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Vol. 39, No. 21 U.S.

Army Garrison Stuttgart November 4, 2010

Save hundreds in utilities VAT with UTAP

EnBW customers in USAG Stuttgart now eligible for program
USAG Stuttgart FMWR Financial USAG Stuttgart Family and Morale, Kenneth
Management Division Welfare and Recreation Financial Man- Throckmorton,
agement Division. “Now that EnBW left, a USAG

tuttgart military community has signed the UTAP agreements with Stuttgart
members receiving utilities Stuttgart, the UTAP office can make community
through EnBW (Energie tax-free utilities available to almost member,
Baden-Württemberg AG) no longer everyone in the Stuttgart area.” completes
need to pay the 19 percent Value Added EnBW is the most recent company paperwork to
Tax and 11 percent energy tax on their to join a list of 13 other local utility avoid paying
electric bills, now that EnBW has companies participating in the UTAP
agreed to participate in the U.S. Army the 19 percent
program, including Suewag and Sin- VAT on his
Garrison Stuttgart Utility Tax Avoid- delfingen.
ance Program. utilities in the
The UTAP program is designed for
Those who buy gas or water from Utility Tax
service members assigned to Europe,
EnBW can also save the 19 percent Avoidance
U.S. civilians working for the U.S.
VAT, along with an additional seven Forces, and some contractors, provided Program Office
percent on energy taxes and the seven that they fall under the Technical Expert Oct. 26, with
percent VAT assessed on water. Status Accreditation agreement. the help of
“UTAP can save customers hun- The utility costs that qualify for the Pat Donerson,
dreds of dollars annually off their UTAP Office
utilities,” said Stacy Perez, chief of the See UTAP on page 4 clerk.
Brittany Carlson

dominate home-
coming events
[Far left] Marshal Haas (#10), right,
quarterback for the Patch High
School varsity football team, dodges a
tackle by a Wiesbaden player during
the Panthers’ homecoming game Oct.
16 on Husky Field. Patch won 14-2.

[Left] Patch High School cross country

runner Logan Sullivan makes his
way through the trails behind Patch
Barracks in the 5K homecoming race
against five schools Oct. 16. The men’s
team placed first overall.
For more coverage, see pages 10-11.
Photos by Joseph Mancy

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InsIde USAG Stuttgart PES club helps kids
ThIs makes a difference
Community members and tenant units
deal with deployment
Children at Patch Elementary School

edITIon in U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart (plus

one canine) volunteered in local German
communities on Make a Difference Day.
with deployed parents can talk about
feelings and learn to cope, with help from
counselors, in the Mini Troopers Club.
Page 2 OpiniOn The Citizen, November 4, 2010

Teamwork results in making Stuttgart ‘fantastic’

Commentary by Gen. William E. ties to share cultures and customs. I
“Kip” Ward often address audiences of both cultures We’re all partners, we’re all teammates, and
U.S. Africa Command commander and especially enjoy interacting with
German-American children’s groups we’re all here in Stuttgart so that we can

eople frequently ask me,
“What’s the best part of liv-
and the various German civic groups.
Our families are welcomed into
have the opportunity to make a difference.
ing in Stuttgart?” German neighborhoods and homes. In
In a word: fact, when our American community Army Airfield, creating hundreds of ad- will soon see major upgrades.
“partnership.” was in need of additional off-post hous- ditional parking spaces. The new $5 mil- At Panzer Kaserne, a new hotel
It doesn’t real- ing units, local mayors went to their lion Child Development Center recently facility will open in the months ahead
ly matter if you’re opened, greatly expanding our ability to and provide 218 hotel rooms for visi-
community members searching for
military or civil- tors, plus arriving and departing com-
available homes. Many lifelong friend- take care of our children. The $3 million
ian, if you work
ships between Germans and Americans AAFES Shoppette also recently opened, munity members. The modern Main
for U.S. European
are built here in Stuttgart. combining the old gas station with a Exchange serves the entire community
Command or U.S.
I want to take this opportunity to modern convenience store. in a fantastic way.
Africa Command Gen. Ward highlight a number of projects that Families living on Kelley Barracks At Patch Barracks, the renovation
or some other U.S.
reflect tremendous cooperation among were offered expanded dining op- of Washington Square provided a new
government agency. We’re all partners,
we’re all teammates, and we’re all here the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart, ten- tions with the opening of small food ceremonial field and much-needed ad-
in Stuttgart so that we can have the op- ant units and all of the Americans and court and renovated Kelley Club and ditional parking spaces. The completion
portunity to make a difference. Germans who work so hard to make restaurant. of the new food court complex will
As the senior U.S. military official this a fantastic community. At Robinson Barracks, some 447 bring a welcome dining option to the
here in Stuttgart, I see a wonderful cross- We’ve made great strides in our qual- housing units have either been reno- thousands who live and work there.
section of our military and civilian com- ity of life and family services at each of vated or will soon be renovated. The The ongoing renovations of the Patch
munities. In so many ways, the vibrancy the garrison installations. Robinson Barracks Elementary/Middle Chapel will make it a model facility.
and diversity found in the city of Stut- Less than four years ago, Kelley Bar- School has greatly expanded its staff and All of these projects demonstrate our
tgart provide a wonderful environment racks was basically in a caretaker status. programs. Robinson Community Club commitment to your well-being while
for our U.S. military overseas. Today, successes on Kelley include the has been renovated and reopened with stationed here in Stuttgart. I am in com-
There are many German-American renovation and reopening of 119 family an outstanding eatery. The chapel is un- plete agreement with a sign I saw recently
clubs, school outreach programs and housing units and the relocation of the dergoing a complete makeover, and the at Stuttgart Airport that said “We love
other activities that provide opportuni- Transportation Motor Pool to Stuttgart combination exchange and commissary Stuttgart.” I hope you do as well.

On The STreeT

What do you like most about living in Stuttgart?

Col. Carl D. Bird
U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Commander
Public Affairs Officer
Larry Reilly
Editor Assistant Editor
Susan Huseman Brittany Carlson

Contact Information
Telephone: 431-3105/civ. 07031-15-3105
Fax: 431-3096/civ. 07031-15-3096
E-mail: Petty Officer 2nd Wayne Marshall Wendy Robbins Sgt. George Martinez
Web site: Class John Laughlin (Civilian) (Spouse) (U.S. Army)
Office Location: Building 2949, Panzer Kaserne
U.S. Army Address: Unit 30401, APO AE 09107
(U.S. Navy)
German Address: USAG-S PAO, Panzer Kaserne, “The convenience of “Quick access to all “The proximity to all the “Döner Kebabs.”
Geb. 2949, 3rd Floor, Panzerstrasse, 71032 Böblingen travel.” kinds of places like great travel options.”
This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of skiing in the Alps, Italy.”
the Department of Defense. Contents of The Citizen are not neces-
sarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or
the Department of the Army. All editorial content in this publication
is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the USAG Stuttgart
Public Affairs Office. Private organizations noted in this publication
are not part of Department of Defense.
The appearance of advertising in this publication, including
inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement of the
products or services advertised by the U.S. Army. Everything
advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase,
use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national
origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation
or any other nonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a
violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser
is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that
source until the violation is corrected. The Citizen is a biweekly Clifford Buckner Cynthia Sullivan Capt. Lonnie Baxley George Kahela
offset press publication published by AdvantiPro GmbH. Circulation (Civilian) (Spouse) (U.S. Marine Corps) (Civilian)
is 6,000 copies. For display advertising rates, call Liz Heldt at civ.
0631-3033-5537, or e-mail For classified
advertising rates, call Sabrina Barclay at civ. 0631-3033-5531, “The people. They’re “The ability for my kids “All the different “The restaurants off-
e-mail interesting.” to experience other cul- festivals. There’s always post ... and the Christ- tures and other locations.” something to do.” mas markets.”
The Citizen, November 4, 2010 newS Page 3

New system allows Passport Office News & Notes

customers to manage wait time USAG Stuttgart Soldier named
By Gloria Colón-Buzatu Information Management Office to collect informa-
Army NCO of Year
Staff Sgt. Christopher McDougall, Head-
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs tion related to passport services and track the status quarters, Headquarters Company, U.S. Army
of each customer.

he U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Passport Garrison Stuttgart, was selected as the Army’s
“The new appointment system will help tune up 2010 Best Warrior Competition Noncommis-
Office will implement a new system this our customer service operations during a period when
month that enables customers to bet- sioned Officer of the Year during a ceremony
long wait times have been a problem,” said Tracee Oct. 25.
ter manage their time while they wait for passport Quinn, chief of theUSAG Stuttgart Military Person-
service. The announcement was made during the
nel Branch. Association of the U.S. Army annual meeting
FACTS-2 is a web-based, fully automated cus- During the waiting period, Quinn recommends in Washington, D.C., by Sergeant Major of
tomer tracking system designed to improve service that customers review their required documents for the Army Kenneth O. Preston and Peter W.
capabilities.When customers arrive in the passport accuracy and completeness to limit processing time, Chiarelli, vice chief of staff of the Army.
reception area, they will sign in at a computer kiosk since some passport applications can take up to an McDougall, who represented the National
and receive a printed ticket with a checklist of forms hour to complete. Capital Region, took top honors among the
required, an estimated wait time and a customer The USAG Stuttgart ID Card Section and Instal- Army’s best NCOs during the Best Warrior
number. The FACTS-2 system will electronically lation Access Control System Office will also imple- Competition held at Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 17-22.
announce the next customer for service and the ser- ment FACTS-2. A full story on McDougall will be presented
vicing station. FACTS-2 will help customer service agents by in the Nov. 18 issue of The Citizen.
“If a customer has an hour wait, they can take care measuring how long customers wait and how long it
of other business and return and not lose their place, takes an agent to complete a specific transaction. 1/10th DFAC wins food compe-
if they return within the estimated time,” said Julio “We will have the capability to collect data that tition for small garrisons
Ramos, chief of the IMCOM-E Automation Personnel will help validate timeliness of service, funding im- The 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces
Services Branch and FACTS-2 software developer. provements and hiring actions,” Quinn said. Group (Airborne), Dining Facility on Panzer
If they do not return within that time, they will have It will also contribute to creating more satis- Kaserne took first place among small garrisons
to take another appointment ticket. fied customers, a benefit that Quinn said will help in the U.S. Army Europe and Installation
FACTS-2 will be initiated by Installation Man- everyone: “When the customer is satisfied, so is Management Command Europe level of the
agement Command Europe and the USAG Stuttgart my staff.” Philip A. Connelly food service competition.
The award was presented at the 43rd Annual
Food Service Awards ceremony, held Oct. 28

Holiday mailing deadlines released in Heidelberg.

