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Normal Distribution Practice Exercises

1. Answer each exercise, using the Standard Normal Table as appropriate.
2. You are encouraged to work together.
3. For each exercise, a properly-labeled sketch is recommended.

Exercises Notes

Part 1: Using the Normal Distribution Table ‘Outside-in’, to find

1. What proportion of observations on the Standard Normal
Distribution is greater than z = 2.14 ?

2. Find P ( z > 2.14 ) .

3. Find P ( z ≥ 2.14 ) .

4. Suppose a population of data is claimed to follow a Standard Normal
distribution. What should be the likelihood of finding a data value
greater than 7, assuming the claim is true?

on the Standard Normal distribution so that the probability greater than z is 15%. Find the score z on the Standard Normal distribution so that the proportion of observations below z is . Find the value. You decide to test that claim by selecting a data value. how confident are you in the claim? Part 2: Using the Normal Distribution Table ‘Inside-out’. Suppose someone claims that a population of data follows a Standard Normal distribution. to find Scores 6.0344. Part 3: Using the Standardization formula to finding probabilities on Non-Standard Normal Distributions 8. If your selected value turns out to be greater than 7. 7. what is the proportion of observations below 123? .Normal Distribution Practice Page 2 of 4 Spring 2005 Exercise Notes 5. z. On a (Non-Standard) Normal distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation 10.

Suppose the distribution of lengths of the common garden snake follows a Normal distribution with mean µ = 6 inches and standard deviation σ = 1. and standard deviation σ = 0. what do you think this suggests about the claim? . with mean µ = 12 mm. What is the probability of finding a snake longer than 7 inches? 10.5 inches. I select one circuit board at random. Suppose I am working as a quality control investigator.Normal Distribution Practice Page 3 of 4 Spring 2005 9. what should be the proportion of circuit boards that are at risk of breaking? 11. the board I select does turn out to be thinner than 10 mm. Suppose circuit boards thinner than 10 mm are at risk of breaking. Assuming the claimed distribution is true. Should it be very likely for one randomly- selected circuit board to be thinner than 10 mm? If. testing circuit boards. in fact.7 mm. if the manufacturing process is working correctly. Intel claims that the distribution of thickness of their circuit boards is as described in exercise 10. To test this claim. Suppose the distribution of thickness of circuit boards produced by Intel is supposed to be Normal.

8 inches. and standard deviation 5 cigarettes. Suppose that. and standard deviation 2. is Normally distributed. Adult male height in the U. with mean 69. How many cigarettes per day are smoked by the top 8% of smokers? 13.94% of males. Gordon is just at the bottom 2. for height. the number of cigarettes smoked per day varies Normally.3 inches. How tall is Gordon? . from smoker to smoker.S. with mean 11 cigarettes. to find scores on Non-Standard Normal distributions 12.Normal Distribution Practice Page 4 of 4 Spring 2005 Part 4: Using the Standardization formula in reverse.