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About The Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Floating in splendid isolation in the Bay of
Bengal is an archipelago of 572 islands, islets
and rocks, stretching over an area of more than
700 km from north to south. Only 36 of these
islands are inhabited. Known as the Andaman
& Nicobar Islands, this Union Territory is a part
of the Republic of India.

Once part of a hill range, stretching from
Myanmar to Indonesia, these undulating
islands are covered with dense forests and
endless variety of exotic flowers and birds.The
rare flora and fauna, underwater marine life
with crystal clear water and mangrove lined
creeks, offer a dream view of the rare gifts of

N W E S Getting to the Andaman Islands & to Havelock East of South Andaman Island is a group of 9 and Jet Lite have daily connections to Port Blair. Islands in general is a memorable once in a Port Blair. All major airlines like Indian Airlines. heart of all scuba diving and the journey from Port Blair to Havelock activity and tourism in the Andamans is a Island is covered in about 2. ferry sailings. Islands can be reached from mainland India with direct flights from Chennai or Kolkata. emerald islands that form Ritchie's Havelock is located about 57 km northeast of Archipelago. the capital city of the Andaman lifetime experience. There are usually 3 sailing per day Havelock Island. A visit to Havelock and the Andaman splendid one. of which Havelock Island is the Port Blair and can be easily reached by regular largest. Kingfisher . tranquil laid back island where pristine white It's meandering coastline and tall indigenous sandy beaches welcome you and spectacular rainforest trees makes one feels lost in diving and snorkeling make your holiday a paradise.5 hours.

We believe in small groups and personalized service to enhance your diving experience and safety. The dive centre is fully equipped with a state of the art equipment area. With top of the line diving equipment. a comfortable classroom. a designated filling area and a service area. Diving or learning to dive with a PADI 5 Star IDC facility means that you enjoy better services and higher safety standards. Barefoot Scuba is the only PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Resort in the Andaman Islands.3 on Havelock Island.About Barefoot Scuba & what we offer Located at Beach No. outstanding customer service and . Barefoot Scuba was one of the first dive operations to be set up in the Andaman Islands and over the years has made tremendous progress.

With the everybody. friendly Instructors and Divemasters are all PADI professionals who love their work and At Barefoot Scuba. there is something for look forward to interacting with you. These initiatives raise awareness through education and bring . you added advantage for our guests is that all our can leave your worries behind and enjoy a trip courses can be taught to you in most European to paradise. of workshops in conjunction with local schools to try to nurture the hope of protecting the Our dive centre is under European Andaman Islands and its marine habitat in our management. We provide a wide range of services instructors being a mix of nationalities. the to complete your dream holiday. we are the about a positive change.W.R. We conduct a number preferred dive operation in Havelock. o ot scu ref ba ba We play an active part in the Seacology Environmental Education Centre in Havelock.About Barefoot Scuba & what we offer an impeccable safety record. i and PADI's Project A. Our extremely experienced. For our staff. With us.A. and a aman ndi islands. future generation. languages.E. your safety always comes first and we pride ourselves in a proven safety record.

. Whether you are staying for a day or for a week. Certified divers can enjoy guided fun diving in small groups over beautiful coral reefs and our dive packages are a popular choice. First Aid Courses and well priced course packages that are interesting for those wishing to continue or enhance their diving knowledge. Discover Scuba Diving Programs through to We look forward to teaching Nitrox courses the professional levels of Divemaster and staying down for longer! Assistant Instructor. Barefoot Scuba offers a complete India with a state of the art Bauer Membrane range of PADI courses from the popular System for safe filling of Nitrox/Enriched Air. this season we are the only dive facility in Islands. Diving Being the only PADI 5 Star Instructor In our quest to bring you something new each Development Dive Resort in the Andaman year. Dream. Instructor and beyond. treasures of the Andaman Sea with us. discover and explore the hidden We also offer a variety of Specialty Courses. we have fun diving packages to suit every diver.

private snorkeling boat. It's a great way to enjoy the For those who want to live life king size. fitness level or of a lay in. Guests can join our regular dive trips as a snorkeler or opt for the afternoon snorkeling trip or the sunset .exploring Come join us. All you need is a mask & a pair of fins . choose wonderful marine life that the Emerald Isles from a wide range of boats and charter a have to offer. more rewarding. Allow us to unveil the the underwater world just couldn't be easier or underwater marvels of the Emerald Isles. Believe will take your breath away! Barefoot Scuba offers several short half day snorkeling excursions as well as full day snorkeling programs. so if you are just a beginner and have never tried it before don't miss this opportunity to get your glimpse of what the underwater world has to offer. enjoyment. It's really simple. Snorkeling Snorkeling is an activity that has no real snorkeling trip that allows guests to enjoy a bit barriers when it comes to age.

