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FECHNER LEGAL Fechner Legal: Georgenstratle 5: 10117 Borin tsanwalt « Lawyer Ltd. chisanwalt 300A-219 Dufferin St. Fechney M6K 3J1 Toronto - Canada - Berlin, den 10102018 Bonkverbindung: Zeichen: 14-0380 Vie E-Mail to: REE Inftingement of Copyright: MI Lia. 14-00380) - Without Prejudice - Dear Sir or Madam, / Ltd. | refer to the previous correspondence. In my last writing 1 Yringement of my clients copyright. Till today, we have evidence that the ‘ll online on your page: ‘analogy, you have to pay my client the usual licensing fee. To provide a high y, my cient apples the fees of the MFM-tables (Mitelstandsgemeinschaft Foto- sent an industry average fee and that are taken by the German cour's to determine FECHNER LEGAL Rechtsanwalt « Lawyer Online Use, subpage, 28.09.2015 ~ 10.10.2016 465.006 Lack of indication of source (+ 100%) 465.00€ Total '930.00€ According to the law you also have to reimburse my client for the costs incurred by my involvement in this matter through the reimbursement of the business fee pursuant to no. 2300 of the remuneration ‘schedule (VV) appended to the Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG), as follows: Value in dispute € 6,000 Business tee € 531.00 Sections 2, 13, RVG, no. 2300 VV RVG (sentence 1.5) Flat rate expenses no, 7002 VV RVG € 20.00 Total legat costs: £551.00 ‘You are therefore required to make a total payment of: Damages € 930.00 Legal fees € 551.00 Grand total £1,481,00 We expact receipt of this amount no later than 18” October 2016 to the bank account stated on the first page of this letter. - Should you fail to make the above mentioned payment by the specified deadline, my client instructed ‘me to take further legal action. Seite 2von2