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Venerable Saint Nikon/Nicon "Metanoeite," the Preacher of Repentance

Which the Holy Orthodox Church Commemorates on November 26th /December 9th (OS)
"Flee pride, cleave to humility; do not despise the poor; keep clear of all evil, of all envy and of the remembrance of wrongs; forgive your brethren. Go regularly to
church and confess your sins often to the priests and spiritual fathers. If you keep to these counsels, I will never abandon you."

Apolytikion in the Third Tone
Lacedaemon doth rejoice with gladness in the godly shrine of thy blest relics, which doth make streams of healings to overflow and doth preserve from affliction and sore distress
all them that hasten, O Father, to thee with faith. Righteous Nicon/Nikon , intercede with Christ God in our behalf that His great mercy may be granted unto us.

Άπολυτίκιον. Ήχος γ'. Θείας πίστεως.
Χαίρει έχουσα, ή Λακεδαίμων, θείαν λάρνακα, των σων λειψάνων, άναβρύουσαν πηγάς των ιάσεων, και διασώζουσαν πάντας εκ θλίψεων, τους σοι προστρέχοντας Πάτερ εκ
πίστεως. Νίκων Όσιε, Χριστόν τον Θεόν ικέτευε, δωρήσασθαι ημίν το μέγα έλεος.

Troparion of St Nikon tone 3
Sparta rejoices in holding the shrine of thy relics,/ a source of healing for those who run to thee./ Holy Nikon, intercede with Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion in the Second Tone
Emulating the life of the Angels, thou didst esteem the world's delights as dross, while showing us the paths of repentance, O righteous and God-bearing Nicon/Nikon. Wherefore,
as we now celebrate thy memorial, we honour thee; for thou in truth art a fountain of healings.

Kontakion of St Nikon tone 6
Thou didst despise the world's delights,/ thou didst show us the path of repentance, emulating the Angelic life,/ O Nikon. We praise thee and celebrate thy memory;/ thou art a
fountain of healing.

Κοντάκιον τού Οσίου Νίκωνος. Ήχος πλ. Β’. Τήν υπέρ ημών πληρώσας
Τήν Αγγελικήν μιμούμενος πολιτείαν, κόσμου τά τερπνά ως σκύβαλα ελογίσω, μεταανοίας τήν τρίβον δεικνύων ημίν, θεοφόρε Νίκων Όσιε διά τούτό σε γεραίρομεν, εκτελούντες
νύν τήν μνήμην σου, υπάρχεις γάρ αληθώς, ιαμάτων πηγή.

Μεγαλυνάρια τοῦ ὁσίου Νίκωνος.
Νίκην περιφὲρων κατα παθῶν, τὴν εὺκλειαν ταὺτης, διαγράφεις Νίκων σοφέ, τοίς πᾶσι κηρύττων, την τοῦ Προδρόμου ῥῆσιν Μετανοεῖτε ἤγγικεν ἠ ἀπόδοσις.

Megalynarion in the Plagal of the Second Tone
O Righteous Father Nikon, into all the earth hath the sound of thine achievements gone forth; wherefore thou hast found in the Heavens the reward of thy labours. Thou didst
destroy the ranks of the demons; thou didst attain to the orders of the Angels, whose life thou didst emulate without blame. Since thou hast boldness with Christ God, pray that
peace be granted unto our souls.

Saint Nikon Metanoeite ("the Preacher of Repentance") was born at Pontus Polemoniacus (Armenian Pontos) at the beginning of the tenth century. He was the son of a
wealthy landowner, and he was given the name Nicetas in Baptism.

Since he had no desire to take over the management of his family's wealth and estates, Nicetas entered the monastery of Chrysopetro, where he shone forth in prayer and
asceticism. When he received the monastic tonsure, he was given the new name Nikon. The new name symbolizes a new life in the Spirit (Romans 7:6), and the birth of the new
man (Ephesians 4:24). A monk is expected to stop associating himself with the old personality connected to his former life in the world, and to devote himself entirely to God.

