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The Letters, their Names, their Order, and their Numeric Values Hebrew vowels with the letter Bet LetterName | 4 Letter Name| Bao Pronounced as: _ Letter | pronounced as: Letter T Lamed (12)| —K— Alef()| —3- |lpa 3 Luck __ 0 5 (takes vowel sound) I x Mem (13) 4 erp @s Bet/Vet (2) Bao “Vet” does not. [More ____([40]|_ "| Boy/Valiey one 2 [ Noon (14) 3 | Gimel (3) 5 Beh # | Near [50 Good 3 = Beh 2 Samech (15) D Dalet (4) a vt | Soup [60 Door 4 Beh & =< or or Bay™ Ayin (16) Hey (5) ae toes one gy] S| om | ot lin 3 sound) jea 21) Pe 1 em “Pey" has 6)| . ey/Fey ( )| B/D rant = Vav (6) ’ a Pony/Far [80] “Fey' does not. | iyi (a; — zadik (18 ad = Tzadik (| ) y Zayin (7) T IBo 2 piZZa [90] Zoo 7 | : Koof (19) > Chet (8) n Boo al Kit too}, 4 (none) 3) Reysh (20) 4 Tet (9) 0 Boo 2 Room [200 Tick D SheealSeen 2) fax ppm MEE] Yodo —,— ||P ? el Ta SHore/Sum _[300]]| senthe wpiet. | Year — [ Beh 2 Tav (22) “Kar"has Kaf/Chaf (11) : eee ao Tool [400], —* “Ch"dos2at Gar (none) [20 Bay can Copyright © 2010 by Hebrew World sme» This chart may not be copied without a writen permission from Hebrew World. Past Tense Simple Conjugation Notice that the pattern (letters and vowels in red) ‘carries over and applies to other roots Singular xen [ om | ax | max | cay She He |You(F.)|You(M.)} | App? | M2 | HTD? [HIM? | -nT2 Transliteration of verbs in the table above (right to left in Hebrew, left to right in English green text.) lamadeti, lamadeta, lamadet, lamad, lamda_ plural | OF | TPS | OnN Pape They (F.)|They (M.)| You (F.) | You (M.)| We ama? | 7792 | HT? |ONT| 9102 ‘Transliteration of verbs in the table above (right to left in Hebrew, left to right in English green text.) lamadnu, lemadetem, lemadeten, lamdu, lamdu Future Tense Simple Conjugation singular wa xia] omy | aps | ay She He | You (F.)|You(M.)} = 1 WIN] 192? PTH] WIN! TWIN Transliteration of verbs in the table above (right. to left in Hebrew, left to right in English green text.) elmad, tilmad, tilmedi, yilmad, tilmad Plural OF | TOS | DDN [13738 .)|They (M.)| You (F.) | You (M.)| We APTADT| ie table above (right in Hebrew, left to right in English green text.) nilmad, tiimedu, tiimedu, yiimedu, yilmedu The Imperative (Command) Conjugation X | DAN lemad, limdi, limdu, limdu Sample of Infinitives (verbs starting with “te limod . To-see TIN? - 7.N.7 To hear, listen yw? - YIO.w lilmod To study 7022 - 7.10.2 lalechet To walk, go 0922 - 7.2.0 lashevet To sit, settle IY? - 3.v> Basic tips for conjugating Hebrew verbs ‘You always read Hebrew from right to left! The text in green is transiteration (Hebrew words spelied wth English letters) Verbs and conjugation: - every Hebrew verb consists of a3 letter root. For example, the verb “study” that we used inthis char, s made of three leters:",12., Root eters are always separated by dots to indicate that this is a root, not a word. We acd common patterns to each pronoun (eters and ‘owls in red in the charts) and this is how we make verbs. ‘The verb pattems in this chart are of the “Paal” or “Kal” (Simple) meaning class. There are 7 Hebrew meaning classos, called: “Binyanim”. Six “Binyanim” are not included in this chart. The Hebrew Pronouns You ais) ata TAX ‘You api) atem D. Your) aten TAX) Yous) at AN They Pl) hem OF} | Hequs) hoo Ni They cen) hen Sheers) hee NT Now test yourself - Read each of the persanal pronouns Present Tense Simple Conjugation ata wie 383 WP ms AMI ms Mims NWP ts. NIMD ts NTI ts. DWP mp. DAD mp. DTP Imon MII to. MIMID ro. DIMI tp Transliteration of the table above For ‘study’: lomed, lomedet, lomdim, lomdot For “write”: kotev, kotevet, kotvim, kotvot For ‘sit’: yosev, yoshevet, yoshvim, yoshvot Now you try it!!