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St Edward the Confessor

Catholic Church
Dana Point, California

November 14, 2010 † Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
St Edward the Confessor
Catholic Church
Phone: 496-1307 ~ Fax: 496-1557
Monday-Friday 8 am - 8 pm
(949) 496-1307
8 am - 5 pm
8 am - 5 pm 33926 Calle La Primavera
Saturday 8:15 am & 5:30 pm (Vigil) Dana Point, California 92629
Sunday 7:30, 9:00, & 11:00 am

Mon– Friday
12:30 & 5:30 pm
8:15 am & 5:30 pm
Eve of Holy Day 5:30 pm
Holy Day 8:15 am, 5:30 & 7:30 pm
(Confession) Sacrament of the Sick
Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30 pm In the event of serious illness or medical emergency, Anointing
Saturday 4:00 – 5:00 pm
(and by appointment)
of the Sick and Eucharist may be arranged by contacting the Par-
ish Office. Call (949) 257-8017 for a medical emergency
Rev. Steve Sallot - Pastor
Extension 2880 Sacrament of Baptism
Rev. Chris Heath—Parochial Vicar Parents of infants requesting information about Baptism may
Extension 2109 contact the Office of Religious Education. Infant Baptisms are
Rev. Loc Tran - Parochial Vicar celebrated on the first and third Sunday of each month following
Extension 2206 catechesis for parents and godparents of candidates.
Rev. Mario Juarez – Parochial Vicar
Extension 2870 Celebration of Christian Funerals
Deacon Jesse Michel—496-1307 At the time of death, a family member should contact the parish
Deacon Ron Tiberi Extension 2505 office, as soon as possible, to arrange the date and time for the
Business Office—429-2874 Funeral Liturgy.
Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Christian Service—496-1572 Adults requesting information about full initiation and commun-
Mary Baur, Director
ion with the Roman Catholic Church (the sacraments of Bap-
Website—481-4000 tism, Eucharist and Confirmation) may contact the Office of Reli-
Laurie Saine, Assistant to the Pastor
gious Education.
Music – 496-1307, extension 2872
Rick Dellefield, Director Sacrament of Matrimony
Parish School – 496-1241 The Sacrament presumes active sacramental participation on the
Sharon Rands, Principal part of one or both persons. Couples must begin preparation
for their Sacrament at least six months prior to their proposed
Preschool – 240-8485
Cheryl Pickrel, Principal wedding date. Please call the Parish Office for more information.
Faith Formation – 496-6011 Eucharistic Adoration
Office of Religious Education On the first and third Monday of each month we gather in
Donna Couch, Director prayer and praise before the Blessed Sacrament. The Diocesan
Gloria Fetta, Director of Family Ministries
Neil Sampson, Confirmation Coordinator
intention is that of an increase of vocations to the priesthood
Aimee Martinez, Coordinator Sunday and religious life.
Children’s Ministry
Please visit our website,, for more
Youth Ministry – 496-9719 information.
Gary Foote-Coordinator

Parish Ministries
To assist you in discerning a ministry or for more information, 
please contact Neil Sampson, Parish Ministry Coordinator at (949) 496‐1307, ext 2229 

Liturgical Ministries:    Outreach Ministries:   
Altar Guild  Mary Ann Connolly  (949) 240‐1164  Binky Patrol  Mary Howe  (949) 249‐2066 