St Nikon had a remarkable gift for preaching. When he spoke of virtue and spiritual matters, his listeners were filled with heartfelt compunction and love for God. His words
produced such spiritual fruit in those who heard him that he was asked to travel through the eastern regions to preach. He visited Armenia, Crete, Euboea, Aegina, and the
Peloponnesus, proclaiming the Gospel of Christ.

"Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." This was the message of St John the Baptist (Matthew 3:2), and of Christ Himself (Matthew 4:17). This was also the message of
St Nikon. Wherever he went, he would begin his sermons with "Repent," hence he was called "Nikon Metanoeite," or "Nikon, the Preacher of Repentance."

At first, people paid little heed to his message. Then gradually he won their hearts through his preaching, his miracles, and his gentle, loving nature. He stressed the necessity for
everyone to repent, warning that those who utter a few sighs and groans and think that they have achieved true repentance have deluded themselves. St Nikon told the people that
true sorrow for one's sins is cultivated by prayer, self-denial, almsgiving, ascetical efforts, and by confession to one's spiritual Father.

After sowing the seeds of piety, St Nikon began to see them bear fruit. People started to change their lives, but he urged them to strengthen their souls in virtue and good works so
that they would not be overwhelmed by the cares of this world.

Eventually, St Nikon settled in a cave outside Sparta. Soon he moved into the city, because so many people were coming to hear him. In the center of Sparta, he built a church
dedicated to Christ the Savior. In time a monastery grew up around the church.

St Nikon never ceased to preach the Word of God, and to lead people back to the spiritual life of the Church. He also healed the sick, and performed many other miracles.

St Nikon fell asleep in the Lord in 998, and his memory was honored by the people around Sparta. During the Turkish occupation of Greece, however, he was all but forgotten,
except in Sparta. After the Greek Revolution in 1821, a service to St Nikon was composed by Father Daniel Georgopoulos, and was based on the saint's Life, which had been
written by Igumen Gregory of St Nikon's Monastery in 1142.

St Nikon was recognized as the patron saint of the diocese of Monemvasia and Lakedaimonia in 1893 when the cathedral church in Sparta was dedicated to St Nikon, the
Preacher of Repentance.

Nikon Metanoite (also known as Nicon)
Born in Pontus (now in Armenia); died in Peloponnesus, Greece, in 998. Nikon received his surname from the Greek 'metanoia' (change of heart) because penance was always
the theme of his preaching. In his youth, he secretly ran away from his wealthy family to an Armenian monastery called Khrysopetro (Stone of God), where he engaged in austere
penance and humble prayer for 12 years. The purity of his love of God when he spoke about virtue caused his superiors to send him out into the world to preach the Word of God

