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Purok 2, Cabisuculan Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Contact number: 0915-440-1777
Email address:
To become a member of an organization where I can
use and improve my skills and knowledge and able to
contribute to the growth of nursing practice.


Date of Birth: October 15, 1984
Place of Birth: Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 53 kgs
Sex: Female
Civil Status: Single
Citizenship: Filipino
Language Spoken: English, Tagalog, Ilocano
Traits: Flexible, goal-oriented, quality-
oriented, friendly and
have a sense of humor


2001-2005 Wesleyan University-Philippines
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
April 16, 2005

1997-2001 San Sebastian School
High School Diploma
March 2001

1991-1997 Muñoz Central School
Grade School Diploma
March 1997

Nurse Licensure Examination Passer
December 3&4, 2005

Killips II. Female Medical Ward.I.FOCUS AREA: I am working at Dr. and students. gives and evaluates nursing care. Surgical Ward. Paulino J.  Records and reports observation to physician or senior nurse. LIST OF CASES:  Acute Myocardial Infarction Killips I. examines and interviews patient or relatives. II.  Transcribes and carries out legal orders of the physician.  Identifies needs or problems of patient. treatment and therapy including patient's reaction.  Administer and records medication.  Observes.  Give health teachings to patients and relatives.  Plans.  Prepares patient for physical examination. diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Killips III and Killips IV  Acute Coronary Syndrome  Angina Pectoris and Stable Angina  Non ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction  Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease in Congestive Heart Failure  Cerebrovascular Accident probably Infarct  Diabetes Mellitus .  Admit and discharge patients. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center with 400 bed capacity and trained in Intensive Care Unit. OB-Gyne Ward and Operating room.  Follows hospital waste and infection control policies.  Teaches and directs nurse trainees.FAMILIARITY EQUIPMENTS:  Nebulizer  ECG Machine  IVF Infusion Pump  Pulse Oximeter  Suction Machine  Respirator Machine  Manual Respirator Bag  Cardiac Monitor  Defibrillator Machine JOB DESCRIPTION:  Receives and gives endorsement from outgoing and incoming nurse. nursing attendants.  Notifies immediate superior of unusual or difficult situations.

Philippines August 8. Cabanatuan City. 2006 Basic Life Support – Adult CPR Training for Lay Rescuers Dr. Philippines October 10 -13. Post Craniotomy  Myasthenia Gravis  Guillian Barre Syndrome SEMINARS AND TRAININGS ATTENDED: Basic ECG for Nurses Plaza Leticia. 2007 In – House Seminar on TQM/CQI Concept Dr. 2008 IV Therapy Training and Workshop Seminar Dr. Cabanatuan City. Cabanatuan City March 24 – 26. 2007 11th Basic and Advanced Hands – On Course: Mechanical Ventilator Workshop College of St. Manila May 13. PJGMRMC Conference Room. 2006 . Cabanatuan City April 20. Philippines November 13. Roxas Boulevard. PJGMRMC. PJGMRMC. 2008 Nutrition Support in Clinical Practice Premiere Medical Center Function Hall. Manila. 2007 Medication Errors: Lethal But Preventable Maria Assumpta Seminary. Cabanatuan City Philippines September 20. 2008 Enhanced Critical Care Competence: Response to Current Trends and Advances Diamond Hotel Philippines. Benilde Hotel and International Convention Center. Cabanatuan City February 6.  Rheumatic Heart Disease  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  Community Acquired Pneumonia  Left and Right Bundle Branch block  Hypertensive Urgency  Hypokalemia  Vehicular Accident secondary to Vehicular Crash.

2006 Dr. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center Cabanatuan City. 2005 Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories and Principles and Acupressure for Common Ailments Wesleyan University-Philippines. Palayan City. Philippines August 22 – 25. Palayan City.Basic Life Support: CPR Training for Health Care Providers Philippine National Red Cross Training Center. 2005 Understanding Children with Learning Disabilities and Developmental Disorders “Autism. Philippines August 26 – 27. Philippines August 20. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center Cabanatuan City. Cabanatuan City. Philippines August 20. 2005 Early Intervention Practice through Sensory Integration in Managing Children with Autism. Paulino J. Cabanatuan City. Cabanatuan City. Philippines Area: Intensive Care Unit . Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Down Syndrome Nueva Ecija Convention Center. Philippines Area: Intensive Care Unit Contractual Nurse: July 8. Philippines August 20. 2005 Managing Children with Learning Disabilities and Developmental Disorders through Communication and Special Education Nueva Ecija Convention Center. 2006 up to present Dr. Palayan City. Philippines August 11. 2005 First Aid Training Philippine National Red Cross Training Center. 2004 WORK EXPERIENCES: Nurse I: November 3. ADHD and Down Syndrome Nueva Ecija Convention Center. Paulino J. 2006 – November 2.

Paulino J. Paulino J Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center. on surgical patients requiring intensive. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center at Cabanatuan City was first known as the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital which was established under commonwealth Act 3114 as amended by Act 3168 and other Acts. Philippines Area: Female Medical Ward. research and medical center. In 1935. Is a specialized area equipped with monitoring. the old buildings are almost dilapidated but are programmed for renovation or reconstruction in accordance with its development plan. Services were departmentalized into Medical. ICU and x-ray. handling these cases in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding. 2006 Dr. At present. Paulino J. In 1969. NICU. It was opened to the public on December 15. . Intensive care Unit has a seven bed capacity in Dr. the bed capacity increased to 225 and converted the Nueva Ecija Provincial Hospital to Dr. Obstetrics. 2006 – July 7. it increased the capacity to 75 beds. 1930 with a capacity of 30 beds. Garcia Memorial Research and Medical Center Cabanatuan City. OBGyne. The main objectives of ICU will be achieved by: 1. Gyne. Surgical. DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES OF INTENSIVE CARE UNIT A. with diagnostic and therapeutic devices that cures for cardiac and non cardiac medical patient.Nurse Trainee: February 13. The bed capacity was further increased officially to 150 beds capacity. B. Developing and maintaining a specialized medical nursing unit designed to the special needs of critically ill patients. PJGMRMC. comprehensive and highly concentrated medical and nursing care. continuous. The hospital was established as training and teaching hospital in year 1961 which enabled the Central Luzon Educational center to affiliate with the hospital for training of the doctors and nurses. The present number of manpower is 404 but it necessitates additional number to effectively carry out its functions and objectives as training. Surgical Ward and Operating Room DESCRIPTION OF HOSPITAL Dr.

Cabanatuan City MS. religion. PJGMRMC. Providing comprehensive care to all patients regardless of sex. _____________________ RICHELLE M. 3.DASALLA Applicant . Cabanatuan City I hereby testify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and ability. 2. Training and maintaining qualified nursing staff capable of rendering ill optimum care and treatment to meet the needs of critically ill patients regardless of sex. 5. Intensive Care Unit Dr. nationality and economic status. VICTORIA MACASO Head Nurse. nationality and economic status. Detecting arrhythmias and other disturbances of cardiac functions of their onset with the use of monitor operated by the especially trained personnel. Reducing the length of critical illness and some life by the early initiation of proper medical and nursing action. Cabanatuan City MS. religion. CHARINA SOLOMON Staff Nurse. PATRICIA TUAZON Supervisor Dr. Intensive Care Unit Dr. PJGMRMC. PJGMRMC. CHARACTER REFERENCES: MRS. 4. MA.