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Now a days Acupuncture is the subject of world wide interest due to its
achievements not only in anesthesia and painless delivery, but also in treating the
chronic ailments which are resistant to other conventional forms of therapy such as
Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Asthma, chronic painful conditions, post polio residual
paralysis and many more.

The very first question that is expected from any body is, what is Acupuncture?
To define this term broadly, it is the treatment of various diseases carried out by
inserting very fine filiform needles or giving heat to the specific points on the
body. In Latin Acu means needles and fungus means to prick. Broadly known as
Acupuncture, it can be divided in body acupuncture, ear acupuncture, scalp
acupuncture, face acupuncture [cosmetic acupuncture], nose acupuncture, foot
acupuncture, hand acupuncture and acupuncture anesthesia.

Origin of Acupuncture and Moxibustion was in India and developed in China and
spread all over the world from China.

It is true that Allopathy has achieved a break through in most of the diseases, but
still many problems have remained unsolved. Many people all over the world are
looking towards the alternative form of therapy because of tremendous side effects
and complications of drugs..

Some time ago comments are heard from the practitioners of the Western and other
medical science that the effect of Acupuncture is nothing more than a
Psychological illusion and that the more effect is all in mind, but the success of
Acupuncture Anesthesia and the cure of various diseases by Acupuncture is
shattering this idea.. Not only that Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of
healing known to mankind, developed in China nearly five thousand years ago and
it is still being practiced today thousand of years later speaks much for its efficacy
of this treatment and for the laws and principles on which it is based. These are the
laws and principles of all creation and they underline the whole of Chinese culture,
including all Chinese medical thinking.

With the introduction of modern practices such as Electrotherapy and point
detector invented on 1939 at chine, IV, Ryodorakv, Lasertherapy, Magnetotherapy,
Reflexotherapy and the discovery of a plethora of neurotransmitters, hormonal
mechanisms, neural mechanisms,
which are triggered by needling have swung pendulum of credibility on
Acupuncture one great leap forward from a folk medicine to a sophisticated finely
turned neuro-humoral mechanism, which probably it is.

the more brilliant were the lights given off from this area. Dr. Gaikin realized that these Carillon photographs and the subsequent experiments were giving visible proof to the premises of Acupuncture. Also these same flares were to be seen issuing from plants. Kilner of St. A leaf with a third of it cut of or a human's body that was minus a limb. KIRILION discovered a method of observing and photographing living substance in high frequency electrical fields.D. The energy pattern in the body was found to be affected very rapidly by emotions stated of mind. and V. Any imbalance seen in the energy body was in time reflected in the physical body. The greater the pain in an area. and so on being discharged from the hand. S. sparks. thoughts. Further this energy body had an existence of its own. Walter J. and other things. The KIRLIANS found that from examining this energy body they could foresee illness both in plants and in themselves. and plants have no nervous system. When a person was tired or very tense. He had noticed that the position of the main flares on the skin did not correspond to the position of the nerve endings and could not be electrical energy. The results were remarkable. both plants and animals. flares. . say or the leaf that was being observed under the lens of the microscope. channels of lights. and they were amazed by what was revealed under Carillon photography. had discovered at the beginning of this century that the human aura became visible when a person was looked sat through specially stained glass screen. After 13 years or so of experience it was concluded that all living things. The real breakthrough came in 1939 when two Soviet Scientists. the astral body. This energy body has been much spoken of by different religions and philosophies under such names as the subtle body. London.K. this was really the first time that scientists had been able fully to see and study this second energy body of a living being. It was not until l953 that a Leningrad surgeon Dr. Thomas's Hospital. have both a physical body and an energy body. and by Acupuncturist as the Vital Energy or life force.. as well as illness and pain.a sort of ghost of the missing part was still there. Some sort of energy was seen to be constantly moving through the living tissues that showed up as multicolored lights. far more energy was seen to pour out of the body. alcohol.A considerable amount of research has been done in recent years both in the Soviet Union and in Korea that has produced a great deal of evidence proving the validity of traditional Chinese ideas and beliefs. the ethic body and so on. was seen to still have a complies energy body . M.

According to acupuncture. In order to CO-ordinate the different systems of medicine and turn them into a new unfold science and Pharmacology embodying the cream of all medical science it is imperative for us to follow consistently the policy of integration. Scientists at the Krill State University of Kazakhstan found that this new visible body was indeed polarized but not electrical. and the flares did indeed seem to issue from the occupants. blue and a reddish-yellow. Considering the above now it is established that Acupuncture is scientific method of healing art. both in practice and research and to assimilate completely new threes for the purpose of serving the suffering humanity. the energy flows along specific pathways or meridians connecting the organs deep in the body with the occupants on the surface of the body. . The traditional Chinese conception is that this vital energy is polarized into the positive and negative Yang and Yin. The Acupuncturists talked for nearly five thousand years of the Vital Energy or life force. The Carillons noticed that the light flares seen coming from the body seemed to be of two basic colors. The horrendous complications produced by the modern drugs make it all the more imperative to explore methods like Acupuncture which utilizes the body's own healing mechanism to cure almost all the ailments.It suddenly crossed his mind that these energy flares might be appearing on the identical spots that the Chinese had charted as their occupants. The Russian experiments showed that the channels of light leading to the surface of the body that showed up under the Carillon photography did seem to tie up with the Chinese chartings of the meridians or energy pathways. Here at last in the twentieth century the Carillon photography made it visible to all. and that this is quite separate from the electrical energy in a body.