The 1/10th dining facility competed in a
field of 27 dining facilities across Europe.
By Karen Jowers *Saturdays are Nov. 20, 27 and Dec. 4, 11, 18.
Air Force Times The post offices on Kelley and Robinson Bar- Army Emergency Relief earns
racks will maintain normal operating hours: fifth consecutive four-star rating

or overseas personnel mailing packages Kelley Barracks — Monday-Friday from 10 Army Emergency Relief recently earned its
to friends and loved ones in the States a.m. to 4 p.m. fifth consecutive four-star rating from Charity
or those with Army Post Office boxes Robinson Barracks —Tuesday and Thursday Navigator, the nation’s largest charity evalua-
elsewhere, Christmas comes early. Hanukkah from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. tor. According to Charity Navigator, only five
comes even earlier. All post offices will be closed Thanksgiving percent of the charities they rate have received
It depends on how the package is sent, but if Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s at least five consecutive four-star evaluations.
it’s traveling the slowest way — parcel post — a Eve, New Year’s Day and all Sundays. AER provides financial assistance for
package should be mailed by Nov. 12 to get to its Customers can make appointments for holiday needs such as emergency travel, housing, car
destination by Dec. 25, according to recommended mailing by calling their servicing post office dur- repair, food and utilities.
holiday shipping dates provided by the Military ing business hours. For Kelley Barracks, call 421- For more information, visit
Postal Service Agency. 2542/civ. 0711-729-2542. For Panzer Kaserne, call PHS students selected as Cre-
Here are the other recommended mail dead- 431-2563/civ. 07031-15-2563. For Patch Barracks,
lines. Subtract 24 days from each deadline to get call 430-7226/civ. 0711-680-7226. For Robinson
ative Connections artists
it there in time for Hanukkah: Congratulations to the 10 Patch High stu-
Barracks, call 420-6223/civ. 0711-819-6223.
dents selected to participate in this year’s Cre-
• Space Available Mail (SAM): Nov. 20 to Appointments will be made for the one hour
ative Connections Fine Arts Symposium. More
contingency locations; all other overseas military period before the post office opens for business.
than 300 students applied from all over Depart-
and stateside locations by Nov. 26. In addition to normal Monday through Friday ment of Defense Dependents Schools Europe.
• Parcel Airlift Mail (PAL): Dec. 1 to contin- hours, USAG Stuttgart Community Mail Room The students selected, by category, are:
gency locations; all others by Dec. 3. customer service window hours will be extended • Drawing-Portraiture: Annea Brown, Brea
• Priority Mail: Dec. 4 to contingency loca- to include the following dates: Lovato, Shana Milchuck
tions; all others by Dec. 10. • Saturday, Nov. 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. • Spherical Thinking/Illusions: Sara Dunn
• First-class cards and letters: Dec. 4 to contin- • Saturday, Nov. 27, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. • Drama: Mikalie Jo Calkins, Catie Krahling
gency locations; all others by Dec. 10. • Saturday, Dec. 4, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. • Show Choir: Robert Viana
• Express Mail Military Services: Dec. 16 for • Saturday, Dec. 11, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. • Strings Ensemble: Hunter Paul, Hillary
U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart. • Saturday, Dec. 18, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Reyes, Cassandra Scheiber.
Two USAG Stuttgart Post Offices will expand • Friday, Dec. 24, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
their holiday mailing hours of operation from Nov. All CMRs will be closed Thanksgiving Day,
Get permit to sell car
15 to Dec. 18. Hours will be: U.S. service members who intend to sell their
Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day
USAREUR-plated vehicles to a local national
Patch Barracks — Monday-Wednesday and and all Sundays.
must get a Permit to Transfer form at the U.S.
Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday from 10 a.m.
Forces Customs Office prior to the sale.
to 5 p.m., and Saturday* from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Editor’s Note: Some information for this article For more information, call the U.S. Forces
Panzer Kaserne — Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. was provided by the USAG Stuttgart Directorate Customs Office at 431-2731/civ. 07031-15-
to 4 p.m., and Saturday* from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. of Human Resources. 2731.
Page 4 newS The Citizen, November 4, 2010

Ask a JAG UTAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Continued from page 1 Club (Building 3300).
Editor’s Note: Do you have a legal question Bring the following to the appointment:
you would like to see answered in a future UTAP program are those that patrons pay personally, • Current meter numbers and meter readings
edition of The Citizen? If so, contact “Ask a not those incorporated into the rent (Nebenkosten) • ID card
JAG” at or paid by the landlord. To get these costs included • Completed UTAP application, found at www.
requires a change in the individual rental contract.
By Capt. Sean A. Marvin (U.S. Army) For people who own their residence in Germany, • Completed Start Form for utility company, found
Stuttgart Law Center all utility costs are covered by UTAP. at
Q: I’ve heard more and more in the news To take advantage of this benefit, eligible commu- • Additional copy of lease
about identity theft. What are steps I can take nity members must make an appointment at the UTAP If you own your home, bring copies of the pur-
office, located on Panzer Kaserne in Building 2913 chase contract cover page with notary stamp, page
to protect myself, and what should I do if I
(the housing office building), Room 314. Appoint- with the address and page with signatures.
believe I am the victim of identity theft?
ments can be made online at UTAP-reservation@ • Registration fee of $77, payable in cash, check or credit card at time of appointment
A: Identity theft costs victims time and From Nov. 5 through Dec. 15, the Panzer office • Banking information, to include German rout-
money, and can destroy their credit and reputa- will offer extended hours Monday through Friday, ing numbers. The Community Bank routing number
tion. The Federal Trade Commission recently from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., by appointment. Hours will is 50110900, and the Service Federal Credit Union
reported that as many as eight million people be adjusted according to demand. routing number is 54030011.
a year discover that they have been victims of In addition, a temporary satellite office will be Note that all documents must be signed by the
identity theft. available on Kelley Barracks, by appointment only, sponsor. If the sponsor is unavailable, a copy of the
There are a number of ways to protect your- from Nov. 5 to Dec. 15, from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Power of Attorney must be provided to the UTAP
self from identity theft. These include shredding Kelley Barracks office will be located in the Kelley office.
financial documents, protecting your Social Se-
curity number and other personal information,
and avoiding the use of obvious passwords.
If you are a service member about to deploy, Solar panels to reduce garrison costs
and do not intend to seek new credit while de-
ployed, you can place an “Active Duty Alert” By Tanya Fogg Young
on your credit report. This alert will be effec- Special to The Citizen

tive for one year, unless you request that it be
nstalling solar electric panels on the roof of
removed earlier, and will require creditors to
a Directorate of Public Works building on
take extra steps to verify your identity before
Kelley Barracks is estimated to help save
granting credit in your name. To put that alert
U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart more than $36,000
in effect, call one of the three nationwide con-
per year.
sumer reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian,
The project represents the garrison’s ongoing
or TransUnion. The company you notify is
efforts to optimize efficiency, conserve natural re-
required to notify the others.
sources and reduce dependency on non-renewable
It is also important to regularly inspect your
energy sources, according to Werner Kienzle, USAG
credit report. Federal law requires each of the
Stuttgart DPW energy manager.
three nationwide consumer reporting agencies
The solar panels being installed on the roof of
to provide you with one free copy of your credit
the Kelley Barracks building — along with invert-
report each year, upon request. You may make
ers, transformers, switchgears and electric metering
such a request by visiting one of the company’s
equipment — absorb the sun’s light and produce
websites, or by writing to the Annual Credit
electricity, according to Kienzle.
Report Request Service at P.O. Box 105281, At-
The created electrical power of the solar panels,
lanta, GA, 30348. To best monitor your credit,
the result of which is a reduction in energy consump-
it may be wise to request a report from one of
tion, should save considerable money — particu-
the three agencies every four months.
larly in the high-demand summer months, Kienzle Carola Meusel
If you believe you may be the victim of explained. Construction workers install solar panels on
identity theft, you should place a fraud alert on Fittingly, construction on the Energy Conservation Building 3318 on Kelley Barracks Oct. 28.
your credit reports by notifying the three major Investment Project at Building 3318 began Oct. 4
consumer reporting agencies, and disputing any during national Energy Awareness Month. The work old, leaking pipes of the district heat distribution lines
inaccurate information. You should also close will be complete in November. on Panzer Kaserne. Work on that project will likely
any accounts that have been tampered with, file “It’s the first time we’re retrofitting solar electric begin in summer 2011, Grady said.
a police report, and report the theft to the Federal panels on an existing building,” DPW Deputy Direc- The garrison is also looking at replacing street
Trade Commission at tor Jim Grady said of the Kelley Barracks project. lights with new, more efficient LED lights in the next
Further, if you are a service member, con- “As we renovate buildings, we’re making them more year, with the goal of gradually replacing them all
sider notifying your commanding officer. In all energy efficient. We’ll do more in the future.” over time, Grady said. A test project of replacing light
services of the military, commanders may take This year’s Army theme for Energy Awareness bulbs with LED lighting in selected office buildings
administrative or disciplinary action against Month was “Empowering Defense through Energy — the largest of which is building 2915 on Panzer
service members who fail to meet their finan- Security.” The Installation Management Command’s Kaserne — is also under way, he said.
cial obligations in a proper and timely manner. 2010-2017 Installation Management Campaign Plan LED lights, which are more efficient than conven-
Notifying your commander that your identity includes six areas, or “lines of effort,” of which one tional incandescent or fluorescent lighting, last much
has been forged will prevent any surprise should is energy efficiency and security. longer and reduce maintenance costs.
he or she learn about bad checks written in your Developed in support of the Army Energy Security Additionally, work is being done on metering to
name or creditors looking to collect from you Implementation Strategy, the energy efficiency and track utility usage in different buildings, Grady said.
on charges made by the identity thief. security line of effort’s keys to success are reducing The DPW building isn’t the only one on Kelley
energy and water consumption, increasing energy and Barracks expected to go a long way in helping the
This column is not intended as individual water efficiency, modernizing infrastructure, and de- garrison meet its energy goals. The Kelley Child
or specific legal advice. If you have specific veloping renewable and alternative energy supplies. Development Center, which opened in August
issues or concerns, you should consult a judge USAG Stuttgart has a number of energy-saving 2010, has solar panels on the roof, double-paned
advocate at 421-4152/civ. 0711-729-4152. projects in various stages of development, Grady windows, well-insulated exterior walls and energy-
said. Currently under design is the replacement of saving light bulbs throughout, according to Kienzle.
The Citizen, November 4, 2010 News/Features Page 5

