Perla et
elaborate, multi- al. (2003). Interactive
syllable words. Technical Writing.
Manila: UST Pub.

Construct effective -producing effective -types of Grouping of The students are 3 hours Mills, Gordon H.
sentence and sentence and sentences students are formed made to (1992). Technical
paragraph structures paragraph -topic sentence to do assigned tasks rewrite/improve a Writing. Texas: Ken
and length. structures and -transitional of analyzing given short paragraph Incorporated.
length devices sentences and for readability and
paragraphs to variety.
rewrite. Output
presentations follow
for critiquing.
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame
Unit III
Differentiate a topic -scanning an -nouns, adjectives In pairs, students Students are 2 hours Serrano, Josephine
outline from a authentic and phrases are made to instructed to make B. and Trinidad M.
sentence outline text/technical text arrange/assemble a topic outline out Ames. (1986).
-preparing an parts of a simple of a given Advanced
Produce a well- outline of the text topic outline into technical Composition.
constructed topic read to be critiqued three main heads selection/passage. Mandaluyong:
outline -producing a topic in order to come National Bookstore
outline in pairs up with a logical Inc.

Design a good -constructing a -simple sentences In pairs, students Students are 2 hours Serrano, Josephine
sentence outline sentence outline are made to instructed to make B. and Trinidad M.
arrange/assemble a sentence outline Ames. (1986).
parts of a out of a given Advanced
sentence outline technical Composition.
into three main selection/passage. Mandaluyong:
heads in order to National BookStore
come up with a Inc.
logical order.

Formulate a good -formulating a -verbs Each group of Based on a given 2 hours Portillo, Reynaldo R.
thesis statement thesis statement -types of sentences students is given a data, students are (2003). Research
data for them to asked to formulate and Technical
plot their thesis a thesis statement. Writing.
statement. Bulacan:Trinitas
Publishing, Inc.
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame
Unit IV
Techniques in
Technical Writing

Define technical Defining terms -nouns, linking Group Work: Students directed 2 hours Mills and Walter.
terms using the using formal verbs, Students are to define given Technical Writing. pp.
formal definition definition demonstrative instructed to define technical terms 85-98
-identify the parts of pronouns, ten technical terms using the formal
a logical sentence adjectives using the formal definition
definition definition.
-use suggested

Create a paragraph Expanding a one -types of sentences Students are Direct students to 2 hours Vicente et al. pp. 36-
based on a one- sentence formal -transitional grouped and then write a ten- 45
sentence formal definition into a devices instructed to sentence amplified
definition paragraph -expository texts produce a definition of a key
-expand formal paragraph basing term or concept in
definition by on the ideas given one’s field of
example, in tree diagram. study.
contrast, details and
word derivation

Compose a Writing/organizing -formal definition Students taking Based on a given 2 hours Mills and Walter.
description of a description of a -transitional technical courses diagram, students Technical Writing. pp.
mechanism mechanism devices are instructed to are required to 85-98
-types of sentences describe a produced a clear
mechanism out of description of a
the materials they mechanism
have chosen.
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame

Construct and Writing/organizing a -passive voice of Out of a given Given three 3 hours Vicente et al. pp. 45-
organize a description of a the verb jumbled set of materials to 52
description of a process -transitional procedures on choose from,
process devices “How Coffee Is selected in
-types of sentences Made”, the particular
students are disciplines are to
instructed to produce an
arrange the effective
procedures to description of a
come up with an process.
organized Examples:
description of a -How to Fold Table
process Napkins
-How to Take
Down Notes
-How a Computer
-How to Prepare a

Produce a written Writing/doing -transitional device 3 hours Mills and Walter.

paragraph using the classification -types of sentences Technical Writing. pp.
method of 152-166
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame
Unit V
Involved in
Writing Reports -preparing and -transitional Students are made Three student 2 hours
delivering a chosen devices to understand the members in each
topic for oral report -appropriate quotes practical ways on group are asked to
to end the oral how to present their present a chosen
report reports orally topic for the said

-producing a -nouns Students are made Students are 2 hours

progress report -simple past from of to understand the made to come up
the verbs. practical ways on with a progress
how to construct a report based on a
progress report. given situation

-constructing a lab -passive voice of

report the verb
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame
Unit VI
Writing the
Research Paper
Determine an Choosing -nouns Examples of broad Three broad topics 2 hours Portillo, Reynaldo R.
appropriate topic appropriate topics -adjectives topics are are given to each et al. (2003).
and narrow it down and narrowing -phrases presented to the group of students Research and
them down whole class to be as part of an Technical Writing.
analyzed for exercise on Bulacan: Trinitas
practice on narrowing of Publishing Inc.
establishing topic topics.

