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Kalkitech’s Generation Management provides a decision KEY FUNCTIONS
support system for plant managers and operators helping to
• Closely monitoring the Grid frequency, AGC operations,
manage the day-to-day operational process for production
and export functions linked to Power Generation.
Plant output in terms of amount of energy exported to
grid, and give real-time inputs to the operators on the
asking rate accounting scheduled generation and
• Accounting the energy transactions and slippages from
the scheduled generation
• Computation of various tariffs like capacity charges,
energy charges and unscheduled interchange (UI)
• Interacting with the Independent System Operators or
Load Dispatch Center
• Complying with regulations and grid code
• Reconciliation and Settlement validations
• Implementing generation schedules
• Managing open access and bilateral exchanges
• Implementing work flows for operational processes and
linking them to business processes
• Monitor plant usage, plant load factor and various other
KPI’s linked to asset performance
Powered by KALKITECH • Impact analysis of UI

ELTRIX Generation Management provides an integrated information system for operators Checking the results of a
at individual generating unit’s control center and also for plant management executives.
• Supports IEC-62325 and CIM for Market Extension Models
decision against its
• Modeling of Sub-Control Area, Interchange Area, and Service Points expectations shows
• Interfacing with Plant DCS/DAS and Energy Meter Data Acquisition Systems executives what their
• Provides asking rate of generation to plant operators
• Flexible work flow creation & rule integration
strengths are, where
• Projects generation deficit/ surplus for a day/ block of operation they need to improve,
• Regulatory logic by using Rule Engine and where they lack
• Alarms on regulatory non-compliance and deviations
knowledge or information.
• Eltrix Decision Portal provides a web based interface for Monitoring, Reporting, Analysis
and Work flow interactions required for Generation Management
Peter Drucker
• Interface available with Extract Transform Load (ETL) functions, so as to support
multiple sources and modes of inputs possible from third party

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Eltrix Engineering Editor is a rich client Eltrix Runtime Server is the Eltrix Decision Portal is the end user
interface which allows you to create a model and server component which performs the interface for plant operators or managers to
configure interchange, operating and sub control real time data update, objects storage visualize & analyze the Generation KPI’s,
area for a plant and associated metering and & retrieval of data, tariff & accounting Accounting/Tariff Reports, and Generation
measurement functions. Associated financial, computations, rule & work flow execu- Trends & Charts. It delivers a rich set of
market operations, scheduling models are also tion. It also has an OPC UA/DA com- analytics, and helps to track KPI’s. Support
configured for Accounting & Tariff calculation, munication driver used for interaction of Web 2.0 technology makes it possible
Validating Settlement and Reconciliation. Rule with meter data acquisition system, to deliver time critical information over a
Governor within Eltrix Engineering Editor pro- which manages interactions with a standard web client. User can generate
vides an interface for domain experts to configure power exchange or LDC/ISO over a daily, weekly, monthly, shift wise reports
regulatory logic, and also helps to manage any TCP/IP or Web Service transportation for different details available in the solution
changes in regulations. Work Flow sub compo- layer. like meter data, tariffs, energy exported
nent enables the users to build process/business and imported, etc.
work flow needed for plant operations.

Accounting, Tariff Management, Operating codes etc for a generating plant
will vary from region to region with respect to the market structure in which
the plant is operating. This is mostly governed by a set of regulations,
which are framed by corresponding regulatory bodies. Since regulations
may vary over a period of time with amendments, enhancements and new
notifications, it is highly challenging to keep your accounting intact and also
ensure compliance to regulations governing grid operations.
ELTRIX has a rule management system which helps to keep the regulatory
part of the logic independent of any software code so that any change in
regulations does not require a new version of ELTRIX software to support
the same. The regulation linked logics are built into ELTRIX as rules and
Workflow of DC Calculation
rule sets using the Rule Governor, and executed within the Rule execution
engine as part of the Runtime Server. Rules can be defined by using
intuitive graphics and plain English verbs understood by a domain expert.

ELTRIX Engineering Editor provides a work flow modeling interface which
helps in implementing various business & operational processes. This
enables automating lot of day to day activities in the generation control room
as well as business & operational interactions needed within the generation
company. Also it enables user interactions, validation and approvals, event
notifications and service job initiations. The work flow is executed in the
work flow engine which is a part of ELTRIX Runtime Server. A Generation
Management system can have workflows associated with interactions with
ISO’s and LDC’s, Power Exchanges, Business systems like ERP, Billing,
and Asset Management, etc.
Rule Engine

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