Army Family Action Plan

Submit AFAP issue, improve Army Family QOL

By Brittany Carlson the military community, and submitting these on issue one has to be pushed up to the regional level for reso-
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office cards using AFAP issue boxes located throughout the lution,’” she said. “When those issues are pushed up to
garrison, at facilities such as post offices and Army the regional level, we want the same response: ‘Those

ave any ideas for improving the quality and Air Force Exchange Services. They are also avail- issues need to go to Department of Army.’ This is …
of life for service members and their able online at where the changes can be made and implemented.”
families? Now is the time to submit them Ordukaya emphasized that submitting an AFAP Since AFAP was established in 1983, it has resulted
for the next Army Family Action Plan conference in issue is not another way to address local issues, such in 117 legislative changes, 162 DoD or DA policy
U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart. as facility operating hours or customer service com- changes and 178 improved programs or services,
Issues are due by Jan. 14, 2011, and will be dis- plaints. Issues such as these should be addressed to according to the Department of the Army Headquar-
cussed during the AFAP conference, to be held Feb. facility managers or submitted through the Interactive ters.
10-11 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Swabian Customer Evaluation system on the garrison website These include the distribution of Montgomery
Special Events Center on Patch Barracks. (, she said. GI Bill benefits to dependents in 2009 and extending
“It’s a way to change policy, create policy [and] “In doing that, they can get their issue resolved a TRICARE medical coverage for transitional survivor
enhance policy and quality of life for Soldiers and whole lot quicker than trying to tie it up in an AFAP spouses in 2010.
their families,” said Lisa Ordukaya, USAG Stuttgart issue,” she added. “They’ll get immediate results In addition to submitting issues, active duty
AFAP manager. with ICE because [managers] have to respond in 72 service members, reservists, retirees, civilians, fam-
Although AFAP is an Army program, the confer- hours.” ily members and youth can participate in the AFAP
ence in USAG Stuttgart — a joint services commu- The goal of the AFAP conference is to brainstorm conference by applying to be a delegate. Delegates
nity — will discuss issues submitted by all service solutions for issues that can affect the entire Army discuss the issues submitted, select those they believe
members, and have volunteer delegates representing Family or Defense Department. are the most important, and either propose a local
each branch of service. “Think broad, think big. No idea is a bad idea,” solution or submit to a higher-level conference with
Community members can participate by identify- Ordukaya said. a proposed resolution.
ing issues in which they see room for improvement in Potential issue topics include Wounded Warrior Community members can also register to volun-

benefits, single Soldier quality of life, and surviving teer as a conference facilitator, recorder, transcriber,
family member benefits. Some installations may have or issue support person.
Think broad, think big. “best practices” that can be made available to others
through AFAP, she added. For more information on AFAP issues submitted
No idea is a bad idea. Issues that cannot be resolved at the garrison level to the Department of the Army for action, visit www.
are sent to the regional AFAP conference and on to the, and click on “Family Pro-
Lisa Ordukaya Department of the Army conference, when applicable. grams,” then the AFAP issue link.

USAG Stuttgart AFAP manager “Although our commander will review all AFAP For more information on the USAG Stuttgart AFAP
issue submissions, our goal is to hear him say, ‘This conference, call 431-3643/civ. 07031-15-3643.

Garrison news is now available via e-mail. RI6WXWWJDUW “Show Us
To sign up for news flashes and briefs, send
an e-mail to,
6XQGD\$0 $0‡:HGQHVGD\30 Your Ink!”
with the subject: “add me to your mailing list.” 8QWHUH:DOGSOlW]H‡6WXWWJDUW 9DLKLQJHQ
3KRQH The Citizen is
)D[  looking for USAG
with military-
Bible Church of Stuttgart
6W/HRQKDUGNLUFKH inspired tattoos

be part of a photo
&KULVWPDV(YH6HUYLFH 6(59,&(6 essay on tattoos in
'HFHPEHU 6XQGD\6FKRRO DP a future issue of
˜›ȱ–˜›Žȱ’—˜DZȱ   ǯœŒŠ‘Ž›’—ŽœȬœžŠ›ǯŽȱ
7KXUVGD\3UD\HU0HHWLQJ SP Suggestive or
inappropriate tat-
Sunday School 10 a.m.
Morning Worship 11 a.m. To apply, e-mail
Sunday Evening Service 6 p.m.
Wednesday Evening 7 p.m. stuttgartmedia@
(Prayer and Bible study), and
Children’s Programs and
Nursery Provided
describe why your
Meeting at tattoos are impor-
Regerstrasse 19 tant to you. Please
70195 Stuttgart-Botnang
Tel: 07032-954314 include your con-
Missionary Pastor- Dr. Harold Pierce tact information.
Independent Baptist Church Serving (serving our Military and surrounding
the Stuttgart area communities since 1998)
Page 6 Force ProtectioN The Citizen, November 4, 2010

Practice situational awareness before traveling

By Rita Reilly
USAG Stuttgart Antiterrorism Office Since it is difficult to predict when and where a bad

N situation will occur, the strongest defenses community

ot everyone is expected to respond correctly
and immediately when faced with a danger-
ous situation. However, community mem- members have are the ability to be on guard, identify
bers who take situational awareness training are better suspicious and unsafe actions, and respond before they
prepared to make quick decisions regarding the security
and safety of themselves and their family members. impact them or the people around them.
In the next few months, there will be several
American holidays which provide opportunities to recently updated to address the most current threats lustrate how quickly a situation can become dangerous
travel and sightsee throughout Europe. Traveling can and is comprised of interactive scenarios with mul- for a large group of unsuspecting people. This has also
create excitement and a carefree attitude, but it also tiple choice answers to various hazardous situations, happened abroad in the not-so-distant past. The coor-
calls for vigilance. including an active shooter scenario. This training dinated terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, (2007) and
Recently, the U.S. State Department published a session can help strengthen community members’ the London bombings (2005) resulted in the deaths of
worldwide caution statement regarding the threats to knowledge and skills and possibly aid them in making hundreds of people. In both events, public transporta-
U.S. citizens throughout the world and a travel alert quick decisions in a crisis situation. tion was attacked. In Mumbai, several additional sites,
informing U.S. citizens of the potential for terrorist One of the most helpful skills to develop is good including luxury hotels, were attacked, resulting in the
attacks in Europe. The travel alert also pointed out situational awareness. Since it is difficult to predict death of an American man and his daughter.
that terrorists may elect to use a variety of weapons when and where a bad situation will occur, the strongest These events and their results indicate the need to
and targets in which to carry out an attack, with main defenses community members have are the ability to be trained, vigilant and prepared for the unexpected.
venues including public transportation systems and be on guard, identify suspicious and unsafe actions,
tourist infrastructure, as seen in the past with previ- and respond before they impact them or the people For more information on AT Level 1 training,
ous terrorist attacks to rail systems, aviation and around them. Many times, the simplest of actions can individual protective measures, travel alerts, local
maritime services. aid community members during an emergency, such as demonstrations and iWatch suspicious activity re-
At this time, military officials are encouraging knowing where the escape routes are at a restaurant or porting, visit the USAG Stuttgart home page, www.
all U.S. personnel 14 years old and older and living the hotel where they are staying, or knowing the local, and select the link for Antiterror-
abroad to take the Antiterrorism Level 1 Training emergency telephone numbers. ism, or call the USAG Stuttgart Antiterrorism Office
found at The training was The mass killings at Fort Hood on Nov. 5, 2009, il- at 431-2030/civ. 07031-15-2030.

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The Citizen, November 4, 2010 Features Page 7

Birgit Thompson

[Above] Inge Letsch, director of the

Frauenhaus (women’s shelter) in
Böblingen, looks through donations
for Make a Difference Day with Agnes
Brown, a Red Cross employee.