had died a bitter death." He then gave his soul back to God. calmly and quietly.Χ. Awakened by the words of the Lord. Μετά πήγε στην Εύβοια. Εκεί κήρυξε. they took up the boy with great astonishment. and shall inherit everlasting life (Matthew 19:29). the Saint had arrived in Evia and had stood on the top of a rampart. In time. mortification. If you keep to these counsels. he passed throughout the parts of the East. where he shone in obedience. Μετά κατευθύνθηκε προς την Αρκαδία. where he was tonsured a monk. ακολούθησε δύσβατους δρόμους και έφτασε στο μοναστήρι της Χρυσής Πέτρας. όπου κατέληξε στην πόλη των Λακώνων. Lakonia and Mani) of the Peloponnisos. For three years he wandered the East. therefore. Ο Νίκων. He worked miracles by prayer in the name of Christ and peacefully went to his beloved Lord. (HELLENIC) Our Righteous Father Nikon/Nicon “Repent – Ye” Saint Nikon / Nicon.'' As a preacher. all flocked together to the place where the Saint was standing. keep clear of all evil. Saint Nikon was immediately venerated as a saint by the people of Sparta. Ήταν γόνος επιφανών και ευσεβεστάτων γονέων και από μικρός ήταν αφοσιωμένος στα θεία με όλη του τη ψυχή. Commemorated on 26 November/9 December) When. then went to Greece. εγκατέλειψε τα πλούτη. Ο πατέρας του ήταν πολύ πλούσιος γαιοκτήμονας και θα μπορούσε να εξασφαλίσει στο γιο του όλα τα μέσα για μια άνετη ζωή. όπου παρέμεινε διδάσκοντας για 20 χρόνια. αφού περιήλθε πολλές χώρες της Ανατολής. την πατρίδα του. αιώνος. του κόσμου και της ύλης. τους χορούς και γενικά τις κοσμικές τέρψεις της εποχής του και ζούσε βίο εγκρατή επιθυμώντας να αφιερωθεί στο Θεό. as was his custom. forgive your brethren. Nicon indeed forsook all for the sake of Christ. Ιωάννης Πρόδρομος. πήγε στη Σπάρτη όπου έχτισε δύο ναούς και κατόπιν μετέβη στη Μάνη. Πέρασε από την Κόρινθο. forsaking his parents and homeland. he hastened to show his maliciousness here as well. έκανε διάφορα θαύματα και έκτισε ναό στο όνομα του Σωτήρος Ιησού Χριστού.. Στη Σπάρτη ο Όσιος ανέπτυξε αξιόλογη δράση. “Repent – Ye” . supposedly. Οι αναζητήσεις του πατέρα του τον ανάγκασαν να εγκαταλείψει το μοναστήρι και να διαμείνει για τρία ολόκληρα χρόνια σε τόπους έρημους και άγνωστους. From the Life of St. He is alive and has suffered no harm. ``Repent!'' for which he was also called the ``the Preacher of Repentance. and went to a monastery. He ceaselessly cried out. Επειδή δε τον διέκρινε Ιερός ζήλος και μεγάλο χάρισμα διδακτικότητας. Στη συνέχεια ο Όσιος Νίκων αναλαμβάνει ιεραποστολική δράση. κήρυττε στα πλήθη και τους ζητούσε να μετανοήσουν. ακολουθώντας το παράδειγμα των γονέων του. ενώ τα θαύματα συνεχίζονται και μετά τον θάνατό του. πού αντήχησε πρώτα στην έρημο της Ιουδαίας και κοντά στις όχθες του Ιορδάνη: "Μετανοείτε". ενώ την απήλλαξε και από τη μάστιγα των Ισραηλιτών. Judging well that the wondrous miracle did not occur without the aid of Divine power. building a great church dedicated to Christ the Savior. γίνεται μέγας κήρυκας του ευαγγελίου και συνισταμένη του κηρύγματός του είναι η μετάνοια. στη Σπάρτη. γύρισε όλη την Ανατολή σαν απεσταλμένος της Μονής του κηρύττοντας το Ευαγγέλιο και επαναλάμβανε τη φωνή. το Ναύπλιο. and living in the church for the remainder of his life. Νέος ακόμα άφησε το πατρικό του σπίτι και μόνασε. που τοποθετείτε το 998 μ. Ο Όσιος Νίκων ο« Μετανοείτε» Ο Όσιος Νίκων γεννήθηκε σε ένα χωριό του Πόντου. είναι ο πολιούχος και προστάτης της πόλεως της Σπάρτης και τιμάται με ιδιαίτερες τιμές από την τοπική μας Εκκλησία. . preaching repentance and becoming so well known that he acquired the nickname "Metanoite. walking barefoot from place to place. he left the monastery and went to preach the Gospel among the people. ο πατέρας του τον έστειλε να επισκεφθεί την αγροτική περιουσία του. a monastery was attached to the church for his disciples." When the boy’s parents and the rest of the crowd saw the boy safe and sound. Coulson. Η αφθονία των χτημάτων όμως δεν προξένησε καμιά ευχαρίστηση στην ψυχή του. the Preacher of Repentance Nicon was born in Armenia. Husenbeth). he was so affected by the wretched conditions of the poor fieldworkers that he despaired of happiness in this world and determined to live a monastic life. made our faith appear amiable to the Islamics themselves. prayer and self-denial. where his relics are venerated to this day. (from Prologue of Ohrid) Ο ΟΣΙΟΣ ΝΙΚΩΝ ό "Μετανοείτε" Καταγόταν από τον Πολεμωνιακό Πόντο και ήταν γιος μεγιστάνα. και αποστροφής από την άλλη προς τη ζωή. But what did the envious enemy Belial do? Not enduring the sight of the return and salvation of a missionary. Μια ημέρα. That is why. The child's parents were nearly ready to rip the