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Final exam: Multiple choice, interpretation, calculations using graphs = 50%

Lab reports: information intro, methods, results (analyze data/graphs ), discussion= 50%
Look at solutions in lab manual, especially section regarding concentrations of solutions. Use percentages
by weight, molar solutions; know how many particles are available for physiological action.
Ex: each mole of a substance has same number of particles.
Water can diffuse more easily than other substances. Semi-permeable substances

O2 consumption
Cyto gland produces O2 consumption
Hyperthyroidism: increase
Hypothyroidism: leads to goiter
4. Large cytogland

Renal function - pg 31
Drinking beer inhibits adh, and individual excretes more water
3. In sweating individuals excrete water. Osmolarity increases and blood volume increases. ADH is
4. People with diabetes have high glucose in their blood. Tha glucose is freed by kidney, which results in
glucose in urine.
6. B. activated by kidney. Glomera actively transports