[Right] Marines pick up trash along

Panzerstrasse Oct. 22 as part of
Make a Difference Day.
Carola Meusel

Volunteering: Community members strive to help German

neighbors on ‘Make a Difference Day’
By Birgit Thompson U.S. Africa Command personnel Kontakt and the U.S. Marine Corps Davis added.
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority volun- delivered much-needed supplies such During the closing ceremony later
teers drove two vans loaded with non- as T-shirts, socks and personal hygiene that evening, USAG Stuttgart Director

ore than 400 volunteers perishable foods to the Stuttgart soup items to the Landstuhl Medical Tran- of Emergency Services Maj. George
from U.S. Army Gar- kitchen, Swäbische Tafel, in downtown sient Unit. Self addressed the volunteers.
rison Stuttgart swarmed Stuttgart. “I don’t know where to put it all,” “Thanks to all of you who went out
to local communities on Oct. 22-23 for Defense Information Systems said MaryAnn Phillips, volunteer coor- today to make a difference,” he said. “I
“Make a Difference Day,” the annual Agency volunteers picked up trash dinator for the MTU, who handed out want you to remember how you started
“day of doing good” by helping others. along Stuttgarter Strasse, between Soldiers Angels Wings (pins) to the vol- to volunteer. Someone nudged you and
In Stuttgart, the theme was “make a Patch Barracks and Panzer Kaserne. unteers as a token of her appreciation. said, ‘Come on, help out,’ so now you
difference in your community — your A group of Marines cleaned up “This year’s program was a big should nudge someone and get them to
German community.” Panzerstrasse on Friday morning (Oct. success,” said Laura Jean Davis, Army volunteer as well. Keep it going.”
Volunteer groups prepared for months 22) and then joined members of the Community Service volunteer coordi-
for the event, choosing a specific cause German-American Kontakt Club and nator for USAG Stuttgart. Make a Difference Day is the largest
or organization and collecting items to Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers “We had enough food collected to national day of helping others held in the
donate, or planning an act of service. program to take donations to the Medical visit a second soup kitchen, the Fran- U.S. and U.S. communities overseas. It
Several Girl Scout troops donated Transient Detachment at the Landstuhl ziskusstube that’s run by Sister Margret, was established by USA Weekend Maga-
animal food to the Stuttgart animal Medical Center on Saturday, Oct. 23. and she kept saying ‘It’s Christmas, It’s zine in 1992 and is always held on the
shelter, or Tierheim, in Botnang. Fourteen volunteers from BOSS, Christmas.’ She had tears in her eyes,” fourth Sunday of October.

Girl Scout
Troop 182,
and golden
Bella collect
for a local
shelter Oct.
Jacqueline Galik
Steve Dunlap,
Carola Meusel
[Above] Make a Difference Day volunteer Juanita Harvin (left) advisor,
explains how to use a new water cooler to Schwester (Sister) carries
Margret Ebe at the Franziskusstube, which serves breakfast to the donations
homeless. The cooler was donated with a year’s supply of water. into the
[Right] William Harvin (left) and Lt. Col. Addalyrica George stock Medical
shelves at the Schwäbische Tafel, which sells discounted groceries Transient
to the needy. The food was donated by commissary vendor S+K. Carola Meusel Birgit Thompson Unit.
Page 8 SchoolS The Citizen, November 4, 2010

PES club helps children cope when parents deploy

Story & photo by Brittany Carlson he misses us.”
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office As the children drew, Kuenning
asked them questions based on their

t first glance, it looked like age group, such as “What do you like
a game of musical chairs. to do with your dad?” and “How do you
But instead of walking stay in touch?”.
around the chairs to music, these children “I like kissing my dad,” said Em-
changed chairs in response to statements ily Rice, 5. “I like to cuddle with him
such as “Move if you have a parent in a lot.”
Afghanistan” or “Move if you’re sad that “I cried the first time he was going
your parent is deployed.” to leave,” she added later.
The game was part of the Patch El- It was a chance for many children
ementary School Mini Troopers Club, to open up about their feelings in a safe
designed to help young students with environment.
deployed parents cope using mediated “I don’t feel so sad anymore when I
discussions, games and crafts. talk to somebody about it,” said Benja-
The club is sponsored by the PES min Dennis, 9, whose father is currently
Guidance and Counseling Program, in deployed to Afghanistan.
collaboration with Military and Fam- Likewise, Brianna Staub, 10, appre-
ily Life Consultants, supported through Marin Dickman (left), 6, describes a drawing of her family to PES Guidance ciated the chance to open up to adults
Army Community Service. It meets every Counselor Jan Kuenning during a Mini Troopers Club meeting Oct. 21. who understood.
other Thursday in the PES Information Both of Staub’s parents are in the mil-
Center from 11:30 a.m. to noon for sec- children manage their fears and emo- from parents. itary and have been deployed; her father
ond and third grade, noon to 12:30 p.m. tions positively, develop methods to During the club’s first meeting this is now serving a tour in Afghanistan.
for kindergarten and first grade, and from stay in contact with their deployed year on Oct. 21, children played the “It’s a lot better, because you’re
12:30-1 p.m. for fourth and fifth grade. parent, prepare for departures and re- “Move If …” chair game, and drew with a person [who] can give you com-
“We realize we have parents de- unions, and relate with other children pictures of their families. fort,” she said. “They’re talking to you,
ployed a lot or TDY,” said Jan Kuenning, of deployed parents. Marin Dickman, 6, didn’t draw having fun with you, and it kind of feels
PES guidance counselor and founder/ “It’s really helpful for them to see her father, currently deployed, in the like a parent, but they’re not — they’re
director of the Mini Troopers Club. This there are other kids [who] have the picture; instead, she drew herself, her a friend.”
affects students academically, socially same situation,” Kuenning said. brothers and her mother, with a small
and behaviorally, she added. She initiated the program four airplane in the sky. “He’s up in the For more information, e-mail jan.
The goals of the club are to help years ago, after receiving requests plane,” she said. “He’s crying because

Red Ribbon mentors encourage children to stay drug-free

By Tanya Fogg Young Craig Collins
Special to The Citizen (bottom left), 6,
tosses a ball back

or first-grader Maria Tortorelli, a recent and forth with
game of toss drove home the point of what Olivia Moore
it’s like to attempt everyday activities under (bottom right), 6,
the influence of drugs.
while standing on
The Böblingen Elementary/Middle School student
one foot and only
had little difficulty tossing a yellow rubber ball back
using one hand,
and forth with a classmate — that is, until eighth-
as instructed by
grade “Red Ribbon role models” instructed each of
“Red Ribbon role
them to try doing so while standing on one foot and
models.” The
with one arm behind their backs.
game illustrated
“It was hard because I couldn’t catch it,” said
how using drugs
Tortorelli, 6. “If you do drugs and act like that, you
has a negative
won’t be able to catch the ball.”
The activity was part of the Red Ribbon Week influence on a
anti-drug lessons taught by a dozen eighth-graders person’s everyday
at BEMS to the school’s elementary students on Oct. activities.
Brittany Carlson
25. The eighth-grade students, trained by counselor Spirit Week activities, with themed days such as “I See working undercover in Mexico investigating a drug
Jasmin Coty of Adolescent Substance Abuse Coun- No Drugs In My Future!” in which students could wear ring. The annual Red Ribbon campaign began as a
seling Services, shared their passions for activities sunglasses to school, and “Doing Drugs is Wacky!” in way of commemorating Camerena and heightening
ranging from swimming to building miniature model which students opted to wear mismatched clothing. awareness of drug prevention.
airplanes, and stressed how using drugs would impair “Students get excited dressing up and announc- This year’s national slogan for Red Ribbon Week
their abilities to do these things and more. ing to the world they’re staying drug-free and living — “I am drug-free” — is a simple, yet powerful,
Student mentor Claire Levitt recalled the impres- a clean, healthy lifestyle,” said Ann Pugh, volunteer message, Pugh said. “It’s a back-to-basics focus with
sion the eighth-graders’ Red Ribbon Week presenta- campaigns and prevention coordinator for Army longevity,” she said.
tions made on her as a fifth-grader. “I knew some of Substance Abuse Program in USAG Stuttgart. Each year, third- through fifth-graders in the gar-
them and wanted to listen to them and do what they “In dressing up for a different cause every day, I rison compete in a slogan contest, with the winning
said because I could relate to them,” Levitt, 13, said. think students really start talking about it with their one at each school used during the following year’s
“I was thinking if I did drugs I wouldn’t be able to parents and opening up communication … between the Red Ribbon Week activities. Pugh said slogans used
go to the Olympics. I’ve been swimming since I was parent and the child and other siblings,” she added. this year were: “Drug User? You’re the Loser!” (Patch
7 years old.” This year marks the 25th anniversary of the mur- Elementary), “Don’t Follow the Rest … Be the Best”
Red Ribbon Week, celebrated Oct. 25-29 in U.S. der of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agent (BEMS), and “Always Be Drug Free” (Robinson
Army Garrison Stuttgart schools, featured a variety of Enrique Camarena, who was killed in 1985 while Barracks Elementary/Middle School).
The Citizen, November 4, 2010 Community AnnounCements Page 9