Saint to shreds. alms. then. Go regularly to church and confess your sins often to the priests and spiritual fathers. Saint Nikon began every sermon with a call to conversion and the necessity for sincere repentance and penance. The words he preached were confirmed by many miracles (Attwater 2. I will never abandon you. Κατόπιν μετέβη στη Θήβα και από εκεί στο κύριο μέρος της δράσης του την Πελοπόννησο. He reposed in Sparta in the year The Venerable Nicon. When he was perfected in all virtues. The sweetness with which Nikon recommended the most severe maxims of the Gospel. His last counsel to his disciples was: "Flee pride. the homicidal one invisibly thrust one of the small children from high off the rampart wall.D. Και στη χώρα αυτή. Η μνήμη του εορτάζεται στις 26 Νοεμβρίου. που με την άσχημη διαγωγή τους επηρέαζαν τον πληθυσμό και αποτελούσαν εμπόδιο στην ηθικοπλαστική προσπάθεια που έκανε ο Νίκων. "Repent!" and proclaiming with tears the message of salvation in Christ. όπου έτυχε καλής υποδοχής. λοιπόν. Every one that hath forsaken … father or mother … shall receive an hundredfold. The children of Evia. Nikon "Metanoeite"* (Tenth Century." meaning "Repent!" After driving a great plague from Sparta through his prayers. Ή ηθική επιρροή του στους κατοίκους. as you imagine. Επίσης έκανε και θαύματα. of all envy and of the remembrance of wrongs. το Άργος. and holy meditation are needed to allow the resolution of conversion to take root in the heart. without home or possessions. υπήρξε μεγάλη. as though on a pulpit. crying to all men. Κατόπιν ό όσιος Νικών πήγε στην Κρήτη. Κορώνη. όπου κήρυξε για αρκετό καιρό και τελικά εγκαταστάθηκε στην πόλη των Λακώνων. In imitation of Saint John the Baptist. in order that his preaching might be heard. After years spent in a monastery. Η παραμονή του όμως δεν διάρκεσε πάνω από 12 χρόνια. Benedictines. έφθασε στη νήσο Κρήτη. τόσο με την προσευχή και τη μελέτη. and having converted many from paganism. όπου έκανε πολλά θαύματα. where he built a Church in honour of “Christ our Savior”. tossing him to the ground.Χ. cleave to humility. he called out “Repent ye” [“Metanoeite”] all day and night long. Από κει πήγε στην Πελοπόννησο. was from Byzantine Armenia / Pontos Polemoniakos. ψάχνοντας για την κατάλληλη ευκαιρία. as is often the case. because he was. no one doubted that the child who had fallen to the ground had been dashed to pieces and. to blame for the misfortune. αλλά αντίθετα η αθλιότητα την οποία παρατήρησε στους φτωχούς εργάτες. Έτσι. St Nikon Metanoite ("Repent!") (~1000) He was born about 930 to a pious and wealthy family near Trebizond. he departed to the Lord about the end of the ninth century (998 A. Finally he came to Lacedaemonia (Sparta. την οικογένειά του. Once. Πλην όμως ο μικρός Νικήτας -έτσι ήταν το όνομα του Αγίου πριν γίνει μοναχός-θεωρούσε ως μάταια και απατηλά τα αγαθά του παρόντος κόσμου και επιθυμούσε την κατάκτηση της αιωνιότητος και της σωτηρίας. first in Armenia and later on the Saracen-held island of Crete for 20 years. (from Abbamoses. He taught that earnest prayer. κοντά στην Τραπεζούντα στις αρχές του 10ου μ. they were dumbstruck. Μεθώνη και Μεσσήνη. because of which he received his name. όπου παρέμεινε 7 χρόνια και κατόρθωσε να οδηγήσει πολλούς από τους κατοίκους του νησιού στην αληθινή χριστιανική πίστη. Καλαμάτα. λοιπόν. he settled near that city. But he. taking his unusual preaching for a game. Ο Όσιος Νίκων "ο Μετανοείτε". He then spent seven years in Crete. Από την Κρήτη ο Όσιος πήγε στην Επίδαυρο της Αργολίδος και κατόπιν στην Αθήνα. γέννησε μέσα στην ψυχή του ένα αίσθημα συμπαθείας μεν προς τους φτωχούς καλλιεργητές. Εκεί έλαβε το αγγελικό σχήμα του μοναχού και από Νικήτας ονομάστηκε Νίκωνας. When a great tumult arose and a large crowd had gathered. άφησε την τελευταία του πνοή το έτος 998. the Saint was given leave to travel in the ministry of the Gospel of Christ.. πού αγάπησε περισσότερο και από την πατρίδα του. do not despise the poor. After having dwelt there many years in solitude. unseen. Στη μονή ο Νίκων προόδευε συνεχώς πνευματικά. making an inspection of the family's estates. crying to everyone he met. the son of a certain noble. then in Greece. Γι' αυτό ακριβώς έλαβε και την προσωνυμία Νίκων "ο Μετανοείτε". marveling and taken aback at the event. όσο και με την εργασία και την εγκράτεια. said to them: "Your child lives. Υπάρχουν πολλές πληροφορίες σχετικά με την ίαση ασθενών που πήγαιναν σ' αυτόν ή που πήγαινε ο ίδιος σ' αυτούς. ενώ έχτισε ναούς και εγκατέστησε ιερείς.). Σαν παιδί περιφρονούσε τις διασκεδάσεις. he visited all of Anatolia and the Peloponnese. and is regarded as the protector of the city. Σαν άλλος.