Altar Server  Deana Progar  (949) 768‐8858  Blood Drive  Greg Montevideo  (949) 493‐7605 
Support Group for   Margaret Prendiville  (949) 496‐7312 
Alter Server (scheduling)  Tom Littlejohn  (949) 489‐5595 
Chronic Illness (HELP) 
Eucharist Minister  Rocco Falabella  (949) 240‐8037 
Christian Service  Mary Baur  (949) 496‐1572 
Eucharist Minister to the   (Food Distribution)  
LaVerne Klopp  (949) 496‐1307 x2207 
Sick & Homebound 
Detention Ministry   Open Position    
Lector  Maureen Walker  (949) 374‐0506 
English & Spanish Lessons  Maria Simmons  (949) 661‐8827 
Music Ministry  Rick  Dellefield  (949) 496‐1307 
Faith in Action  Ellen Loretta  (949) 493‐5949 
Usher  Rob Wagner  (949) 842‐2277 
Knight of Columbus  Paul Sampson  (949) 429‐6461 
  John Di Mare  (626) 824‐6084 
Respect Life  Don Walz  (949) 493‐3134 
Youth Music/Faith Out 
Tim Horrigan  (949) 496‐1307 X2501  Social Justice  Jo & Mel Mothershead  (949) 487‐2020 
St. Vincent de Paul Society Maria Simmons  (949) 496‐1307 
Faith Formation: 
Tijuana Ministry   Suzanne Luke  (949) 496‐1307 
Adult Formation  Donna Couch  (949) 496‐6011 
Parish Enrichment:     
Bible Study  Donna Couch  (949) 496‐6011  
Children’s Sunday Liturgy  Bereavement  Conrad Esser  (949) 361‐9813 
Aimee Martinez  (949) 496‐1307 X2500 
of the Word  Environment & Art  Deana Progar  (949) 768‐8858 
Confirmation  Neil Sampson  (949) 496‐1307 X2210  Finance Council  Randy Redwitz  (949) 753‐1514 
Elementary Children’s  Hospitality  Esmeralda  Troge  (949) 362‐7495 
Gloria Fetta  (949) 481‐0882  
Religious Education  Mary’s Corner Gift Shop  Suzanne Luke  (949) 496‐1307 
Infant Baptism Ministry  Aimee Martinez  (949) 496‐1307 X2500  Pastoral Council  Fr. Steve Sallot  (949) 496‐1307 x2880 
Insight (Grade 9‐12)  Gary Foote  (949) 496‐9719  Serra Club of South OC  Carol Lavigne  (949) 240‐7621 
Outlet (Grade 6‐8)  Gary Foote  (949) 496‐9719  Stephen Ministry  Catherine Hallett  (949) 496‐1307 X2503 
RCIA  Donna Couch  (949) 496‐6011     Dan Nichols  (949) 496‐1307 X2503 
Sunday Sacramental  Web Ministry  Laurie Saine  (949) 481‐4000 
Aimee Martinez  (949) 496‐1307 X2500 
Preparation  Welcoming Committee  Neil Sampson  (949) 496‐1307X2229 
Family, Faith & Prayer Enrichment:   Community & Social   
Adoration Society  Deana Progar  (949) 768‐8858    
Circle of Praise  Pam Conway  (949) 661‐0158  Guess Who’s Coming to  Donna Rosen  (949) 661‐2514 
Cursillo  Dan Abalos  (949) 366‐3710 
Cub Scouts  Mary Litwinski  (949) 240‐0727 
Families of Nazareth  Ann Marie Eckl  (949)230‐0476 
Girl Scouts  Kristen Stovesand  (949) 249‐4968 
Legion of Mary  Margaret Maistrou  (949) 215‐9897 
School and Preschool Ministries: 
Marriage Enrichment  Joe & Rosemary Sinacori  (949) 496‐3478 
Consultative School Board  Jackie Brady  (949) 291‐6152 
  Bob & Mary Dausch  (949) 481‐1102 
Campus Ministry  Gloria Fetta  (949) 481‐0882 
Natural Family Planning  Meredith Thomas  (949) 493‐5914 
Family Photo Fundraiser  Natalie Del Castillo  (949)369‐9818 
Our Lady's Blue Army  Ann Mintie  (949) 496‐4653 
Fiesta with Friends  Lisa Gipe  (949) 248‐7383 
Retrouvaille  Open Position     Golf Tournament  Kathy & Robt. Hancock  (949) 488‐8323 
Serenity Days  Donna Couch  (949) 496‐6011   Monarch Main Event   Sue Buckley  (949) 493‐8256 
Spiritual Direction  Donna Couch  (949) 496‐6011    Tara Newkirk  (949) 690‐7136 
St. Anne’s Circle  Charis Williams  (949) 481‐6194  Parent Guild Org. (PGO)  Linda Cook  (949) 487‐1395 
Surf and Scripture   Kevin Perkins  (949) 366‐1669  Consultative Preschool  Christy Pagel  (949) 443‐1418 
Tuesday Bible Study  Elizabeth Smith  (949) 837‐2141 
School Religion  Rikky Daniels  (949) 306‐4006 
Two Hearts Prayer Group  Pam Conway  (949) 661‐0158 
Women of Wisdom  Shirley Filadelfia  (949) 496‐1307 
School Volunteers  Mary Payne  (949) 581‐7785 
Young Adult Prayer Group  Chris Kampmeier  (949) 973‐6106 
Scrip Program  Sara Brechbill  (949) 498‐2044 
For a list of descriptions, visit and click on Ministries. 
San Felipe de Jesús
26010 Domingo Ave 
Capistrano Beach, California  92624  
San Felipe Chapel Office Hours 
San Felipe de Jesús  Mon., Tues., Thurs.:  5:30—9 p.m. 
Sunday:  8:30 a.m.—1:00 p.m. 
and upon request 
(949) 493‐8918 