Dive or snorkel with Rajan – our celebrity elephant Rajan .Off the beaten track To give your holiday an extra edge and for memories to last you a lifetime. Every season snorkelers and divers from all over the globe are amazed and mesmerized by his grace and relative weightlessness underwater. Barefoot Scuba offers you some amazing specials too. With us.Barefoot's 59 year old retired Asian elephant is the last of the famous ocean swimming elephants of the Andaman Islands. think again! . you could dive or snorkel alongside this beautiful tusker and add that extra zing to your Andaman experience. If you thought diving with a great white shark is the most special you could do. He is a well known celebrity having featured in the Hollywood movie 'The Fall'.

Hence diving or snorkeling with Rajan active volcano 'Barren Island' or try the needs to be booked ahead of time so we can undived waters of Invisible Banks.divewithrajan. A fun day on our Dive the unexplored with our special larger boats and 3 fantastic dives on the best trips and safaris sites makes this trip a very popular choice with On our magical dive safaris guests will be our to dive the top 3 dive sites of Ritchie's Archipelago in a single day. please visit www. Dive safaris will involve 3 dives per day with overnight camping in tented accommodation on other Islands in the Andamans. It's a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds! .Off the beaten track It is not Barefoot's intention to turn this Our speedboat expedition trips will take you celebrity elephant into a circus act by getting where no other dive centre in the Andamans him to swim too often and with too many will. are exclusive to Barefoot Scuba and can be done as single day safaris. Rajan's story is an extremely interesting one and if you are interested in learning more about Barefoot Scuba's special day trips allow guests him. treated to spectacular reefs and stunning dive An opportunity that's not be missed – It's sites that are beyond what's usually possible on simply breathtaking! our day trips. These trips keep our bookings few and far between. Dive the unexplored waters around the people.

Our new dive operation in Avis Island allows you to be amongst the first to explore the magical North Andaman waters. leave the planning to us. These new vacation is well planned. New dive operations are also being planned on accommodation and plenty of activities to Barefoot Group properties around the enthral you. well executed and destinations will allow you to dive the pristine hassle free. From meet and greet services. this key OTHER SERVICES shaped Island exclusive to the Barefoot Group If you wish for a holiday in the Andaman will definitely enchant you. . Islands. Located off the strait between Middle and North Andaman. to round trip transfers. untouched reefs just waiting to be explored. Barefoot Scuba ensures that your archipelago in the near future. New destinations As the Andaman Islands open up to tourism. Barefoot Scuba too explores new frontiers with the motive of allowing you to discover diving beyond Ritchie's Archipelago.

pristine beaches and mysterious tribes who exist beyond the reach of time. Dugongs play in the sea-grasses of shallow reefs that fringe the outer islands and every dive trip brings the promise of exploration and new discoveries” – Jacques Yves Cousteau Although dive pioneer Jacques Cousteau dived the waters around the Andaman Islands quite some time ago.a wondrous realm of stunning marine and coral reefs. Pass through shimmering gates of coral and discover volcanic gardens of an underwater paradise.An overview of diving in the Andaman Islands “Journey to the Bay of Bengal in Asia and explore the magical Andaman Islands . Here lions. swimming's only now that they are becoming one of the world's newest diving destinations which have yet to be explored properly for diving. unicorns and butterflies masquerade as fish. After a 60 year period of .

We have dive sites July. suited for all levels of divers. Our peak season is from The dive sites are between 30 minutes and November until Mid April. however some of the best dive sites require an advanced level of August and September too are wet months certification and although diving in these months come with their own charm. extremely comfortable and enjoyable to learn. A season. Although diving is a recent development in Visibility in our surrounding waters can vary India. Indian government has made a decision to With water temperatures not dropping below allow limited. with regards to reason Barefoot Scuba is closed in June and topography and fish life. the Andaman Islands offer some from 5m-40m depending on the site and the splendid diving and untouched coral reefs. generally these months offer slightly reduced visibility and rougher . waiting to be explored! strong and are completely dependant on the dive site and the tides.An overview of diving in the Andaman Islands virtual isolation from the outside world the seas than the peak periods. The second week of 1hour 30 minutes by boat and vary quite a bit in May brings in the monsoon season and for this what the individual sites offer. environmentally conscious 26°C and averaging 28°C. The best time to dive the Andaman Islands is February and March. diving here is tourism development in the islands. Currents can range from nothing to hidden jewel.