Thanksgiving meal For more information, call Service Music Ministry will
430-4332/civ. 0711-680-4332. host its 4th Annual Gospel
times set Extravaganza Nov. 13 at
• On Wednesday, Nov. 24, Newcomer’s orien- noon in the Panzer Chapel.
a Thanksgiving meal will be tation classes set The event will feature the
served at the 1st Battalion, New community members Gospel Service Choir and
10th Special Forces Group in U.S. Army Garrison Stut- Dance Ministry and several
(Airborne), Dining Facility on tgart can sign up for the free guest choirs.
Panzer Kaserne from 12-2:30 Stuttgart Newcomer’s Orien- For more information,
p.m. Service members in the tation, offered through Army contact Maurice Wilkes at
1/10th SFG (A) will be given Community Service Nov. 16, sgsmusicminister@yahoo.
priority from 12-1:30 p.m., fol- 18 and 30. com, or civ. 0171-214-9453.
lowed by 554th Military Police For more information, call
Company, and then other Donate food to
431-3362/civ. 07031-15-3362.
Veterans Day cer- Wounded Warriors
military units and civilians.
The meal price is $7.25. The U.S. Army Garrison
• On Thursday, Nov. 25, emony scheduled Stuttgart Better Opportunities
a Thanksgiving meal will be The U.S. Army Garrison for Single Soldiers program
served to the commmunity Stuttgart Veterans Day cer- will deliver a Thanksgiving
at the Black Stallion Dining emony will be held Nov. 11 at meal to Wounded Warriors at
Facility on Patch Barracks Dag Kregenow 11 a.m. on Washington Square, the Landstuhl Regional Medi-
(Building 2386) from 11:30
a.m. to 4 p.m. Meal prices will Pfennig Bazaar Patch Barracks.
The American Legion will
cal Center Nov. 18. BOSS is
seeking home-cooked food
be $7, and $5.95 for depen-
dents of E-4 and below. opens Oct. 23 host the event.
AAFES fu e l n o t
For more information, call
Fitness Center wa- Eliana Saxton, American chairperson for the Pfennig available Nov. 7 civ. 0174-248-9906.
ter outage Nov. 11 Bazaar (from left), Hildegard Göhrum, founder of Customers will not be Community Flea
On Nov. 11, the water in the bazaar, and Dr. Dagmar Bauer, German bazaar able to purchase fuel at Army
the Patch Fitness Center will
Market set
chairperson, untie a knot of the German and American and Air Force Exchange A Community Flea Mar-
be turned off from 9-11 a.m. flags to open the German American Women’s Club’s annual Service stations, use their
ket is set for Nov. 20 from
to repair a plumbing issue. Pfennig Bazaar Oct. 23. The GAWC collects donated items fuel ration card at local ESSO
The water outage will affect 10 a.m to 2 p.m. at the Patch
for resale at the bazaar. Funds raised at the bazaar are stations, or obtain a new fuel
all aspects of the operation Community Club. Register to
donated to community programs. ration card Nov. 7 from 5
that use water, including sell online at www.stuttgart-
a.m. to 1 p.m., due to systems
showers, toilets and sinks. maintenance.
For more information, immediate health care needs, representative, Sigrid Hell, at For more information, call
call Tracy Greusel, assistant contact the Nurse Advice
Meet Subway Guy 430-2110/civ. 0711-680-2110.
Jared Fogle, also known
manager, at 430-7136/civ. Line at 00800-4759-2330.
Volunteers needed as “The Subway Guy” will Send community-wide
GAWC hosts Ameri- at Patch CMR U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart announcements to stuttgart-
ACS to close for can States event The Community Mail
Nov. 18. Fogle will be avail-
training Nov. 18 The German American able to sign autographs at the
Room on Patch Barracks is
Patch Barracks Subway from
Army Community Service
will be closed for staff devel-
Women’s Club of Stuttgart
invites community members
seeking volunteers to work
during the holiday season.
noon to 1 p.m. and at the ICollectUK
opment and training Nov. 18 to its traditional GAWC Panzer Main Exchange from Antiques & Collectibles
For more information, call
from 8 a.m. to noon. 3:30-5:30 p.m. from UK & Europe
American States event Nov. the Administrative Services
on sale at Panzer Mall:  8 – 14 Nov.
For emergencies and ap- 19 at 10.30 a.m. in the Swabi- Division at 431-3807/civ. Gospel Extravagan- Come and visit me!
pointments during this time, an Special Events Center on 07031-15-3807.
call 431-3362/civ. 07031-15- Patch Barracks.
za set for Nov. 13 Jenny Bond ‘ICollectUK’
3362. The cost is €15 per person
Clinic expands The Stuttgart Gospel

Get your flu shot and includes lunch. hours of operation

RSVP by Nov. 12 to the The Stuttgart Army Health Restaurant
The Stuttgart Army
Health Clinic will provide flu American GAWC repre-
sentative, Helen Werum,
Clinic’s new hours of operation
will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mon-
St. Martin’s Time “Alter Bahnhof”
shots to the community on
the following dates:. at, or
the German/International
day through Thursday, and 7
a.m. to noon on Friday.
is Goose Time Bahnhofplatz 1
71088 Holzgerlingen
Tel: 07031/682796
• Patch Fitness Center: Starting November 11, 2010
Nov. 9 and 16, from 8 a.m. to
3 p.m. The journey begins …
• Panzer PX: Nov. 10 and • Fresh lamb’s lettuce with potatoe dressing
17, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and roasted breast of goose € 12,90
• Kelley Fitness Center:
Nov. 4, 12 and 18, from 8 Want to get for more?
a.m. to 3 p.m. • Roast Goose (breast and leg),
• Robinson Barracks Fit- red cabbage with apples and home-made
ness Center: Nov. 8, from 8 bread dumplings € 17,90
a.m. to 3 p.m. • Fine Ragout of St. Martin’s goose with red
Health clinic to close lentils, coriander sauce and “Schupfnudeln”
(Finger-shaped potato dumplings) € 15,90
for Veterans Day • Goose liver in Balsamico-jus with sliced
The Stuttgart Army Health
apple and polenta € 15,80
Clinic will close in observance
of Veterans Day Nov. 11.
Contact the Military Po-
For the sweet finish …
• Lemon flavored baked apple with
lice in case of an emergency rosmary-vanilla ice and cream € 7,90
at civ. 0711-680-116. For
Page 10 Homecoming 2010 The Citizen, November 4, 2010

[2] Joseph Mancy

[1] Brittany Carlson [3] Larry Reilly

[1] PHS football team varsity Defensive Coordinator Rob Collins (right), shares a moment of laughter with the team before the homecoming game Oct. 16 on H
Hohenfels and the Munich International School. [3] PHS women’s volleyball player Emily Baxter (front) hits the ball toward a Hohenfels player during the homec
varsity football team, stays one step ahead of Weisbaden players during a run in the second half of the homecoming game. [5] Ajdin Tahirovic jumps to hammer th
during a homecoming match versus Hohenfels, with Elizabeth Derner and Michelle Billeaud spotting (left to right). [7] Morgan Mahlock, a sophomore on the L

By Brittany Carlson both touchdowns after
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office riors, and kicker Conn

ished the plays with fie
pirits were high during Patch “We were able to

High School’s homecoming mistakes,” said Head C
week, especially after a series
forced two fumbles de
of sports victories on Home-
The score didn’t b
coming Day Oct. 16.
“Students are really excited about both game, giving the Panth
how the overall season has gone and particu- Hill said the game
larly homecoming,” said Jennifer Rowland, defensive team, who m
in her first year as PHS principal. margin.“Holding thei
Despite a steady rain, the Panthers’ varsity points — that says som
football team got off to a running start during The Panthers ended
the homecoming game versus the Wiesbaden in third place in the div
Warriors, scoring two consecutive touchdowns The men’s tennis
in the first quarter, for a score of 14-2. 9-0, helping them to st
Running back Kenny Hall (#27) scored The women’s tenn

[8] Brittany Carlson [9] Joseph Mancy

[8] Jacob Camacho (#29), a corner and running back for the PHS varsity football team, avoids a tackle by a Wiesbaden player during the homecoming game Oc
Oct. 16. The women’s tennis team beat Vilseck 5-4. [10] The Panthers’ varsity football team, led by Kenny Hall (#27), converges on a Weisbaden player, attemptin
Lockridge, who finished third and second, respectively, in the homecoming race against Bamberg, Munich International School, Vilseck, Asbach and Hohenfels
The Citizen, November 4, 2010 Homecoming 2010 Page 11

[6] Larry Reilly

[4] Joseph Mancy [5] Joseph Mancy [7] Joseph Mancy

Husky Field. The Panthers beat Wiesbaden 14-2. [2] The Lady Panthers cross-country team took first place in the homecoming meet against Bamberg, Vilseck,
coming match Oct. 16, spotted by Alayna Hubner (back). The team beat the Hohenfels Tigers 3-0. [4] Marshal Haas (#10), quarterback for the Patch High School
he ball back into Vilseck court during a varsity men’s tennis match Oct. 16. The men’s tennis team beat Vilseck 9-0. [6] Kristin Vobril jumps to spike the volleyball
Lady Panthers’ cross-country team, won first place in the 5K homecoming race by more than a minute with a time of 19:35.
r two fumbles by War- 5-4. victory, he added. “Emily Baxter had one of third (18:16) pushing the team to an overall
ner Charlton (#45) fin- Walter Fritz, tennis coach for both teams, her best performances and was really hit- victory, despite first place going to Zane Ken-
eld goals. said the victories are the result of constant ting,” he said. “The other stand-out [player] nidy from Vilseck (17:28).
o capitalize on their practice. “I tell the kids our main goal is to was Dani [Loffert] — she’s our defensive “They have a personal drive,” said Karla
Coach Brian Hill. “We improve each day, and if they improve each specialist.” Phillips, boys cross country team coach, said
eep in their territory.” day, they’ll have results,” he said. Both the women’s and men’s cross-coun- of the team. “They’re always improving.”
budge the rest of the The Lady Panthers volleyball team played try teams took first place at the homecoming Leading up to Homecoming Day, PHS
hers the victory. two homecoming matches, against Hohenfels five-kilometer race against Bamberg, Vilseck, held its annual Spirit Week activities Oct.
was truly won by the and Wiesbaden, in a “best of five” format. Hohenfels, the Munich International School 12-15, in which underclassmen competed
maintained the winning They beat Hohenfels 3-0, but lost to Wi- and Ansbach (boys only). against the seniors for the coveted “Spirit
ir offense to just two esbaden 1-3. On the women’s team, sophomore Morgan Stick” by dressing up, decorating the
mething,” he said. The Hohenfels Tigers were no match for Mahlock beat the next closest competitor by a hallways and facing off in the traditional
d the regular season 2-4, the Panthers’ teamwork, according to Head full minute, with a time of 19:35. Sophomore powder puff cheerleading competition and
vision. Coach Joshua McCall. Katherine Castro (Division 1 European Cham- football game.
team crushed Vilseck “We had terrific serving and that kind of pion last year) took second place at 20:52. “I was really impressed with all the things
tay undefeated (5-0). helped us dominate the match,” McCall said. On the boys’ team, Brandon Lockridge Patch does for homecoming,” Rowland said.
nis team beat Vilseck Two seniors in particular drove the team took second place (18:13) and Nick Pugh took “We had a really good time … .”

