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Project Proposal


I personally believe that this creative media level 3 course has been life changing for me.
This is because it has forced me at times to go outside my comfort zone such as when we
do pitches as naturally I am a shy person who often struggles to talk and relate to people
in conversation. These pitches have forced me to be more vocal furthermore these have
encouraged me to relate to people when talking about subjects such as target audience as
this forces me to understand a large audience and what they want from my/our
productions. This has also increased my confidence as it has allowed me to prove to
myself that I can do things that I thought I couldn’t. I personally believe that I have
developed professionally and as a personal a large amount throughout this course. I
believe it has improved my independence and my time management when working on
projects such as unit 3 when making a short film a short film about anxiety, this is because
I had to work on my own completing multiple practical tasks such as camera work and
editing in order to meet deadlines, this was also difficult as I had to arrange actors for
certain dates and times in order to ensure my production was completed to a professional
standard. In the future I desire to be a visual editor who can work in all area of media for
example can edit movies, documentaries, adverts and music videos, I would also like to be
able to do audio editing to broaden my specialties. I personally believe that being able to
do all these things to a professional standard would make me more desirable to
companies/employers as I will have a wide range of editing skills that can be used in all
different areas of media. I have learned a wide range of editing techniques throughout
year one that will benefit both this short film and music video. An example of this is unit 6
when we made a music video of the rap song Logic- Nikki about anti-smoking and peer
pressure amongst teens to start recreational but long-term activities such as smoking,
drugs and alcohol. This unit allowed me to expand my editing knowledge in different
areas, I learned techniques such as cut to the beat and colour grading/correction. These
techniques allowed me to fulfil the codes and conventions of a music video correctly and
furthermore give our production a tone. This unit also allowed me to develop my social
skills as I was working in a four-person team, this allowed me to develop my
communication skills with others when both planning and producing. This will be essential
once again within this BECREATIVE unit because I am working with Ben who was also in
this team. Unit 3 allowed me to develop my independence and time management skills
when creating a short film. Independence will be an essential skill if Ben is ill or un-able to
make it in, as I will have to use this skill to make decisions that will benefit our group. Time
management is essential to meet deadlines in order to convey professionalism to
employers or our tutors, I am going to be strongly focusing in on this personal skill
throughout this unit as this can occasionally be a weakness for me which needs to be
developed. This is because I need to communicate that as well as being able to create
professional productions that I can meet these deadlines as shown on the Unit 9 and 10
BECREATIVE brief. This unit also taught me how to film and edit a film as I learned new
transitioning shots such as the action shot which allowed me in editing to create a smooth
transition between scenes.
The aim of our short film is to inform and educate viewers on the issues that are social
media and the dangers that come with it for their children such as extremism. This
production will show the dark side of social media and what impact that can have on
introverted and lonely children who are often like this due to technology and bullying. This
will mainly be done through emotional appeal as the parents desire to spend time with
their children, but unfortunately can’t due to them being attached to social media. The
research that I and Ben must do to ensure that our production is accurate and trustworthy
are the following things social media effects on children and parents, bullying and how this
effects a specific crowd of children and finally extremism and how they gain there
following. We will create a realistic horror atmosphere within this by presenting a parents
child in danger to viewers. The equipment needed for this short film are the following two
camera which further on in production will have assigned shots and scenes to film to
ensure efficiency during editing. We will need a rode mic to mount a camera. This is
because despite not using subject’s voices, we still need to capture objects sounds when
performing actions. We may also need a sun reflector for outside scenes dependant on
weather. I will make sure to gain feedback from my peers and tutors throughout this
production, I will do this by sending out surveys during each stage of the project, this will
allow me to gain reliable and trustworthy data that will benefit our short film as well as our
music video’s development.

The aim of our music video is to create an emotional connection to viewers as our target
audience 25-40 year olds would most definitely understand this unfortunate issue. This
production will be quite comedic at times when showing their daily activities but when
reminiscing will be quite emotional to viewers as it is reminding characters of the good
times they had with friends, this will trigger the viewer to have the same form which will
create that emotion, which we want our music video to convey. The song we have chosen
is Bon Jovi it’s my life which will suit the topic of the production perfectly. In order for this
production to be successful we will need around 3 adults and 3 children with permission
from parents or carers in order for them to be shown in our music video. The 3 adults will
be the present friend group whilst the 3 children will be the past versions of themselves.


I will ensure to evaluate myself and Ben throughout these to productions by carrying out the
following tasks such as weekly blogs which will be completed in a high amount of detail as
too what’s been done each work this allows me in the final evaluation to look back at these
and see how we dealt with issues that arose throughout. These weekly blogs will be
completed to a professional standard. I will ensure to do these as I go as oppose to at the
end of the project, like I did in my final major project. This is to ensure that I am being
efficient with my work and not rushing it. Furthermore this prevents damage done to any
other tasks which should be having time spent on them as oppose to previous tasks that
should have been done in ealier weeks. I will also ensure to keep up with my work by using
notes on my phone. I am going to do this as it will allow me at the end of each college day to
type down what I need to do when I get home to gain clarity in that I am working efficienly
throughout this 9 and 10 BE CREATIVE unit. In this unit I will be working with Ben, I have
done this a numerous amount times in past productions such as unit 4, unit 6 and our FMP. I
have worked with Ben numerous times as we get along socially and professionally.
Furthermore we always manage to complete work quickly, efficiently and to a professional
standard by deadline day as if not we would get disqualified and fail. I believe this could
have both positive and negative effects. A positive effect of working with Ben is that when
filming both will be able to gain a larger amount of footage with more camera angles and
shots due to there being two of us. A negative of this is that we will have to SD cards
carrying separate footage, if one is forgotton or broken then this will halt editing or force us
to re-shoot. This would be a major issue as it would push us behind schedule and would also
mean we need to rebook actors which would be really difficult to do as they may have their
own things going on.