Saint Nikon acted during the 10th century for the Enlightenment and the Christianization of the Slavs and the Greek residents of the peninsula of Mani. a lot of people come from all around the area. “Repentance”.According the lore. then to The Mani. there was lack of water. Born in Pntos. to save rain because since that time. they henceforth looked upon the blessed one as an Angel. having pleased God in this way. he died in a Monastery (Feast. He entered a monastery as a Young man and lived there for a dozen years. he was born in what is now ethnic Hellenic Land occupied by Turks. Saint Nikonas Metanoite. he said: “That monk who calls out ‘Repent ye’ reached into the air and held me. built by himself. first to Crete. Sparta and the rest of Laconia. was tonsured and lived in accordance with the vows of monastic life. The son of a wealthy land owner. up on the cliffs. all being conquered by a great fear. He founded the churches Panagitsa and Taxiarhi. not allowing me to fall to the ground. There are two cistern dated at his time. but so successful was his preaching that he was sent as a missionary. not far from the sea. Died in the Pelopponisos. There was the place of his ascetic and prayer.As for the boy. His name recalls the constant theme of his preaching. went ashore at the Bay of Hotasia and used it as his base. And. After a short while. During the local fair on 15th August. and afterwards to other places in Hellas. he departed to the Lord. 998. November 26th) (Saints East and West) Hotasia (Mani). Nikon the Penitent (Metanoiete). desiring the life without cares. The churches of Prophet Elia and Panagia Pantanassa are a place of worship and prayer for the residents of the region. the small boy. There are two caves.” Thus. .