-- fill in the blanks with the root letters for ‘think’ .2.%3.0 and for study 7.19.2 Ono OOo | noo nfo DTT oo neon eeonve OLIN DICT 4p nerimwseconas we NOLO Masculine Singular NWI Me APS You TON Feminine Singular NYT She MRS You 11 The complete table of every Hebrew letter with every vowel. Note that some combinations are not valid sounds. Use the enclosed CD to hear all sounds. Remember, we read Hebrew from right to left. Fe into coat (8 | 8 [| [a] xR Ww) | |S] | heterverdonco (| 3/3)/2/92/ 2/ 2/ 12) 9/2/32] 3/3] 2 Thoteterscimel” (Caf a] aa fax] al alialalalalalal 3 Thetetter“Daet” (9) T) i Tait] Tl] ti 7) 7/417) 4 Theleter “Hey.” Cl) jsa) a) Tl A) Ala] a) a] 5 Theletorver” fy] af uriala]iafalyr/ifq] 6 Tereterzayin” (F/T Tarp tits pis iris 7 The letter “Chet.” {nH n nin mon niin noo nj o|o] 8 Thelettertet” (MD) Di Dl) wy) wliviy/ pjylyly] 9 Tro inetbatwe rear} | 2 | 23] 21] 2] TP] 12 2 [2] 3 [10 thevetorsenor-Qonon (2| 2 | 33/2/92) 2] 2/53) 9/ 2/9] 2/ 2 |11 IThe letter “Lamed.” 0 ° 5° i > 5 bl 5 3 5 5 ° 12 The letter “Mem.” {79/79 | 7a}] 72/90) 72] 7) 9] 79] 9) O) | 2 I13) Theretter'Noon.” {9/3 a} a]aal al alia} afal af aia iil The letter “Samech."|{9] 0} O}/0/90/ 0/0/90) 0/0/0)0) 0/15 Theinebeiow Poy" (ZY (Y Y/Y Y/Y yy) yy |16 treeterorBonco (2 | 8 | B)] 8/92) 2) BIB BB) e/a) B17 The letter “Teadi.” |{¥] ¥] 8} ¥ 98) 18/48] 3) 8) S] ¥| 318 The letter “Kot.” |{jP | j2 2) Pirie Piriele eP rae 19 The nwtwtowShonst 2 | |) 2 [9] 1799] 2 | 2] 7] | [20 mekepan 2 Vy vw ey viv yy vly v2 fhetetter te” ni ni inn) nnn) np) n| Oo] Dp j22 READING PRACTICE - READ ALOUD WHILE LISTENING TO YOUR SLOW SPEAKING CD Psalms chapter 1 - 8 P71 O°?In 2p? XP org? aving Tey NO ONO TTD OYE Nya Te7 NP WN ONT “TOR m9) ORY maT? ining) is|q AYP NNn3-oN *> 2 So) Dine xP snby] inya yA? MB TW OND °37B-Py PING TYP My] 3 TIT ABTN-WWR PBD-ON 7D OVE 12K T LDP TE NID ONY) DEVI OYE) Inp?-NO 1B oy a STARA OOD TIT OPS TTA Te Psalms chapter 150 - 3p p13 Oban sry wpa nb oa twee x-s99T AMDT NX siya sop wnbdp peas wads 2 139] gaa smo api ypna amb on 3 :ayy] oogmg anton bongs ang oba sayin *ex xa annbon yay--by>¥2 woo 7 sama ay Pon my HD 9D 1 The Preacher from Dubna and his Coachman - Tay) 712172 PIT abet Ty? Tryp vos ey NIT Nyy 250 >3B NIT VE OY -ANT-12 py? "31 oT Py BNR PaGR TID AaB? rep PIT MP! 7D .oyD "28? AYIA TIT N|II-"A > kp OYA 32 NN Vy? 1D PX 2798] TINT ON HeayT in? nimzye Way -oy nhvyen) BoP YIP IK OY NPvyD TH NoIT-22 Wop I Tap NPvynT - DIB 1? WR = -YRVR] 1GO TER NYPI? - soey2y3 Py] OTT Py ANTI] ADR MY 27? Thayy 7180 DIDI TH? NZ RW MD PBR - PNT NYY - -NQRZ NTI TBO - IibRD RIO UE PR OWED OUND ANE oR] - Taya may = AbRD MIRO ONTO eID OAK PT ring ve rage nnd diaz neg ay og pyND MIND V9I3] T1-R vai ong cay sFQRD SADT THT ONY - NAVD MD ATA TIT INI YT? ON] - afeayy Den - iniay? me vTh rey - FB ARTO PR VTP APR WN MIR TID IPR OR NNT PY aPTED ny pony Ria = 7307 TEE STp? MD AANA APES Toye ong BIT by noIT-naa Sabyn Sy mya migge = 7727 nx nx? Sng) Mpa Py Tey TioyyT .nQIPD-neg Dy IRD TYTN weAT ZW AY? “pag "aT? UPA ON Wwe OWI Py NOT aay ONT nwa VIA ORIN avs IT] OTT 21 azv2. seats MAY 2D) NI-ME APES MENT TIT Tay AY TNA Tee ABT TD? MRD PRY] MBN OT MPoYOTY Tye AN] OT] CMrIyH OITBe OTA AMD D2 P7PD NY ODN NTWPII TO Miprayy nidewa “ray” Sy ap, OI NOIDT-MID RE} Niay? mM YT x? NoayyY Ike TORT APE. TwYT NNT TAT) wD OVID NIVY [AVA “AT NN yay WWD TID PVT IY aA Ty DITA TD OK on? WIR TIO? YT an HN INT Th? TwivD YPy ayy Dy UB PK Orv OM ND Nive ni>Nr mgpnp) TIN 9473 37 ag by naga Pap 0207 ioxy nx avoY wwe Tan my Hy Ti2ay7 DroI aT? ADIN