It is possible to get exciting dives with manta rays. . however there are areas of undiscovered and un-dived waters which hold much more to be explored. napoleon wrasse. we are constantly on the lookout for new spectacular dive sites all over the Andaman Islands. Existing dive sites have proven to amaze and thrill divers of all levels. In our quest to show you the best that these magnificent Isles have to offer. turtles. sharks. humphead parrotfish.An overview of diving in the Andaman Islands Sites within easy access offer large healthy coral fields and habitats for marine critters of all sizes. devil rays. sea snakes. large schools of trevally. octopus and so on. a variety of groupers.


There is a hatch room at the bow for those wishing to sit out where all the diving equipment can be stored. Our boats & equipment Barefoot Scuba owns a fleet of 'Laxmi. She is equipped with a dive platform diving excursion chosen. Based on the 10 knots. the for easy access. Andamans. tank racks for storage of tanks appropriate boat is designated and a ladder to help you enter and exit the for the trip. spares. choose to charter the boat of their choice for private trips. Guests can also water. Laxmi can take up to 12 divers comfortably and on all dive trips. Islands and their unique design makes them first aid kit. Our modified to suit diving needs and are the most boat crew are trained in first common boats used for day diving trips in the She has a wheel house. our larger more comfortable boat is about 16m in length and travels between 8 and dive vessels. canopies. Our dunghis seat about 8 divers in area. an open sun area at the bow of the boat. . a We carry mineral water. emergency oxygen suitable for our waters. All our boats are equipped with ladders to make entries and Dunghis are traditional Burmese fishing boats used extensively throughout the Andaman exits easier. These boats are and floatation devices. offers a relaxed ride to our dive sites. tea. a nice small seating aid and handling emergencies. a shaded seating area and offer additional toilet and a small kitchen. cookies and a vegetarian lunch and enjoy the sun.

a simple cabin spots like Barren Island and Invisible Banks Optimax OBMs. an equipment area. Below deck is an air- (2 berths) and a small kitchen area Valsa is a within 2 hours from Havelock and Port Blair. a sun deck for divers to relax. Our boats & equipment Valsa has been rebuilt into a custom made dive boat for the upcoming season and no effort has been spared in providing her with the best facilities. a wheel house. She travels at about 8 Onboard facilities like air-conditioned cabins a toilet. conditioned cabin. knots and can comfortably accommodate ensure that you feel extremely comfortable about 12 divers at a time. this boat is 35 feet a swim step. Badmaash is the fastest speedboat in the Built by GC Marine (Dubai). . Made completely in timber she is about 14 meters in length and is equipped with a powerful engine. a fully equipped galley and great boat to be on. and pampered. a Andamans and can get you to the best diving and is powered by twin 225HP Mercury toilet on board. Complete with a tank rack.

Our gear is washed require a bit more air. Our fins come in full-foot and open-heel models. Despite the water temperature averaging 28°C. We have a variety of masks and a range of prescription masks as well to suit the needs of our guests. We have a range of BCD sizes larger tanks available for rent should you guests are provided with equipment that is to accommodate all divers. If you find that these are inadequate then we can provide you with 3mm full wetsuits. thoroughly in fresh water every day after use hydrostatically tested as per international and serviced regularly with standard spares as regulations. we generally provide 3mm short wetsuits in all sizes to our guests. Our cylinders are optimum to their needs. They are filled to 200 bar using recommended by the manufacturers. we rent out Suunto Gecko computers to our guests. We do our best to ensure that our from Scubapro. Bauer Mariner breathing air compressors under strict adherence to operating standards. We understand that an enjoyable dive requires comfortable and well maintained Our dive gear is state-of-the-art equipment both DIN and Yoke Valves. We have boots and booties of all sizes for divers who opt for open- heel fins. Our diving equipment computers. We also have a few equipment. Our scuba cylinders are 12-litre Catalina cylinders with the ability to accommodate For divers who wish to dive with their own dive .