[10] Brittany Carlson [11] Joseph Mancy [12] Joseph Mancy

ct. 16. [9] Mica Aguilar, team captain for the lady Panthers’ tennis team, prepares to send the ball back into Vilseck’s court during the team’s homecoming match
ng to rip the ball from his grasp, during the homecoming game. [11] Karla Phillips, PHS men’s cross-country coach, cheers on Nick Pugh (center) and Brandon
Oct. 16. [12] Jason Pinnow (#74) and his PHS football teammates break from the homecoming game for a team huddle with Steve Cranmer, a line coach.
Page 12 Safety The Citizen, November 4, 2010

Keep commute smart, safe this winter season

By Sgt. Fabian Ortega
USAREUR Public Affairs Office

urope’s roadways are cov-
ered with fog, sleet, snow
and ice in the winter, making
the season a challenging one for drivers
who lack road experience in Europe or
are new to a wintry environment.
As freezing temperatures approach,
they bring the dangers of slippery roads
and limited visibility, hampering daily
commutes and holiday trips.
“My advice to a first-time driver
in Europe [is] don’t get in the car and
plan a long trip somewhere without first
getting out there and getting some ex-
perience,” said Dave Scott, U.S. Army
Europe chief of safety.
The suggestion isn’t only for first-
timers in Europe. Messy weather, such
as slick and snow-strewn roads, can
make the most experienced drivers File photo
seem inexperienced, Scott added. A driver practices navigating slick roads during a winter driving safety course hosted by the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart
He said the most common accidents Safety Office at the ADAC practice site in Leonberg. Slick roads and adverse weather conditions that arrive with the
in winter are collisions and skidding off winter season can be especially daunting to first-time drivers in Europe.
the road, and that the causes are usually
following too closely and driving too “Clear all of your windows and tire chains if signs are posted when “The biggest challenge with black
fast for weather conditions. mirrors to see ... others. Steer gently traveling on mountain roads in north- ice is you don’t notice it until it’s too
Some people think that “follow- to maintain control of a vehicle on icy ern regions of Italy, where sweeping late,” he said.
ing too closely” means “tailgating,” patches of road,” he said. winds can drop temperatures to below If you encounter black ice and begin
but that isn’t necessarily true, Scott Anticipate icy roads in the morning, freezing, said Christopher D. Sheets, to skid, Scott recommends easing off
said. Stopping distances can be up to “especially if there has been some fog U.S. Army Garrison Vicenza safety the accelerator and steering into the
18 times longer than on a dry road, so overnight,” he added. manager. direction of the skid.
rear-ending someone can result from “In the Alps and higher regions, you Though Italy does not receive much Another winter driving challenge is
brakes applied a long way away. will encounter areas where tire chains snow in winter, the threat of black ice low visibility, something drivers in the
“A good starting point is [putting] are required,” Scott said. “If you like to exists, just as it does in many other Benelux military community experi-
at least five seconds of time between go skiing, it’s a good idea to have chains European countries. ence, according to Rudy R. Magain,
you and the vehicle in front, and and practice putting them on.” Black ice is a very thin sheet of ice safety manager for USAG Benelux.
increas[ing]the distance as things de- Watch for the blue snow tire chain that covers the road surface. The source “Dense fog is common in the Ben-
teriorate,” he said. sign and other advisories that make can be snow-melt from the previous day, elux area this time of year,” he warned.
To lessen the risk of becoming chains mandatory in those regions, he moisture in the air during the early morn- “In the early morning and on our way
another statistic, Scott offered a few added. ing hours or even exhaust from idling home from work, there is potential
winter driving tips. Similarly, drivers may require vehicles at an intersection, Scott said. for accidents. I would ask people to
make sure their car’s lights are work-
ing well.”
Prepare for winter driving Scott advises those who are not me-
chanically inclined to let professionals
• Check that all lights — front, rear and hazard — are functioning correctly inspect their vehicles for winter driving
before the weather gets bad. “Many ga-
and are clean. rages offer a free winter service check,”
• Adjust headlights to maximize visibility and keep from blinding other drivers. Scott said.
• Check wiper blades for wear and cracks and replace them, if necessary. In addition to required equipment,
Scott recommended stocking vehicles
• Keep winter grade windshield washing fluid in the windshield fluid reservoir. with the following items for winter:
• The German Road Traffic standard requires drivers to use winter (or all • Snow shovel
season) tires with at least one-sixth of an inch of tread depth. • Ice scraper and brush
• Have a mechanic check the battery, charging system, antifreeze level and • Tow chain or strap
• Tire chains
quality, and brakes. Ensure that the heating and rear window defrosting • Flashlight (with extra batteries)

systems work. • Jumper cables

• Abrasive material (cat litter, sand,
• Make sure you have an ice scraper, snow brush and shovel on hand.
salt or traction mats)
USAG Stuttgart • Recommended warning vest or
flashing yellow light.
• An empty coffee or similar type
can containing candles, matches (in a
watertight container) or a lighter, and
high-energy food (such as chocolate or
dried fruit).
• Blankets to keep warm, if you
become stranded in your vehicle.
The Citizen, November 4, 2010 HealtH Page 13

Parents can help combat childhood obesity

By Wendy LaRoche Keeping low-fat mayonnaise as a condiment.
U.S. Army Public Health Command children Include fruit; it’s sweet and can satisfy
(Provisional) active and a sweet tooth. Carrots and celery are
promoting great in lunches and can be served with

he last two decades have peanut butter, fat-free yogurt or fat-
shown a rise in childhood free ranch dressing for dipping. Avoid
obesity, including children eating
snacks containing partially hydroge-
in Army families. As obesity numbers habits at
nated oils such as coconut and palm
in children continue to climb, so do home and oils. Last, provide a bottle of water.
conditions associated with obesity, for at school Think differently about dinner. En-
example, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, sleep are two gage children in the cooking process
apnea and high cholesterol. ways that and portion food in a serving dish that
Early detection and treatment can parents would equal a serving size for each fam-
reduce the likelihood that these health can help ily member. Passing the serving dishes
problems will occur. Parents can advo- their around will teach children to take smaller
cate for their children by asking ques- children food portions. Try broiling or baking
tions of their child’s healthcare provider to combat something instead of frying it. Add any
during the child’s annual check-up and childhood kind of vegetables and minimize starches
by establishing healthy habits at home. like potatoes or white rice.
The most widely used diagnostic When it comes to dessert, offer
early on.
tool to identify weight problems within healthy options such as a frozen fruit
a population is Body Mass Index. BMI a percentile range. The general rule • Child’s eating habits and calorie bar or a yogurt smoothie. Angel food
is a statistical measure calculated from of thumb is that overweight children intake. cake is another option and it’s fat free.
a person’s weight and height. For chil- statistically fall between the 85th and • Child’s physical activity level. Exercise is a great family activity.
dren, BMI is age and sex specific. BMI 94th percentile compared to the weight If a child is overweight or obese, his Walks after dinner are a nice way to
doesn’t measure body fat; it identifies of their peers (same sex and age). Obe- or her parent can try making the following burn calories. Let children help plan the
healthy body weight based on com- sity is defined as the 95th percentile or small changes to eating habits right away. physical activity regimen. On warmer
parisons between a child’s height and above on the growth chart used. In the morning, use fat-free or reduced-fat days, ride bikes, run or play a sport. If
weight as plotted on a growth curve. BMI is one indicator for obesity. A milk in cereal, and purchase whole-grain the weather is rainy, play indoor games.
A child’s BMI is typically calculated child’s doctor can help identify whether cereals. Add fruit to the morning meal. Check out an exercise or dancing DVD
as part of an annual well-visit physical. his or her weight is a concern. Parents can Limit items such as toaster pastries. from the library, or simply play a CD
After the BMI is calculated for children help by providing the following informa- Prepared lunches from home will and have fun making up silly dances.
and teens, the BMI number is plotted tion to their child’s healthcare provider: enable parents to have more control Help combat childhood obesity by
on the Centers for Disease Control • Family history of obesity and over their child’s caloric intake. For encouraging healthy eating habits in
and Prevention’s BMI-for-age growth weight-related health problems, such lunch, consider sandwiches made of children and encouraging them to be
charts (for either boys or girls) to obtain as diabetes. whole-grain breads and try mustard or physically active.

