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 to make towns safe  to reduce operating costs  to be in line with sustainable development Save energy with the e-Pak electronic ballast. with longer lamp service life and product ‘all-in-one’ ease of use. including energy and maintenance.Street lighting is a major concern for public authorities. Save and pay less are the objectives of the elected officials and administrators. • The average cost of a light source. And reduce your maintenance cost. is currently around 80 € per year. • Street lighting represents up to 40% of the electrical costs for cities. which reduces energy consumption for street lighting by 15% to 45% on average over a year. .

and carbon foot- print for street lighting installations • Up to 2 Tons of CO2 saved per year. or within the Light fixture Energy and maintenance savings • Very high efficiency • Standalone or Intelligent Lighting Management System integra- ted dimming • 15% to 45% of energy savings on average per year • Significant reduction in the contract power • No overconsumption in the event of power grid overvoltage • Localised dimming management. The European Grenelle Environment Forum. e-Pak electronic ballast Controlled lighting • More than 10 years of European experience. in line with implementation of the European standard for street lighting EN 13201 • Extended service life of lamps • «All-in-one» control gear unit High sustainability and environmental protection • Reduction in the cross-section of network cables • Significantly reduced energy consumption. and recommends imple- mentation of an integrated dimming function for each light source. in all climates • Specifically developed for extreme climate and electrical conditions • Precise control of the power supplied to the lamp • Lighting stability: no flickering or strobing effect • Light flux and photometric characteristics are maintained lon- ger over time • Class II equipment: no leakage current to earth • Installed inside the Lamppost base. reiterates the importance of energy control and maintenance over 25 years. for an installation with Energy savings around one hundred lamps • Eligible to Energy Savings Certificates • Complies with European standards • Reduced lamp recycling . derived directly from the Kyoto agreements. Wall-mounted.

0 kWh cumac x P (W) RES-EC-02: 1.6 kWh cumac x P (W)  150W: up to 2000 kg CO2 / year RES-EC-03: 8.Connection. the e-Pak elec- tronic ballast offers a significant 15% to 45% reduction in energy consumption on average per year. and is very easy to install and maintain. The following operations in particular concern France:  70W: up to 1000 kg CO2 / year  100W: up to 1500 kg CO2 / year RES-EC-01: 2. the 110 Hz square wave lamp signal and the injected power control quality allow the service life of the lamps to be extended significantly and therefore reduce maintenance costs. . .0 kWh cumac x P (W)  And with the Induxi electronic ballast: And indirectly:  250W: up to 3000 kg CO2 / year RES-EC-04: 6 400 kWh cumac / luminaire  400W: up to 4500 kg CO2 / year .XM or TMX module. Energy Efficiency Certificates sources compared with a standard ferromagnetic solution: or Green Certificates. By design. e-Pak protects the environment e-Pak reduces the carbon footprint • e -Pak and Induxi electronic ballasts enable you to obtain • K g of CO2 not released into the atmosphere for 100 light Energy Saving Certificates. the e-Pak electronic ballast is Class II equipment: it therefore does not intro- duce any leakage current to earth.Operating principle e-Pak electronic ballast For the power supply of HPS. the possibility of installing it up to 15 m from the hot source to optimise its service life. MH and CPO type discharge lamps. The e-Pak electronic ballast is characterised by its very high reliability. derived from over 10 years of experience in the field in Europe.Protections. It differs by its compactness. In addition. Installation of the e-Pak electronique ballast Installed up to 15 m from the hot source Installation within the Light fixture Base of the Lamppost Wall box e-Pak Junction box .

