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Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and

communication facilities. Consisting of interconnected networks using standardized

communication protocols. While books is a number of pieces of paper usually with words

printed on them which are fastened together and fixed inside a cover of stronger paper or

cardboard. Books contain information, stories, or poetry that the students or researchers

may know to gather more information to be able for them to be enlightened. Research

suggest that reading from a book is completely different that reading from a internet. You

will memorize more through reading a book since your brain connects the information to

their position within the book and the page. Your hands help in this process, since you

hold the book and that helps indicating how far along you are in your reading.

(Pannekoek, H., n.d.) On the other hand, reading online will always bring distractions.

Our mind is easily distracted and will look for options to rekindle your attention. Internet

and books are two very comparable terms as both provide valuable information, but

vastly differ when we compare the time taken to provide the information by two. Before

the internet was available to us books were the only source we turned to for any bit of

information, we used to flock to the library and search for the book that contain relevant

information. (Olivia,2011) Thus, internet is an electronic medium of information and

entertainment, but books are the physical source of information. Based from the

information, [the researchers gathered, the researchers want to know which medium of

information is more reliable.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to know the preference of grade 12 GAS student of Asian College

Quezon City between Internet and books. The following question are ought to be

answered to serves you as guide to know the structure of this research.

a. What does the grade 12 GAS students of Asian College Senior High School

preferable to use between internet and books?

b. Is there an association between the section and preferred mode of information?
c. Respondent personalities:
a. Name (optional).
b. Age.
c. Gender.
d. Section.

Significance of the Study

Researcher and student will be the more beneficial of this research. Finding what

do they like for citing information. So that we researchers decided to make a studythat

find which does the GAS student prefer between internet and books. This study brought

to bear the information found on books and information available on the internet. It is

hoped that this study will help to improve searching ability of students to find more

reliable sources on books and internet among GAS student of Asian College Senior High

School Quezon City.

Students. This study serves as their guide in creating another research. It will also

help students to know about citing good and reliable information.

Parents. This study helps the parents to understand the reason of their child why

they want to use Internet or books as their source of information

Teachers. The proposed topic helps the teacher to promote the most reliable

source. By this study they will come up with the topic and know that books or internet do

really helps in citing better information to the student assignment.

Future researchers.To proposed study will benefit and help the future researcher

as their guide. The study can also open in development of this studies related to this field.

Conceptual Framework

Scope and Delimitations

This research covers only the preference of grade 12 GAS student in Asian

College Senior High School between Internet and book. The topic beyond the preference

of grade 12 GAS student is not cover by this study.

Hypothesis: What does the grade 12 GAS student of Asian College Senior High School

preferable uses between internet and books?

Null Hypothesis: Internet and books are not preferred to use by the grade 12 GAS

student of Asian College Senior High School.

Alternate Hypothesis: Internet and books are preferred to use by the grade 12 GAS

student of Asian College Senior High School.

Definition of Key Terms