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Phone (HP) : 012-6494632 / 019-6713325 Phone (H) : 03-74930100 E-Mail : uwais. Damansara. Malaysia : 1993-1998 2 .P.2006 English Language & Literature Matriculation Program International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) : 1999-2001 National Medium Certificate Education (SPM) Bukit Bintang Boys Secondary School Petaling Jaya. BU 11/12. Malaysia. (BBBS) . 46800 Bandar Utama.Sc) (Hons) (International Relations) International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) : 2001-2009 Minor in Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) : 2001-2009 Minor in English Language & Literature International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) : EDUCATION Bachelor Of Political Sciences (B. Selangor. RESUME MUHAMMAD UWAIS ABBAS PERSONAL Residential & Mailing Address: INFORMATION NO: 21.abbas@yahoo. Petaling Jaya.

SERVICES & Best Presenter for Motorola Bloodline Leadership Program : 1994 ACHIEVEMENTS Best Group Leader for Motorola Bloodline Leadership Program : 1995 Champion for Motorola Bloodline Young Inventors Competition : 1996 Best Presenter for Ministry of Youth and Sports. End Semester Summer Camp : 1997 Champion for English Theater Week Theater Competition IIUM : 1999 Best Sound FX and Background Music Engineer Awards for the English Theater Week Theater Competition IIUM : 1999 The First Pioneer for the Utilization of Digital SFX and Music Production in a theater ( IIUM) : 2000 Best Debater for Inter-Varsity Debating Friendly in UPM League 1 : 2000 Committee for Merdeka 2006 Inter Varsity Convoy : 2006 PROFESSIONAL Completed Leadership Training under the AOL Mastery Leadership Training TRAINING & 1997. Advanced Experience in Audio Engineering Via Sony ACID & Sony Sound Forge. Basic Experience in Entrepreneurial Courses (Aquaculture/Fertigation/Business Basics). Basic Experience in Woodworking & Carpentry. Basic Experience in Image Editing Via Adobe Photoshop. Advanced Experience in Audio Composing Via Sony ACID. EXPERIENCES Basic Experience in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. 3 . Basic Experience in Interior Designing while working as a freelance for a few projects. Business &Entrepreneurial Program : 1995 Best Group Leader for End Semester Summer Camp UPM Serdang : 1996 Best Presenter for Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Indonesians. * Assisted in the assembly of office furniture for corporations such as BASF. Travel Agents to tally with their system that share our configurations. * Giving multitudes of informations to our customers. & TELEKOM * Had the opportunity to do some assemblies at Vincent Tan’s penthouse in Times Square. Singaporeans. Private Sector Companies. * Moderated the moods of clients through the * Ensuring the comforts of the guests and also the events staff. New Zealanders. making sales and being updated on every kinds of informations at the same time. we even had to move around the office to tally with other departmental staff if our output is not replied within time. as well as many other organizations. I had to multitask each day as we work answering calls.I. * Promoting offers or sales that is currently going at Jetstar Airways. customers private info. * Multitasking includes. * Dealing with Airport Staff. * The Experiences gained here speeds up the way I do things as well as my decision making skills. (Events) * Ensured Dinner & Events for Clients are running smoothly. Car Hires. Malaysians. * Execution of a multitude of software to look up for information that changes on a daily basis. * Elite working speed is essential to our daily work as well as making sure these issues are dealt with the best solution that will satisfy our customers.WORKING 1) Worked with PDM Associates SDN BHD. 4 . whilst ensuring Customer Satisfaction. as well as solutions to some of the problems that our customers encounter. New Route Sale. * Assisted in the assembly of furniture at demanding venues such as the houses of V. * The data we collect ranges from flight schedules. 2) Worked with PDM Associates SDN BHD. solving their issues. Japanese and the rest of the world. * Ensured the completion of the Assembly. Fare Discounts. flight status. and ready to expose these data back to our customers. CTOC. Delivery. * Our customers range from Australians. whether be it Holidays. 3) Currently working with (Salmat) Salesforce for Jetstar Airways as a Contact Centre Sales Agent.P’s and Statesmen. The Phillipines. understanding these sets of data. (Interior Design) EXPERIENCES * Assisted in the completion of Designing the Interior of Houses & Showhouses. * Getting feedbacks from customers and inputting it into the software. as well as Credit Card applications. inputting data into our own Skyspeed software. and even discuss with Credit Card Providers. A check with the IT people as well as our superiors are essential to ensure everything we perceive on the screen are running in the real time. * Ensured the events were running according to our plans. * As a Contact Centre Sales Agent.

* Posses exceptional PR skills and is exceptionally good in doing presentations * Has a good command of what is supposed to be presented as well as inputting ideas into audiences mind. * Do not see limitations as a source of impossibility. * Very good in influencing people with good dialectical skills that were obtained from previous experiences of training and debating at campus. Dean of IIUM 1997-2008 on a research. Patience is my key to undergo a duty with minimal stress and minimal conflicts.” MISCELLANEOUS Love to gain experiences and are open to new tasks. 1) “The Coming of Islam to Malaya.0133000853 2) Nur Izzah ‒ Boss and employer @ PDM Associates Mobile . * Always been selected as a leader due to good communication skills and logical Judgements. * Posses good Time Management and gets a job done precisely at the right time. Wahabbudeen Ra es ‒ lecturer @ IIUM Mobile .Abbas Bin Hasan. but see it as a stepping stone to improvise our methods as well as understanding ourselves and the people that we deal with. * My colleagues are always amazed with the patience that I posses.0136290370 5 .LANGUAGE English : Fluent COMPETENCY Bahasa Melayu : Fluent Arabic Language : Moderate ( Studied for 3 Years ) Other Languages : Studied Mandarin & Russian for 1 semester SKILLS * A Dynamic Team Player. One who always give suggestions to teammates and AND STRENGTH provide solutions. Able to understand and take charge of a problem. and capable of leading a group to achieve a task while minimalizing conflicts.0129804730 3) Dr. Always believe that professionals ought to have more skills and should be more versatile. REFERENCES 1) Raymondo Chew ‒ Boss and Team Leader @ Salmat Salesforce Mobile . * Not biased in any ways and will always provide a helping hand to others. PUBLICATIONS Co-Researched together with Dr.