also enable dim. Network ming of the e-Pak electronic ballast: standalone with manually adjusted voltage (V) dimming (XM2 module).35% nP) . e-Pak dimming order Ferromagnetic Ballast Energy savings 150W *Bus shelter 100 % 100 % 150W 75 % Energy 60 % saved 150W * String of fairy lights 50 % 30 % 35 % 20 % Electronic Ballast 18h00 21h00 0h00 3h00 6h00 Example 7 levels with 150 W HPS lamp (Intelligent Lighting Management System 75% nP . 50 % 30 % The e-Pak electronic ballast. (dimming to 50% nP) • 25% to 65% additional savings during dim- Electric Light power flux ming periods on the light source level. or by Pulsadis (XM3 module).Intelligent Lighting Management System Power regulated to the lamp An intelligent management system is systematically associated to an Input e-Pak electronic ballast. Electric Light power flux Ferromagnetic Ballast example of installation 100 % 100 % Energy saved Example of point by point installation. centralised in a cabinet 100 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 Other devices. 50 % Electronic Ballast 150W 100 75 50 150W 0 18h00 21h00 0h00 3h00 6h00 150W Example 3 levels with dimmer MH lamp 150W 150W 150W (dimming to 75% nP) Electric Light power flux Control * Normal operation cabinet irrespective of the *Tel. with possibility of dimming to 50% or more.50% nP . in HPS 75 % 60 % lamps. Intelligent management Dimming . in two main formats. in the form of additional control modules. power (W) • S tandalone dimming (IT2) 260  F unction built into the ballast 240 Ferromagnetic  D oes not require any external orders 220 Ballast 200  S et dimming times 180  Factory pre-programmed and modifiable on site 160 • Intelligent Lighting Management System (with TMX module) 140 Electronic Ballast  Dimming + Monitoring 120  From the Tegis Management Central Unit. or by pilot wire (XM4 module). produces for each Electronic Ballast light source compared with a conventional installation: 18h00 21h00 0h00 3h00 6h00 • An 8% to 15% energy saving during peak Example 3 levels with HPS lamp periods. • For network voltages around 240 V. the Ferromagnetic Ballast global saving produced on the electric consumption may exceed 60% to 70% 100 % Energy saved 100 % during dimming periods on dimmed light 75 % 70 % sources.

99 number per phase/cbB-16a 20 15 12 number per phase/cbB-16a 6 3 number per phase/cbB-32a 40 30 24 number per phase/cbB-32a 12 6 number per phase/cbB-40a 50 37 30 number per phase/cbB-40a 15 8 number per phase/cbB >40a 1.190 x I(A) . or specific application. 140 W and 150 W. Information on the ballast/lamp compatibilities is available at SOGEXI on request. Any other form. MH or CPO lamp.5 mm²) Wall installation Up to 15 m from the lamp (for 2.35A 0. Automatically stops power supply FONCTIONNEMENT e-Pak electronic ballast Class .94 x I(A) 0.5kV to 4kV Restarting lamps Integrated sequencer Protection when lamps reach end of service life Integrated ballast protection Automatically detects lamp end of service life Integrated detector.5A 0. is validated in advance by SOGEXI. . 100 W.9A Leakage current (mA) . installation within the lighting fixture. completely tested individually before delivery: e-Pak ballast + Class II box + GE-Mov protection. 70 W. For 250 W and 400 W. SOGEXI electronic control gear units are mainly delivered as complete electronic control gears.IP Class II (no leakage current) IP65 Electronic components Special High performance Product Standards EN55015 / EN61547 / EN61000-3-2 / EN61000-3-3 / EN61347-2-12 Fitting standards NF C17-200 & associated UTE guides Installed inside the Lamppost base Up to 15 m from the lamp (for 2.97 0.2A 1. In order to promote high sustainability with a longer service life for components. and therefore to better preserve our environment. 0.375 x I(A) 0. Leakage current (mA) . the Induxi range of electronic ballasts will be chosen.25 x I(A) 0. with 2 separate Generator + Converter elements: please consult us. SOGEXI recommends installing the ballast as far as technically possible from the hot source.5 mm²) Service life at nominal tc (tcmax – 20°C) 60 000h Power supply 230V / 50-60Hz Guaranteed performance range 200V – 255V Output voltage to the lamp 20 V to 130 V Ac according to the condition and type of lamp Ignition pulse 2.75 x I(A) number per phase/cbB >40a 0.2 mA Efficiency η at nominal P 91% 92% 93% Efficiency η at nominal P 93% 94% Power factor 0.7A nominal voltage (A) 1. 90 W. distance/lamp Up to 15 m from the lamp (for 2. .5 mm²) Light fixture installation Please consult us e-Pak electronic ballasts are available in 60 W. Centre-to-centre distance = C e-Pak Dimensions 70W 100W 150W L H1 (mm) 175 175 175 6 6 H2 (mm) 205 205 205 C (mm) 190 190 190 L (mm) 72 72 72 P P (mm) 45 45 45 H1 H2 e-Pak electronic ballast 60W-70W 90W-100W 140W-150W Induxi electronic ballast 250W 400W nominal voltage (A) 0.Technical characteristics e-Pak electronic ballast The e-Pak electronic ballast is an «all-in-one» single-piece control gear unit that can be installed up to 15 m from the HPS.99 Power factor 0.99 0.96 0. General characteristics OPERATION e-Pak electronic ballast Type of lamps HPS and MH and CPO: please consult us Operation Supplies the lamp with 110 Hz Ac (square wave) Max.