Sábado 5:30 p.m.  MASS IN ENGLISH 
Sunday 8:00 a.m.  St. Edward the Confessor 
Domingo 10:00 y 11:30 a.m. 
Dia de Obligación 7:30 p.m.  SACRAMENT OF PENANCE   Parish Office (949) 496‐1307 
Primer Viernes 7:30 p.m.  AT ST. EDWARD CHURCH 
  Reverend Steve Sallot 
CONFESIONES EN SN. EDUARDO  Wednesday 7:00 p.m.  Pastor, ext. 2880 
Miércoles  7:00 p.m.  Saturday 4:00 p.m.  Reverend Chris Heath 
Sábado 4:00 p.m.  Parochial Vicar, ext. 2109 
(949) 493‐8918 
Lunes y Martes 5:30a 8:30pm    Parochial Vicar, ext. 2206 
BAPTISMS   Reverend Mario Juarez 
BAUTISMOS  Parochial Vicar, ext. 2870 
The 2nd Saturday of each 
Pláticas: primer Martes  de  Ron Tiberi 
month at 11 a.m. The class is 
cada mes. Bautismo: Segundo  Deacon, ext. 2505 
the 1st Tuesday of the month 
Sábado de cada mes  Victor Samano 
  from 6:30—8:30 pm.  
QUINCEAÑERAS EN SN. EDUARDO    Deacon  (949) 493‐8918 
Tercer Sábado de cada mes  To arrange baptisms, 
Raquel Mares  marriages and other events  Contribuciones Semanales 
Tel. (949) 361.4713  please contact  Weekly Contributions 
San Felipe de Jesús 
BODAS  (949) 493‐8918  Meta $ 4,000
Llamar 6 meses    Utlimo domingo: $ 3,039
de anticipación  Registration forms are 
available at the church or  PSA 2010
EMERGENCIA  St. Edward and San Felipe
online at  Combined Goal $186,000
En  caso  de  una  enfermedad   
seria,  emergencia  médica,  un  EMERGENCY 
fallecimiento  o  por  la  necesi‐ In  the  event  of  serious  illness   
2011 Parish Offertory Program
dad de recibir la unción de los  or  medical  emergency,  Please look inside this week to see
enfermos  y  la  Eucaristía,  Anointing  of  the  Sick  and  information for San Felipe de Jesus.
contacte  con  la  oficina  de  Sn.  Eucharist may be arranged by   
Eduardo  el  Confesor.    Por  fa‐ 2011 Programa de Ofertorio Parroquial
contacting the St. Edward Par‐
vor  llamar  a  (949)  257‐8017  Favor de mirar dentro del boletín es-
ish Office. Call (949) 257‐8017 
ta semana para ver la información de
para una emergencia después  for a medical emergency after  San Felipe de Jesús.
de las 8pm.  8:00 p.m. 
November 14, 2010 † Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Upfront ~ En frente
Programa de Ofertorio Parroquial
2011   2011
Today is Commitment Sunday!  ¡Hoy es el Domingo de Compromiso! 
We  thank  you  for  spending  the  past  couple  of  Le  damos  gracias  por  las  pasadas  semanas  en  las 
weeks  thoughtfully  considering  what  you  contrib‐ que usted cuidadosamente reviso lo que usted pue‐
ute to the parish and for completing a commitment  de contribuir a la parroquia y por completar la tar‐
card this weekend.   jeta de compromiso este fin de semana.  