Χαίρει έχουσα. kindness. I am Thy servant. Χριστόν τον Θεόν ικέτευε. pray that peace be granted unto our souls. Come to Me. (x2) The City of Lacedaemon (Sparta) hath known thee to be another Moses. and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him. thou foundest a name suited to thy deeds. Megalynarion in the Plagal of the Second Tone O Righteous Father Nikon. 11:27-30): THE LORD SAID UNTO HIS DISCIPLES: All things have been delivered to Me by My Father. and I will give you rest. Proving to be the namesake of repentance (x2) Having the Forerunners' Zeal laid up in thy soul. self-control. O righteous and God-bearing Nicon/Nikon. Apolytikion in the Third Tone Lacedaemon doth rejoice with gladness in the godly shrine of thy blest relics. and they shall rejoice upon their beds. afflicting the Egypt of the Passions with the scourges of thy God-inspired teachings of repentance. wherefore thou hast found in the Heavens the reward of thy labours. and taking away wickedness. (O Lord. Άπολυτίκιον. Hymns from the Third and Sixth Odes of Canon of the Saint. His Horn shall be exalted with glory. His praise is in the Church of the saints. whose life thou didsr emulate without blame. O Father. What shall I render unto the Lord for all that He hath rendered unto me? v2. thou didst esteem the world's delights as dross. thou didst fill up that which was lacking in the pillar. Alleluia. do not despise the poor. Righteous Nicon/Nikon . the generation of the upright shall be blessed. SAINT NIKON METANOITE "Flee pride. Νίκων Όσιε. and no one knows the Son except the Father.) + On This Day we commemorate our righteous Father Nikon (Metanoite) “Repent-Ye”. ή Λακεδαίμων. glorified thee with with wondrous signs. forgive your brethren. Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son.) The Holy Gospel according to Saint Matthew (11:27-30) (If Desired also. Θείας πίστεως. thou didst proclaim Christ's second manifestation to the world.) GOSPEL: (Matt. Thou didst destroy the ranks of the demons. and for the BEATITUDES. provoking one another. Sing unto the Lord a New song. τους σοι προστρέχοντας Πάτερ εκ πίστεως. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. intercede with Christ God in our behalf that His great mercy may be granted unto us. to thee with faith. Grave Tone v1. which doth make streams of healings to overflow and doth preserve from affliction and sore distress all them that hasten. Plagal of the Second Tone v1. Since thou hast boldness with Christ God. Bear one another’s burdens. as we now celebrate thy memorial. If we live in the Spirit. joy. δωρήσασθαι ημίν το μέγα έλεος. Ήχος γ'. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited. (His Righteousness abideth unto ages of ages. saying: With All your heart. O Righteous Nikon. (x2) Ode 6: God. Go regularly to church and confess your sins often to the priests and spiritual fathers. while showing us the paths of repentance. In everlasting remembrance shall the righteous be. O ye righteous.) The Saints shall boast in glory. Verses: Wherefore hath Lacedaemon (Sparta) a loss of demons? Nikon hath frightened them away with his wonders. all you who labor and are heavy laden.) EPISTLE: (Gal 5:22-6:2): BRETHREN: But the fruit of the Spirit is love. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. O Father. of all envy and of the remembrance of wrongs. cleave to humility. the Epistle of the day.” Communion Hymn Rejoice in the Lord. bring forth fruit worthy of repentance. longsuffering. wherefore. The Epistle of Saint Paul to Galatians (5:22-6:2) (If desired also. Vs. thou didst attain to the orders of the Angels. and you will find rest for your souls. He shall not be afraid of evil tidings. considering yourself lest you also be tempted. envying one another Brethren. and so fulfill the law of Christ. keep clear of all evil. Wherefore. we honour thee. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord. And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. in His commandments shall he greatly delight." The TYPIKA. into all the earth hath the sound of thine achievements gone forth. praise is meet for the upright. gentleness. THE LITURGY . Beatitudes: Ode 3: Passing from East to West. His seed shall be mighty upon the earth. goodness. (For he shall remain unshaken for ever. Thou didst set all men on fire with thy preaching of repentance. (x2) The Prokeimenon of the Epistle. I am Thy servant and the son of Thy handmaid. peace.) (In everlasting remembrance shall the righteous be. you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness. if a man is overtaken in any trespass. Wherefore. that it might be serviceable to thee in the house of God. και διασώζουσαν πάντας εκ θλίψεων. Kontakion in the Second Tone Emulating the life of the Angels. who was Glorified in thy members. θείαν λάρνακα. I will never abandon you. v2. .NOVEMBER 26TH. The Gospel the day. Against such there is no law. faithfulness. If you keep to these counsels. των σων λειψάνων. for thou in truth art a fountain of healings. άναβρύουσαν πηγάς των ιάσεων. for I am gentle and lowly in heart.