Up to 15 m from the lamp (2. •M any possible configurations. Any installation within a lighting fixture is validated in advance by SOGEXI.2 nights of operation are required to become completely autonomous. • Intelligent Lighting Management System with TMX module  M  onitors each luminaire and sends fault information to the SL cabinet. via dimensional and thermal tests in real situations. Other colours or sizes: please consult us. • Standard colours Standard colours: white.Dimming can be adjusted on site through an on/off protocol. Wall-mounted e-Pak e-Pak electronic control gears for wall-mounted installation mainly exist with Pak Console box.  Tegis Intelligent Lighting Management System: go to www. • B allast/light fixture compatibility: information on the ballast/light fixture compatibilities is available at SOGEXI on simple 74/80 74/80 74/80 Inscribed diam.15 mn.  Receives the dimming order from the SL cabinet and executes the order at each light source.Intelligent Lighting Management System • IT2 integrated totally standalone dimming  integrated dimming control in e-Pak and Induxi electronic ballasts enables on-site adjustment  The on each electronic ballast: 100%-75%-50%-0%. • Single control gear unit. e-Pak electronic power supply control gears for installation at the base of the Lamppost.  tandalone operation requiring no external order:  S . or cream. Precision +/. and factory programmed according to the exact geographical coordinates of the installation site.single control gear unit Console control gears 70W 100W 150W L (mm) 100 (CSP) / 160 (CP) D (mm) 75 (CSP) / 92 (CP) H1 (mm) 365 (CSP) / 250 (CP) H2 (mm) 445 (CSP) / 290 (CP) Energy savings Description E107CSP_* E110CSP_* E115CSP_* 250 W and 400 W in Induxi electronic ballast: please consult us.5 mm2).Filters possible start-ups during the day. Other levels: please consult us. e-Pak . .com e-Pak in the lamppost base The most commonly used configurations.Dimming start and end times pre-defined by the customer. . . mainly exist with Interpak junction box.Intelligent management Dimming .single control gear unit H1 Interpak control gears 70W 100W 150W L (mm) 74 74 74 D (mm) 87 87 87 inscribed square (L/D . . e-Pak . D • Specific control gears for small inscribed squares: please consult us. L •M any possible configurations. • Other configurations: please consult us. Up to 15 m from the lamp (2.5 mm2).sogexi. e-Pak within the light fixture The e-Pak electronic ballast can be integrated into a number of European lighting fixtures. (mm) ø 110 ø 110 ø 110 H2 H1 (mm) 175 175 175 H2 (mm) 300 300 300 Description E107IP_* E110IP_* E115IP_* 250 W and 400 W in Induxi electronic ballast: please consult us. • Single and double control gear units.

All of our products are designed specifically for outside lighting: simple. EDF’s best product of the year award.  www. including junction  +33 (0)4 78 47 33 55 ing tio n rin g ht ect ing lla e t Lig nt n n sta ow e e e Co otect In P Str agem r n &P Ma . and first prize in innovation. reducing operating costs and are highly sustainable. Printed on CyclusPrint recycled paper by Imprimerie La Caladoise – Villefranche sur Saône – Certified Imprimvert.25 years of commitment to work with you With twenty years of international patents. Sogexi confirms its commitment as European street lighting equipment manufacturer. easy to install and use. instal- lation equipment. your contact: Discover the latest SOGEXI innovations. electronic ballasts and power control gear units.sogexi. and street lighting management systems.