Every registered parish family was mailed a special  A  cada  familia  registrada  se  le  mando  un  folleto 
Offertory Program brochure and a keepsake book‐ especial sobre el Programa de Ofertorio y un sepa‐
mark this week.   If you did not receive yours in the  radorde paginas esta semana.   Si usted no lo reci‐
mail,  please  let  us  know.    We  may  have  your  ad‐ bió en el correo, favor de informarnos.  Quizás ten‐
dress  recorded  incorrectly.    You  may  call  Barbara  gamos  su  domicilio  equivocado.    Usted  puede  lla‐
Belavic at (949) 429‐2874 if you would like to check  mar  a  Barbara  Belavic  al  (949)  429‐2874  si  le  gus‐
on your information.  taría revisar su información.  

If you were unable to be at Mass here today or un‐ Si  usted no tuvo la oportunidad de ir a Misa hoy o 
able to complete a card, please do so next Sunday.   de  completar  su  tarjeta,  favor  de  hacerlo  el  próxi‐
Commitment  cards  will  be  available  in  the  pew.   mo Domingo.  Tarjetas de Compromiso estarán dis‐
We appreciate your commitment in the St. Edward  ponibles en las bancas.  Apreciamos su compromiso 
the Confessor parish community.    en la comunidad de San Eduardo el Confesor.  

Whether  you  decided  to  increase,  decrease  or  En caso de que usted decida aumentar, reducir, o 
keep your commitment the same, please begin giv‐ mantener  la  misma  cantidad,  favor  de  comenzar  a 
ing  your  new  amount  the  first  week  in  January  dar la nueva cantidad la primera semana de enero 
2011.  Thanks again!  de 2011.  ¡Gracias nuevamente!  

Please  be  sure  to  complete  your  commit‐ Favor de completar su tarjeta de compromi‐
ment  card,  which  you  may  find  in  the  pew.   so,  la  cual  puede  encontrar  en  las  bancas.  
If you were unable to do this at Mass today,  Si usted no pudo asistir a Misa hoy, favor de 
please complete it and drop it in  the collec‐ completarla  y  dejarla  en  la  colecta  del 

ParishPay ~ the Easy Way! ParishPay de la manera fácil!
Enroll Today … Complete su compromiso de ofertorio con ParishPay, el cual
Enroll & manage your account ofrece opciones variables para sus donaciones parroquiales.
online using your Checking, Favor de considerar este método de donación. Puede ingresar
Savings, MasterCard, Visa, al sitio, un sitio seguro, para mas informa-
ción. Puede inscribirse en minutos. Su contribución mensual
Amex, or Discover
será restada cada 5º de mes, automáticamente. Puede usar
Convenient, Automatic, Consistent! Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover o una tarjeta de
Visit debito. O, si usted prefiere, puede usar su cuenta de cheques
Or call us for assistance- o de ahorros. También puede designar su contribución Pas-
we can enroll for you In just a few cual o Navideña, que será agregada a su donación mensual en
minutes over the telephone! Abril y Diciembre. Si necesita ayuda, favor de comunicarse con
Contact Laurie Saine (949) 481-4000 Laurie Saine a 481-4000. O, usar

St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

Coming Events at St. Edward

Serra Club of S. Orange County +St. Edward the Confessor

Fostering Vocations to the ADVENT
Priesthood & Religious Life Family Reconciliation Night
Monday, Nov. 29th
Sr. Katherine Gray, CSJ 6pm Supper with the Padres in Knight Hall
General Superior, Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange (Please RSVP for supper—see below)
Sr. Katherine (Kit) has been a member of the sisters 7pm-8 pm Reconciliation Service in
of St. Joseph of Orange for 46 years. Her past titles Church
include Chairman of the Board, St. Joseph Health ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
System, Chancellor of the Diocese of Orange, We come together as a parish family to share a meal,
and Principal of Rosary High School in Fullerton. to pray & sing, and to receive the grace of God
Mon. Nov. 15 after 5:30pm Mass through the holy Sacrament of Reconciliation.
We meet the 3rd Monday of each month √ Please RSVP for supper by 11/19
after the 5:30pm Mass with dinner, guest speaker
with number count for dinner.
and prayer at St. Edward School in Dana Point.
School Office:
For More Information: Contact Carol Lavigne or Faith Formation Office: 496-6011
(949) 240-7621

