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Required Marathi language in SAP system for printing reports

LGS: This is Sateesh from LGS Global Ltd.,.My client requires one smart form to be printed
in Marathi language (Indian local language) as per their business scenario. please suggest
me whether possible or not then if possible, what are the steps to be executed in SAP.

SAP: please find below the steps, which are potentially necessary (depending on specific
requirements) - some of them might be not absolutely mandatory.

1) Unicode is a prerequisite - without Unicode it is not possible to insert characters from
Marathi language

2) Setup language Marathi via rscpinst (see SAP notes 42305 and 73606)

3) Determine whether you need to create a smart form with Marathi language key or if it
is sufficient to use language key EN (I am not sure whether language key EN works -
recommendation would be to use language key Marathi)

4) Check SAP notes 895560 and 920085 regarding restrictions of Unicode only

5) Setup language Marathi for logon via SMLT (full supplementation)

6) Create smart form in language Marathi

7) Print smart form with device type, which is Unicode compliant (e.g. SWINCF - see
SAP note 895560 again)

LGS: Dear Sir,

This is Venu Patibandla working as SAP Basis consultant .One of My SAP Customers require
reports to be printed in Marathi language (Indian local language) as per their business

I have performed below steps as per note 42305

a) Configured STMS
b) Executed report RSCPINST using SE38.
c) Clicked on Extended language List and selected "MR" for Marathi Language & Executed.
d) Clicked on Add button & included MR . Now MR-Marathi is available in Languages Tab
e) Clicked on simulate & adjusted zcsa/installed_languages parameters in RZ10
f) Restarted SAP server.
g) Clicked on Activate to activate New NLS configuration ( Database tables have been
successfully configured for Unicode)

Now I need to Setup language Marathi for logon via SMLT (full supplementation)

But , Where do I find the package for Marathi Language ( Indian Local Language)
to import via SMLT
Your help would be really appreciated at this juncture.

SAP: Hello Venu,

There is no package for Marathi language available. To find the list of available languages
please refer to -> language information.
Please refer to notes 1375438 and 112065 for more information.

LGS: Hi Shay Oberziger ,

Thanks for quick response .

If there is no import package for Marathi language then how do I Setup language Marathi
for logon via SMLT (full supplementation).

Please suggest.

LGS: Dear Sir,

Is there any way out to Setup language Marathi for logon via SMLT (full supplementation)?

Request you provide the information as SAP customer is asking to provide reports in their
local region language.
BBP sign off put on hold because of this activity as customer wanted to have all reports
should be provided in Indian local language ( Marathi).

Once we have clarity whether is it possible or not so that we can move forward.

LGS: As per below steps given by SAP, We were unable to setup Marathi language via

SAP: Hi Sateesh,
unfortunately we are not able to provide consulting services via this channel.
This is especially valid since you did not specify your problem.
Therefore please go for (remote) consulting or e.g. try via SDN.

LGS: Marathi language package is not available in standard SAP. If not available, what do I
say to my client?
Whether if it is goes to consultancy services, what are the charges and how to proceed?

SAP: Hi,

the language package is not necessary in order to create / print forms (as stated before).
The effort for consulting highly depends on the area with problems - there is no general
effort estimation possible.
The situation might be different if you specifically outline where problems occur ...


I understood from your below message,

without importing Marathi language through SMLT,I can use marathi language in smartform
print.Is is right?


SAP: Hi,

Mandatory prerequisite is to CLASSIFY the language in SMLT – full supplementation is not a
So you basically should be able to logon to the system using the Marathi language key.
Best regards,