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Unit 2.

1 Research Questions

1. Find older symbols used to represent elements
There are many different symbols that we used to use but do not
anymore. Just to name some A for Argon this was replaced by Ar, Tu
for Tungsten and is now replaced by W, Nt for Nidon but is now Radon
and many more. They used to used symbols like pictures to symbolize
an element.
2. What are alchemists and what were they trying to do?
Alchemist used to be considered a scientist in medieval times. They
made potions and spells. They tried making the philosopher’s stone
which was told to turn any metal into gold and make them rich. A man
named Henning Brand was one of the alchemists who was notable as
he extracted the element of phosphorous from urine and thought it
was the ‘elixir of life’.
3. How is a synthetic element made? What element is 114?
Nuclear fusion is a process where two or more nuclei combine to form
an element with a higher atomic number (more protons in the
nucleus). The element 114 is Ununquadium.
4. Chose 3 elements and research the following questions Phosphorous
1. A) Who discovered it and when
Henning Brand discovered it in 1669
B) What is it used for?
It is found in urine and in rock.
C) Where does it come from?
Urine and rocks
D) Is it poisonous?
E) Melting point of element
2. Gold A) Who discovered it and when
It was discovered by the ancients at an unknown time
B) What is it used for?
It is used for various things like rings, Necklaces and bracelets
C) Where does it come from?
The ground
D) Is it poisonous?
You can’t eat it but you wear it.
E) Melting point of element
1337.33 K (1064.18 °C, 1947.52 °F)

3. A) Who discovered it and when
Ever since the ancient times it’s been here and it has an unknown
B) What is it used for?
Same thing as god
C) Where does it come from?

In the 20th century the rise of processed foods has caused the number of additives has rising artificial and natural. Stabilizers. Tracer gas.The ground D) Is it poisonous? Same as gold E) Melting point of element Melting Point: 1234. treatmentagents.Flavors. Preservatives. This process is like preserving i. salting for bacon and sulfur for candy. Emulsifiers . Food additives have been used for centuries.93 K 6. Additives include Acid. Humectants. Acidity regulators. Flour. . Examples include pickling using vinegar. Find out the chemical additives in Food Food additives are chemicals used in food to preserve flavor. Sweeteners and Thickeners which do various effects on foods. Anticaking agents Antifoaming agents Antioxidants Bulking agents Food coloring Color retention agents. Flavorenhancers. This process is used for wine as well.