November 14, 2010 † Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ministry News Upfront
For some 20 years, a group of Christian volunteers,
including members of St. Edward the Confessor and
San Felipe de Jesus, have been serving meals to the THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE
homeless and working poor in the Capistrano Beach
area. In 2006 the group incorporated under the
name of Welcome INN (Interfaith Needs Network),
Our annual Thanksgiving Day
a non-profit entity under Section 501(c)(3) of
Mass is on Thursday Novem-
the IRS Code. If interested in serving or you want
ber 25. We hope your family
more information, you can call Patti Church at (949)
can participate in this liturgy
233-1268 or go to
on our national Holiday of
Thanksgiving. Our practice is to have parishioners
We invite you to become a member of the Sick bring canned and other non-perishable food items
& Homebound Ministry. This ministry serves to the Mass. (see list below). When donating,
parishioners in their homes as well as some As- please do not give items past their expiration date.
sisted Living facilities in the area. As a team Monetary donations are also much appreciated as
member you would be asked to bring Holy this will help us to provide assistance to our less
Communion one Sunday of each month to “The fortunate brothers and sisters. Thank you for
Fountains” in Dana Point. If you are interested your generous support.
and are a registered parishioner at St. Edward the CHRISTIAN SERVICE WISH LIST
Confessor, please call the parish office at 496- FOOD ITEMS:
1307, x2207 and leave a message for Kathy or Canned meats: tuna, chicken, salmon,
LaVerne. spam, meat stews, chili. Soups, top
—————–————————–—— ramen, canned spaghettios,
FAMILIES OF NAZARETH ravioli. Pasta and pasta sauce. Maca-
Join us any of the next 4 Wednesdays at 1 p.m. in roni and cheese, peanut butter and
the Church Cry Room for “Behold Your Mother” A jelly. Canned fruit and juices. Un-
lovely way to celebrate Mary’s special month and sweetened cereal. Canned vegeta-
beautiful preparation for Advent. For more informa- bles such as mixed, peas, corn,
tion contact, Ann Marie Eckl 234-0476. beans. Large size diapers .
—————–————————–—— ITEMS FOR THE HOMELESS:
SPANISH/ENGLISH CLASSES Razors, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste,
Spanish Classes every Tuesday at the Dana Point shampoo, deodorant, sunscreen, plastic
Yacht Club, 24399 Dana Drive. No Charge! Begin- ware, easy open drinks, Granola bars,
ners classes from 11am—1pm; advanced classes, small pop top canned food items, cheese
12—2pm. Maria Simmons 661-8827. or peanut butter crackers, can openers.
—————–————————–—— —————–————————–——
Please join us after the 5:30 p.m. Mass every Tuesday Attention present and former Altar Guild
to pray for peace. Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 asked members and friends,
for prayers and rosaries to obtain peace for the Save the date: Friday, December 3, 2010
world. Now, more then ever we must respond to for the Christmas Potluck luncheon in
Our Blessed Mother’s urgent call. Knight Hall at noon.
—————–————————–—— Come and enjoy good food and great
CIRCLE OF PRAISE friendship.
Join us every Wednesday, in the Church Cry Room, Call Mary Ann Connolly at
after the 8:15 a.m. Mass, for Charismatic Prayer. 949-240-1164 to coordinate a dish.
Call Pam Conway, 661-0158 for more information. Come celebrate the season.