Drug Awareness Month

ASAP drug turn-in promotes awareness

USAG Stuttgart Army Substance Abuse

prescription drug and over-the-counter
medication turn-in was held Oct. 15 at
the Panzer Mall to kick off Drug Aware-
ness Month in October.
The event was co-sponsored by the U.S. Army
Garrison Stuttgart Army Substance Abuse Program
and Stuttgart Army Health Clinic Pharmacy.
The prescription drug turn-in was an effort by
the garrison to prevent the misuse of drugs and raise
awareness about the dangers of unused prescription
drugs and their abuse among teens.
Parents can immediately reduce teen access to
prescription drugs in the home by properly disposing
of the drugs. More teens abuse prescription drugs
more than any other illegal drug, except marijuana.
Unused prescription drugs are a danger to children
and a danger to the environment. Drugs can reach
waterways when they are flushed down toilets into
sewers and septic systems or when they are thrown
in the trash. Not all drugs can be treated at traditional
Birgit Thompson
wastewater treatment plants. Consequently, they
leach into surface water or infiltrate groundwater. A community member receives some free items and learns about the dangers of old prescription drugs from
For those who missed the event, turn in out- Leslie Sweeney (second from right), prevention coordinator for the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Army
dated prescription drugs to the Stuttgart Army Substance Abuse Program, and Pfc. Frank Ladra, pharmacy technician for the Stuttgart Army Health Clinic,
Health Clinic Pharmacy. during the garrison’s prescription drug and over-the-counter medication turn-in Oct. 15.
Page 14 Culture The Citizen, November 4, 2010

Art, culture and swine: Stuttgart’s historic slaughterhouse now

home to world’s largest pig museum
Story & photos by Carola Meusel
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

wo famous politicians believed pigs were
a worthy topic of conversation.
Harry Truman once said, “No man
should be allowed to be the president who does not
understand hogs.”
Likewise, Winston Churchill said, “I like pigs.
Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat
us as equals.”
Both politicians probably would have been amused Porky Pig and other pop culture pig items from around
to find their quotes painted along a “wall of fame” at the world are on display at the pig museum.
the world’s largest pig museum in Stuttgart. Another highlight is the “pig calendar” on the
Located at Stuttgart’s former slaughterhouse, first floor.
dating back to 1909, the Schweinemuseum, or pig “Visitors can open a wooden door with their birth
museum, opened its doors to the public in May of date [on it] to find their own lucky pig for the year,”
2010. The museum displays close to 42,000 artifacts, Siegle said.
including jewelry, collector’s items, household goods, On the second floor, visitors will see another curi-
dishes, sculptures, movies, books and paintings, all osity, a 2.5-meter-high pyramid made out of hundreds
concerning pigs. of plush pigs. The pyramid represents everlasting
“Overall, the museum has 25 different themed luck, since it is surrounded by mirrors, endlessly
exhibition halls and three separate rooms for rotating Holger Siegle, spokesperson for the Schweinemuseum
in Stuttgart, explains how the museum’s golden sow reflecting this piece of art.
exhibits. It’s all about the colorful world of pigs in The museum also offers a hands-on play room for
here,” said Holger Siegle, museum spokesperson. represents wealth and luck.
children and a small “Pig Movie Theater,” playing TV
All of the exhibits are in German and English. Different pig breeds and techniques throughout shows featuring pigs, such as “The Muppet Show.”
“People are surprised, and the reactions we’ve history are illustrated on paintings, drafts and photos After an eventful journey into the world of pigs,
gotten so far were absolutely positive. Nobody really leading up to the modern idea of a breeding sow, visitors can stop by the “Schlachthof” restaurant in
knows what to expect from a pig museum,” Siegle known in German as “the golden sow.” the museum, for rustic Swabian food (and an English
added. Along with the more educational history on pigs, menu). The restaurant also has a beer garden and pic-
The pigs come in all shapes and forms, and they are visitors can find playful kitsch, like a dozen plush pigs turesque terrace for visitors to enjoy a cool beer or a
embedded in culture, quotes, history and traditions. arranged inside preservation jars or piggy banks in all “Schweinshaxe” (ham bone) during the summer.
The first room starts with the display of a histori- sizes, scattered along window sills and sideboards. The pig museum aims to impress children and
cal butchery, introducing utensils used for slaughter “We are using pretty much everything that has to adults through a combination of interesting curios,
dating back to the 19th century. The second room do with pigs, no matter where the word ‘pig’ or ‘sow’ educational facts about pigs and even the lure of
takes visitors out to the woods, into nature and to the appears,” Siegle said. luck. After touring the museum, visitors will know
wild boars. Another room holds various treasures for One example is the “global pig” room, featuring almost everything there is to know about this popular
the enthusiastic hunter and is called the “Jägerstube,” various pig figurines and artifacts made out of wood, animal.
the hunter’s room. plastic and porcelain, and brought to Stuttgart from They may even ask the same question the French
“This room has the character of a typical hunters’ all over the world. writer Grimod de la Reynière asked in the 19th cen-
hut, displaying glasses, pitchers, mugs and many Among the featured items are a pig sheriff, the tury: “Everything in a pig is good. What ingratitude
wooden accessorizes all designed with the motif of Statue of Liberty with a pig head, pig earrings, pig has permitted his name to become a term of oppro-
wild boars,” Siegle explained. beer mugs, lucky pigs, pigs in wedding gowns, and brium [disgrace]?”
The museum’s diverse exhibits take visitors pigs dressed up as chefs or even hanging from a key
through history to legends and myths, and back again chain. For more information on the museum and restau-
to modern pig pop culture. Pigs were also part of legends and mythology, rant, visit
The “pig laboratory” illustrates the anatomy of pigs and visitors can learn about this connection at the English guided tours can be booked by calling
and showcases a pig skeleton from the U.S. museum’s “myth pig” showroom. civ. 0711-66419-600.

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Are you interested in placing an Tel: 07152-903232 Opening hours:
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• Tandoori & Curry Special •
• Party & Catering Service • Take away •
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The Citizen, November 4, 2010 EntErtainmEnt Page 15

What’s happening in FMWR Coming to

Mexican restaurant now
Patch Theater
Garrison Stuttgart. Volunteers must
be 18 years old or older.
open on Patch For more information, call 430-
Manolitos Mexican Restaurant 5606/civ. 0711-680-5606, or e-mail
is now open in the Swabian Special Nov. 4 — Nanny McPhee Re-
Events Center on Patch Barracks. turns (PG) 6 p.m.
For more information, call See live comedy Nov. 6 Nov. 5 — Paranormal Activity
430-8205/5758/civ. 0711-680- at RB Club 2 (R) 7 p.m., The Expendables (R)
8205/5758. Local comedian Bengt Wash- 9:30 p.m.
Nov. 6 — Nanny McPhee Re-
Take survey, win prizes burn will perform a free show
turns (PG) 4 p.m., The Last Exor-
Take the Child, Youth and for adults Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. in the
Brewed Awakenings Cafe, located cism (PG-13) 7 p.m., Paranormal
School Services survey now Activity 2 (R) 9 p.m.
in the Robinson Barracks Club.
through Dec. 1, and be eligible to Nov. 7 — Nanny McPhee Re-
For more information, call 430-
win FMWR prizes, such as free turns (PG) 2 p.m., The Expendables
2110/civ. 0711-680-2110.
green fees at the Stuttgart Golf (R) 4 p.m., Paranormal Activity 2
Course or an Outdoor Recreation Enter photo contest (R) 7 p.m.
gift certificate. The survey is avail- U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Nov. 8 — Paranormal Activity
able online at www.surveymonkey. Family and Morale, Welfare and 2 (R) 6 p.m.
Recreation is hosting an online Nov. 9 — The Last Exorcism
photo contest for the community. (PG-13) 6 p.m.
For more information, call 430-
The winning photos will be fea- Nov. 10 — Takers (PG-13) 6
7480/civ. 0711-680-7480. tured on the 2011 FMWR calendar. p.m.
Instructors needed Visit Nov. 11 — The Expendables
Instructors are needed to teach contest.html for details on how and (R) 6 p.m. DreamWorks Animation
piano, stringed instruments, wood- what to submit. The deadline for Nov. 12 — Megamind (PG) 6 Date (R) 7 p.m.
wind instruments, martial arts, swim- submission is Nov. 8. p.m., Due Date (R) 9 p.m. Nov. 15 — Megamind (PG) 6
ming, driver’s education and other For more information, call 421- Nov. 13 — Megamind (PG) 4 p.m.
child/youth specialized programs for 2871/civ. 0711-729-2871. p.m., Going the Distance (R) 7 p.m., Nov. 16 — Takers (PG-13) 6
the Child, Youth and School Services Due Date (R) 9 p.m. p.m.
School of Knowledge, Inspiration, For MWR updates, e-mail Nov. 14 — Megamind (PG) 2 Nov. 17 — Going the Distance
Exploration and Skills in U.S. Army p.m., Megamind (PG) 4 p.m., Due (R) 6 p.m.
Page 16 SportS & fitneSS The Citizen, November 4, 2010

SportS SHortS
Baseball clinic
The Stuttgart American Little
League will host a baseball
clinic Nov. 11-14 for youths
from 12-18 years of age. If there
is sufficient interest, a baseball
clinic for children under 12 and a
softball clinic may be offered.
For exact times, cost and
more information, contact Larry
Tannenbaum at tannenbl.ctr@
Sign up for racquet-
ball tourney
Twelve U.S. Army, Europe Soldiers represented USAREUR as part of two running teams in the 2010 Army Ten-Miler in The Lunch Bunch Raquetball
Washington, D.C. Oct. 24. The annual race, which starts and ends at the Pentagon, takes runners past major local landmarks, Tournament is scheduled for Nov.
such as the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, the Washington Monument, the Kennedy Center and the Capitol Building. 15-19 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at

USAREUR running teams place

the Kelley Fitness Center.
Sign up by Nov. 12 at the Kel-
ley Fitness Center. Participants
must be 18 years old or older.