the elephant airy bedroom on the upper floor leads out to training camp and the forest trails beyond a private balcony which is the perfect place to Beach No. Barefoot Scuba Dive Resort offers its guests a The Sea Facing Duplex Cottages are wood convenient base from which to explore not just and bamboo structures that face the sea the snorkeling and dive sites around Havelock. is the ideal place to hang your yourself after a day's diving! hammock. Accommodation Barefoot Scuba Dive Resort Discover India’s best kept secret. shower and wash- traditional Ayurvedic massage while enjoying basin with running water. Located in the of rooms. simple and Dive Resort is the perfect choice for the elegant and offers three different categories budget conscious traveller. A splendid way to treat the balcony. The icing on the cake is the The bathroom on the lower level is equipped massage centre where guests can indulge in a with a western-style toilet. . The interiors are simple. The but also the village market.3. through a small grove of coconut trees. same premises as the Barefoot Scuba. Del Mar that serves both Indian and continental fares. The sit-out. Located at Beach No. 5. relax after a day of diving.The Andaman Islands through Barefoot Scuba Dive Resort (also known as Café Del Mar) and the Barefoot at Havelock Resort. with ceiling fans. electric lights and The resort has a lovely restaurant called Café power outlets provided. below views of the ocean. the Barefoot Scuba The resort is easy on the pocket. forget your worries and relax.

These little huts do not have an en suite bathroom. The A Frame Huts are small elevated cane structures perfect for the backpacker on a tight budget. Accommodation The Garden Bungalows are made of bamboo and are quaint elevated cottages that are clean and simplistic. a light. For guests who require accommodation that is basic yet comfortable. showers and wash basins with running water for the use of the guests staying in these huts. The interiors are very simple and these huts have a view of the Garden. a long stays. The attached bathroom has a western style toilet and a shower. sufficient for the traveller that is looking for accommodation that is inexpensive for his All A frame huts have a ceiling fan. The resort has 4 clean bathrooms equipped with western style toilets. the Garden Bungalow is a perfect choice. mattress and a mosquito net which is .

Barefoot at Havelock Resort is a 25 min drive from Barefoot Scuba and transfers to and from the dive centre are easily arranged by car or motorbike rental. secluded. The resort comprises of 19 beautifully designed wood and thatch cottages and villas with spacious interiors and en suite bathrooms. . This resort is the perfect place for a quite. The Barefoot at Havelock Resort offers several categories of rooms and guests can choose between the beautiful non a/c Nicobari cottages. 7. the spacious a/c Andaman villas. Accommodation Barefoot at Havelock Resort Located on the Best Beach in Asia (as rated by Time magazine). Barefoot at Havelock Resort is set amid rainforest and tropical fruit trees behind a pristine 2 km white-sand stretch of Beach No. romantic getaway and is by far the best place to stay on Havelock Island.

All categories of rooms have wonderful views of the rainforest and all modern amenities to make your trip just perfect. If your holiday is all about luxury. A large spacious lounge bar. two restaurants. . the picturesque Barefoot at Havelock Resort is the perfect place to be. quiet and nature at its best. relaxation. kayaking and yoga classes make the Barefoot at Havelock resort and its environs a one-of-a-kind holiday experience in Havelock. comfort.Accommodation Duplex non a/c cottages and the brand new chic Nicobari Villa. an Ayurvedic massage centre. Guests here can enjoy bird-watching and Rajan our celebrity elephant too lives at this resort. escorted nature walks. peace.

please log onto the Internet we are just a phone call www. our however should you not have access to swimming elephant. availability and prices www.barefootindia. © Text Copyrighted by Barefoot Scuba . please send us an email on For more information on how to onto www. We recommend sending us an Contact and Reservation Introducing the mesmerizing Emerald Isles to you would be an honour and we look forward to welcoming you soon.diveandamans.Part of Barefoot Group / Some images are copyright of For more information on Rajan. For more information on our diving For reservations and enquiries safari's and overnight diving please call +91 95660 88560 expeditions please log onto For . away. We will be happy to assist you with your For more information regarding booking and answer any questions that Barefoot at Havelock Resort please log you may have on the Andaman become a professional diver please log For more information regarding onto . Barefoot Scuba and Barefoot Scuba Dive Resort please log onto www.