St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

Please Pray for ...
The Sick In Memoriam
Vicki Bufalino Mary Margaret Anderson
Helen Stawarz Ed & Alexandria Solomon
Lorraine Zehler Bill Dearing
Beverly Brunner Adrian Dunn Margaret “Peggy” Gianzero
Glenn Swonk Jake Wilson Shirley Gutierrez
Deacon Jesse Michel Baby Bella Joseph Nguyen Anh Minh
Danny Sweeney Pat Mc Gowen
Joel Chavez
Tom Mc Nicholas Margie Davis
Mary Lou Allec Tad Corcoran
Bob & Mary Rea Rosemary Dugan
Larry Waggoner Linda Blake
Carlo Vallarino Peggy Morse
Manuel Cruz Nathaniel Offenheiser
Evelyn Caldwell
Yvonne Banta
Antonio Romero
Elmer Mendoza
Mass Intentions
Scotta Clark Mary Wilson Sunday November 14
Antonio Romero Gordon Dye 7:30 a.m. Armando Celaya †
Elmer Mendoza Karen Chatsfield 8:00 a.m. (SF) Irma Bortoluzzi †
Casey Collins Sue Miller 9:00 a.m. Matthew Davies †
11:00 a.m. Roderick Orr †
12:30 p.m. Anthony Petrucco †
Please remember in your prayers… 5:30 p.m. Jack Stollenwerk †
Our armed forces and their families. Monday November 15
Pray For Peace. 8:15 a.m. Tina Wright Loynd †
If you or a family member are ill and would like to 5:30 p.m. Peggy Roco †
Tuesday November 16
be included in our prayers or are in need of a 8:15 a.m. Madeline Pinto †
priest, please contact the parish office at 496-1307. 5:30 p.m. Danielle Tarrant †
Wednesday November 17
Deceased 8:15 a.m.
5:30 p.m.
Mary Jo Tromble†
Evelyn Jennette †
Nov. 14: Rose Giangrande (1993), Rev. Louis F. Knight (1994), Thursday November 18
Nov. 15: Edmond J. Gonzales (1998), Irving Stranz (2004), 8:15 a.m. Hope Koford †
Della Tafrof (2004),Charles Cariello (2004), 5:30 p.m. Dolores Conroy †
Joseph R. Huber (2005) Friday November 19
Nov. 16: Clarence Bouicher (1978), Christopher Page (1981), 8:15 a.m. Father Silva
Blanche Groves (1991), Linda Aronson (1991), 5:30 p.m. Ramon Tanedo †
Joseph Sole (2005), Lucy Tarullo (2007) Saturday November 20
Nov. 17: Douglas Annand (1974), Albinus Welle (1975), 8:15 a.m. Ruth Crawford †
Olen Day (1975), Edward Dixon (1978), 5:30 p.m. Matthew Cannan †
Joseph P. Kelly, Jr. (1996) Sunday November 21
Nov. 18: Boles Gobby (1989), Kathleen Meador (2003) 7:30 a.m. Larry Waddell †
Nov. 19: Mary Ellen Freimuth (1976), John R. L'Esperance (1997), 8:00 a.m. (SF) Gene Oldham †
Daniel S. Morris Jr. 2005) 9:00 a.m. Josephine Swierupski†
Nov. 20: Alta McDonald (1993), Eleanor Gilmour (2003), 11:00 a.m. Mary Cuffia †
Carmen F. Narey (2003), Delores Escalante (2005) 12:30 p.m. Patricia Mc Donald †
5:30 p.m. Mary Ann Coppola †

November 14, 2010 † Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Good Stewards All Daily Schedule
In the month of October 2010 7:30 a.m.— Monday-Saturday Rosary, Morning Prayer
(Liturgy of the Hours)
St. Edward ministries provided: 8:15 a.m.—Mass—Monday through Saturday
5:15 p.m.—Evening Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, except
Baptisms: 29 Individuals Sat.)
Weddings : 10 Couples 5:30 p.m.—Mass (Saturday is Sunday’s Liturgy)
Quinceañeras 1 Young Woman We invite you to celebrate daily Mass with us!
Bereavement: 5 Funerals
Christian Service ...
Food Distribution *: 153 Families Scripture Readings
(286 adults, 257children)
Services provided: 80 Monday: Revelation 1:1-4; 2:1-5; Luke 18:35-43
Referrals provided: 41 Tuesday: Revelation 3:1-6, 14-22; Luke 19:1-10
* Food Distribution is sponsored by Wednesday: Revelation 4:1-11; Luke 19:11-28
St. Vincent de Paul and administered by Thursday: Revelation 5:1-10; Luke 19:41-44
St. Edward’s Christian Service Ministry. Friday: Revelation 10:8-11; Luke 19:45-48
Saturday: Revelation 11:4-12; Luke 20:27-40
Sunday: 2 Samuel 5:1-3; Colossians 1:12-20
San Felipe de Jesus Ministries provided: Luke 23:35-43
Baptisms: 10 Individuals
Weddings: 2 Couples
1 Funeral
1 Young Women
Weekly Calendar
Monday November 15
Your Contributions … 8:00 a.m.
8:45 a.m.
Adoration, Church
Cursillo, Church Cry Room
Last week/ month 6:30 p.m. Adult Prayer Group, Church Cry Rm.
Last week ………………………….. $ 23,424 Tuesday November 16
Two weeks ago …...……………….. $ 20,542 8:45 a.m. Bible Study, Knight Hall
Parish Pay (monthly)—October $ 66,396 6:00 p.m. Blue Army, Church
Last year—same week/month 7:00 p.m. St. Vincent de Paul, Church Mtg. Rm.
Same week 2009. ………………….. $ 19,172 Wednesday November 17
Last Year’s Parish Pay —October $ 59,688 8:45 a.m. Circle of Praise, Church Cry Rm.
9:00 a.m. Women of Wisdom, Knight Hall
Thank you for your generosity! 12:30 p.m. Families of Nazareth, Church Cry Rm.