2nd, 14th in Army Ten-Miler For more information, call

421-2543/civ. 0711-729- 2543.
ODR kicks off winter
Story & photo by Bruce Anderson assigned to the Joint Multinational season with movie
U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs Training Command in Grafenwöhr. Individual results U.S. Army Garrison Stut-
Matiskella was indeed running up front,

Men’s Team tgart’s Outdoor Recreation and
welve U.S. Army, Europe Sol- finishing 20th overall with a time of Maj. Keith E. Matiskella, Joint the Patch Ski Club will host a
diers represented USAREUR 51:28. Multinational Training Com- winter sports season kick-off
as part of two running teams Sgt. Katherine O’Dell, assigned mand: 20th overall, 3rd in divi- event Nov. 17 from 6-9 p.m.
in the 2010 Army Ten-Miler, held Oct. to Headquarters, USAREUR, didn’t sion, 51:28 at the Patch Community Club,
24 in Washington, D.C. see many of the monuments either, Maj. Daniel E. Welsh, 172nd In- including a free showing of
The USAREUR men’s team fin- partly because of her focus and partly fantry Brigade Combat Team: 55th
ished with a time of 3:42.09, getting Warren Miller’s newest film,
because of the large number of runners overall, 11th in division, 55:30 “Wintervention.”
second place in a field of 40 teams Capt. Kyle A. Greenberg, U.S.
in the race. The event also includes trip
from across the Army. The USAREUR Army Garrison Garmisch: 52nd
“It was great to see so many people sign-ups and information, finger
mixed team finished with a time of overall, 20th in division, 55:16
together, but it was kind of tough to find foods, door prizes and games.
4:41.25, placing 14th out of 46 mixed 1st Lt. Bradley W. Glosser, 12th
room to run,” O’Dell said. For more information, call
teams. Combat Aviation Brigade: 172nd
According to race organizers, the 431-2774/civ. 07031-15-2774.
The annual race, which starts and overall, 25th in division, 59:55
30,000 registered runners made the
ends at the Pentagon, takes runners
26th annual race the second-largest 1st Sgt. Walter L. Johnston, Register for winter
past the major Washington, D.C., USAREUR Band: 312th overall,
landmarks, such as the Lincoln and
10-mile race in the United States and
25th in division, 1:02.50
the third-largest in the world. Register for Child, Youth and
Jefferson memorials, the Washington Sgt. John J. Baeza, Bavaria
Monument, the Kennedy Center and The size of the race wasn’t the only School Services winter sports
thing that impressed O’Dell. She said Dental Activity: 607th overall,
the Capitol Building. now through Nov. 12. Sign up
she was proud to participate in the 126th in division, 1:06.32
But many of the runners were for basketball (ages 3-15), cheer-
concentrating so intently on the race, and was especially humbled to leading (ages 4-15) and wrestling
Mixed Team
race that they didn’t see much of the run with competitors who had lost their (ages 6-14). Participants must be
Capt. Myra Galusha, 3-158th
monuments. legs and with runners carrying photos enrolled with CYS Services with
Aviation Regiment: 375th overall,
“You’ve got to be able to focus on of fallen Soldiers. 8th in division, 1:03.45 a valid physical through March
what you’re doing when you’re running “This is a good way to honor people Chief Warrant Officer 5 Ed- 15, 2011.
up front,” said Maj. Keith Matiskella, who have made sacrifices in war,” gardo D. Academia, 7th Signal For more information, call

O’Dell said. Brigade: 575th overall, 45th in 430-7480/civ. 0711-680-7480.
Matiskella, who first ran this race division, 1:06.15 Run in Turkey 4x4
This is a good in 1997 and has competed nearly every Staff Sgt. Alicia L. Anderson, Try to win a Thanksgiving
year since, does so in part because it 7th Army NCO Academy: 1,760th
way to honor gives him a chance to catch up with overall, 71st in division, 1:13.41
Turkey by running in the Turkey
4x4 Relay, set for Nov. 20 at 10
people who people he has served with during his
Army career.
Spc. Kattie L. Lucido, Head-
a.m. on Husky Field. Register
quarters, V Corps: 7,186th over-
have made sac- “We’re a big family here in the all, 428th in division, 1:28.46 your four-person team at the
Army,” Matiskella said. “Once you’ve Sgt. Katherine E. O’Dell, Patch Fitness Center by Nov 17.
rifices in war. served with someone, you remember Headquarters, USAREUR: 2,798th Registration is free and is limited
them.” overall, 46th in division, 1:17.44 to 12 teams, with a minimum age
Sgt. Katherine O’Dell of 12 years old.
Spc. Ekaterina I. Volsky, Head-
HQ, USAREUR For more information and complete quarters, USAREUR: 4,015th For more information, call
Army 10-Miler participant results, visit the event’s website, www. overall, 201st in division, 1:21.22 430-7136/civ. 0711-680-7136.
The Citizen, November 4, 2010 Page 17

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Dr. Erica Applezweig - Licensed American Psychologist
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Pre-Christmas season begins in Sindelfingen

Happy Xmas - American Christmas spirit at the 36th Sindelfinger Christmas market on November 13.
American high school kids and rally also well known in Germany, following days, each of which will For further information please
American quilting make American but few know that Saint Nikolaus highlight another nation’s show contact:
Christmas traditions come alive. was the patron saint of New York. of its special type of Christmas. Wiltraud Hinz-Hohenstein,
The myth about Santa Claus, Entrance to the market is free, Public Relations,
Members of the United States however, can be traced back to as well as transportation on the Phone: 07031 791-113
Armed Forces have been part 1823, when “The Night Before shuttle bus on all days from the Fax: 07031 791-101,
of the region around Sindelfin- Christmas” was first published. S-Bahn station at Sindelfingen- E-mail: wiltraud.hinz@
gen for many years. This year, Goldberg to the Messe Sindelfin-
Santa Claus will also find his The visitors of the 36th Sindelf- gen (Christmas Market location).
way to the Christmas market in inger Christmas Market can be
Sindelfingen. The Sindelfinger mesmerized in American Christ-
Christmas market opens this mas atmosphere, not only by the
year under the theme “Interna- beauty and colorful offerings of
tional Christmas” and brings the approximately 200 stands, but
all visitors in Christmas spirit also by obtaining tips and infor-
with beautiful Christmas songs mation about American quilting.
by American high school kids.
The many events of the Sindel-
European emigrants brought the finger Christmas Market invite
Saint Nikolaus custom to the Unit- you to visit the market, not only
ed States. This custom is natu- on November 13, but also on the
Page 18 The Citizen, November 4, 2010


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18th Annual USO Europe

Service Salute Honorees
IS3 Kevin M. Mullins
Oberstabsgefreiter Alexander Frickel Friday, October 15th, Dual Bay Hangar, Ramstein Air Base
German Army
Corporal Gerald A. Ramsey, Jr. Proud Sponsors of the 18th Annual USO Europe Service Salute
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The Citizen, November 4, 2010 Page 19

Air Conditioner For Sale - Like Sponge Bob Inflatable Bouncer Transformer wanted - 1600 watts
Classified World!
new Galanz 13000 btu portable 100.00 or OBO. This is 120Volts. or more. Must be in good working
ANNOUNCEMENTS air conditioner with all accesso- Call: 0711-2070-8813 or 0711- condition. Call Lee at 0160-9581-
A Multi-Media Experience!
All ads & pics can be viewed @ ries - New $380 Asking $180 or 680-2955. Email: thomas0765@ 9977.

THIS best offer Phone 434-5387
Are you interested in placing
New Club Forming - if you are in-
Dark brown genuine leather exe- an ad in the Citizen?
terested in joining a fun group and
cutive office chair with leather PETS ADVERTISING SPACE Please contact:
padded loop arms/high back/swi- COULD BE YOURS! or call 0631- 303 355 30
meeting interesting people from a
vel/gas lift&tilt funtion. $55 Used 1 All ads & pics can be viewed @
variety of backgrounds and inte-
month. 0160-9564-0699
rests then LNO (ladies night out)
Stuttgart is for you…what we do Dollhouse Loft Bunkbed by Tra-
is meet once a month for dinner 2 female rabbits with cages free
dewins - perfect Christmas Gift
and conversation at a different re- to good home. You can take one
for Creative Girls - lower area fits
staurant …we share interesting or both. Please contact me for
twin/full bed. Buyer must move it.
stories and laugh…on occasion pics or more info at
$999, ph. 0703-423-7270
we will do a tour in conjunction
with dinner…if you are interested Double bed w/ headboard / foot-
in joining…please send an e-mail
to Isabel at lnostuttgart@ya, our first outing will be in
board. Two mattresses. Linens in-
cluded. Available now for pick up.
$85 Kevin/Barbara
WANTED Stokes Agency…
All ads & pics can be viewed @ All Your Insurance Needs In One Office
Fitz & Floyd Signature Coll Coo- · Loans up to $10,000 ·
FOR SALE -- MISC kie Jar, Halloween Witch w/ Cat, AFN / PowerVu Receiver - Ameri-
· Take a Vacation / Buy a used car ·
retired. In the box. $230 0711- can Forces Network Hi - I am loo-
All ads & pics can be viewed @ 729-2402 or 421-2402 mar king for a PowerVu receiver with · Fly Home! · valid subscription. (with valid aut-
horization for afn tv) .....if you or Kurmarkerstr. 30
2 Twin Beds. Brand new mat- Hi - I am looking for a PowerVu someone else can help me then 70569 Stuttgart -Vaihingen
tress and bedding. Used wood receiver with valid subscription. please let me know ptech@ Tel: 0711-6873096 • Back gate of Patch
headboards & frames. Vaihingen .....if you or someone else can or icq 430974952

Stokes Agency…
$1000. OBO 015112495924 970- help me then please let me know
399-7355 ptech@gmx. co. uk or Childcare Needed - 2 kids, 2 & 3
AFN / PowerVu Receiver - Ameri- icq430974952 yrs old on M/W/F from 1:30-3pm.
can Forces Network Hi - I am loo- Need someone to watch/play w/ All Your Insurance Needs In One Office
Ladie's bicycle blue in color, mul-
king for a PowerVu receiver with kids at the Patch Gym family • Auto Insurance • American Companies
ti-geared. Available now for pick
valid subscription. (with valid aut- room.
up $125 Kevin/Barbara sademi@ • Renters Ins. • Financial Planning
horization for afn tv) .....if you or 0711.75857105
someone else can help me then Hi - I am looking for a PowerVu • All types of Life Insurance • Loans- Up to $10,000
please let me know ptech@ Selling a 2&3 Seater Sofa, about receiver with valid subscription. or icq 430974952 3 month old. Easy to clean in ca- .....if you or someone else can Kurmarkerstr. 30
Sky-HD (500GB) Box & Active se you have pets. POC help me then please let me know
70569 Stuttgart -Vaihingen
Card. Still Boxed, never Used. Must ptech@gmx. co. uk or
€495 0175-1263107 pick up! icq430974952
Tel: 0711-6873096 • E-mail:


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