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Computer Networking

See College of Engineering
and Mathematics, page 268.

Bachelor of Science Program Description: Career Descriptions:
Network Administrator — de-
This degree gives students the
signs, installs and maintains
knowledge and tools necessary to
networks; sets up and manages
be successful in the field of com-
accounts for users and resources.
puter networking. Courses cover a
range of networking topics, includ- Web Analyst/Designer/Program-
ing network operating systems, mer — manages a web site; designs
Career Titles: hardware, web page design, and web pages, graphics and program
system administration. scripts to be implemented on the
Network Administrators World Wide Web.
Through our International Univer-
Web Analyst/Designer/ sity College Division, six of the System Administrator — sets up
Programmer courses required for the program and manages multi-user computer
System Administrator are taught at Sault College in Sault systems; manages users, resources,
Ste. Marie, Ontario. This collabora- and handles security issues.
tion between LSSU and Sault
Bachelor’s Degrees

College exposes students to a
broader range of hardware, soft-
ware and networking topics. They
will have hands-on experience
with Linux, Novell and Windows
platforms, as well as networking
hardware and operating system
installation. By taking advantage of
the resources, as well as the faculty
expertise, from two schools,
Student Profile: students will benefit from an
Do you … enriched educational experience —
all within LSSU’s regular tuition
like working with computers? structure.
become intrigued when dealing Some of the highlights of the
with networking and Internet program are:
• Students get hands-on training
enjoy the challenge of problem in networking hardware and
solving? software, and receive the
necessary concepts of hard-
ware, software and network
operating systems.
• Students are prepared to take
industry-standard examina-
tions, such as those established
by Cisco, Novell and Microsoft.
• Students can choose software
design, research, or co-opera-
tive education as their senior
capstone experience.

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ext. to Computer Programming 3 CS106 Advanced Web Page Design Second Year and Administration 3 E CS211 Database Applications 3 CS281 Network Design & Implementation 3 CS121 Principles of Programming 3 DP163 PC Troubleshooting/Repair 3 CS290 Independent Studies in CS 4 CS202 CS203 Operating Systems Mgt. (SC) System Integration & 3 P L CS271 Network Hardware & Software BA231 Business Communications 3 3 MA207 CS223 Prin. CS429 Computer Science Co-operative Education II 3 or CS438 Computer Science Research Project I 3 and CS439 Computer Science Research Project II 3 MA111 College Algebra 3 MA207 Princ. (SC) 3 SD101 Fund. to Computer Programming EN110 First-Year Composition I 3 3 CS221 CS121 Computer Networks Principles of Programming 3 3 MA111 College Algebra 3 EN111 First-Year Composition II 3 Departmental Requirements (67 credits) SO103 Social Science Diversity 3 BA121 Introduction to Business 3 CS103 Survey of Computer Science 3 15 15 CS105 Intro. Lake Superior State University • 1-888-800-LSSU. (SC) denotes course offered at Sault College. and (SC) denotes course offered at Sault College. Computer Networking Computer FALL SPRING First Year Networking CS103 Introduction to Computer Science 3 CS106 Advanced Web Page Design 3 Bachelor of Science CS105 Intro. of Statistical Methods 3 Support Courses (9 credits) BA121 Introduction to Business 3 BA231 Business Communications 3 DP163 Troubleshooting and Repair of Personal Computers 3 General Education (33-37) Free Electives (11-15) Total Credits in Program 124 Elective credits and general education require- ments must be completed so that at least 124 semester credits have been earned. 2207 2441 • 109 . of Statistical Methods Advanced Networking (SC) 3 3 M Maintenance (SC) 3 CS202 Operating Systems Mgt. in Speech Communication 3 CS211 Database Applications 3 15 16 SA NLY CS221 Computer Networks 3 CS223 Advanced Networking (SC) 3 Third Year CS271 Network Hardware and Software 3 CS203 System Integration & Maint. (SC) 3 CS308 Network Security (SC) 3 CS281 Network Design and Implementation 3 CS319 Java Programming 3 Humanities Elective 3-4 CS290 Independent Study in Computer HU251 Humanities I 4 Natural Science Elective 4 CS303 CS305 Science Network Operating Systems I (SC) 3 Network Operating Systems II (SC) 3 4 O Social Science Elective Free Elective 3-4 3 16-17 Free Elective Free Elective 3 3 16-17 Bachelor’s Degrees CS308 Network Security (SC) 3 CS319 Java Programming 3 Fourth Year CS333 Systems Programming 3 CS303 Network Operating Systems I (SC) 3 CS305 Network Operating Systems II (SC) 3 CS412 System Administration 3 CS333 Systems Programming 3 CS412 System Administration 3 CS418 Software Engineering 3 CS* Senior Sequence 3 CS* Senior Sequence 3 and Natural Science Elective 4 Social Science Elective 3-4 CS419 Senior Projects in CS 3 Free Elective 3 Free Elective 3 or 16 15-16 CS428 Computer Science Co-operative Education I 3 *Choose CS418/419 or CS428/429 or CS438/439.