Evaluate and Preparing a Groups of students Portillo, Reynaldo R.

prepare a working working -MLA vs. APA Different kinds of 2 hours
-Punctuation Marks are made to materials from et al. (2003).
bibliography bibliography understand how Research and
period books to
comma bibliographical encyclopedias are Technical Writing.
colon entries of different made available for Bulacan: Trinitas
Books materials are done the students of five Publishing Inc.
Articles using MLA and/or members in a
Journals APA styles. group to make
Magazines working
Newspapers bibliographical
Conference entries of a certain
papers On-line research study.
Theses and

Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References

Activities Frame

Taking down notes -phrases The students are 2 hours Manlapaz, Edna Z.
-sentences instructed to survey (2001). The Anvil
preparing the -paragraphs quickly the chosen Guide to Research
materials for this -quotation marks materials and made Paper WrIting. Paisg:
like choosing the -ellepsis to quickly read the ANVIL Publishing, Inc.
right size of the text again, taking
index card note of the main
points and its
relation with one

The students may Portillo, Reynaldo R.

Illustrate taking demonstration 2 hours et al. (2003).
down notes through: lesson on taking use any
appropriate and Research and
down notes using Technical Writing.
-determining the direct quotation, varied note-taking
relevance of note- techniques and Bulacan: Trinitas
summarizing, and Publishing Inc.
taking paraphrasing strategies, putting
the information in
-distinguishing whichever form
relevant details convenient to use. Plata, Sterling M. et al.
It may include a (2006). Research
diagram, a map, or Process and Product
a simple listing. Workbook. Laguna:
-following the Trailblazer
processes involved Publications
in writing quotations,
précis-writing, and
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Evaluation Time References
Activities Frame

Writing the different

sections of the
research paper

Writing the -beginning -Prewriting activity Checking and 4 hours Manlapaz, Edna Z.
Write the introduction of the chosen (2001). The Anvil
research paper recording of
introductory part of library research Guide to Research
expressions like: outputs by phases
the chosen research topic Paper WrIting. Pasig:
topic ANVIL Publishing, Inc.
-this paper intends
to show… -Teacher-student
-this paper tries to group consultation
-the main purpose
of this paper is…
-this paper aims to

Create an organized -limiting of subject Prewriting activity Checking and 10 hours Manlapaz, Edna Z.
Writing the body
body of the chosen headings to the of the chosen recording of (2001). The Anvil
research topic main divisions library research outputs by phases Guide to Research
topic Paper Wrting. Paisg:
-transitional -group thought ANVIL Publishing, Inc.
markers (e.g. to Showering
begin with, as a -organizing ideas to
result, thus, produce a good
consequently, in body of the
spite of this, research study
however; on the -selecting and
one hand, on the choosing of
other hand, finally, research material
in consultation -Teacher-student
Objective Content Sub-Task Language Focus Classroom Activities Evaluation Time References

Compose an Writing the -structural Organizing/brainstorming Checking and 4 hours Manlapaz, Edna Z.
effective concluding conclusion coordination of ideas for the recording of (2001). The Anvil
statements of the -stylistic conclusion of the outputs by phases Guide to Research
chosen research coordination research paper Paper Wrting. Paisg:
topic ANVIL Publishing,
Writing the conclusion of Inc.
the research paper Checking and
recording of
Finalizing the conclusion outputs by phase
of the research paper

Finalize the Finalizing the Collection of Plata, Sterling M. et

research paper for Research Paper Outputs al. (2006). Research
the oral defense for the oral Process and Product
defense Oral Defense Workbook. Laguna:



Quizzes/Long Exams 30%

Oral Participation/Seatwork, Project, Attendance 30%
Major Examinations (Mid-Term/***Final Examination) 40%
***Research Paper
Total 100%




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Dean, College of Arts and Sciences Vice President for Academic Affairs