2010 Annual PSA Wedding Banns
St. Edward the Confessor
Dekan Wheeler & Elyse Platt, November 20, 2010
San Felipe de Jesus Chapel
Jose Juarez & Meleny Montoya, November 27, 2010
Combined PSA Goal: $186,000 Jeremy Pegan & Erin Collins, December 3, 2010
Steve Layton & Michelle Kersting, December 4, 2010
Pledges: 426 Rodolfo Solis & Isabel Magaña, December 4, 2010
Amount pledged: $176,469 Nicholas Mazmanian & Amber Zbierki,December4,2010
Amount paid: $154,623
St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

From the Office for Parish …Faith Formation
Our office is located on the Knight Hall side of the rectory .
We can be reached by calling 496-6011 or on the web:

This week Insight meets November 17th at
7pm Knight Hall
Sunday November 14th All High-School-ers invited!!
9:00am–Children’s Religious Education Bring your Friends!
9:00am- Children’s Catechumenate (F.I.S.H)-
in the upstairs Parish Room of the school.
7:00pm-Confirmation II

Monday November 15th
4:30pm - Children’s Religious Education

Tuesday November 16th
9:00am - Bible Study in Knight Hall
4:30pm - Children’s Religious Education
7:30pm - RCIA in Knight Hall

Wednesday November 17th
9:00am-Women of Wisdom in Knight Hall
7:00pm - Insight for all High School-ers in
Knight Hall

Thursday November 18th
7:30pm-Baptism Class in the Church There is still time to join the fun!

The Servants of the Word, Servants of the Word,
Tuesday morning Bible
Tuesday morning Bible study, still has space
study group, wish
for you to become a part of the weekly
to thank Sister
Catholic Scripture Study--ACTS: The Spread
Margaret Scharf,
of the Kingdom! This study provides an his-
O.P. for an in-spiring,
toric framework for understanding the rest
spirit-filled mini Retreat of the New Testament. Join us for 8:15 Mass,
on Oct. 26. Thanks also to those followed at 9:00 by light refreshments,
who attended, provided food, deco- prayer, a DVD lecture with Jeff Cavins, and
rated, and the support and prayers small discussion groups. The materials and
of the entire parish. Please mark registration fee is $45.00 for the year of
your calendars for the next Serenity study. For more information and to register,
Days on March 8 and May 3, 2011. please call Elizabeth Smith at 949-837-2141 .

November 14, 2010 † Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Respect Life
"Charity is no substitute
Saint Augustine--- Sojourners “Quote of the Day,” Leading pro-life organizations have quickly put to-
10/22/10 gether their wish list for the new Republican-
Help us assist our homeless and at-risk neighbors! controlled House of Representatives.
Volunteers needed to assist with our fundraiser They want the pro-life leaders who are expected to
for iHOPEoc, Inc., “Til Death Do Us Part” from run the Congressional chamber to take up a bill that
Funny Nun productions (Late Nite Catechism). would prohibit taxpayer funding of abortions across
iHOPE’s latest project is providing warm showers the board with respect to all federal government de-
for the homeless in our community. partments and programs. The legislation would have
Next Catholic Social Justice meeting: December the effect of stopping the abortion funding the Obama
14th, 6:45 p.m. in the Church Meeting Room. Care health care reform bill fails to prohibit.
———–————————–—— The bill in question is the No Taxpayer Funding for
SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL Abortion Act . It essentially combines all of the many
Vincentians are non-judgmental in helping the poor different provisions pro-life advocates have pressed
and disadvantaged. Speaking from high for in numerous bills covering various federal agencies
on a mountain, Jesus said "Do not and programs stopping abortion funding that have to
judge, so that you will not be judged! be renewed annually and makes them permanent fed-
For in the same measure that you eral law. Life
measure and give, it will be given to ————–————————–——
you." Our next SVDP Conference
meeting will be held Tuesday evening, 11/16/10 at Knights of Columbus
7:00 p.m. in the Church Meeting Room.  Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism
—————–————————– Fr. Ho Long Needs Your Help!
$4000 is needed to send wheelchairs to
Fr. Ho Long's mission in Jamaica
and the Philippines. By donating funds,
you can be assured that all of
G I F T E D T O C A R E these monies will go to the cause first at hand.
Spiritual gifts are gifts to give away. God gives Please contact Brother Al Scaduto at 275-3307
them to us, and we use them to serve others. or e-mail at
How are you using your gifts right now? Are you
looking for a new way to use them? If your spiri- Checks can be sent to Al at: 
tual gifts include one or more of the following-- Free Wheelchair Mission 
faith, mercy, teaching the faith, encouragement, or 2 Chelsea Point, Dana Point, CA  92629 
knowing--consider Stephen Ministry, our congre- Catholic gentlemen from 18 & up can help our community.
gation's one-to-one care giving ministry. This may Please contact Tim Winningham, Membership Director
be just what you've been looking for! To learn 949-493-1818 ·
more about Stephen Ministry at St. Edward's, call
949-496-1307 x2503 Or visit our website at
———–————————–—— to see what we’re doing.
H.E.L.P. ————–————————–——
Please join us November 29th from 4 KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS
p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the church meeting HANDI-NIGHTS
room to pray together and discuss prac- The Handi-Knights is a program to help those in
tical treatment and issues such as nutri- our parish and the community with Household re-
tion, exercise, rest, and stress relief. If pairs that they are unable to do because of physical
you need information regarding referrals or financial limitations. If anyone has the need for
or home or hospital visits, please call Maggie help call Paul Prendiville 584-4149
Prendiville, RN, MS at 496-7312.
St. Edward The Confessor Catholic Church

Around the Diocese
La Oficina para Ministerios Hispanos de nuestra
Diócesis de Orange le invita a nuestra XXIII
Conferencia Guadalupana; que llevara como
lema “Guadalupe, Madre sin Fronteras.”
Nuestros conferencistas serán el Padre Héctor
Bedoya y la Hermana Silvia Vallejo, ODN. La Con-
ferencia se llevara a cabo en el Centro Pastoral de
Marywood el Sábado Noviembre 20 de 8:00am
a 4:00pm. El celebrante de la celebración Eu-
carística será Monseñor Cirilo Flores, Obispos
Auxiliar de Orange. El costo antes del 12 e
Noviembre es $20, después este día será $25. Para
más información llame al 714-282-3050. Esperamos
su presencia y apoyo en este evento Diocesano
A marriage mini-retreat for all couples
by Dr. John & Claire Yzaguirre, M.F.T.
Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church
On the New Campus Social Hall, located at 2046
Mar Vista Drive, Newport Beach, CA. 92660
Sunday, December 5, 2010-1:30 pm–4:30 pm
$20/couple $10/person (child-care provided & walk
-in’s welcome!). For further information, please
contact Ray Stermer at 949-677-7977 or raymond-

Friday, December 3 @ Tijeras Creek Golf Course

Registration due November 19
Don’t golf!!!
Support the preschool by donating to the silent auction,
purchasing ball drop tickets, or dancing the night away
at our dinner and dance with the AFM band.

Please visit our web site for forms and information
on the tournament